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    Winter is here once again, and with it comes the chilling winds of the Arctic and, depending on your climate, the snow that people sing about all December long.

    But winter’s arrival doesn’t suddenly stop us from heading outdoors, whether for work or for relaxation.

    It’s a matter of life that you’ll need a good winter coat to stay comfortable and safe, so it’ll do you good to pick out a great one.

    Whether you’re buying your first clothes for yourself or looking to replace an old jacket, you’ve come to the right place.

    Below, you’ll find the best winter coats and jackets for men, organized into the favorites of our group of testers.

    Each coat will keep you warm, but some men’s coats are best for particular weather or scenarios.

    No matter what you’re looking for, at least one of them should be an excellent pick for your needs.

    Let’s check these men’s winter jackets out together.

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Winter Coats and Jackets for Men

      Things to Consider When Buying A Winter Coat or Jacket

      While our testers have already bundled up with the best winter coats and jackets, you’ll need to check out the main things they considered before choosing your own layers.

      Keeping these aspects in mind will help you pick the perfect jacket for your weather and needs.

      1. Style

      winter jacket style

      First and foremost, you need to consider the kind of winter jacket that you want to look for.

      You might be thinking that all winter jackets are the same, but nothing can be further from the truth.

      We tend to think of winter jackets as those that are capable of protecting us from the snow.

      But if you think about it for just a moment, you’ll remember that being garments, winter jackets are subjected to the same aesthetic tastes and variations that any other article of clothing would be.

      People don’t just wear winter jackets to remain warm.

      They wear them as fashion statements or to go with the rest of their outfit while also keeping them warm.

      Let’s go over a few of the major styles of winter coats you might find in your search for an ideal jacket.

      These aren’t necessarily all of the winter coat styles on the market, and you’ll probably find that many manufacturers have their own names for different types of jackets.

      We’ll describe all of our top picks using these vocabulary terms, though, so you can get an idea of what type of coat a particular tester’s favorite is.


      Hooded winter jackets are exactly what you’d expect; they’re jackets with a hood that can capably keep you warm and protect you from the elements.

      Contrary to what you might think, not all winter jackets come with hoods sewn into their necks.

      Some winter jackets are designed more for aesthetic value and won’t have a hood, possibly even featuring an open chest where a scarf can rest.

      These stylish coats aren’t what you would wear on a trip to the Arctic but can look great during a date night in February.

      Hooded coats, like several that you’ll find below, are incredibly excellent for surviving cold winter nights.

      Technically speaking, there’s no such thing as actual cold, only a lack of heat.

      When we humans feel cold, it’s because the external lack of heat is causing our own body heat to transfer outward, cooling our interiors.

      One of the areas of our bodies that radiates the most heat is actually our heads.

      Ever wonder why we humans almost universally have full heads of hair even though most of the rest of our body hair has become thin or vanished?

      That’s why.

      It turns out that our brains need quite a lot of blood flow, which necessitates a lot of body heat.

      While our hair does an excellent job of preventing us from feeling cold during day-to-day activities from spring to autumn, in the winter, it’s rarely enough.

      Winter caps or hats and hoods are the solutions humans have relied upon ever since we started living in areas outside sub-Saharan Africa.

      If you’re primarily choosing a winter jacket for cold protection, you definitely need something with a hood.

      Even if you plan to wear a winter cap, a hood can generate a small pocket of air that will eventually warm up and keep your head insulated better than a single layer can.

      In fact, this general idea – that layers are better than thickness – is something that you’ll need to remember for all cold-environmental survival situations.

      Put simply, double up on head protection from the cold if you want to take a trip to the snow.


      Torso-length winter jackets are those that end around your waist without going much farther.

      These men’s jackets do a great job of insulating your core interior, which is the most important area to protect when trying to survive the cold environment.

      Your major internal organs are almost all located in your torso, so keeping these organs warm and functioning is key to winter survival and overall comfort.

      Torso length jackets are the standard you can find in any store or outlet and come in a wide variety of materials and styles.

      They pair well with a lot of masculine aesthetics or fashion choices these days, and they aren’t as bulky as longer coats that might require some awareness of your legs.

      Torso jackets can come with or without hoods depending on the exact product.


      Long-style coats are similar to trench coats in appearance, though some coats only barely qualify beyond the “torso” archetype.

