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    So, you’ve been invited to your girlfriend’s sister’s wedding. It’s the first time you will be meeting your lady’s parents, and not to throw you in the deep end, but the entire family too. It just happens to be a smart and possibly a black-tie event, but all you have in your closet is a pair of dark blue jeans and a dress shirt. So what now?

    This is where the best suits menswear has to offer come in handy. Not only is a classic suit perfect for any formal event, but it also has the ability to turn any man into a sophisticated, parent-charming go-getter. Chances are it will leave your girlfriend feeling rather impressed too. 

    The only problem with men’s suits is that they’re not all made equally. You want to look out for one that offers the right fit for your body type, a sleek color, a stylish cut, and is expertly made from high-quality fabric. 

    Sounds a little challenging, doesn’t it? Not to worry, we have taken the legwork out of it for you by rounding up and reviewing the best men’s suits on Amazon. This way, you can more easily find the suit that best meets your needs.

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      The Best Suits for Men

      To find the perfect men’s suits to review for you, we spoke with a few gents to see what they want most out of their suits and what for them makes a luxury suit. Considering their requests and insights, we scoured Amazon to find the ones that offer premium quality, stylish cuts, the perfect fit, and a tailored look that flatters.

      1. Calvin Klein Men’s Slim-Fit Suit Separates


      Calvin Klein is an American fashion house specializing in haute couture and ready-to-wear garments and leather, jewelry, fragrances, and home furnishings. The brand was founded in 1968 in New York, and today it is one of the world’s most-loved brands. 

      Calvin Klein seeks to inspire its customers with thrilling and striking designs that ignite the senses. The Calvin Klein Men’s Slim-Fit Suit Separates does just this, offering men a sleek and stylish alternative to the average suits available. 


      • Made from a wool blend
      • Button closure
      • Slim fit cut
      • Ideal for year-round wear

      Who is it Best for? 

      Men looking for a more tailored suit jacket and pants should take a closer look at this suit by Calvin Klein. It offers a slim-fit cut that sees the pants tapering from the thigh to the ankle, providing a more contemporary take on the classic suit. 

      If you find that you need a suit jacket in a different size than the pants it usually comes with, these separates are for you. Calvin Klein allows you to custom choose the size of your jacket and pants, so you can get the suit that fits you best. 

      This suit is stylish, modern, and as sleek as they come, ensuring you look dashing for the formal occasions you may attend.

      Key features

      Calvin Klein fashions this suit from an elegant wool blend. Included with the wool is a touch of lycra spandex that gives the suit a slight stretch that allows it to fit your form perfectly. The wool is breathable, allowing air to circulate between your body and the suit, regulating your body temperature. This function makes the jacket and pants ideal for wear throughout the year. 

      The jacket features a double button closure, while the pants are designed to sit a little lower on the waist for a more contemporary look and feel. 

      Calvin Klein offers this elegant suit in six color options. Whether you need a solid black case for a cocktail event, a sleek charcoal suit for the office, or a dashing navy suit for your friend’s wedding, you will find it here. 


      • Offered in a selection of color options
      • Pants and jacket sizes are customizable
      • High-quality


      • This suit must be dry cleaned only

      2. Stacy Adams Men’s Three-Piece Suit


      Stacy Adams was founded in 1875 in Massachusetts by two brothers. The brand started as a shoe manufacturer specializing in men’s shoes. Today Stacy Adams offers both shoes and menswear that allows men to express themselves in a fashion-forward way. 

      The brand, looking to offer clothing for men who want to set trends, not chase them, does so flawlessly with garments such as the Stacy Adams Men’s Big & Tall Suny Vested Three-Piece Suit


      • Comes as a three-piece suit
      • Made from a polyester and rayon blend
      • Jacket is single-breasted with a notch lapel
      • Pants feature an expandable waist

      Who is it Best for? 

      Men attending an event with a smart dress code will benefit from this suit. It comes as a three-piece and includes a classic-fit jacket, straight-leg pants, and a stylish vest that features a four-button placket, welted pockets, and a V-neck design. 

      This stylish suit comes in an assortment of color options, making it great for men who like to buy a single style of a suit in multiple shades. Stacy Adams offers this particular style in seven unique colors: black, chocolate brown, grey, tan, and white, to name a few. 

