I have put together this list of helpful resources that are relevant to primandprep. I visit all of these sites on a regular basis. A lots of what I have learned in order to build my site came from these excellent resources below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Awesome grooming and shaving sites

The forum

This is one of the best wet shaving resources on the Internet. There are thousands of experienced wet shavers that are willing to lend a helping hand on this forum.

This website is all about wet shaving. It answers a lot of short questions that are important but that I would never make a full blog post about. I recommend that you check them out if you are a safety razor fanatic!

This site is mostly based around male grooming although they do have plenty of articles talking about everything else manly.

The forum

Similar to badger and blade, there are lots of helpful individuals on this forum as well. This is not specific to wet shaving but all types of shaving.

The forum

This forum is more exclusive than the two forums above. Besides being a great place to learn about male grooming, it is also a an e-commerce website.

As the name implies it is a site dedicated to the art of shaping with a straight razor. Although there are sections that talk about shaving with safety razors were normal disposable razors, those are few and far between.

Compared to the forums above, sharpologist is a very modern looking website. I think the writing is really well done and I enjoy reading their unique content.

Their slogan is “personal grooming intelligence for consumers by consumers”. They have great in-depth reviews on modern razors. They do not go over safety razors or straight razors though.

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Art of shaving products. Besides being an e-commerce store for their own products, they also have some good articles on how to use them properly.


A great blog that discusses many topics including that of wet shaving. Also has published a book (Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving the Double-Edge Way) that is an excellent guide into traditional wet shaving.

Great sites for everything manly

The Art of manliness is probably my favorite site that has to do with everything manly. their articles are extremely well written and funny. I highly suggest that you check them out.

This site doesn’t sell at its own products but it also has an incredible blog. It has some pretty unique content I will give it that.

Alden has a very unique tagline for his website that catches your attention immediately. “Helping you not give a F%&#$%” is how he starts his website off. His writing is very blunt and straightforward but very helpful.

Man made do is your self is a fantastic site for teaching you essential skills and how to make incredible things!

Their slogan is “smart stuff for men”. It is a combination of inspirational photos, entertainment and men’s products to help you become a better version of yourself.

Their slogan is  “stand up. Fight hard. Win.” This website teaches men to become fearless and have the motivation to reach their goals.

This site is great for men that are just getting out of college and starting to work in the real world. It has a great combination of fashion, entertainment and advice for newcomers in the real world.

The site is all about self-improvement and helping you reach your total potential. Is a very new site but has already gained a substantial following.

This site has incredible articles that deal with daily situations  that every man has to overcome. They also have a really cool app! Check them out!

Great sites for information on men’s style

Their section on men’s style is one of the top on the whole Internet.

Fashion beans is a site I find myself going to more and more often these days. Their site is extremely easy to navigate and their articles are extremely well-written and in depth.

This site has been around for quite some time and has remained at the top of men’s style blogs for a good reason. They have a great review section that I find myself am frequently.

This site is great for simple tips that go a long way, hence the name effortless. That do a great job of capturing my attention with their article headlines!

This is a men’s style blog from a very talented and well spoken woman named Megan Collins. She will be your pretend girlfriend to help you get in style shape so that you may actually get a real girlfriend!

This is a huge website and magazine! they go over every topic regarding style, grooming and lifestyle.

This site was created by a man named Sabir M. Peele. Sabir it is also a writer for the He has been very unique style advice,  I like what he has to offer.

Dan Trepanier it is a very well-known style expert. His website is a very good representation of how he lives his life. It has great articles that you should all check out!

The photography of the site really makes it stand out from most other style logs. Every article starts out with an incredibly well-dressed men. At the end of the article you could find every piece of clothing that the man of the image is wearing.

This is a very simple and easy to navigate website that has very basic but helpful articles on style.

Great sites for male grooming products

A family owned business for 140 years, this Chicago apothecary, now an online store as well, provides a plethora of quality male grooming products with customer service that has a personal touch.

The Proper Moose offers a curated collection of time-tested men’s and women’s personal grooming products from around the world. Providing excellent value along with unparalleled old-fashioned service, they are consistently recognized by their passionate, loyal customers for the very best shopping experience.

Leven Rose produces some great beard products as well as a variety of other natural grooming products. And you know how much we love our products to be all natural. Our favorite product is their beard oil which of course made our best beard oils list. Be sure to check them out.

I hope this list will help you guys get started  in the world of male grooming and style. If you have any other helpful websites that you think should be on this list send me a message using my contact form! Now get out there and start kicking ass!

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