Do Women Like Bald Men? (Nationwide Survey Results)

We receive a flood of various questions from our readers on the topic of balding.

Two of the most common questions are:

  1. Do women like bald men?
  2. Should I shave my head?

Now we could give you our personal opinion on the matter but we thought it would be better to go to the source and ask hundreds of women these questions in order to come to conclusive answers.

So just as we had done for questions such as: “Do women like beards?” and “What type of body grooming do women find attractive?“, we had a nationwide survey be conducted by a reputable survey company to ensure a quality representative sample.

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Do Women Like Bald Men

Sample Design

Below is summary of the sample data and related precision estimates.

For more detail, refer to the Survey Methodology here.

Sample Size and Precision Estimate

Survey Results: Do Women Like Bald Men?

We asked women to rate how attractive they find men with clean-shaven heads on a scale of “very unattractive” to “very attractive”.

Below are the results and analysis:

Do women like bald men survey results

From a first glance as the overall results, they may not seem super encouraging for us balding men, but to be honest, it really isn’t that bad.

Only 36% of women find men with clean-shaven heads unattractive and 28% actually find it a plus!

Additionally, when you look at the breakdown between the different age groups, we see an interesting pattern:

As women get older, they find men with clean-shaven heads more attractive.

44% of women 35 to 44 find bald men attractive compared to only 19% of women 18 – 24.
Nationwide Survey Results

As a majority of men tend to really start losing their hair a little later in life, this is very encouraging.

Of the 44% of women 35 to 44 that find bald men “attractive”, 19% find them “very attractive”.

Additionally, only 19% of these women find the clean-shaven head “unattractive”, with only 7% finding it “very unattractive”.

Survey Results: When Should You Shave Your Head?

The next major question we wanted to address was at what point (i.e. level of baldness) should one consider shaving their head?

To assess this, we presented women with images of two levels of patterned hair loss on the Norwood Scale (Type II & Type III Vertex) that based on initial research seemed to be on the borderline of when a man should consider shaving their head.

The women were then asked what men with each level of baldness should do with their hair, ranging from growing it out to shaving it off completely.

Below are the results and analysis:

Should I Shave my head Survey Results

The majority of women believe men with only a mild level of balding (Type II) should simply keep their hair short (between 1 to 2 inches).

But women’s opinions change drastically when assessing a man with a moderate level of balding (Type III Vertex).

A majority of women believe men with a moderate level of balding (Type III Vertex) should shave their head completely.
Nationwide Survey Results

In terms of evaluating the results between the various age groups, the findings are primarily consistent besides that slightly more women 18 – 24 believe men should grow out their hair when they are a Type II or Type III Vertex level of hair loss.

Other Factors to Consider

It should be mentioned though that other factors come into play as to when one should consider shaving their head as head shape, facial features, etc., can make one look better or worse with a shaven head.

This was supported by many women’s additional commentary provided within the survey responses.

Some men look HOT bald. others don’t. I think it depends on the head.
Woman, 30-44
They must have the right head structure to make it work well.
Woman, 18-29
It’s sexy on some men
Woman, 30-44


So do women like bald men?

Obviously there are varying opinions but it seems to be clear that as women get older, they tend to find the clean-shaven head more and more attractive.

And on the topic of whether you should shave your head.

This is something you will have to decide for yourself, but I hope the results presented in this article provided some additional guidance and clarity on the matter.

Please don’t hesitate to provide any comments or questions down below and I will be sure to address them ASAP.

