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    Beard Transplants

    The beard for many men is a symbol of strength and masculinity that sets them apart from others. Even if you just want a beard to see what you look like with one, there are many reasons someone would want a beard. Unfortunately, genetics and several other factors make it very hard for some men to easily grow a beard.

    For this reason, there have been new options in the medical world with beard transplants that allow men to grow the beard of their dreams after a simple operation. Facial hair implant to help you grow a beard is quite a unique procedure, so we want to give you all the information you could need before going to see if a beard transplant is right for you.

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      What are Beard Transplants?

      The term beard transplant may sound a little unusual as we normally think of things like heart or kidney transplants. A beard transplant involves taking hair from one area of the body and moving it to your face where it can grow into a beard after the transplant.

      This may sound somewhat straightforward, but the entire process is only possible thanks to advanced medical technology. Moving hair follicles from one area of the body to another via either follicle extraction or transplantation is a process that can take some time and patience to see through. Beard surgery and transplantation all comes down to using hair your body already has and allowing it to grow on your face.

      Is a Beard Transplant Right for Me?

      Many people are eager to get a  full beard quickly and think a beard transplant is the best way to do it. Unfortunately, the reality is that the procedure is not just like attaching a beard to your face and calling it a day. Beard transplants require some careful considerations and should not be the first option when looking to grow a beard.

      Before considering if a beard transplant is right for you, you will want to make sure you have tried other options and they have not worked at all. If you really think you need a beard hair transplant, these next stages will outline what you can expect when you get involved in the entire beard transplant process.

      The Stages of a Beard Transplant


      Before a single hair on your body is touched, you should first get a consultation from a hair specialist. Likely at the same place you plan on getting the treatment, a professional will talk you through the process and look for alternatives to see if you can go without the procedure.

      Since you need to get hairs from other areas of the body, they need to make sure the donor hair follicles are healthy enough to actually make the move to your face. Be wary of and pay close attention to see if little questions are asked and no tests are done,  as this may indicate the clinic only cares about getting your money without looking at alternative options first.

      Many men go to get a consultation can come away realizing they didn’t need a transplant at all and just needed to try other methods to help their beard grow.

      Harvesting the Hair

      This part is where the fun begins as individual hair follicles are removed from the donor site. For most men, this will be at the back of their head where hair can be taken from and not be missed. The area will be shaved so that the doctor can see the individual follicles that are going to be moved.

      Some procedures will involve having every single hair follicle removed one at a time and others will have the doctor remove a patch of tissue from the donor site to get the follicles. The first choice is more common and less painful, but it does take some time to get all those follicles out. An anesthetic will also be used in both cases so the overall procedure will not be very painful.

      Implanting the Hair

      With the hair follicles removed from the donor location, they will now be implanted into your face where they will learn to grow into a beard. Getting a beard implant is unique in that before actually getting the procedure, you can ask for the follicles to be placed in a way that gives you different options for beard growth.

      Similar to the facial hair transplant harvesting, implanting them also requires an anesthetic as it would be painful to have that many follicles implanted all at once. Something to keep in mind is that several thousands of hair particles are moved to your face, so the overall time for harvesting and implanting is longer than many patients initially expect.

      Recovering from the Procedure  

      Just like any other surgery, there is some recovery involved after you go through with a beard transplant. It may feel strange the first few days after the surgery, so allow your body to relax and adjust to its newly placed hair. Also, don’t get impatient when you don’t have a full beard soon as the hair follicles need to adjust to their new home.

      For many men, they like to start shaving a little after a week from the operation as that is when their hair starts to grow. Many men often worry after their beard hair transplant as they notice hair falling out, but this is normal and all part of the initial phases of your face getting accustomed to the new hair follicles.

      Benefits of getting a Beard Transplant

      Makes Your Beard Look Better

      More than nearly anything else, the biggest benefit of getting a beard transplant is being able to make your beard look better. After you get new hair follicles in your face, you will start to look different from anything you have looked like before as you now have thousands of new hairs on your face that all contribute to your beard growing efforts.

      Many men feel much more confident in letting their beard grow out after a transplant as they can grow the beard of their dreams easier than before. A beard that has the backup of thousands of new hairs will both look better and be healthier over time as you can keep it looking great for as long as you want.

      Gives you More Options

      In many ways, a beard transplant is like being able to make a blueprint for your beard before you go and start to grow it. As we mentioned earlier, you will first sit down and discuss how much hair you want and where you want it on your face before undergoing the procedure. This means you can have beard hairs exactly where you want them for your desired style.

      Many men are hesitant to experiment with their beards as their hair only grows a certain way and does not allow them to grow the beard they really want to have. With a transplant, you are going to have all the hair you need and more to make your beard look like whatever you want. You’ll even have enough hair to try out beard styles you never even thought possible before.

      Non-invasive Procedure

      The last benefit of getting a beard transplant is that the whole ordeal is rather streamlined. While the procedure may take some time and involves a very precise operation, you are not going through an invasive operation. At most, you may feel a pinch here or there and be more concerned with the time than the pain itself.