      If you’re not a fan of doing your washing, then this suit is right up your alley. The only way to keep this suit clean and fresh is by taking it to the dry cleaners.

      Key features

      Stacy Adams fashions their three-piece suit from a blend of polyester and rayon. The classic-fit jacket features a two-button closure and a notched lapel. You can find a welted pocket on the left side of the chest. 

      The pants feature a straight leg cut that flows from the waist down to the ankle in a flattering fit that suits almost every body type. The waistline of these pants is expandable with a built-in elastic that allows them to fit you comfortably. The front is pleated, allowing a more roomy fit, while the French fly features a zipper and button closure, making them easy to pull on and off. Two rear welted pockets round off the design. 

       The vest complements the set perfectly, leaving you looking dapper and sophisticated. 


      • Offered in a variety of color options
      • Classic fit jacket and straight-leg pants
      • High quality


      • The suit must be dry cleaned only

      3. Kenneth Cole REACTION Slim Fit Suit Separate


      Kenneth Cole was founded in 1982 when it released its first women’s shoe collection in New York. Today, Kenneth Cole is a lifestyle brand that places its focus on making “a more meaningful connection with people by addressing not just what they look like on the outside, but who they are on the inside; not just what they stand in, but what they stand for.”

      The Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Techni-Cole Stretch Slim Fit Suit Separates is the perfect way for men to express who they are in a stylish and sophisticated way. 


      • Made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex
      • Features a flex gusset at the armpit
      • Pants come with a comfortable waistband
      • Modern fit

      Who is it Best for? 

      One of the worst things about buying a full suit is that often you will find that the pants fit perfectly, but the jacket is a little too big or too small, and vice versa. 

      Kenneth Cole understands this frustration, so they have chosen to sell each piece of the suit individually. In doing so, it becomes easy for you to select the size of the jacket, pants, and vest, so you end up with a suit that fits like a glove.

      If you’re the sort of guy who doesn’t necessarily want another solid black suit, then you will be impressed with the selection of colors Kenneth Cole’s suits come in – modern blue, navy blue, and light grey basket weave are just a few of the choices available.

      Key features

      Kenneth Cole fashions its suits from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex. The polyester is soft and lightweight, while the spandex gives the suit a slight stretch, allowing it to fit your form flawlessly. 

      The suit offers a modern fit that provides a blend of a slim cut and a classic fit. 

      The flex coat features a stretch gusset at the armholes, which allows for an extended range of motion. These gussets prevent you from feeling restricted and unable to move when wearing the jacket. 

      A comfort waistband found in the pants is designed with an additional elastic placement that stretches up to half an inch to provide you with greater flexibility. 

      Each piece of the suit comes with pockets that provide a place to keep your belongings and add style to the overall look. 


      • Offered in various color options
      • Dry clean only
      • All three pieces feature pockets


      • All three pieces of the suit are sold separately

      4. Chaps Men’s Classic-Fit Suit


      Chaps were established in 1978 as a menswear company that offered clothing with an individual flair. Today, Chaps is a lifestyle brand that offers modern clothing for the entire family. Their clothing strives to embody the All-American style that is natural, timeless, and authentic. 

      The Chaps Men’s Classic-Fit Suit offers sophisticated American style, designed to leave men feeling great and looking as though they have walked off the cover of a magazine. 


      • Made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and elastane
      • Comes as a two-piece suit
      • The pants and blazer offer a classic fit
      • Fabric is wrinkle-resistant

      Who is it Best for? 

      If your wardrobe is calling out for a new and stylish suit, then this one by Chaps is an excellent choice. It features both the pants and the blazer, making it a pretty good deal. 

      This is the perfect suit for any man attending a job interview, formal occasions such as weddings, and those who need a new one. It is a quality suit that you can wear all year round. 

      If you are the sort of guy who is not a fan of shopping, and you prefer to buy one suit that you know fits well in a selection of colors, then this is another reason why this one is perfect for you. Chaps offer this two-piece suit in four unique colors, so whether you want a navy suit, a solid black one, classic charcoal, or a deep blue suit with a windowpane patterning, you will find it here. 