10 thoughts on “Do Women Like Bald Men? (Nationwide Survey Results)”

  1. I shaved my head when I was 56 and am now 63. I had more success with good looking women when I had hair on the sides & back & wore a hat than I do now. I do get more women after me, but the quality of the women that are after me are fat & or wrinkly from 45-65. I will brag & say that friends think I am even better looking than Sean Connery or George Clooney, but shaving my head has not made any women give me a 2nd look anywhere I have gone. I am in shape and try to smile everywhere I go, but for me, personally….aint done a thing at getting ATTRACTIVE women after me. Ugly ones all day long every day of the week, but hotties, nope never. I have been on Zoosk for over 10 years & can count on one hand how many hot women have initiated a conversation. On the other hand I have tried to reach out to 1000s of hotties from 39-55 years of age who will VIEW me but not respond to my initiating. So unfortunately for me despite my good looks & build, I am still alone. One more thing. EVERYONE & I sincerely mean EVERYONE thinks I am at most 50. That is 14 years younger than I am for the max. Lowest gaging me at 40. Average 47. So there you have it. Go figure. Bald equals NOT cool. I have lots of buddies that think I am very funny & that being romantic like I am is awesome. OK SO WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? I wish someone could look at my Zoosk pics & look at my SENT box. Tell me wtf I am doing wrong cuz I have tried for over 10 years to get just ONE hot looking woman to go out with. My opinion is the hotter the woman the more hair they want on the man. WHY? Because they warrant it

  2. My hair started thinning badly in my mid-30s so I decided to shave it off to see what I looked like bald ….. it instantly made me look 10 -15 years older. Women instantly lost interest in me.

    From my experience, being bald is bad. I personally dont care if I’m bald and it doesnt bother me one bit, but the lack of attention from women is very depressing and is what makes baldness hated by men.

    1. Hey David,

      Thanks for sharing and I’m sorry to hear that. For some going the shaved head look makes them look younger and for some, it makes them look older.

      I think too many people try to hang on to the little hair they have and it definitely is not doing them any favors, but it really is a cases by case basis.

      There are some options out there. The most expensive but possibly most effective is hair transplant. They have come a long way in this procedure.

      The other I think is worth considering is micro-pigmentation.

      It is a much more affordable option and the results that I have seen on others is pretty impressive. Have you looked into either of these?

  3. After I went bald at 26, the number of women who showed interest in me drastically went down. Even now at 33, I am seen to be over 40. If I had the money, then Id get a hair transplant. In dating, confidence and having a good job are the 2 most important things to have. However, I have neither right now. Anyways, in summary, women don’t like bald men.

    1. Hey Mike,

      Sorry to hear about your struggles with women since going bald. I had a pretty decent receded hairline by 26 as well. Before I wasn’t keeping it tight and clean by shaving it a couple times a week and I was not doing myself any favors. But since I have been keeping it really well shaved, I feel I look way better and whether it be from the boost of confidence, the fact that I look better, or a combination of both, I have had more success with women.

      Hair transplants are expensive but it might be worth looking into micro pigmentation. It is a far cheaper alternative and maybe something that would fit you. You have to do your research though.

      Good luck!

    2. Listen to yourselves. Women do not want guys who think they can’t get a woman I started going bald when I was 22 years old you guys have it easy. I’m 29 right now I rock the bald head and it’s a girl doesn’t like me so what move onto the next it’s a law of averages you will find one eventually if you let yourself down and sell yourself short then guess what you will be alone be confident I did it a model last year. I am white and bald she just liked my personality. I’m not the best looking guy and I’m not the worst but confidence is key. And try to meet people in the real world when was the last time you actually tried to initiate a date I’ll see about 30 board guys a day with a female on their arm. It’s all in your head and what’s not on it

  4. I started losing my hair in my twenties. I have a brother with perfect hair. I tried shaving for two years and it was not well received. As soon as my hair fell out so did my chances with attractive women. My brother is two years younger and 38 and still attracts girls in their twenties. It’s disgusting. I got two hair transplants just to look mildly normal.