      Even outside the procedure itself, the entire beard transplant experience is very smooth to go through. Once the hairs are moved around, you’ll have a few days when your face feels a little unusual. Considering how little you have to do to get a beard for the rest of your life, the invasiveness of the procedure is very minimal regarding the end result.

      Considerations Before Getting a Beard Transplant

      Beard Transplant Cost

      The biggest thing guys need to be aware of before considering hair transplants of any nature is that they can often be rather expensive. You can go pick up beard crème or hair formulations at the local pharmacy for a few dollars, but this procedure requires you to invest quite a bit of money to get the results you want.

      Depending on where you live, how good the clinic is, and what kind of procedure you want, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 all the way to well over $10,000 for certain beard transplant options. For most men, this is a serious chunk of change and is not something to be considered on a whim.

      In many cases, the consultation will also cost money to show that you are committed to going through with the procedure.

      The timeframe

      If you are planning to get a beard transplant because you need a cool beard for next week, this procedure is not for you. Going through with a facial hair transplant requires you to be patient and understand how the body needs to adjust after the operation. Once the surgery is done, it could still take a few weeks or months for your beard to really come to life.

      The operation itself is also something you will need to fit into your schedule. It can take upwards of five hours to get this procedure done in most cases. You will also need to make plans for a consultation before and after the operation to make sure things are going smoothly.

      While the results will last you for years, you need to be patient when first approaching any beard transplant.

      Finding the Right Clinic

      Just as if you were looking for a skilled dentist or surgeon, you really need to make sure you are finding the right clinic for your transplant. The last thing you want is to be is a surgeon’s first patient because you thought the price was cheaper than the other options in your area. While they may cost a bit more, you can’t put a price on experience and skill.

      You will be able to tell from the consultation whether you are in good hands. Ask about the experience of the team and make sure you are working with people who hold the necessary accreditations for your desire type of procedure. The last thing you want is to think you are getting one type of transplant and end up getting something completely different.

      It is always worth it to look around and find the best clinics in the area to make sure you are getting the service you deserve. After all, you need to work with a clinic that will make your beard look as good as possible.

      Keeping Your Beard maintained After Surgery

      Beard Transplants

      Once the surgery is over and you start to notice more substantial beard hair growth, your job is far from over. The beard transplant before and after experience may be shocking as you are not used to all this hair, but we have some tips to help get your beard looking great as soon as possible after the procedure.

      Recover Correctly

      If you really want your beard transplant to be worth the money, you better plan out your recovery now. Those few days after the operation itself are crucial to making sure everything went through smoothly and your hair is adjusting to its new home. Not helping your hair adjust and not being careful could make the whole procedure a bust.

      If the surgeon recommended you do certain or avoid certain things, make sure you do so intently.  Resist the urge to scratch your face if it gets itchy as that will only upset the follicles for even longer. Once the initial recovery is over, you will be glad you took the recovery seriously.

      Understand the Limitations of Hair Growth

      Growing a beard for anyone is not something that happens overnight, so you need to really understand the limitations of hair growth. Many men will go into a beard transplant operation and think their hair will now grow like it is on steroids that make your beard grow in a day. No matter how good your genetics are or how well the surgery went, you need to stay realistic.

      Hair growth is a process that takes time and getting a transplant will not guarantee you a long beard in a few days. The transplant only helps get your hair where it was previously not growing effectively.

      Give Your Beard Time

      Time and patience go hand in hand when it comes to beard growth. After you get a beard transplant, you may start to panic as you see your beard hair start to grow, and then it falls out unexpectedly. After your hair follicles are relocated to your face, this is completely normal.

      Your beard will need time to grow even after it receives thousands of new follicles. Your beard will now grow at a healthy rate, but it still needs weeks and months to grow to longer lengths just like anyone else’s beard.

      Use the Right Tools to Keep Your Beard Maintained

       Now that your beard hair is starting to look good and take shape, it is on you to make it look great. Unless you are going for a look that makes you look disheveled and lazy. Learning how to maintain your new beard hair is what is needed to make your beard worth keeping around.

      After all that you went through to get your new beard, investing in a beard trimmer and some essential cleaning products is a small price to pay for a great beard. Adding beard oil and cleaning supplies will keep your beard hair healthy and keep you looking good.

      Continue to Look for Additional Support

      Your beard is now looking healthy and has the volume you have never seen before. Alongside your new beard cleaning kit that you should have picked up, the journey of beard growth never really stops. Reaching out to experts who can craft your beard and help it grow better is going to help you and your beard become one.

      Barbers who have experience with beards can help you try out new beard styles and looks now that you have the hair growth to support it. Never stop looking for help with your beard as there is always something you can do to make it look and feel just that much better.


      From the first consultation to your newly bearded lifestyle, the process of getting a beard transplant is surprisingly straightforward. As long as you can financially support the cost of getting a beard transplant, it is well worth the investment in yourself. Men all around the world are rejoicing as they can now get the beard transplant they need to have the beard of their dreams. Make sure you are doing all the research you can to make sure this is the right procedure for you and the clinic you find is going to help you along the way.

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