      Key features

      Chaps make their suits from a polyester blend that comes with a small percentage of elastane, which gives the fabric a slight stretch. This stretch allows the suit to sit comfortably on your body without being restrictive. Another impressive thing about this fabric is that it is wrinkle-resistant, so it will look as neat as it did at the beginning of the day when you put it on. 

      The classic-fit jacket comes with relaxed armholes so you can move about freely and in comfort. 

      Additional room is added to the thigh area of your pants, offering a more roomy fit while the leg tapers slightly towards the ankle. This tailoring allows the suit to look a little more fitted and flattering. 


      • Offered in four unique shades
      • Notched lapelng
      • Single welted pocket on the left breast of the jacket


      • Suit is dry clean only

      5. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Tuxedo


      Kenneth Cole started out in 1978 as a women’s footwear brand, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to craft a timeless and sophisticated Tux. 

      Kenneth Cole offers a wide selection of menswear and high-end suits, but it is their Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Techni-Cole Slim-Fit Stretch Tuxedo that caught our eye. This stylish set of garments is designed to transport any man who wears it from an everyday guy to a gallant and sophisticated gentleman. 


      • Slim fit design
      • Made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex
      • Fully lined jacket
      • Notch lapel

      Who is it Best for? 

      It’s a family wedding coming up, or perhaps it’s your own, or maybe it’s a black-tie banquet you need to attend; either way, you need a tuxedo, pronto! In that case, this tux may be the solution to your needs. 

      Kenneth Cole offers their sleek, slim-fit tuxes in an assortment of colors and patterns, too, so you can go for a more vibrant look if the classic black is not your cup of tea. 

      The pants of these suits all come in black and feature a sateen stripe down the pants’ outer leg. Kenneth Cole’s tuxedo blazer is just as stylish. Choose between a solid black, blue brocade, deep blue solid, or a grey paisley design. These come with black sateen finishes, including the pocket welts and the collar, marrying the jacket and the pants together neatly.

      Key features

      Kenneth Cole’s tuxedos come fashioned from polyester, rayon, and spandex blend. These suits offer a slight stretch that allows them to fit the contours of your body without being restrictive. This stretch also complements the slim fit of the tux. 

      Longer armholes and a narrower fit through the chest allow the jacket to offer a flattering fit that enhances the shoulders. A narrow waist that extends to the pants leg that slims down as it tapers towards the ankle creates a look that only this tailoring style could provide.

       In combination with the welted pockets on both the blazer and the pants, the notched lapel adds to the sophisticated look of this striking tuxedo. 

      The level of craftsmanship combined with the high-end fabric and careful attention to detail makes this one tuxedo you want to add to your collection. 


      • Offered in a selection of colors and patterns
      • Sophisticated
      • Single-button closure


      • Must be dry cleaned

      6. Haggar Men’s Tailored Fit Suit Separate Coat


      Haggar was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1926. The brand focuses on crafting quality menswear and sports apparel. Haggar is known for its Haggar Hanger, the first hanger made for pants that allowed retailers to sell them hanging up instead of folded on tables. 

      It is innovation such as this that places Haggar clothing among some of the best in the world, and if you want proof, give the Haggar Men’s Travel Performance Stria Tic Tailored Fit Suit Separate Coat a try. 


      • Made from 100% polyester
      • Two-button front closure
      • Offers a tailored fit
      • Moisture-wicking properties

      Who is it Best for? 

      Men looking for a stylish suit jacket need look no further than here. This sleek, tailored blazer by Haggar is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It pairs well with your existing dress pants or with a pair of jeans for a smart-casual vibe. 

      If grey is your color of choice, then this jacket is for you too. It comes in only one shade, a deep heather grey, but the hue is so sophisticated that you really won’t miss any other color. 

      If pockets of a suit coat are a must for you, then you will appreciate this one. It features two pockets, one on either side of the button closure, that are ideal for keeping your smaller belongings.

      Key features 

      Haggar’s suit jacket comes fashioned from 100% polyester. This fabric is soft, easy to clean, and wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and dry while you wear your blazer. 

      The collar rounds into a stylishly notched lapel that continues down to a single-breasted finish with a two-button closure.  

      Side vents in the bottom hem of the jacket make it easier for you to slip your hands in your pockets and move about more freely.

