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    There’s no point in spending months growing your beard out, only to ignore its finished state and leave your luscious facial hair in a state of disrepair. Modern beard groomers have the world at their fingertips when it comes to cultivating a proper facial flow, and beard balm is another development that will make your beard better.

    The benefits of beard balm are astronomical and go beyond the surface level appearance of your beard. Even the most haggard bearded men who could give a damn how their beard looks could benefit from applying beard balm.

    For those who care about your beard’s appearance, beard balm will work with you to find the shape that best suits your facial hair. The unique combination of hold and health will have your beard glowing without a hair out of place.

    When it comes to beard balm, the question shouldn’t be whether or not to use it but how to use it. We’ll break down all the particulars of this leave-in product by explaining why you should use it, when to use it and how often to apply beard balm. Today, you’ll find an answer to all your beard balm questions, and you can rest easy knowing you are getting the most out of your beard.

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      What Does Beard Balm Do?

      Not all of us are growing out our beards just to look nice. A beard can send a variety of different messages, some more rugged than others. Some might think that outlaws don’t wear beard balm, but that’s not the right mentality to have when approaching your beard’s health.

      Applying beard balm can put a beard owner on the attack. Most beard maintenance is just that, maintaining the ever-changing beard and reacting to how the beard grows. Beard Balm puts the user in the driver seat as it both solves growth problems and gives you more control over your beard’s future.

      Simply put, beard balm will give you a healthier beard. That should be reason enough for you to give it a shot. However, if you’re still on the fence, check out the multitude of other benefits beard balm can provide.

      Protect Your Beard from the Elements

      We must take our beards everywhere we go, whether we’re in the rain, sleet, or snow. Especially for our northern beard growers, a severe winter climate can have adverse effects on our beards’. You’d never head into a hurricane without a raincoat, so don’t let your beard succumb to the elements without any support either.

      Some of the same natural ingredients that protect our lips from being chapped work well with your beard, and you can find those ingredients in beard balms. If you’re looking for a natural solution to protecting your beard from the elements, products like beeswax beard balms help make the dream a reality.

      Makes your Beard Feel Better

      You may not realize it, but we spend a lot of time with our hands in our beards. After you’ve had our beards for more than a month and have broken through the itchy beard stage, you don’t want anything taking us back to the feeling of an itchy neck.

      Beard balm adds a layer of hydration and protection against the itch, whether it’s your hands, neck, or anything else brushing against it. There is no scenario where we want our beards to be itchier, so adding some beard balm to your routine can help prevent that development.

      The balm doesn’t stop there, as its effects seep through your beard hair to the skin beneath it. Beard balm usage can also prevent beard dandruff from the source. Dandruff prevention is where beard balm is most proactive, targeting skin cells with nutrients that contain the dry, flaky runoff associated with dandruff.

      From the tips of your beard hair to its follicles, there is a beard balm benefit that will help your beard glow.

      Makes Your Beard Pop

      Beard maintenance should have a look in mind. There’s no need to pretend that we don’t care if our beard looks full, flowy, and healthy when we look at our facial hair care routine. Another purpose of beard balm is to help your beard fill out.

      Beard balm can help fill in patchy areas or spaces that are still filling out. Using the holding power of beard balm can help you see a thicker beard. All beard balm product blends connect your facial hair, letting it grow together and preventing loose, wiry ends. Using beard balm after a shower can help keep moisture in your beard, bringing the colors out and keeping the hairs healthy.

      This all amounts to a better-looking beard. Your beard will see a lot of damage over its lifetime. The best way to give it the tools to fight back is to equip your beard with a quality beard balm.

      How Does Beard Balm Work?

      The short answer is as an integral part of your facial care routine. Beard balm can’t be entirely effective by itself, and there are several keys to applying beard balm to get the maximum effectiveness out of the product.

      If appropriately implemented, beard balm works by bringing out the best parts of other beard maintenance procedures, like washing and combing your beard.  So grab your favorite beeswax beard balm, carve out some time for self-care and follow along the steps to get the most out of your products.

