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    luxury watches


    When it comes to telling the time these days, most people whip out their smartphones or tablets. But, that’s not to say that the luxury timepiece has lost its place in the world; in fact, it is quite the opposite. These luxurious wristwatches offer more than just the time; as statement pieces become family heirlooms, the luxury chronometer will always be fashionable. 

    Men’s watches come in all shapes and forms designed by top brands; from a gleaming Rolex to an exquisite timepiece from Bulgari, there is a wristwatch to suit every taste, every style, and every man. 

    Finding a new piece to add to your watch collection may be challenging, with so many exquisite chronographs available. The best place to start looking is through reviews such as this one that offer insight and information on the current latest and most luxurious men’s watches on the market.

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      Best Luxury Watches

      We tested and reviewed some of the most luxurious men’s watches available and concluded that these 22 luxury timepieces are worth adding to any watch collection. We used the approach of chatting to men about what they looked for in a high-end wristwatch and collected together those chronographs that ticked these boxes. We then reviewed each of them; our evaluation of each white luxury watch was based on the following criteria: craftsmanship, style and design, movement, functionality, and comfort.

      1. Omega Speedmaster Racing Automatic Chronograph Men’s Watch

      luxury watches

      Luxury Swiss watchmaker, Omega, was founded in 1848 in the small Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Today the brand is famed for its prestigious watches, timepieces so exquisite that they became the signature watch of movie hero James Bond.

      Omega watches are known for their fine craftsmanship, contemporary design, and accuracy. It is no wonder then that the Omega Speedmaster Racing Automatic Chronograph Blue Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch caught our eye. 


      • Sapphire crystal dial window
      • Stainless steel 40mm case
      • Swiss automatic movement
      • Water-resistant to 100m

      Who is it Best for? 

      If a watch with a blue dial is what you are looking for, this 40mm Omega Speedmaster Racing Automatic Chronograph may be just the watch you need. 

      Compared to competitor watches such as the Breitling Superocean 44 Special Steel Men’s Watch with Blue Rubber Strap, this Omega watch comes in at a lesser price but offers more features. It includes three additional subdials, a date function, and a winding chronograph. 

      While all these additional features add to the style and functionality of the watch, I found the dial of the watch was a little small for my liking. Having three additional subdials within a dial of just 40mm made the face difficult to read, and the size just looked odd on my wrist. 

      Key features 

      Omega makes this watch with a durable stainless steel case, ensuring that the timepiece is resistant to rust and corrosion. A premium quality sapphire crystal protects the blue dial and contrasting white hands and numeral indicators. 

      This analog wristwatch is self-winding and makes use of automatic movement. The black rubber strap complements the design of the watch face. 

      Omega designs this watch to be water-resistant to 330ft, making it ideal for daily wear and impervious to water splashes and light immersion in water. We wouldn’t suggest wearing this watch during diving, swimming, or snorkeling. 

      What we loved about this watch is its elegant style and functionality. However, the watch being a chronograph requires a lot more little mechanical pieces crammed into a relatively small watch face. As a result, the case sits relatively high off your wrist, making it easier to knock into objects – not something you want to happen, considering it costs a lot more to repair a chronograph as opposed to a regular automatic watch.


      • The watch is self-winding
      • It makes an exceptional collector’s piece
      • The strap is designed to last


      • The watch sits quite high off your wrist
      • These watches cost a lot to repair or service
      • The dial is relatively small

      2. PATEK PHILIPPE Grand Complications

      luxury watches

      Patek Philippe is a luxury Swiss watchmaker. Founded in 1839 in Geneva, the brand has been crafting elegant timepieces for over 180 years, carefully honing the design and functionality of its watches to leave us with one of the most sought-after watches of all time. 

      The Patek Philippe Grand Complications Silver Dial 18K Rose Gold Men’s Watch is one of the brand’s most favored timepieces. It even features a unique skeleton transparent exhibition at the back of the case. 


      • Features a fixed 18 carat Rose Gold bezel
      • Comes with a brown alligator leather strap
      • Includes three subdials that feature a moon phase indicator
      • The dial measures 41mm

      Who is it Best for? 

      If it is a true collector’s piece you are after, then this offering from Patek Philippe is a must-have. It features a wide selection of luxury details that blend to create an exquisite hand-crafted watch. 

      Although it features a relatively small dial, the layout has been well-considered, making it simple to read. 

      A unique piece in the world of horology, this Patek Philippe timepiece sits towards the very top of the price scale. While most of us could ever dream of owning a watch of this stature with its 18k rose gold dial and brown alligator leather strap, there are some avid collectors out there who are looking for a unique addition to their collection. This watch is perhaps more of an heirloom than a watch for daily wear, but however, you choose to use your Patek Philippe, it is a masterpiece no less.

      Key features

      The Patek Philippe features a 41mm 18k Rose Gold case with a fixed 18k Rose Gold bevel. A silver opaline dial is complemented by rose gold leaf-style hands and hour markers and is protected with a sapphire crystal.

      A Tachymeter scale is set around the dial’s outer rim, which also features three subdials, including a 60 second, a 30 minute, and a date with a moon phase dial. Also included is a perpetual calendar. 

      This analog watch features a hand-wind movement and comes with a 65-hour power reserve. 

      The aspect of this watch that, for us, sets it apart from other timepieces is the transparent skeleton exhibition case on the back of the watch. This transparent case allows you to see the watch’s inner workings, allowing you to admire the intricate workings and expert watchmaking skills that go into crafting this exceptional piece. 


      • The watch includes a perpetual calendar
      • It is water-resistant to 100ft
      • The watch comes with an impressive power reserve


      • This watch is very high-priced

      3. Men’s Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

      luxury watches

      Probably one of the most well-known and sought-after watch brands, Rolex is one brand of wristwatch every collector should own. Founder Hans Wilsdorf is renowned for his creation of the first-ever waterproof watch, the Oyster. Today the brand is still as innovative as ever, offering timepieces loved by celebs, presidents, and horologists across the globe. 

      The Men’s Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Black Dial 40mm Men’s Watch is just one of Rolex’s many impressive timepieces, yet it was the sleek black dial and Oyster bracelet that caught our attention, and we had to know more. 


      • Features self-winding automatic chronometer movement
      • Sapphire crystal
      • Luminescent hands and hour markers
      • 330ft water-resistant

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you want an elegant and timeless wristwatch that comes with a slick black dial and luminescent hands and hour markers, then this offering from Rolex makes an excellent choice. 

      Compared to competitor Patek Philippe, Rolex watches are not as high priced, yet they are right up there regarding collectibility, functionality, and quality. 

      A Rolex is the kind of watch that stands the test of time. Unlike most modern timepieces that perhaps stop working after a few years, a Rolex will last for decades to come. 

      What we love about this watch, other than its style and expert craftsmanship, is that itself winds off of the kinetic energy produced by your arm, and, if you don’t wear it for a few days, that’s okay; it has a 72-hour power reserve.