      We define all long coats as jackets that go past your waist and/or whose ends stop either at your legs or close to the ankles.

      These coats for men can look really impressive and make a man seem taller, which is always a plus side.

      More than that, these coats can actually provide better cold insulation by extending their length to your legs.

      Our legs tend to be among the coldest parts of our bodies when we wear winter clothing since a single layer is usually all that protects them: our pants.

      You can wear long underwear, of course, but during ski-resort or Arctic situations, you’ll find someone wearing multiple layers with their pants.

      Longer coats that extend to your legs can help to protect them from cold winter winds and act as a light layer, creating a small, warm pocket of air around your whole body.

      Long coats are also a favorite for people who head into excessively snowy environments.

      Such coats, so long as they are made of the right outer material, can protect your pants from getting wet as you stomp through the snow.

      Ultimately, torso-length and long coats can both be ideal in certain circumstances and can both keep you warm.

      It’s just a matter of your personal preferences and stylistic tastes.


      Snow coats are defined as any coats with the proper outer material to protect you from the snow.

      These men’s coats usually won’t be made of wool or any other soft material that will absorb ice and eventually become wet.

      Instead, such coats have harder, slippery exteriors that cause any snow to pile on and slip off as it falls on your person.

      Snow coats are a favorite for anyone who enjoys winter sports or those who’ll be out in snowy conditions for long periods.

      Needless to say, all coats meant for Arctic expeditions or trips will need to be snow coats.

      Snow coats can be light or bulky, but almost all of them will enable you to properly layer your clothing for maximum insulation.


      Artic coats are classified as a separate type by our testers because they incorporate many of the above and following elements for a single hard-core winter coat product.

      These coats will be snow and water-resistant and will feature excellent insulation, as well as durable exteriors.

      These men’s winter coats will also almost always have hoods with extra feathers or insulators along the rims of said hoods.

      Arctic coats are among the jackets best rated for survival in cold climates and are often quite expensive.

      But there’s no doubt in our minds that if you need something to keep you warm in subfreezing temperatures, Arctic jackets are the way to go.

      2. Outer Material

      outer material of a winter jacket

      The outer material of the best winter jackets for men will determine how well it stands up to rainy or snowy conditions and how well it protects you from general cold temperatures.

      But it can also affect how the jacket looks and whether it works well as a coat for a social engagement or better as an Arctic survival garment.


      Many affordable and aesthetically pleasing winter coats for men are made of polyester and other fabric types.

      This common material can keep you decently warm, though it’s best used in metropolitan areas for dates or other social arrangements.

      You’ll want to pair these kinds of coats with several layers of additional fabrics in shirts to achieve maximum warming potential.

      Polyester is not very good when it comes to snow and water resistance, so these coats aren’t going to be a good choice for any kind of stormy weather.


      Many winter coats utilize cotton both for their interior or exterior designs.

      Either way, cotton is a warm material that feels comfortable and soft to the touch and is a staple of clothing items of all kinds.

      But it’s a lot like polyester when it comes to winter jackets in that it is best used for light winter coats that won’t see a lot of snowy action.

      Cotton interiors can be found in more hardcore winter coats, of course, but coats with an exterior of primarily cotton will want to avoid snowfall.

      Cotton and polyester will simply soak up moisture and eventually get cold and heavier at the same time.


      Woolen coats are another huge favorite for luxury jackets and for particularly fancy garments.

      Wool feels fantastic to the touch and can keep you comfortably warm so long as the winter night is dry and chilly.

      Wool does very poorly in snowy or rainy conditions, but it’s one of the best insulators when it comes to pure heat retention.

      You can find lots of men’s winter jackets with wool in their interiors for this reason.

      We’d just caution that you pick a winter jacket with a wool exterior if you want to go up to the ski lodge.

      It’s much better suited for a Valentine’s Day spent out strolling on a cold beachfront than it is climbing a snow-capped mountain.


      We’ll next describe two common water and weatherproof materials you can find in many hard-core winter jackets, though many coat manufacturers have their own proprietary materials that are variations of these two.

      HyVent is a weatherproof membrane that’s generally woven into other fabrics or materials to repel water and snow.

      It acts a lot like a shield for garments, creating a slippery texture that can protect you from absorbing chilly water.

      Since icy water is deadly in cold survival situations, many Arctic coats will use HyVent or similar material to ensure that they don’t quickly become wet during a snowstorm.


