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    mutton chops


    If you’re looking for a standout new style for your facial hair, one that really draws a crowd, we have just the look for you—the friendly mutton chop. 

    Although bold and unusual in its shape, this look is a classic that has been around for decades, making it a must-try for any avid facial hair aficionado. 

    Come with us as we explore in this guide what a mutton chop beard style is, how to grow one, and the different takes on this unique look. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in.

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      What is the Mutton Chops Beard Style?

      The mutton chops look is one of those facial hairstyles that is easy to picture once you know what it is. The name itself is somewhat descriptive. 

      Picture a pair of mutton chops placed on either side of your face with the thinner end where your sideburns meet your hairline and the meatier end landing on your cheek just before your chin. The hair often then continues up to create a mustache, leaving the chin completely bare. 

      While this summarizes regular mutton chops, a wide selection of variations on this style offers unique looks to flatter all types of face shapes.

      If you want a trendy look that complements your hairstyle and draws attention to your face or outfit, then mutton chops sideburns is a look you may want to consider.

      Because the look focuses primarily on styling your sideburns, the beard and mustache look you can achieve to complement the look are endless, making it possible to create a style all of your own.

      The Benefits of Growing Mutton Chop Sideburns

      Growing a mutton chop beard style offers a unique set of benefits that make it worthwhile to try, even if it’s not a look you plan on sticking to within the long term. 

      It’s Easy to Maintain

      While mutton chop sideburns may be challenging to achieve at first, maintaining them is relatively straightforward. Once you have the basic shape in place, trimming the look is quick and easy, although if you experience fast beard growth, you may need to cut it a little more frequently. Also, keep in mind you may need to tend to your chin hair daily to keep a sharper finish to the look. 

      Offers a Masculine Look

      By connecting your mustache to your facial hair at the jawline and leaving your chin clear, this style squares off your facial shape and gives you a more steely look. 

      It’s Trendy

      Although few men sport the look, this facial hairstyle is more trendy than you may think. A variety of movie stars and other celebs are known for pulling off the look, and they’re remembered for it too, if you have ever seen Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead, you’ll know what we mean.

      The Look is Versatile

      Because the style predominantly shapes your sideburns, it leaves you open to experiment with your beard and mustache, opening up a world of possibility in terms of the looks you can achieve. 

      Pair it with a goatee, a handlebar mustache, or even a clean-shaven chin and neckline. 

      This look is also for you if you tend to grow a patchy beard, especially around the chin. It gives the appearance of a bushy, full beard without you actually having to produce one.

      Mutton Chop Beard Styles

      Because this look is so versatile, you will find that there are many variations, each with its own unique twist. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones:

      Neat Mutton Chops

      If you intend to wear this look to the office, chances are you’re going to want a slightly more refined look to your mutton chop look. Neat mutton chops are your best bet. Instead of featuring a more bushy look, this style sees the mutton chops thinned out to a more subtle style. 

      Grooming your beard, mustache, and sideburns regularly will leave you with a neat but classic look that makes a statement without being untidy. 

      Wolverine Mutton Chops

      Hugh Jackman made this look fashionable when his character Wolverine sported the style in the popular movie X-Men. 

      This version features sideburns that are much fuller and that feature the same thickness from the hairline down to the jaw. It creates a fullness right through the cheek area and stops at the mustache and chin, creating a sharp point. The space beneath your mouth is then shaved clean to allow your sideburns to frame your face. 

      The hair on your sideburns here is often left to grow relatively long and takes on an almost scruffy, rugged appearance.

      Clean Mutton Chops

      This look sees a blend of sideburns and beard but omits the mustache entirely. The result is a clean, fresh look that offers a little more refinement. More often than not, the style makes use of a short beard and sideburns, but the chops themselves are wider and reach higher across the cheek.

      The edges here are often crisp, and this, combined with the shorter length of the hair, makes the style more suitable for formal occasions.

      Elvis Presley Mutton Chops

      Elvis was famed for his unique mutton chop sideburns. This look was all about the sideburns, which were oversized and featured a solid triangular shape that ended just below the bottom of the ear. This variation focuses solely on the sideburns, with the beard, side whiskers, and mustache clean-shaven.

      John Lennon Mutton Chop Sideburns

      If a bold, wide mutton chop is what leaves you feeling excited, then the John Lennon mutton chop is for you. The look is characterized by longer, scruffy sideburns, a wider chop, and a more carefree grooming style. Crisp, sleek edges have no place here, so you will need to reign it in when it comes to trimming and neatening the edges. In the words of the Beatles, “let it be!”

      Friendly Mutton Chops

      This look refers to the style worn by Lemmy of Motorhead fame. The look is termed ‘friendly” because the sideburns and beard join up with the mustache in a friendly meeting, and often this variation sees no hair on the chin and thick growth along the jawline. 

      This look pairs well with a handlebar mustache and long hair. Black men are famed for sporting this style, too. Don’t believe us? Check out Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction.

      The Burnside Mutton Chops

      Some of the most iconic mutton chops belonged to Union Army General Ambrose Burnside. His unique take on the look was all about bold, wide sideburns that curved around the jawline to meet his equally substantial mustache. He kept his chin clean-shaven but let his hair growth everywhere else continue, leaving him with a bushy and striking look.

      How to Grow Mutton Chops of Your Own

      If these extravagant 19th-century sideburns inspire you and you want to create the look for yourself, here are the steps you’ll need to take to recreate the look:

      Step One: Pick Your Variation

      Take a look through all the options when it comes to mutton chops and mustache styles. You need to be sure of the design and that it suits your face shape before creating your look. 

      The two most common and easy to achieve versions are the regular mutton chops and friendly mutton chops, which include a mustache. 

      Step Two – Let Your Beard Grow

      This part requires the most patience. First, you will need to grow a full beard, and depending on the style you’ve chosen, you may need to cultivate a long beard.  

      Grooming and using products made specifically for beard care will help you get there a little faster and will make the process far more enjoyable. 

      Grow your beard for at least a month to achieve a thick, full beard which you can then shape to create your desired mutton chops. Of course, the denser your beard, the more effective your mutton chops will be. 

      If you want to go the route of friendly mutton chops, you will also need to grow out your mustache during this phase. The length of your mustache and the top of your beard will need to be the same to create the “friendly” look accurately.

      Step Three: Shaping Your Facial Hair to Create the Mutton Chops

      Once your beard is thick and flushed equally on both sides, it is time to start shaping your facial hair. 

      Here you will need a trimmer and a safety razor to cut away the hair that you no longer need. 

      First, use your beard trimmer to define the edges and trim away excess facial hair before stepping in with your safety razor to give your chin and neckline a clean shave. 

      Next, use the trimmer to fine-tune the shape and width of your sideburns for an even look.

      Once you have achieved the style you’re after, you can use the edge or precision trimmer to maintain the look. 

      You will need to use a razor to keep your chin and neck smooth more frequently. If you want regular mutton chops, you will need to shave your mustache regularly too. Keep your mutton chops looking healthy and glossy by applying beard oil each time you groom. 

      Final Thoughts

      Mutton Chops are fairly simple to grow and maintain once you know how. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a little more insight into this unique facial hairstyle and how to create the look for yourself. One of the boldest and most revered beard styles, the mutton chop is the perfect way to express your manliness and vibrant personality.

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