      Key features

      Rolex makes this watch feature a 40mm stainless steel case complete with an Oyster bracelet. A Tachymeter surrounds the dial and is located on the fixed bezel. Included on this black dial is a chronograph feature with three subdials. Covering the dial is the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 

      The watch is water-resistant to 100m or 330ft, which means it can withstand splashes of water, a short time in the shower, or a shallow swim; however, it is not recommended for wear while snorkeling, diving, or swimming.

      Manufacturers suggest having your Rolex serviced at a certified Rolex outlet every five to ten years to keep it in top condition. In our opinion, this watch is well worth adding to your collection; if not to wear, then at least to enjoy as a fine piece of timekeeping excellence. 


      • The watch keeps time accurately and only requires servicing every five to ten years
      • The watch is comfortable and not too heavy on the wrist
      • Uses kinetic energy to power automatic movement


      • The watch does sit higher up in price range

      4. Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

      luxury watches

      Michael Kors is a fashion house founded by American fashion designer Michael Kors. The band is known for its high-end ready-made fashion, fragrances, footwear, and jewelry. When it comes to a bit of sparkle and shine, Michael Kors is not a brand that shies away but instead embraces this design culture with open arms. 

      This unique take on luxury and opulence is evident in the Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch, which sees a dial studded with pave crystal. 


      • Features a 44mm case
      • Includes a chronograph analog display
      • Comes with a mineral crystal glass
      • Uses quartz movement

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you seek a watch that features a little sparkle and shine, this is it. Michael Kors fashions this timepiece from a gold stainless steel case and bracelet that comes with a deployant clasp. Complementing the rich hues of the golden steel is a dial encrusted with pave crystals. 

      These gleaming crystals surround three subdials and the gold hour markers on the dial. 

      Compared to the Oupinke Skeleton Automatic Sapphire Crystal Luxury Dress Watch, this watch comes in at a similar price. However, this offering from Michael Kors features only a mineral crystal glass and not a sapphire crystal which is scratch-resistant and much more durable. This lesser quality watch glass leads us to question the higher asking price, but we put it down to the finely detailed dial and bracelet.

      Key features 

      Because it is made from stainless steel, this watch is resistant to rust and corrosion. Combine this with the fact that the timepiece is water-resistant to 100m, and you will find that the wristwatch is ideal for wear on most occasions, even when snorkeling in shallow pools, swimming, or taking a shower. 

      The timepiece is powered by quartz movement, making it accurate and able to run multiple subdials and a day-of-the-month calendar. The subdials offer a thirty-minute counter, 24-hour time, and sixty seconds. A fixed bezel comes with ridged detailing for an added touch of glam. 

      What we loved most about this watch is that it is light on the wrist, making it highly comfortable to wear, and the detailing on the dial sparkles like diamonds.


      • The watch is lightweight and comfortable on the wrist
      • It comes in an exquisite storage box
      • The shade of gold is elegant and not at all kitsch


      • The dial crystal is made from mineral crystal, not sapphire
      • The strap is not interchangeable

      5. Hublot Big Bang 44mm 

      luxury watches

      If it’s a high-end Swiss watch you’re looking for, then Hublot is one of the luxury watch brands you need to visit. Founded in Geneva in 1980, this brand offers a more contemporary take on high-end timepieces. 

      The Hublot Big Bang 44mm offers a minimalist, almost sporty design that sees a black dial and strap complemented by elements of silver.  However, do not be fooled; the craftsmanship of this watch is impeccable, leaving you with a timepiece made to last. 


      • Includes a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
      • Made from stainless steel and black kevlar
      • Features a 44mm case with a fixed bezel
      • Water-resistant to 100m

      Who is it Best for? 

      If flashy and glitzy is not your style, then this watch is worth taking a look at. Hublot designs its Big Bang watch with a less-is-more approach that lends it sophistication and contemporary style. The black dial and black rubber strap are offset by the silver-tone case, skeleton hands, and hour markers. 

      While simplistic in design, this sleek watch is priced in a category of its own, beyond that of the likes of Fossil, Michael Kors, and Seiko, but not quite in the league of Rolex and Patek Philippe. 

      What we love about this wristwatch is the unique angular shape it offers, quite a unique look and feels to other rounded watches. However, one thing that frustrated our perfectionists was that the screws are not perfectly straightened to all face a particular direction. But, if that is the only downside, then this timepiece is certainly worth a closer look.

      Key features 

      Hublot’s watchmaker crafts this timepiece from durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, a black kevlar case, and a matching black rubber strap. 

      This wristwatch is water-resistant to 100m, making it perfect for wear while swimming, snorkeling in shallow waters, and for wear during water sports. You could almost say it was a luxury sports watch. However, we found that when the watch was wet, the rubber strap became uncomfortable, chafing at the skin on the wrist. 

      The black dial features a monthly date calendar and three subdials. Something we found to be a little different is that one subdial features no numerals, making it less efficient to read. 

      Covering this dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that provides a protective shield over the hands and dials.


      • The watch is lightweight and fits the wrist well
      • The wider hands make it easier to read the time at a glance
      • IT comes in a variety of color options


      • The rubber strap becomes uncomfortable against the skin when wet
      • The one subdial features no numeric markers

      6. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph

      luxury watches

      Founded in 1860, Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heuer makes timepieces that offer exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Known for their exclusive sports watch collection, Tag Heuer has even branched out into creating an impressive smart watch selection too. 

      But, it is their sophisticated timepieces that we are after today, particularly the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph. This unique wristwatch is designed for use during professional watersports, making it perfect for use on land or in the water. 


      • Water-resistant to 300m/1000ft
      • Made from a 40mm stainless steel case
      • Features a sapphire crystal
      • Uses quartz movement

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are a sportsman and someone who engages in water sports, then this watch is just what you need. Tag Heuer makes this watch to offer water resistance up to 300m, making it ideal for wear in the water, whether it be a light splash from your kitchen sink or you go swimming, snorkeling, and even diving. 

      This Aquaracer also comes with an alarm setting, making it easy to set your daily wake-up alarm or notify yourself of a meeting or other engagement. 

      If you are looking for a lightweight watch, this may not be for you. After wearing it for a few hours, I found it to be quite heavy on the wrist. While some may enjoy the feeling of a wristwatch being on the arm, others may not appreciate the heaviness that comes with this one.

      Key features 

      Tag Heuer makes this watch from durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, making it ideal for wear in water. It comes with a 40mm case that features a multi-directional bezel. 

      The sleek black dial is fitted with luminous silver-toned hands and hour markers. The luminosity allows you to tell the time even in poor lighting conditions such as murky water. Also included on the dial are two subdials that show the minutes and seconds and a date indicator. 

      Protecting the dial is a durable, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. What we love about this crystal is that it is non-reflective too. The timepiece features a quartz movement and is easy to maintain. 