      Gore-Tex is another trademarked weatherproof membrane primarily used by W.L. Gore and Associates.

      It was developed in 1969 and is one of the best water repellent membranes on the market.

      At the same time, it can let water vapor pass through the fabric; this keeps your coat from making you too hot or sweaty and ensures that the fabric is relatively lightweight.

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      As a result, Gore-Tex can be found not only in winter jackets but in all kinds of seasonal garments for any occasion.

      3. Insulation Type

      Winter jacket Insulation Type

      The insulation your winter jacket provides will determine how good it is at preventing you from feeling cold and shielding you from harsh winter winds.

      Insulation is the process of preventing your naturally generated body heat from leaving your jacket.

      Over time, your very beating heart produces body heat to create a warm air pocket beneath your multiple layers of clothing.

      There are three main types of insulation, though there are offshoots of these materials across jacket companies.

      Synthetic Fibers

      Synthetic fibers are the most affordable of all three types and can effectively trap in body heat while being woven with other materials.

      Synthetic Fleece

      Synthetic fleece is another broad type of insulator, and it’s more affordable than genuine feathers or fleece.

      The advantage of synthetic fleece and fibers is that they don’t react to water the same way that natural feathers or fur does.

      This can make them easier to dry the interior of your coat when it become wet, though they aren’t necessarily as comfortable as the genuine article.

      Down Feathers

      Down feathers are arguably the best type of insulator, being capable of ensuring long-term warmth and overall comfort.

      Down feathers feel very soft to the touch, and their insulating prowess is proven in nature itself.

      Be advised that coats with down feathers are usually significantly more expensive.

      4. Cold Rating

      Winter jacket’s cold rating

      A jacket’s cold rating can either be an arbitrary term decided by the manufacturer or the lowest tested temperature that the jacket is assured to be effective for.

      Basically, a cold rating can tell you what scenarios it will be appropriate for.

      Arctic jackets will have a much lower temperature as their cold rating, while jackets made from wool and without a hood will obviously have a much higher cold rating.

      Our cold ratings are estimates based on how our testers felt when they tried each men winter jacket on.

      5. Weather Resistance

      Winter  jacket’s weather resistance

      Next, think about a jacket’s overall weather resistance.

      This is partially connected to the materials that make up a particular jacket, and whether it has a hood.

      Jackets that are really well-suited to weather resistance will be ones that you can take out into inclement weather or to a ski lodge where you might get snowed on.

      Other jackets that are designed more for style and comfort might have poor weather resistance.

      Jackets like this will often have an open front for a scarf, which is a considerable downside for an Arctic-rated coat.

      Overall, all winter jackets will at least attempt to keep you warm, but only some are actually good enough to be worn while it’s snowing or raining.

      6. Comfort

      winter jacket comfort

      Finally, don’t discount the comfort a winter jacket can provide.

      Obviously, this is more important if you need a winter jacket for social events and for living in areas where you won’t get a lot of snow or rain.

      You can afford to spend more money on a comfortable coat instead of one with the best insulation and a durable hood.

      Arctic coats will usually prioritize cold protection and durability over comfort, though they may also be quite comfy once you’ve zipped them up.

      Overall, this isn’t the most important thing to consider when selecting a winter jacket, but it’s not something you should ignore, either.

      Best Men’s Winter Coats and Jackets of 2022 Reviewed

      1. Eddie Bauer Men’s CirriusLite Down Jacket

      Eddie Bauer Men’s CirriusLite Down Jacket

      This jackets for men are designed to be comfortable, slim, and posess excellent water resistance.


      Style: Torso
      Outer Materials: Nylon
      Insulation Type: Down Feathers
      Cold Rating: Moderate
      Weather Resistance: High
      Comfort: High

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a good fit for men who don’t need something heavy-duty but still want to be warm as they stroll across town in January.

      Key Features

      This winter jacket is a great place to start our favorites, as it’s a basic garment that lacks a hood, but which provides great weather resistance and comfort regardless.

      The outer layer is comprised mostly of nylon, which affords it excellent water resistance and will prevent it from soaking up any snow that falls on your shoulders.

      The interior, meanwhile, is fluffy and comfortable thanks to a layer of premium down feathers.

      As a result, this jacket is quite warm all in all, though the lack of a hood will certainly negate its ability to protect you in Arctic conditions.