      This sophisticated coat comes with a tailored fit that sits a little narrower across the chest and waist that flatters the figure and enhances the shoulder line. This tailoring leaves you with a jacket that offers the perfect fit, leaving you looking sophisticated and timeless. 


      • Offers dual pockets
      • Comes in a stylish dark heather grey
      • Features a notched lapel


      • Does not include pants

      7. Calvin Klein Men’s Skinny Fit Stretch Suit Separates


      Calvin Klein, founded in 1968, has secured its place as one of the leaders in American fashion and global fashion too. The brand offers striking designs and seeks to ignite the senses of all those who wrap themselves in a Calvin Klein garment. 

      The Calvin Klein Men’s Skinny Fit Stretch Wool Suit Separates offers the unique look the brand is so well-known for. It features a contemporary design that would have been scandalous back in the day. Today, the skinny suit is a trendsetting take on an old staple.


      • Skinny fit
      • Made from a wool blend
      • Breathable
      • Offers a four-way stretch

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you have always wanted a soft, sleek wool suit, then this may be the solution you need. Calvin Klein’s soft wool suit offers a timeless look with a modern twist. 

      Men who battle with finding a suit where both the jacket and the pants fit optimally will appreciate this separates collection. Calvin Klein allows you to select the size of your pants and coat individually so you can get the perfect fit each time. 

      When it comes to finding that classic black suit that has become a wardrobe staple, this woolen suit makes an excellent choice. It comes in a rich black that offers unrivaled style and sophistication. The sleek black and the fitted cut make this suit ideal for any formal event.

      Key features 

      This wool suit is made for all seasons. It is lightweight, breathable, and elegant. Blended in with the wool is a touch of spandex that gives the suit the four-way stretch that allows it to fit your body comfortably while softly hugging your contours.  

      The jacket features a skinny cut that narrows in the chest, shoulders, and waist for a form-hugging fit. The length of the jacket is also slightly shorter than usual. This jacket comes with three pockets, one on either side of the closure and one on the left breast.

      A notched lapel, lightly padded shoulders, and a two-button closure complete the look. 

      Skinny pants that are narrow from the waist and thigh down to the ankle offer a flattering fit that emphasizes the shape of your legs.


      • Comes in timeless black
      • Soft and comfortable
      • Allows you to customize the size of the pants and jacket


      • No other colors offered

      8. Perry Ellis Men’s Slim-Fit Suit with Hemmed Pant


      Perry Ellis was established in 1976 and named for the founder and fashion designer himself. Perry Ellis as a brand is all about innovation; the focus is on ‘breaking down the walls of fashion and making clothes designed with REAL LIFE in mind. Not just fashion, for fashion’s sake.’ 

      The Perry Ellis Men’s Slim-Fit Suit with Hemmed Pants is just one of the innovative and fashion-forward suits the brand offers. It is sleek and modern in its cut and design.


      • Made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex
      • Slim fit cut
      • Offers comfort stretch
      • Features a double button closure

      Who is it Best for?

      Whether you are attending a rather important meeting, a job interview, or a luncheon, you’re going to want to look your best. This suit will have you doing just that. Perry Ellis’s suit offers a contemporary take on the old classic. This jacket and pants set features a slim fit design that sees the pants sitting closer to the leg than you would find in a regular cut. The coat is also narrower across the chest and waist, emphasizing the shoulders. If you prefer a more tailored look, then this is the suit for you. 

      If you are in search of a specific color or pattern, then you may find it here. Perry Ellis offers this suit in black, charcoal, blue, and medium grey plaid.

      Key features 

      Perry Ellis suits come fashioned from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex. The addition of spandex gives the fabric a slight stretch, allowing the cut to fit your body perfectly. The stretchy material also provides you with a greater range of motion that won’t restrict you as you go about your daily activities. 

      By offering four stylish pockets, the blazer provides sufficient space to store all your belongings while also detailing the overall look. 

      A notch in both lapels gives a dash of sophistication to the style, as does the two-button closure. 

      If hand washing or machine washing is the bane of your life, then you will appreciate this suit as it is dry clean only, meaning you can leave someone else to do your laundry.