      This elegant wristwatch comes in at a fairly steep price compared to that of Diesel or Fossil, but the features and water-resistance capabilities make it well worth it, in our opinion.


      • You can go diving with this watch
      • The crystal is non-reflective
      • The hands and markers are luminescent for wear in poor lighting conditions


      • The watch is quite heavy on the wrist

      7. Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0 Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

      luxury watches

      Our thoughts automatically go to the Swiss when it comes to high-end timepieces, but the Italians are in on it too. The Italian brand Diesel was founded in 1978 and is best known for its contemporary denim jeans, fragrances, and footwear. 

      You may not be aware that they make watches too, and pretty high-end ones at that. The Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0 Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch is one such timepiece. It caught our eye with its sizeable face and unique dial. 


      • Features a 57mm stainless steel case
      • Water-resistant to 30m
      • Analog dial with quartz movement
      • A mineral crystal glass case

      Who is it Best for?

      If you’re looking for a water-resistant watch you can wear in and around water; this is not it. Diesel makes this watch water-resistant to only 30m which means it can withstand a light splash from the bathroom sink, but go swimming with it, and you will find yourself needing a new watch. 

      Another aspect of this watch to consider is that it is ideal as a dress watch and possibly for daily wear, but the mineral crystal glass is more prone to scratches than sapphire, making this watch a little less robust. 

      If you are starting your watch collection and are looking for a timepiece that doesn’t cost a small fortune, then this wristwatch from Diesel is an excellent place to start. Compared to other watch manufacturers, such as Rolex and Tag Heuer, Diesel watches sit at the lower end of the price scale, making them a fantastic option for your first watch. 

      Key features

      Diesel makes this watch from a stainless steel case; ensuring t is robust and rust-resistant. The watch features a 57mm case, making it a relatively large watch. If you have small wrists as I do, you may want to give this watch a miss, as it can look quite unusual on a smaller arm.

      The watch features a unique blue dial that is complemented by the brown leather strap. This watch features a face composed of a medium-sized dial that tells the time and comes with a date indicator, two smaller subdials, and four other separate subdials. These three subdials are designed to tell the day of the week, the date of the month, and 24-hour time. This unique take on time-telling is what makes the watch so appealing.

      A mineral crystal glass protects the dial and its multiple hands. 


      • The watch offers a unique dial design
      • It features a multi-movement design for the three subdials
      • The watch is not too heavy on the wrist despite its size


      • The watch glass is made from less robust mineral crystal
      • It is water-resistant only to 30m
      • The watch is large and not ideal for smaller wrists

      8. Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch

      luxury watches

      Fossil is an American brand founded in Texas in 1984. The brand is known for its accessories and handbags, but Fossil is most recognized for its stylish dress watch collection. From colorful straps and mechanical watches to smartwatches and hybrid watches, Fossil does it all. 

      The Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch is one of the brand’s more sophisticated looks, offering a smaller face and a sleek black genuine leather strap. 


      • Features a 44mm case
      • Uses quartz chronograph movement
      • Water-resistant to 50m
      • Uses a mineral crystal watch glass

      Who is it Best for? 

      Fossil offers a wide selection of watch styles, with the Grant collection being one of their more minimalistic and sophisticated designs. These watches, while looking as though they may cost a million bucks, sit at the low end of the price scale, costing in and around $100, a far cry from the hundreds of thousands a Patek Philippe will set you back. If you are looking for an excellent first watch, this is it. 

      Divers and snorkelers, if you are looking for dive watches, this is not it. Fossil makes this watch with a water resistance of only 50m, making it acceptable for wear in the shower or a very shallow swim, but more than that, and you will need to buy yourself a new watch.

      Key features 

      Featuring a 44mm case covered with a mineral crystal watch glass, this neat timepiece is ideal for fashionable wear. While the crystal is not as durable as sapphire crystal, it is still pretty sturdy, making the watch excellent for daily wear. 

      Silver-toned hands and Roman numeral hour indicators complement the black dial. You will find three subdials that offer the day of the week, date of the month, and 24-hour time. Also included is a built-in stopwatch. 

      The one area we felt Fossil could improve upon with this watch is the leather strap. The edges were hard and rigid and bit into the skin of the arm, making it painful to wear for the first few weeks. That aside, the watch was lightweight and a pleasure to wear.


      • The watch is lightweight but sturdy
      • It comes in various colors and strap materials
      • The watch face is the ideal size for people with smaller wrists


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      • The leather strap is sharp and bites into the skin

      9. Bulova Men’s Watch

      luxury watches

      Bulova is an American watch brand founded in 1875. Today it is owned by Japanese brand Citizen. Today, the watch company is based in New York and produces some of the city’s most-loved clocks and timepieces. Known for producing the world’s first fully electronic watch, Bulova is a brand that is innovation-centric. 

      The Bulova Men’s Watch is the perfect representation of this, with its sophisticated styling and elegant chronographic movement. 


      • Mineral crystal watch glass
      • Water-resistant to 200m
      • Includes a ratcheted rotating bezel with a blue glass inlay
      • The watch glass features a curved design

      Who is it Best for? 

      If a sleek sapphire-blue and silver watch with rose gold detailing is something you have always wanted to add to your collection, then this offering from Bulova is a must-see. It offers a unique domed mineral crystal watch glass that looks akin to a vintage astrolabe compass used by sailors when combined with the striking blue dial. The name of the collection the watch belongs to, the Marine Star Chronograph, only further emphasizes this. 

      Continuing the marine theme, this watch is water-resistant to 200m, making it ideal for wear when in the shower, going for a shallow swim, or snorkeling. It is not suitable as a diving watch, though. 

      Compared to other brands such as Diesel or Fossil, this timepiece sits a little higher on the price scale, closer in range to a Victorinox, Seiko, or Citizen watch.

      Key features 

      Bulova makes this watch from durable stainless steel, highlighted with rose gold accents. It features a 45mm case and six hand chronograph movements. Set against the blue dial are luminous hands and hour markers, three subdials, and a date indicator. Covering this exquisite dial is a domed mineral crystal watch glass. 

      One area we feel Bluova could have improved on is this glass; a domed sapphire glass would have added far greater durability to the watch. The bezel rotates in a unidirectional manner, adding that extra touch to the overall design. 

      The images of this timepiece online do not do it justice. Seen in person, the colors of the dial, case, and bracelet are far more vivid and elegant. If you are looking for a statement piece, this is it.


      • The colors of this watch are vivid and dazzling
      • The links in the bracelet are removable
      • The date indicator is clearly visible and not difficult to see


      • The watch glass is not made from sapphire crystal
      • The face may be a little large for some

      10. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Watch

      luxury watches

      Citizen Watch Co. is a watch company that sees itself at the center of a larger electronics company. This Japanese brand was founded in 1918 and today is one of the most loved brands the world over. Citizen offers a wide selection of timepieces, catering to the wearer and his or her personal style. 