      Get it Wet

      The first steps in any facial hair maintenance should involve giving your hair a nice soak. Get this first step done in the shower, as the length of time your hair can be underwater, and the steam added on can be challenging to recreate.

      The water and steam will look to open up your pores and beards for development by bringing your skin into a relaxed state. Run your hands through your beard in this step. It is crucial to get any bits of dirt out of your beard before you balm it.

      Beard balm will help hold in any effects given by the shower, so skipping this step is detrimental to beard balm’s benefits. Only running balm through a dry, dirty beard will do nothing but hold in items damaging to your beard.

      Use a Beard Wash

      To ensure your beard is clean, get a high-quality beard shampoo and make it a part of your showering routine. Be sure to use a shampoo that provides the benefit you are looking for.

      We all have different battles to tackle with our beard growth, and modern beard product developers have provided us with various tools. Pick the one that works best for you. The beard balm will extend the effects of your beard shampoo, so you should have your long term goals in mind when selecting your wash.

      It is best to wash your beard at least once a week, but it is never a bad idea to use a beard wash before using beard balm.

      Comb it out 

      Once you’re out of the shower, grab a beard brush and comb, and be sure to work through your beard thoroughly. Beard balm looks to give your beard more volume and definition, but it can’t work out knots for you.

      It’s best to comb your beard before you balm it to allow the balm to reach everywhere. Your beard is only as strong as its weakest link, and a tangle will render your beard balm useless. The best beard owners will apply a combination of a brush and a comb. Brush first to get everything flowing together, and comb out any particularly troubled areas.

      A balm is more of a proactive approach to facial hair’s health, helping prevent future tangles. It is not a magic cure-all, and it will need as much health as you can provide to allow it to do its job successfully.

      Choosing Beard Balm

      Now that you have properly prepped your beard to receive beard balm benefits, we can apply the product. If you’ve gotten this far in your beard care, you are a committed beard owner who wants what’s best for your beard. Ask yourself what your long term goals are, whether or not you are more concerned for the hair or the skin underneath, and if your balm is for style or prevention before choosing what’s right for you.

      Beard balms are a combination of oils and seals that work together to serve you. This combination is what makes beard balm different than any other leave-in beard products. Picking the right blend will be the difference between a good look and a great one.


      The oils are the moisturizing aspect of your beard balm. They work to hold in pre-existing moisture and act as a barrier from drying effects your beard may encounter in the wild. Some oils work best in keeping the hair healthy, while others can boost your beard’s appearance.

      Cocoa Butter

      The best choice for loved ones, cocoa butter, serves as a moisturizing agent for your beard with the added benefit of letting the wearer smell like dessert. If your beard doesn’t have any particularly troubled areas and you are just looking for a superior finish, cocoa butter is the choice for you.

      Cocoa butter and Shea butter can be relatively interchangeable, depending on personal preference. Either one is not the best at any prevention you may desire, but if you just want something that looks and feels good, look no further.


      Argan oil comes filled with natural vitamins and antioxidants, allowing it to flourish as a repairing agent for dry beards. Argan oil will not focus solely on fixing damaged hair; it will take the fight a step further by enhancing your facial hair in the pores.

      It is also known to reverse the effects of any harmful chemical agents you may have employed for short term benefits to your beard, as some shampoos and creams have pros and cons. If most of your damage is in your hair and not your skin, Argan oil is the choice for you.


      Very popular among beard balms, Jojoba is not technically an oil but fulfills other oils’ purpose on this list. Jojoba is packed full of nutrients and serves as a combination of an oil and a wax, allowing it to provide a host of benefits crucial to any quality beard balm.

      Since Jojoba is less oily than other choices, it is also the friendliest to your skin, allowing you to provide your beard with the moisture it deserves without overexposing your skin. Jojoba is an incredibly safe choice for your beard balm needs, especially if you have sensitive skin.