      It has two good-sized hand pockets, plus an interior pocket to let you keep your essential stuff safe and protected from inclement weather.

      The elastic-bound cuffs and hem work together to seal the coat against your skin and prevent heat from escaping.

      It is something of a tight fit, so fitting multiple layers beneath it might be a bit tricky.

      But if you can manage to wear a few layers with this jacket, your core will likely not feel cold at all.

      The coat is effortless to wash and dry and is very lightweight once you settle it on your torso.

      Ultimately, it’s a great jacket to pair with other winter gear like a beanie or cap.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very comfortable
      Insulates you quite nicely
      Prevents heat from escaping at the wrists or waist
      Super water-resistant


      Difficult to layer with
      Can still slip up when bending over/down

      2. Gemyse Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket

      Gemyse Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket

      This men jacket pick is fantastic for keeping warm and enjoying snow days in the mountains.


      Style: Hood, Torso, Long
      Outer Materials: Durable fabric
      Insulation Type: Fleece
      Cold Rating: High
      Weather Resistance: Moderate
      Comfort: High

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s great for guys that spend lots of time outdoors during super cold, sunny winter days without rain or snow.

      Key Features

      This winter jacket fits into a few categories, according to our testers.

      That’s because it’s length, and whether it passes your waist, will depend on how tall you are and how the jacket fits on your shoulders.

      Some guys will find it to be more of a torso length jacket while others will find that it reaches to their thighs.

      Either way, it’s warm and durable, with a water-resistant outer shell and a soft inner fleece lining.

      This lining does a great job of keeping your core warm and being very comfortable to wear for long periods.

      It’s extraordinarily soft to the touch.

      The cuffs of this coat are adjustable with Velcro, so you can tighten them or loosen them depending on how warm your arms currently are.

      The hood is particularly lovely and has its own fasteners which you can use to tighten things up or loosen at your convenience.

      The hem can be adjusted with a drawstring, as well.

      Along with all of its practical benefits, this jacket has several zippered pockets for your hands or your accessories.

      It’ll be easy to keep your phone and wallet with you even in stormy weather with this jacket.

      The jacket is a little heavy and bulky, but you’ll be able to layer other clothes with it reliably enough.

      It might just get a little tiring for your neck after a time; thankfully, the hoodie can be totally removed if you don’t need it for the current weather.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Hood is excellent and can be removed
      Interior lining is comfortable and warm
      Cuffs and hoodie can be adjusted for fit
      Very resistant to cold and inclement weather


      Can feel a little heavy or bulky

      3. Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

      Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

      This winter jacket for men is tough, versatile, and adjustable by several metrics.


      Style: Hooded, Torso, Long
      Outer Materials: Water repellant fabric
      Insulation Type: Cotton
      Cold Rating: Moderate
      Weather Resistance: High
      Comfort: Moderate

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a great coat for rain or snowstorms when paired with other layers.

      Key Features

      This is another coat that our testers figured would fit either as a long style or torso style garment depending on your height.

      It also features a great hood that can be detached or adjusted depending on how you’re most comfortable.

      The cuffs can be adjusted to become tighter or looser, and there’s an additional stretchable glove with a thumb hole that comes with the purchase to help seal in want.

      The windproof snap skirt on the interior of the coat will help protect you from harsh winter winds, either in metropolitan areas or wilder ones.

      The softshell on the outside is extremely durable and very wind resistant, also being effective at pushing away water.

      The interior lining is warm and comfortable cotton that can retain heat quite effectively and which provides a relaxed fit that isn’t quite as heavy on the shoulders as our last pick.

      This coat also has multiple pockets, including a zippered compartment for your passport or credit cards and an internal secure media pocket for your phone.

      Overall, this coat is very similar to our last choice but even better when it comes to resisting stormy weather and high winds.

      Where the previous choice was ideal for cold weather in general, this coat straddles the line between overall excellent and Arctic-quality, at least when paired with other layers.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very comfortable and warm interior
      Excellent at repelling water and cold winds
      Has multiple pockets for comfort and convenience
      Hood is warm and can be attached or adjusted


      Velcro straps can wear down
      The hood can feel a bit too loose

      4. OutdoorMaster Men’s 3-in-1 Ski Jacket

      OutdoorMaster Men’s 3-in-1 Ski Jacket

      This coat is separable into two main garments: an innovative design.