      The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive World Chrono Atomic Timekeeping Watch is an elegant timepiece that adds sophistication and style to any look or dress style. 


      • Japanese quartz movement
      • Synchronized to Atomic Time Clock for multiple time zones
      • Water-resistant to 330ft / 100m
      • The watch is powered by light

      Who is it Best for?

      Easily one of the most accurate watches on the market, this offering from Citizen synchronizes to an atomic watch that sees a margin of error of only one second every 100 000 years. This radio-controlled watch allows you to accurately keep time for over 26 time zones, making it the ideal timepiece for the constant traveler. 

      Described as being the perfect fusion of technology and beauty, this men’s watch is remarkable. The design of the watch features a dial with several subdials that appear to float in place, making it a thing of sophistication and mastery. 

      The sheer technological innovation this watch offers is remarkable. However, we wish Citizen had included an owner’s manual with a few instructions on how some of these novels’ features work. 

      Key features

      Aside from the unique atomic time keeping the watch offers, it is important to note that this watch is also powered by light. Citizen makes this watch such that it runs off solar power, and you won’t find a battery anywhere on this timepiece either. Better yet, you can keep this wristwatch charged with virtually any light source, including indoor lighting. Extra energy garnered can be stored by the watch in a power reserve that comes in a lithium-ion cell. 

      The dial comes in a rich brown shade with rose gold hands and hour markers. You will also find three subdials that feature a 1/20-second chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes, a perpetual calendar, a 24-hour clock, a day and date marker, and a power reserve indicator. A sapphire crystal watch glass protects the dial. 


      • The size of the face is ideal for all wrist sizes
      • Atomic timekeeping is a unique and undervalued feature making this watch exceptional
      • The watch is even more elegant in person


      • The dial can be difficult to read in low lighting
      • The butterfly clasp on the strap does dig into the wrist

      11. GUESS Silver-Tone Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Crystal Watch

      luxury watches

      Guess in an American fashion brand that specializes in apparel, footwear, fragrances, and accessories. Since it was founded in California in 1981, the brand has become recognized the world over for its flashy designs and crystal-encrusted accessories. 

      The GUESS Silver-Tone Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Crystal Watch is one such dazzling design. Speckled with crystals and gold detailing on a silver base, this timepiece is the epitome of glitz. 


      • Features a 46mm stainless steel case with gold-toned detailing
      • Mineral crystal watch glass
      • Japanese quartz movement
      • Water-resistant to 100m

      Who is it Best for? 

      If bling is your thing, then this timepiece is worth a closer look. Guess manufactures this watch to feature a dial, bezel, and bracelet links encrusted with crystals. These small inclusions each catch the sun leaving you with a dazzling rainbow display. 

      The dial itself comes with Arabic numerals that are oversized and omit the three, six, and nine in a unique pattern at odds with usual styling. 

      Compared to other luxury watch brands, the Guess timepiece sits in a similar price bracket as Diesel, Michael Kors, and Fossil. Like these brands, this offering from Guess also features a mineral crystal watch glass as opposed to the more durable sapphire crystal. Another aspect of this watch to keep in mind is that the watch face is a little on the large side, something to consider if you have smaller wrists. 

      Key features 

      Guess makes this wristwatch from stainless steel that comes with gold-toned accents. The dial, encrusted with crystal, sees large gold-toned Arabic numerals and large watch hands. Also included are three subdials that inform you of the day of the month, the day of the week, and 24-hour time. 

      The watch runs off Japanese quartz movement and features a stationary bezel. 

      Guess makes this watch waterproof to 330ft making it safe to wear while in the shower or swimming in shallow waters. We do not recommend diving or deep snorkeling with this timepiece. 

      What we enjoyed about this watch is that it is relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear on the wrist. It is much more lightweight than some of the Invicta watches but still has some weight to it.


      • The watch looks very high-end for the price
      • The watch features a solid stainless steel back 
      • It is robust and durable


      • The watch only offers two micro-adjustments
      • The watch glass is mineral crystal

      12. Stührling Original Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Skeleton Dial

      luxury watches

      Stührling is an American watchmaker that complies with the Swiss standards of watchmaking. It is important to note that these timepieces are not Swiss-made but are often made in Hong Kong, so the watches are not crafted in-house. That is not to say, though, that these wristwatches offer anything less than style and sophistication. 

      The Stührling Original Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Skeleton Dial is a remarkable piece that will bring value to any horologist’s collection. 


      • Automatic movement
      • Features a sundial that tracks the zenith of the sun and moon
      • Water-resistant to 50m
      • The dial features a skeleton design and a Krysterna crystal watch glass

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you love a skeleton-style watch, then you will enjoy this one. The watch glass and the back case of the timepiece are made from Stührling’s very own Krysterna crystal. This unique crystal is said to be more shatterproof than sapphire, which ensures it will keep the dial well protected. 

      This wristwatch from Stührling offers a nice weight. It is not so lightweight that you can’t feel it, but it is also not so heavy that it is uncomfortable to wear. The genuine leather strap is also soft and buttery against the skin, making it even more comfortable to wear. 

      Another aspect of this timepiece that left us impressed is the price. Sitting at the lower end of the scale with other brands such as Citizen and Michael Kors, the appearance of this watch could easily have you fooled that it was priced among the Tag Heuers and Hublots on the market.

      Key features 

      Stührling makes this watch with a rose gold-tone stainless steel case that measures 47mm. The bezel is fixed, and the watch comes with a skeleton dial. The dial itself features black hands and hour markers, along with two subdials; one for dual time and the other that follows the movements of the sun and moon.

      The watch uses automatic movement that self-winds using the kinetic energy created from the motion of your hands. However, it is essential to note that you will need to manually wind it to keep it accurate if you do not wear the watch for a few days. 

      This timepiece is a little on the large size; if you have smaller wrists, you may want to consider this.


      • Offers a good weight to your wrist
      • Includes a cleaning cloth in the box
      • Is extremely durable


      • Not as durable as we had hoped
      • Loses accuracy as it ages
      • The watch movement is quite loud

      13. Salvatore Ferragamo Swiss-Quartz Watch

      luxury watches

      Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian purveyor of luxury apparel and accessories, from footwear and leather goods to Swiss-made timepieces. The brand, founded in 1927 in Florence, Italy, is noted as one of today’s best luxury brands. 

      One of the brand’s sophisticated timepieces caught our attention—the Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Ferragamo 1898 Sport Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Watch. This sophisticated wristwatch comes with a rubber wristband that adds a contemporary touch to the elegant design. 


      • Features a 44mm stainless steel case
      • Water-resistant to 50m
      • Includes two subdials and date window
      • Swiss quartz chronograph movement

      Who is it Best for? 