  5. I completely disagree with the opinions, but off course cannot dispute the experiences. I have had NO problems and I am bald since the age of about 25. I have also had great jobs – I turned down great jobs too! Off course I have been confused by all of this and wondered, then I asked a few women about me. Sometimes they couldn’t explain my attraction in words – they seem to struggle a bit – but very clearly they were trying to mean something like “style” or “personality” “smile” and facial expressions, went up to “good looking”, only wife uses the word “handsome.”. Still not sure what it is. I can have great conversations about various topics, I know that I am respectful and caring (or try to be!) I have read a lot and quite highly educated – up to postgraduate Masters level. So guys I have been bald for nearly all my adult life. I am now 61, and I can tell you even at this age, I have to be careful about unwanted attention – because I am happily married and devoted to my wife. She is so damn jealous to this day, and our little arguments continue to happen – despite all my attempts to convince her of my love and loyalty for over forty years!!! So there!!!

  6. I think it is down to confidence. I started going bald in my 20s which didn’t help. As a result, I lost a bit of confidence with women. I started shaving it in my 30s and had great results. I also forced myself to be more confident and I regretted not doing it sooner. You have to do it and be confident though and consider the ho;e package – dress well, get fit, smell nice etc… and you will have women approaching you. I did and it was better than when I had a full head of hair.

  7. When I dated the model I would ask her if she liked it shaven or grown out. She didn’t care at all. Find a girl who isn’t a bitch and can see past that. I am so pale and white when people saw me with her they said how???? Confidence!!!! My old boss used to say I was the ugliest dude he ever met but he had no idea how I was getting hot women most of them 19 to 21. I will say it is definitely harder to get a date but if you don’t let it get to you it just gives you thicker skin. I have never met one girl successfully online dating being bald but I have dated plenty of girls that I met in person. Get off the computer and go out!

  8. You are asking too general of a question. You should ask the same women & age groups even if they found bald guys attractive, would they pick them over a guy with hair . It should be pointed out that the men in your polls are average looking, not movie or tv star caliber i.e. Jason Statham & all the other hottest looking bald men. I bet that the percentages would drop in the attracted column dramaticallay. I shaved my head & I get mostly homely or fat women on the singles sites viewing me and wanting to chat. THEY think I am hot. When I approach the hotter, younger women I get NOWHERE. Here also is another factor. Who are you asking? General public? Try asking women in your surveys who are hot looking & I bet almost ALL of them will say sorrrrrry no way,to bald dudes or shaved ones. I know it sounds negative & pessimistic but if I had hair on my head I would look like George Clooney even handsomer some girls have told me. Baldness is not a healthy look. Women just like us, love stroking locks of hair. The romance novels show you what they like on the covers. Guys like you see in Magic Mike are the ones chicks drool over or Chippendale dancers. They arent going to go to those places to look at average guys with receding hairlines or shaved heads that might only be 10 pounds overweight. Like us guys being picky, the men that almost all women would love to have sex with are like Patrick Swayze and or tall guys with hair. You take off the hair & there go your chances of meeting someone thats hot (if you are average looking) I am just saying that I am a 8-9 in the 1-10 looks dept but not having hair makes me a 5-6 compared to men of the same caliber with hair. Looking younger does help by shaving the head of all the gray though I will say that. It has made me more popular with the women over 40 but 99% of my responses are ugly women, old women, smokers & biker chick types that smoke & want a guy like me with tatts & cigarettes which I am not. I have read that if you are bald get muscle bound & tan & all that so that you do indeed look like the Jason Statham types or badass Vin Diesel type. That is much easier said than done. Most men do not have the time or energy to pump iron & stick with it. All things considered personally I feel good looking women are a lot pickier than good looking guys are. A buddy of mine thats 20 years younger hit the nail on the head. He said “a few guys like women with big butts but most dont. A few women like guys that are bald but most dont. All you have to do is look around anywhere you go & see how it works. This new scientific study is right about things too. If you are an 8 you can get an 8 or less. If you are a 5 you can get a 5 or less. So me being a bald man with seriously handsome face & decent body….I have to choose women that are 5-6 or less in my own age group too which sucks cuz almost all women in it are U G L Y…….!

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