      Beard balms feature unique blends of oils and a sealant that keeps the product and the moisture it brings sealed into your facial hair. This is what makes a beard balm unique, as it acts like a pomade for your beard.

      For those who want to get the most out of their beard, this purpose of beard balm is what sets it apart. There are several different variable sealants, each with other functions. Combining the proper seal with the oil right for you is paramount to getting the most out of your beard balm.


      While scientists are still trying to figure out what, if anything, bees can’t do, beeswax’s physical benefits are already widely known. Beeswax beard balm works on facial hair by getting the job done without clogging up your pores.

      It is a naturally occurring sealant, allowing your facial hair to come together and take any shape you deem fit. It does all this while preventing moisture from leaving to give you a thick and voluminous beard.

      Shea Butter

      The consensus number one beard balm essential, Shea Butter, comes from Africa to help seal your facial hair. Shea butter is relatively easy to use as it washes out quickly if you want to switch up your balming approach.

      It has the same benefits as beeswax in that it is a naturally occurring product that won’t damage your skin. The butter is a luxurious item that hasn’t been developed as a cosmetic without its share of demons.

      Some beard balm companies have switched over to fair-trade shea butter to combat the environmentally damaging methods which produce it, so if you’re trying to keep the beard-growing sustainably, there are options out there for you.

      When you get out of the shower, grab your beard balm of choice and a high-quality brush. It’s best to apply beard balm 5-10 minutes after you get out of the shower, as this will ensure your hair is still ready to be worked.

      Applying Beard Balm

      beard balm

      After your beard is combed up and ready to rumble, grab a Dime bag sized amount and spread it throughout both of your hands. It’s best to do this in front of the mirror, especially the first few applications.

      Start at the base of your facial hair or in the neck area and slowly work your fingers through your beard. Spread the balm evenly over every inch of your beard, even in the mustache and regions around the mouth. Massage your fingers until they feel skin to be sure your hair gets fed to its roots.

      Even if you’ve already brushed your beard, give it another run through after all the balm is off of your fingers. The bristles will further spread your balm around.

      When you feel you have entirely spread your balm, get the beard shaped up by tweaking any corners and ensuring every hair is in place before the balm fully conforms with your hair. Once it has dried, it becomes much more challenging to shift your facial hair’s shape, so get it done as quickly as you can.

      It’s as simple as that! After you get the hang of applying beard balm, it won’t take more than 5 minutes out of your day, and its benefits will speak for themselves. Beard balms will be the solution you need for pesky hairs and an unruly beard.

      How often to Apply Beard Balm

      The good news is you’d have trouble applying beard balm too often. Especially if the balm of your choice is a natural blend, there are few adverse effects to too much balm application. It isn’t essential to apply beard balm more than once a day.

      The choice is up to you. If you are balming your facial hair for health benefits, a few times a week will accomplish every goal you set. If you’re doing it for the health and the style, you may get comfortable getting it on as part of your daily routine.

      Beard Butter vs. Beard Balm

      When you’re trying to get a step ahead in the growth of your beard, you’ll look under every rock there is to find the facial hair solution right for you. The trouble is, there’s a ton of stones out there, and some solutions are quite similar with only minute differences.

      If you’re reading through all this and find yourself wondering what does beard butter does that’s any different, you’re not alone. The main between these two is in beard balm’s ability as a pomade.

      Beard butter can combat dandruff and itchy beards, but it doesn’t have the same holding properties beard balm boasts. Beard butter almost serves as a leave-in beard conditioner more than a pomade for your facial hair.

      Your beard care routine will be a highly personal endeavor, and at the end of the day, it is up to you to find the right products for your beard. If you have gotten this far, you are committed to the work required to develop a full beard and can find a way to incorporate beard balm into your facial hair routine.

      Try using the product before special events or occasions at first, not expecting to apply the product every day but not buying the balm and shoving it straight into the back of the cabinet. Another excellent use for beard balm is at the start of your day, which will allow the healing influence to work on your beard’s shape and health as the day goes on.

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