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Welcome to PrimandPrep.com where we provide science-backed and data-driven male grooming advice.

The founder’s background in financial analysis drives the company’s methodology of taking a quantitative and research-driven approach to determining the correct grooming advice for the modern man.

We accomplish this by performing countless hours of research, testing, and commissioning our own nationwide surveys conducted by SurveyMonkey Audience which is trusted by academic institutions and multinational corporations.

This assures that we are providing our readers the most reliable and up-to-date information so they can be confident their grooming efforts will be rewarded.

Prim&Prep’s team of experts cover what every man needs to know about wet shaving, beard maintenance, body grooming, balding, and everything else under the realm of male grooming that will help you look and feel your best!

A big part of perfecting one’s grooming routine is the products we use.

That is why we provide very thorough and extensive buyer’s guides to make sure you get the best products for your particular needs.

Be sure to check out our review process for details on our product review methodology.

PrimandPrep Team

Ben Rose

Ben Rose

Ben is the founder and a senior editor at PrimandPrep.

He is a wet shaving enthusiast and body grooming aficionado.

Ben spent four years in San Francisco working in finance before deciding to spread his wings and move to Medellin Colombia and pursue his passion of helping people with their male grooming needs by creating PrimandPrep.com.

He is also a contributor on many other prominent sites including Good Men Project, Addicted to Success, Steven Aitchison, and Sharpologist.

His other passions include fitness, travel, and experiencing new cultures.

Ben has been clean-shaven for over 5 years now and has no plans of putting down the safety razor anytime soon.

If anything, the breadth of his shaving has only expanded to now include his head!

You can connect with Ben Rose here on LinkedIn.

Ethan Stone

Ethan is a senior editor at Prim&Prep.

An Alumni of Princeton University with an A.B. in English Literature, Ethan resides in Los Angeles, California where he is both a film/tv actor as well as a fitness model for top athletic brands including Men’s Health Magazine, New Balance, and Reebok.

Due to the high demands of always having to look his best as an actor/model, Ethan has acquired a wealth of knowledge in the fields of men’s style, beauty, and grooming.

Ethan Stone Senior Editor at PrimandPrep.com

On the weekends, Ethan enjoys DJing and performing with his band, Sampson and Stone.

Karl Schmidt

Karl is a senior writer for Prim&Prep based out of Santa Cruz, CA.

He has been a devout beardsman for over 5 years now.

Beyond his passion of beards, Karl enjoys the great outdoors, working with his hands, and enjoying the art of professional wrestling.

Karl Schmidt Contributor

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