      Salvatore Ferragamo designs this watch for men who are in search of a sporty yet sophisticated timepiece. The watch features a stainless steel case that is resistant to corrosion and rust. Combined with the rubber strap and water resistance to a depth of 50m, this watch is perfect for sportsmen. The watch can be worn in shallow water when swimming, in the shower and can handle being splashed; however, it is not suitable for snorkeling or diving. 

      The 44mm case is ideal for all wrist sizes and offers a good weight to it – not too light and not too heavy. 

      One thing I feel I must mention here is the strap. While the rubber is sturdy and waterproof, it also can cause chafing on your skin when wet, making it less comfortable to wear when wet and requiring you to take it off to dry it down after a swim.

      Key features 

      This timepiece from Salvatore Ferragamo comes with a black, double-layer guilloche dial that sits beneath luminescent hour markers and watch hands. This luminosity makes it simple to tell the time even in poor lighting conditions. 

      Two chronograph counters tell you the seconds and feature a 30-minute dial. Located next to the three o’clock index is a date window. An anti-reflective sapphire crystal watch glass keeps your dial protected while resisting scratches and scuffs. Using Swiss quartz movement to power the watch, this timepiece remains accurate throughout the years.  

      What we love about this watch is that it is durable and sturdy while offering masculine elegance and style. The price of the piece puts it among Citizen Watches and makes it an excellent first watch for avid horologists.


      • Easily readable in low light
      • Comfortable on the wrist
      • Durable


      • The rubber strap chafes when wet

      14. Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 Powered with Wear OS by Google

      luxury watches

      Giorgio Armani is an Italian luxury brand founded in 1975 by Italian designer Giorgio Armani. While the brand is most commonly known for its haute couture, apparel, footwear, leather goods, and jewelry. 

      One of the jewelry elements the brand offers is watches, but not just any watches, high-end timepieces that are ideal for every occasion. The Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 Powered with Wear OS by Google is the brand’s modern take on the wristwatch, offering a versatile watch that makes life on the go simpler and easier. 


      • Features a selection of applications including a fitness tracker, phone, GPS, and heart rate monitor
      • Touchscreen interface
      • Water-resistant to 30m
      • Lithium-ion battery

      Who is it Best for?

      If you’re looking for a timepiece that offers more features than just telling the time, this offering from Giorgio Armani makes an excellent option. This unique smartwatch balances out its functionality with style. It connects to your phone, allowing you to manage your day-to-day life with ease. 

      What we love about this wristwatch is that it offers the look and feel of a classic timepiece yet offers functionality equipped to handle modern-day technology. 

      You would think that the price tag one of these watches carries would be through the roof, but you would be wrong. This smartwatch offers a similar price to competitors Diesel and Citizen. Although the watch isn’t your usual timepiece, it provides a design that is innovative and elegant, making it a modern-day necessity. 

      Key features 

      Armani makes this watch to be a timepiece of the future. It features a sleek black dial that is surrounded by a 44.5mm aluminum case that is offered in multiple colors, although, in our opinion, the black case is as stylish as it gets. The bracelet is made from black-coated stainless steel and is resistant to rust and corrosion. 

      The dial is unlike that of your usual timepiece. It features a touchscreen interface that can recall the time and multiple other sets of data and information. This smart watch runs off Wear OS by Google that is compatible with both Android and iPhone. The software makes it possible to run a series of unique applications that include a heart rate monitor, GPS, take phone calls, and receive text messages.


      • Features 8Gb storage
      • You can change the appearance of your watch face
      • The watch is simple to charge


      • The battery will need charging daily
      • No wireless charging

      15. Movado Men’s Swiss Quartz Watch

      luxury watches

      Movado, an American watchmaking brand, is over 140 years old and was founded in 1881. The term “Movado” translates to “Always in motion” in Esperanto, making it the perfect name for a brand of timepieces. A Movado wristwatch is immediately identifiable by the signature metallic dot that takes the place of the 12 o’clock index on the dial. 

      The Movado Men’s Swiss Quartz Watch is the epitome of style and sophistication with its minimalistic design and striking metalwork. 


      • 42mm stainless steel case
      • Quartz movement
      • Includes a K1 mineral crystal watch glass
      • Features a silver-toned dial free of any numeric or other indexes

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re all about minimalism and favor the less-is-more concept, then this timepiece from Movado is just up your alley. The design of this wristwatch is as minimal as they come, with the majority of the detailing coming from the steel mesh bracelet. 

      The watch is water-resistant to a depth of 30m, so you can wear it in the shower or have it exposed to a light splash without hassle; however, it is not made for wear while you go diving or snorkeling. 

      Compared to other watches on the market, this one fits in on the lower end of the price spectrum, making it ideal as a first watch to begin your timepiece collection.

      Key features 

      Movado makes this wristwatch from stainless steel. The 42mm case and bracelet are made from stainless steel, ensuring it is durable and resistant to rusting. 

      The dial is unique in that it features a silver-toned face devoid of any markers or numerals. The Movado signature metallic dot at the 12 o’clock marker is the only indication of time. Movado offers a unique solution when it comes to the watch glass, covering the dial-in K1 mineral crystal. K1 is more shatter-resistant than sapphire crystal and is more scratch-resistant than regular mineral crystal. 

      Swiss quartz powers this sophisticated timepiece offering accuracy and functionality. 

      What we enjoyed about this watch is that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It makes a stylish piece of wristwear that could easily be considered a work of art.


      • The watch is comfortable and lightweight
      • It provides accurate timekeeping
      • The timepiece is extremely well-priced


      • The face features no numerals or hour markers

      16. Oris Manual Wind Propilot X Calibre 115 Watch

      luxury watches

       Oris was founded in the town of Holstein, Switzerland, in 1904. More than 100 years later, the brand is stronger than ever, producing a selection of timepieces, including collections for diving, motorsport, aviation, and fashion. 

      The Oris Manual Wind Propilot X Calibre 115 Watch is a manual watch powered by an in-house developed calibre. It is one of the most exquisite mechanical movement timepieces available today.


      • Is a manual wind watch that features a ten-day power reserve
      • Features a skeletonized dial
      • Powered by an in-house developed calibre
      • Made from a 44.7mm titanium case and a domed sapphire crystal

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you love old-school, this mechanical hand wind watch is just the piece you need to grow your collection. An in-house designed calibre powers the watch, leaving you with a bespoke wristwatch that harkens back to yesteryear, where life was simple, and timepieces offered a unique experience for the wearer. 

      Although the watch is to be wound by hand, it features a design that is as contemporary as they come, with a titanium case and inner workings put on display by the skeletonized design. 

      When it comes to price, this watch sits mid-to-high on the scale, offering a price tag similar to the timepieces provided by Hublot. Yet the sophistication and excellent craftsmanship of the wristwatch make it all worthwhile, in our opinion.

      Key features 

      Oris makes this watch from titanium; the case, bracelet, and mechanisms are all made from this solid metal. The wristwatch features a skeletonized dial that shows the inner workings and mechanisms of the watch, as does the back of the case. The dial is covered with a domed and coated sapphire crystal, while the back of the case features a flat, coated sapphire crystal, both of which are resistant to scratches. 