      • Comes in four unique color options
      • Includes pants and a blazer
      • Pants come hemmed


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      • Dry clean only

      9. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s 32″ Finished Bottom Suit


      When it comes to men’s suiting, Kenneth Cole knows what it’s doing. The brand has created sophisticated pieces of menswear for nearly four decades, giving them enough wisdom, know-how, and style to bring us the most alluring suits of our time. 

      The Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s 32″ Finished Bottom Suit is a testament to the brand’s innovative designs and commitment to making people feel at home in their own skin. 


      • Includes a jacket and pants
      • Made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex
      • Includes side vents 
      • Two-button closure

      Who is it Best for?

      If you’re looking for a sleek Italian-style suit but don’t quite have the budget for one imported from Italy, then this is a pretty good substitute. This Kenneth Cole design offers a sleek, sophisticated look that rivals the style of any Italian suit. 

      Men who like to buy one style and then get it in a few different colors can rest easy because this suit comes in four unique shades: black, navy, grey, and burgundy. 

      And if the idea of having to launder your suit leaves you feeling stressed, don’t be; these suits can’t go in the washing machine or be hand-washed, so you’re off the hook. Just drop them off at the dry cleaners and return after work to collect your fresh, clean suit. 

      Key features 

      Kenneth Cole fashions this suit from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex. The spandex lends a slight stretch to the material, allowing it to move easily with your body and to prevent your range of motion from being restricted. Polyester is known for its softness and durability, so you can be sure this comfy suit is made to last. 

      A sophisticated collar and notched lapel start the jacket off in style. The three pockets, including one on the left breast, offer you ample place to store your more important personal items. 

      Vents on either side of the jacket make it simple to move about and slip your hands into your pockets.

      The finished bottom of the pants completes the elegant look of the suit.


      • Offered in four unique color options
      • Fabric offers a slight stretch
      • Includes a notched lapel


      • Dry clean only

      10. Dockers Men’s Stretch 32″ Finished Bottom Suit


      Dockers is an All-American company that was founded in 1986. The brand is best known for its chinos. However, they offer a vast assortment of men’s apparel that includes shirts, jeans, and suits. As a subsidiary of Levi Strauss, you can be sure that Dockers offers the highest quality clothing. 

      If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the Dockers Men’s Stretch 32″ Finished Bottom Suit. It is fashionable, expertly crafted, and made from quality materials. 


      • Made from a blend of polyester and rayon
      • Offers a slight stretch
      • Fully lined jacket
      • Flat front pants

      Who is it Best for?

      The only thing smarter than a solid black suit is a pinstripe suit. The sleek, barely visible lines that run lengthways down the fabric work to offer the wearer a more trim silhouette. This patterning also adds marvelous texture to the suit, making it eye-catching and timeless. If you are looking for either a pinstripe or a solid black suit, Dockers has you covered. 

      If you’re the sort of guy who prefers to leave his laundry to the dry cleaners, then this suit is for you. It is dry clean only, which means no hand washing and no machine washing, and certainly no ironing.

      Men looking for a suit that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag will be happy to invest in this one. It offers premium quality without breaking the bank.  

      Key features 

      Dockers make their suits from a fabric that combines polyester and rayon for a soft, durable garment that is made to last. 

      The coat features an assortment of finishes that lends it the sophisticated look it carries so well. A two-button closure is flanked by two side pockets, while a third can be found on the left breast of the suit. Four buttons on each sleeve cuff add finer detailing, as does the notch in each lapel. This blazer is fully lined for maximum comfort and style. 

      The pants come with a flat front for a more classic look and feature a finished bottom to round off the sleek look. 

      If it is a timeless suit that will wow onlookers that you are looking for, you have just found it.


      • Offered in solid or patterned fabric
      • Two-button closure
      • Notched lapel


      • Not offered in navy blue

      11. Perry Ellis Men’s Two Piece Finished Bottom Slim Fit Suit


      Perry Ellis, an American brand that produces menswear, places as part of their ethos the idea that fashion should be fresh and fun. The brand pushes the norms, using innovative ideas and designs to create clothing that modern men want to wear. 

      The Perry Ellis Men’s Two Piece Finished Bottom Slim Fit Suit is just one of many contemporary designs offered by the brand, but seeing as we are reviewing suits, it is a piece that caught our eye. 