      Style: Torso, Hooded
      Outer Materials: Teflon-protected fabric
      Insulation Type: Fleece
      Cold Rating: High
      Weather Resistance: High
      Comfort: High

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s great for men looking for an all-year winter jacket in temperate climates.

      Key Features

      This outdoor winter jacket is one of the more versatile garments we found in our search for the best.

      It has two main parts: a hooded waterproof shell and an interior fleece jacket.

      These can be worn separately or together, so this garment is really perfect for all seasons of the year.

      The external hooded shell goes about down to your torso and is fantastic for rough winter weather.

      The material is bolstered with Teflon, which provides it with excellent water resistance and snow resistance.

      By itself, it’s incredibly thin and lightweight.

      The interior fleece liner is super warm and comfortable by itself.

      When paired with the outer shell, you’ll automatically create a layered insulating effect that will provide you with excellent defense against cold winter weather.

      Both pieces of this coat use hard and waterproof sippers and feature adjustable cuffs to help you seal in heat near your wrists.

      The outer shell also has easy access chest pockets for you to store your phone or other materials.

      Besides, the outermost part of this coat is stain-resistant and easy to clean just by applying water.

      The only bad thing we have to say about this choice is that the hood which comes with the outer shell is not warm by itself.

      You’ll need to pair it with a cap or another hat insulate your head from the cold.

      It’s too bad there isn’t an accompanying fleece hood with the rest of the interior part.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Can be split into two parts
      The outer part is very weather-resistant and lightweight
      The inner part is very comfortable and warm
      The outer part has easy-access pockets and adjustable cuffs


      Included hood is rather thin and not very warm

      5. Carhartt Men’s Arctic Quilt-Lined Yukon Active Jacket

      Carhartt Men’s Arctic Quilt-Lined Yukon Active Jacket

      This is a jacket with a comfy hood and one of the sturdiest stitching jobs we’ve seen.


      Style: Torso, Hooded
      Outer Materials: Nylon
      Insulation Type: Polyester
      Cold Rating: Low
      Weather Resistance: Moderate
      Comfort: High

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s perfect as casual winter wear or for guys who need a garment to protect them only for short bursts.

      Key Features

      The Carhartt jacket is an excellent choice for casual winter wearing, as it isn’t made with material thick enough to stand up to severe winter winds nor does it have an exterior designed to resist water or snow.

      But when it comes to comfort, this coat is truly phenomenal.

      The outside is made from 100% nylon, which does provide it with minor water resistance even though we wouldn’t recommend taking this into a snowstorm.

      Nylon will help to an extent, but eventually, water will start to seep through.

      Instead, the nylon material is excellent because it ensures durability for the garment and helps keep things comfortable.

      Interior is made from a combination of nylon and polyester, both of which do a decent job of keeping you warm and insulated for metropolitan or southern latitude winters.

      Our testers reckon that you could probably take this coat up to the mountains for a snow day and be fine, but anytime wind or a storm shows up, you’ll probably want something heavier duty.

      This coat does feature a very comfortable hood that has the same lining as the rest of the jacket.

      It’s one of the more comfortable and warmer hoods we found during our search, and it can be tightened using drawstrings located on either side.

      The interior has twin pockets that let you store your stuff, and there are two additional handwarmer pockets on the exterior.

      The rib-knit cuffs and waist to do an excellent job of sealing in heat, and all the seams of this garment are triple stitched to improve their durability.

      Overall, it’s still a great winter jacket, so long as you know what it’s intended for.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very comfortable to wear
      Lightweight and easy to wear for long stretches
      Very durable
      It has multiple pockets for storage and hand-warming.


      Can’t be used for super cold weather
      Not good in wet or rainy weather

      6. Levi’s Men’s Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

      Levi’s Men’s Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

      This casual winter coat or cool jacket is a classic style, iconic of men on the plains or outside cities.


      Style: Torso, Hooded
      Outer Materials: Cotton
      Insulation Type: Polyester
      Cold Rating: Low
      Weather Resistance: Low
      Comfort: High

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a good choice for men who like this style or guys who aren’t too worried about rain or snow.

      Key Features

      This Levi’s winter jacket is another more casual coat that won’t see a lot of use and Arctic conditions but might be a favorite for those looking for a cool jacket to wear during their winter social engagement.