      The dial of the watch features two subdials, one that indicates how many days the wristwatch has left in the power reserve before it will need to be rewound. The other subdial offers a second counter. Luminous hands and index markers allow you to keep time even in poor lighting conditions.


      • You can see the mainspring tighten as you wind the watch
      • It comes in an elegant storage box
      • The bracelet and case feature a unique integrated design


      • It is fairly high priced
      • You need to remember to wind the watch, especially if you don’t wear it often

      17. Rolex Datejust 41 White Dial Jubilee Bracelet Luxury Watch

      luxury watches

      Founded in London in 1905, Rolex is arguably the king of Swiss-made watches. Known for developing the first waterproof wristwatch, the Oyster, Rolex has proven time and again that it is a brand that focuses not just on elegance and functionality but on innovation too. 

      The Rolex Datejust 41 White Dial Jubilee Bracelet Luxury Watch is a remarkable timepiece made from exquisite materials and offering a design that takes fashionable wristwatches to the next level. 


      • Includes an 18k solid white gold bezel
      • Features ac alibre 3235 self-winding automatic movement
      • The case measures 41mm
      • Waterproof to 100m

      Who is it Best for? 

      Rolex makes this unique timepiece from a selection of durable and elegant materials. The bracelet and case are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, while the bezel is fashioned from solid 18k white gold, while the watch glass is made from a sapphire crystal that is resistant to scuffs and scratches. What we loved about this sapphire crystal is that it has been treated to be non-reflective, making it simple to tell the time even in conditions with bright light and glare. 

      If it is an elegant wristwatch you want, then this one from Rolex is worth a second glance. 

      If you are looking for a watch you can wear on holiday; then this may be it. It comes with a water resistance of up to 100m, making it wearable while you swim, snorkel in shallow waters, and shower. We don’t suggest wearing it while diving.

      Key features 

      Rolex designs this watch to feature a pure white dial with silver-toned hands and hour index markers. These markers and hands are luminescent making it simple to see the time even in darkened conditions. 

      At the three-o’clock marker, you will find a date window covered with a circular cyclops window that allows you to more readily see the date by magnifying it. 

      A self-winding automatic movement powers the watch, and it comes with a 70-hour power reserve for those days when you don’t wear the watch. Included is a 3235 Calibre, and the watch features 28,800 vibrations per hour. 

      One thing we found about this watch is that while it features a relatively simplistic design on the face, the case and dial are on the small side, which you may want to consider if you have a larger wrist.


      • The watch is fairly lightweight to wear
      • The bracelets can be switched out for others that you prefer
      • The crystal is non-reflective


      • Is a little small for men with a large wrist

      18. Gucci Grip 38mm Stainless Steel GG Engraved Watch YA157404

      luxury watches

      Gucci, an Italian fashion house based in Florence, Italy, was founded in 1921. The brand is internationally recognized for its ready-made couture, footwear, and denim jeans. Gucci also manufactures a wide variety of accessories and jewelry, including high-end timepieces. 

      The Gucci Grip 38mm Stainless Steel GG Engraved Watch is one of these wristwatches, although it wasn’t the brand name that caught our eye here, but rather the unique design of the watch’s face. 


      • Unisex design
      • Features a stainless steel case
      • Synthetic sapphire watch glass
      • Water-resistant to 30m

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are all about the unique, the modern, the out-of-the-box, and the forward-thinking way of life, this may be one watch you want to add to your collection. It is unlike anything we have ever seen before, and while some may not appreciate the particular aesthetic of this timepiece from Gucci, we found it to be quite striking. 

      Despite its rather sturdy appearance, the watch is water-resistant to only 30m, so if it gets splashed or you take a shower with it on, it will continue to work fine. However, should you go swimming or diving with it, you can say goodbye to your watch. 

      Compared to competitors such as Michael Kors, Diesel, and Guess, this watch by Gucci comes in at a slightly higher price point, placing it at the lower end of the mid-range luxury watches available

      Key features 

      Gucci manufactures this watch to feature a uniquely-shaped watch face that sees the dial and case merge into one piece. Made from brushed stainless steel, the wristwatch is sturdy and resistant to rust, but we also found it to be a little on the heavy side. 

      The time is shown through two semi-dials that sit one below the other, with the top dial indicating the hour and the lower dial showing the minute. Towards the bottom is a date window. 

      A synthetic sapphire crystal watch glass offers protection to the three windows. A quartz movement powers this timepiece. 

      The striking bottle green alligator leather strap brings a dimensionality all of its own that we can’t quite figure out if we love or hate.


      • The watch is engraved across the back case with the double G logo
      • The watch is highly unique and caters to a specific aesthetic
      • It comes with a case of 35mm


      • The case is small for men with large wrists
      • It is quite a heavy watch
      • The design aesthetic will not appeal to everyone

      19. Crossover (Silver) Limited Edition by Benjamin Banneker Watches

      luxury watches

      Benjamin Banneker Watches is a brand founded in 2003, named for the African American astronomer, mathematician, and inventor. On coming across a pocket watch in 1751, this inventor studied the mechanics and design for two years before making his own pocket watch fashioned entirely from wood, with each of the gears and tiny mechanical pieces carved from hand. 

      To honor this incredible craftsman, the brand now incorporates natural wood into each of its timepieces. The Crossover (Silver) by Benjamin Banneker Watches is one such timepiece. 


      • Features a 44mm brass case with silver color ionic plating
      • Includes an African Red Sandalwood inlay
      • The watch is a limited edition with the number engraved on the back casing
      • Uses automatic Seagull ST17 skeleton movement

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re looking for a limited edition timepiece with a fascinating backstory and an elegant natural wood inlay, then this watch from Benjamin Banneker Watches is a perfect choice. 

      The watches in this collection are limited editions with their individual numbers engraved onto the back case of the wristwatch. 

      Everything about this timepiece is unique, from the materials used to make it to the shape of the case, making it even more of a collector’s item. This case is not round, nor square, or rectangular, but instead is octagonally shaped. 

      We found this elegant timepiece to be comfortable to wear, with the bracelet easily adjusted by removing a few links. The watch is relatively weighty but not so much that it is uncomfortable.

      Key features 

      Benjamin Banneker Watches makes this timepiece from materials that are durable and unique. The brass case comes with steel ionic plating and features an African Red Sandalwood inlay on the edges. You can find this same natural wood around the circumference of the dial and on the crown. 

      The dial sees a skeleton design with all the mechanisms of the wristwatch fully visible. Around the edges of the dial are the hour index markers. Two hands indicate the hour and the minute, while a subdial shows the seconds. A sapphire crystal watch glass keeps the intricate dial of this watch secure and well protected. 

      The watch is powered by automatic  Seagull ST17 3 movement that works off your body’s kinetic energy to self-wind.