      • Slim fit design
      • Made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex
      • Two-button closure
      • Notched lapel

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are looking for a suit that is offered in a single-breasted style and a double-breasted style, then you’ve just found it. Perry Ellis offers this style with both, so you can find the look that most appeals to you. 

      Guys who want a suit in multiple colors and patterns will also appreciate this offering from Perry Ellis. Some of the designs offered include dobby, plaid, check, and pinstripe. When it comes to colors, you can choose from shades such as red, charcoal, brown, dark grey, and black. 

      If one of your pet peeves is a suit that looks fresh in the morning and then wrinkled by the end of the day, you will enjoy this one. It is made from wrinkle-resistant fabric that keeps the suit looking sleek and crisp all day long.

      Key features 

      Perry Ellis fashions this suit from a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex. This unique fabric is soft and offers a slight stretch that allows the suit’s slim fit cut to fit your frame perfectly, without restricting your movement. 

      The blazer comes fully lined and features two flap pockets and a welted pocket on the left breast. A notch lapel and a two-button closure complete the look. 

      A flat front design for the pants, complete with a finished hem, leave you looking sleek and makes it comfortable to sit down and bend over without hassle. The slim fit cut sees the pants narrow at the waistline and taper from the thigh to the ankle for a look that defines the shape of your legs.


      • Includes a jacket and pants
      • Offered in 12 unique colors and patterns
      • You can choose between a single or double-breasted suit design


      • Dry clean only

      Things to Consider When Buying The Best Suits for Men

      When it comes to buying the best suits for men, there is an assortment of aspects to consider to ensure the one you choose offers the best quality and fit for you. Things such as the fabric the suit is made from, whether it is a two or three-piece, what cut or shape will best suit your body type, and what brand you prefer will all play a role in helping you choose a sophisticated jacket and pants set to add to your wardrobe. 

      Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these points to get you started:  

      1. Cut

      The cut of suit you choose will depend mainly on your body’s shape and, of course, preference. Here are the most common styles you can expect to find:

      • Classic Fit

      This is the most common type of cut for a suit. The jacket offers sufficient room around the chest and waist, allowing for an optimal range of motion and a comfortable fit. The pants are roomy around the waist and taper down slightly towards the ankle. Classic or regular cut suits should never be overly baggy and should look sleek without being too fitted. A regular cut suit is perfect for most body shapes.

      • Slim Fit:

      A slim fit suit sees a shape that follows the contours of your physique much more closely than a regular fit suit. The suit is far less roomy than a classic suit with the pants tapering from the mid-thigh down to the ankle. One of the most popular styles of suits with modern men, this cut is perfect for medium to short men and those with a slimmer or tall stature.

      • Skinny Fit:

      A skinny fit suit sees a jacket that is narrower across the chest and waist and offers a shorter length. There is little roominess to the suit, and it is often made with a fabric that has a stretch to it. The pants are form-fitting and follow the contours of your legs from the waist to the ankles. These pants come with a low-rise cut. This style is best suited to shorter men with a toned physique.

      • Extra Slim Fit:

      An extra-slim fit is a perfect cut for men who are tall and lean. The suit comes with an extra narrow taper from the thigh to the ankle. Both the jacket and the pants offer very little excess fabric. If you are more muscular, we suggest rather giving the skinny fit a try.

      • Tailored Fit:

      This cut sees the suit jacket and pants nipped and tucked in all the right places, leaving you with a suit that highlights your flattering features while offering a more forgiving fit to those areas you may not want to emphasize. The jacket is often taken in around the waist, while the pants offer a slightly more relaxed fit. This style is ideal for men who want a slimming effect or who have a very muscular physique.

      • Tuxedo:

      A tuxedo comes with a unique satin detailing that you won’t find on a suit. The lapels, pockets, buttons, and a stripe down the pants all are fashioned from satin. A tux will usually come in a slim or tailored fit, yet they look impressive on any frame.

      • Bespoke Suits:

      A bespoke suit is one that you have made at a tailor that fits your specific body to the T. The tailor will measure suits and cut them to your exact proportions. The best men can find when it comes to formal wear is an expertly crafted bespoke suit.