      • The watch is easily adjustable to fit your wrist
      • The watch face is the perfect size for any wrist
      • The unique design makes it a favorite among collectors, as does the limited edition status


      • The watch loses time when not worn frequently and will need to be re-wound

      20. PARMIGIANI FLEURIER Tonda GT Watch

      luxury watches

      Luxury Swiss watchmakers Parmigiani Fleurier, were founded in 1996 in Switzerland. The brand was founded by a master watchmaker and avid horologist Michel Parmigiani. Today, the brand is internationally recognized for its unique and innovative timepieces, including the motorsport collection designed in partnership with Bugatti.

      One of the brand’s most-loved timepieces is the PARMIGIANI FLEURIER Tonda GT Watch. This sophisticated wristwatch offers sophistication and style that arise as a result of the minimalistic design. 


      • Limited edition – only 250 watches were ever made
      • Automatic-winding manufacture caliber PF044 movement
      • Features a power reserve of 45 hours
      • Water-resistant to a depth of 100m

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you want to add a watch to your collection that is sophisticated, Swiss-made, and sits at the higher-end of luxury, then this watch is for you. A limited-edition piece of which Parmigiani Fleurier made only 250, this wristwatch is for the true time-keeping connoisseur. 

      Compared to competitors, the watch is up there with the likes of Rolex and TAG Heuer, coming in at the higher end of the price scale. This is not surprising, though, considering it is a limited edition collector’s piece. 

      The watch may be simple in its overall aesthetic, but this is what makes it so appealing. A true mark of luxury comes through in the watch’s understated design. What we enjoyed about this timepiece is how quiet the movement is, making it that much more sophisticated than most.

      Key features 

      The brand uses automatic movement with a calibre PF044. A solid gold oscillating weight gathers power from the movement you make and stores up to 45 hours of reserves. 

      A solid stainless steel 42mm case and bracelet complement one another and provide a cohesive design. The dial features a black textured Guilloché Clou triangular finish. Rhodium-plated hour index markers coated with luminescence and delta-shaped hands, also luminescent, make it easy to tell the time in poor lighting conditions. 

      An ARunic anti-reflective sapphire crystal provides a protective covering over the dial and the 274 components housed within. A date window and small subdial indicating the seconds add to the elegance and functionality of the piece. 

      Water-resistant to 100m, this watch is safe to wear while showering, swimming recreationally, or snorkeling in shallow waters. 


      • The watch offers a good weight but is not too heavy
      • The date on the watch is much large than it appears online, making it easier to read
      • It is durable and hardy 


      • This watch is fairly pricey

      21. Cartier Drive de Cartier Watch

      luxury watches

      Cartier is a French jeweler and watchmaker. The brand was founded in Paris in 1847. Known today for its spectacular diamond-studded jewels and exquisite timepieces, owning a piece from Cartier is in itself a symbol of luxury. 

      The Cartier Drive de Cartier Watch offers a bold yet refined take on the modern timepiece. Not only is it a sight to behold, but it makes telling the time simple, its large numerals requiring only a glance. 


      • Features a self-winding mechanical movement
      • 41mm steel case
      • Sapphire crystal watch glass
      • Black alligator leather strap

      Who is it Best for? 

      Cartier has honed the art of crafting timepieces that offer sophistication and style while remaining understated and free of over-embellishment. If you are looking for a wristwatch that boldly states luxury without being obnoxious, then this is the watch to buy. 

      While you may expect the cost of a wristwatch from Cartier to be up there with Patek Philippe, you will be surprised to find that they are closer in range to those of Tag Heuer, Hublot, and Rolex. 

      One aspect of this watch that drew a little contention was the roman numerals on the dial. While this numeric style looks phenomenal on a mantle clock or pocket watch, it may be a little too grand for a wristwatch. However, this is more of a personal preference rather than a design flaw. 

      Key features 

      Cartier fashions this timepiece to feature a steel 41mm case and a complimentary black alligator-skin strap. The dial sees a silvered flinqué and bold black Roman numerals. Sword-style blue hands indicate the hour and the minute, while a subdial shows the seconds. You will find a date window at the three o’clock index, keeping you abreast of where in the month you are. Covering the dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch glass. 

      The watch makes use of a self-winding mechanical movement with the help of a calibre 1904-PS MC. It is water-resistant to a depth of 30m, meaning it can withstand a light splash or a few minutes in the shower, but do not take this watch for a dive, snorkel, or swim.


      • The watch is of a decent weight – not too heavy not too light
      • The design is an excellent blend of antique and modern
      • The watch is self-winding


      • Not everyone will enjoy the Roman numeral design

      22. GIRARD PERREGAUX Laureato Hand Wind Men’s Watch

      luxury watches

      Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Girard-Perregaux was founded over 230 years ago in 1791 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The brand looks to marry concepts of technical mastery with iconic design to leave us with timepieces that speak of both heritage and the future with innovation at its source. 

      Today the brand is favored by celebs such as Pierce Brosnan, the late Kobe Bryant, and US soccer star Alex Morgan. The GIRARD PERREGAUX Laureato Hand Wind Men’s Watch is an excellent example of the brand’s ability to combine technical know-how and elegant design.


      • 42mm ceramic case
      • Skeleton-style design with a sapphire crystal watch glass
      • Hand wind movement
      • Water-resistant to 30m

      Who is it Best for? 

      If your collection needs a watch that offers an innovative design combined with over 230 years of technological know-how, then this watch may be the one you need. 

      It features a contemporary take on the skeleton-style dial that combines with a hand-wind movement to offer a timepiece with one foot in the future and one in the past.  

      When it comes to price, this offering from Girard Perregaux sits at the upper end of the scale, rivaling that of Patek Philippe. 

      What we love about this timepiece, and what we believe makes it an excellent addition to any collection, is the unusual material used to create the case – ceramic. Ceramic is low in weight, resistant to scratching, and it is hypoallergenic. The sleek, satiny feel of the watch is remarkable, making it a very comfortable watch to wear.

      Key features

      Girard-Perregaux’s Laureato watch is made from a black ceramic that composes the bracelet and case. They make both the back of the case and the watch glass over the dial from sapphire crystal resistant to scuffs and scratches. 

      The design of this timepiece takes on the form of a skeleton look and feel, with the inner workings of the wristwatch visible. The dial features minute markers around the circumference and hosts black hour and minute hands with a luminescent coating. 

      A small subdial indicates the seconds. However, there is no date window and no dial that keeps you up to speed on whether the watch needs rewinding. 

      This timepiece uses hand-wind movement and includes a Girard Perregaux Calibre GP01800-0006 with a power reserve of 54-hours. 


      • The ceramic is scratch-resistant and smooth against the skin
      • The movement is quiet 
      • The  octagonal bezel is a unique design feature


      • No indication of the power reserve
      • There is no date window included
      • The watch is only water-resistant to 30m
      • It sits high on the price scale

      Things to Consider When Buying Luxury Watches

      When buying a luxury timepiece, there is a wide selection of considerations to make before you dive head in and make your purchase. Because of the sheer price of many of these watches, you will want to inspect all aspects of the different offerings, materials, movement, additional features, and brands.

      Here are a few considerations that require your attention to help you find the luxury watch that best suits your needs:

      1. Materials

      There is a wide selection of materials that manufacturers and watchmakers use to craft these luxury timepieces. Some offer greater durability, while others provide a more fashionable look and style. High-end luxury watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe will combine both to provide elegant and durable watches. Timepieces at the lower end of the spectrum usually focus more on one or the other. 

      Here are a few of the materials to look out for:

      Cases –

      • Platinum – This is possibly the most prestigious of the natural metals out there. It offers a silvery sheen and is robust. However, platinum increases the price of a watch considerably. It is also not as scratch-resistant as gold.
      • Stainless Steel – This metal is the most common material used to craft luxury watches. It offers an elegant silver sheen and can be coated to feature a more golden hue. Stainless steel is rust-resistant, making it an excellent choice for watches that are designed to be water-resistant. It is a strong yet lightweight material making it the obvious choice for most watchmakers.  
      • Ceramic – Ceramic is the most scratch-resistant of all the materials used for watchmaking, essentially the counterpart to sapphire crystal. It is hypoallergenic and smooth against the skin. The only downside to this material is that it can crack if dropped from a height onto a solid floor.
      • Titanium – This metal offers a deep grey shade and is lightweight and scratch-resistant. Titanium is a higher-end metal and will increase the price of watches manufactured with it.
      • Gold (Yellow, Rose, or White) – Gold watches usually see the watchmaker using 18k gold as it offers a more vivid hue and features fewer imperfections and greater durability. White gold and Rose gold are also commonly used in watchmaking and offer a more contemporary look and feel. 
      • Bronze – Bronze is the perfect metal for making diving watches and is often used in maritime collections. The metal naturally oxidizes, leaving it with an elegant patina individual to each wristwatch. Bronze is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

      Watch Glass –  

      There are a few different materials used to make a watch glass that covers the dial:

      • Sapphire Crystal – Sapphire crystal is the optimal material of choice for luxury watches. It is scratch and scuff-resistant, shatterproof, and offers clarity unrivaled by other watch glass options.
      • Mineral Crystal – This crystal is made from silica and is often used for designer or fashion watches. It is less scratch-resistant than sapphire but is also less reflective. 
      • Sapphire-Coated Mineral Crystal – This is said to be more shatterproof than sapphire crystal. Essentially, it is mineral crystal that has been coated with a thin layer of sapphire, offering the durability of mineral crystal and the scratch-resistance of sapphire.
      • Krysterna Crystal – Krysterna is unique to Stuhrling. It is a hardened version of mineral crystal and is said to be shatterproof. Various watch brands are designing their take on this crystal to offer a similar material.

      Straps and Bracelets – 

      Watches come with a variety of unique straps and bracelets; here are a few you may find in luxury watches:

      • Genuine Leather – Genuine leather watch straps are often easily switched out and come in an assortment of colors and widths. These straps are soft against the skin, but they cannot be shortened or extended.
      • Alligator Skin – This unique leather offers a bumpy and often high-shine finish. Watchmakers have been known to dye these skins to provide watch straps in various colors. Alligator skin is softer than genuine leather and a lot more costly. 
      • Ceramic – Ceramic bracelets usually come as links and can be extended or shortened in length. Ceramic is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and smooth to the touch. It will, however, crack if dropped onto a solid floor from a height.
      • Metal – Watch bracelets are made from a variety of metals, most commonly stainless steel or titanium. Chances are if the case of your watch is made from a particular metal, then the bracelet will be too. While most of these bracelets come with a linked design, some feature a mesh instead; this cannot be shortened or lengthened.

      2. Movement

      The movement of a watch is what powers it. This movement is housed in the case of the timepiece and can be seen in a skeleton-style design. 

      Here are a few options when it comes to the movement of a wristwatch:

      • Quartz Movement – Quartz watches make use of a synthetic piece of quartz that works as an oscillator. The battery of the watch sends out vibrations caused by its electricity, and it is these vibrations that cause the quartz to oscillate, in turn bringing about the movement of the watch. These are relatively simple to maintain and mean that your watch will need a new battery every once in a while.
      • Automatic / Mechanical Movement – Automatic watches see a series of mechanical pieces such as cogs and gears that work together to create the movement of the timepiece. These mechanical pieces are set into motion by way of an oscillating rotor that gets its energy from the movement of your hand. These watches need to be worn constantly to keep moving. If you aren’t going to wear your automatic watch frequently, you may want to invest in a watch winder. 
      • Mechanical Movement – To keep running these watches require you to wind them at the crown manually. These watches will need to be rewound frequently, from once daily, in some cases once every two days, and in some instances once every ten days if it comes with a power reserve.

      3. Size

      Not all watches come with the same case size. Timepieces vary in size from a 38mm or 40mm size that is your average watch size, right up to a 47mm case. 

      You will want to consider the size of your wrist before choosing the case size of your watch. Men with a wide wrist will want to opt for watches between a 47mm to a 42mm size, while those with a narrower wrist will tend to stick to a wristwatch sized between 38mm and  44mm. 

      Some fashion watches offer oversized faces that can go up to 57mm, but this is more to do with fashion than being able to tell the time.

      4. Watchmaker

      Different watchmakers offer a variety of unique aspects to their watch design. Give through to whether a Swiss-made watch is important to you, or perhaps you would rather have a watch that is American such as Michael Kors or German made like A Lange & Sӧhne. 

      Each watchmaker offers a style of their own, too, and unique features that make them what they are, such as Movado watches that come with a distinctive metal dot at the 12 o’clock index. Give thought to the style and design that best suits your personal taste.

      5. Budget

      Give thought to your budget. High-end watches can range from $200 to a luxury price of $138,000. Work out for yourself what you are willing to spend and what features matter most in a timepiece. 

      Some watches fetch a higher price because of the name they carry, while others cost more because of the materials used. Then there are some such as Patek Philippe that offer both premium materials and craftsmanship. 

      If you are beginning a collection, you may want to spend a little less, or if you are an avid horologist, perhaps you have been saving for a specific timepiece.



      When looking for the perfect luxury watch, there are several things to consider. Giving thought to functionality, durability, materials used, style, movement, brand, and quality will all put you a step closer to finding the luxury men’s timepiece that most suits your needs. 

      By closely examining and testing each of the luxury men’s watches in this review, we concluded that they each meet the criteria discussed above, making it more simple to find the ideal high-end wristwatch to add to your collection. We hope our reviews have made it easier for you to find the timepiece that leaves you impressed. 

      These luxury and designer timepieces each offer sophisticated style and functionality that will add to your look while bringing value to your collection.

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