      2. Design

      When looking for a suit, the overall design will most likely appeal to your personal taste. But knowing what you want before you go looking makes finding the best suit less challenging.

      • Lapel

      There are three main types of lapels that you are most likely to find these are notch lapels, peak lapels, or a shawl lapel.

      1. Notch Lapel

      A notch lapel is most often found on a suit. This style sees a wedge or notch of fabric removed from the bottom of the collar, right where it meets the lapel. It provides a sophisticated detailing that leaves the suit jacket looking sleek and stylish.

      1. Peak Lapel

      You can find a peak lapel on a tuxedo or a suit. For those who appreciate a flashier or bold style, the peak lapel is the ideal design element. This design sees a smaller notch where the collar and the lapel meet, with the lapel’s corners forming distinctive peaks or points.

      1. Shawl Lapel

      A shawl lapel is reserved for tuxedos. This style sees the collar and lapel combining to form one smooth stretch of fabric that falls around the neck and down onto the chest, much like a shawl would. It features no peaks or notches, and there is no way to tell where the collar ends and the lapel begins.

      • Double or Single Breasted

      A single-breasted and a double-breasted suit offer very different looks. These terms refer to the structure and design of the front of the suit jacket and the closure design.

      1. Single-Breasted Suits

      A single-breasted jacket sees the two halves of the jacket’s front coming together with very minimal overlap. These two sides fix together using a single row of buttons. Some jackets feature one button; others come with two or even three. 

      This style is far more popular and is less formal. This style of closure works well with most body types. 

      1. Double-Breasted Suits

      The double-breasted jacket offers a far more formal look. It sees the two front panels of the suit coat overlapping quite significantly. Because of this considerable overlap, the double-breasted jacket sees two vertical rows of buttons that form the closure. These suits can have as many as six buttons and as few as four, and more often than not, some are decorative while only a few are functional. 

      These suits are better suited to colder weather as you can’t wear them unbuttoned the way you might a single-breasted coat. This style is best suited to taller men as the dual rows of buttons draw the eye across your body and can leave stockier men looking pudgy.

      3. Fabric

      Suits come fashioned from a wide variety of fabrics and blends. Each material offers its own benefits. While some offer a higher quality, others are resistant to wrinkling. You need to decide which meets your needs and fits within your budget.

      • Cotton

      A suit made from a cotton-based fabric is the ideal suit for the warmer seasons. It offers impressive breathability that allows air to circulate between the suit and your body, keeping you cool and comfortable. You can often find a cotton suit in lighter shades such as white, khaki, and pale grey as they are designed for wear in warmer months. 

      • Wool

      Whether it is Italian wool, Merino, or Cashmere, a wool suit is the most common and most popular. Wool is known for its breathability and ability to wick away moisture, keeping you comfortable no matter what the weather brings. 

      These suits are ideal for all seasons and are rated according to how fine the wool has been spun. An S number indicates this; the higher the S number, the softer the suit. Wool is also a great choice because it is resistant to wrinkles.

      • Mohair

      Mohair is made from the pelts of Angora goats. It features a silken texture that offers softness and durability. Mohair has excellent moisture-wicking properties and adds significant strength to any fabric it is woven into. These fibers also provide an impressive warmth.

      • Polyester

      Polyester suits don’t offer the breathability that cotton provides but it is warm, resistant to wrinkles, and comes in various color options. Polyester is often blended with spandex or elastane that gives the fabric a stretch, allowing designers to create suits that offer a closer fit, such as a skinny suit.

      4. Brand

      The ideal way to ensure your suit will offer top quality is to buy it from a reputable brand. 

      Besides the brands we have discussed in our reviews, a few others that are worth a try include: 

      • Tom Ford
      • Brooks Brothers
      • Hugo Boss
      • Paul Smith
      • Reiss
      • Savile Row
      • Suitsupply
      • Bonobos
      • Canali
      • J.Crew
      • Ralph Lauren
      • Ted Baker
      • Zegna




       When buying the best suits for men, you need to account for personal style while also considering quality, fit, brand, and fabric. We hope our reviews have made it a little simpler to find a suit that best suits your needs. 

      If you’re still a little unsure, a suit by Calvin Klein will always provide you with a stylish look made from soft durable wool.

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