      The outer shell has a rugged appearance and is made with 100% cotton.

      This does a great job of keeping your seat trapped within your interior layers and feeling soft to the touch at the same time.

      The interior lining is made with 100% polyester: a good insulator by itself, but best used in conjunction with other shirts and a layered heating effect.

      It’s an effortless coat to machine wash since its fabrics are very common and decently durable.

      The coat also features a zip-out Jersey hood.

      All this means is that the hood is separate from the main fabric of the jacket and is made from a slightly different fabric composition.

      It’s a little softer and warmer than the outside of the jacket and looks aesthetically stylish, as it’s a different color from the main garment.

      There’s also a pair of snazzy shoulder epaulets, which look great on just about any man.

      In terms of keeping you warm, the zipper goes up quite high, and there are additional buttons collar to tie things up even further.

      A pair of twin chest pockets complete this coat’s benefits, both of which can be buttoned closed.

      All in all, this jacket is a classic design that lots of guys will find familiar if they live in a rural area in the US.

      As a general, non-stormy winter jacket, this coat wins in spades.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Has a very stylish and rugged aesthetic
      Included hood looks and feels great
      Durable overall
      Very easy to machine wash


      Can’t resist water or snow very well
      Isn’t very warm by itself

      7. Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka Coat

      Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka Coat

      This pricy coat warrants its cost with top-tier materials and Arctic-level design.


      Style: Arctic
      Outer Materials: Polyester/Cotton
      Insulation Type: Down Feathers/Coyote Fur
      Cold Rating: High
      Weather Resistance: High
      Comfort: High

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s the best choice for all-out winter resistance or Arctic-temperature expeditions.

      Key Features

      This jacket kicks things up into Arctic quality territory.

      Canada Goose jackets are well known, and for a good reason, this coat as an exquisitely durable 85% polyester and 15% cotton shell that does a great job of repelling water, wind, and snow, plus a white duck down feather interior lining.

      In a nutshell, this jacket will do a phenomenal job of protecting you from the cold with both its exterior and interior layers.

      It’ll also be one of the more comfortable jackets you have ever tried.

      Our testers were undoubtedly impressed when they shrugged this jacket on for the first time.

      It is quite heavy and bulky, which might mean that wearing them for long periods could be a bit difficult.

      Still, you can layer with this jacket quite easily and achieve warmth and insulation unrivaled by practically any other garment on our list.

      The hood is also excellent.

      It’s lined with natural coyote fur sourced from Canada.

      The first served a double purpose of both warming you and breaking the wind near your face.

      It’s a super comfortable and warm hood through and through.

      The rest of the coat is made with similarly fantastic qualities.

      There’s a series of cargo pockets on the front to let you store your devices or equipment securely, plus a drawcord waist that you can pull to tighten the coat’s fit and seal in heat even more effectively.

      The wrists look loose at first glance, but there’s actually an interior layer that is tapered to trap heat in at your arms, too.

      There are even more pockets on the inside, too, along with a special pocket to let you store a device and thread a cable up to your ears without having to expose it to the cold or open your jacket.

      All in all, this coat has everything you could want to stay warm in stormy winter weather or head to Iceland to do some sightseeing.

      The number of pockets included in its design makes it an excellent choice for scientists or guys going on expeditions, too.

      The only other real downside is its asking price.

      We all know that, along with its quality, Canada Goose has high prices for all of its coats, and this one is no different.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Feels very comfortable on the inside
      Outside is phenomenal at repelling winter cold and whether
      Has multiple practical pockets for leisure or storage
      Hood is comfortable and has natural coyote fur


      Very pricey
      Can feel a little heavy after a while

      8. QPNGRP Men’s Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket

      QPNGRP Men’s Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket

      This coat is adjustable, flexible, and great for many wintery situations.


      Style: Long, Hooded, Torso
      Outer Materials: Polyester
      Insulation Type: Fleece
      Cold Rating: Moderate
      Weather Resistance: High
      Comfort: High

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a good budget choice for guys who still want a coat that can stand up to bone-chilling winter storms.

      Key Features

      This last jacket is another alternatively long or torso sized garments depending on your height and fit.

      Regardless, it has a 100% polyester exterior that nonetheless does a great job of repelling water in the wind.

      So, this jacket will serve well in winter storms.

      The interior is made of a soft fleece that feels super comfortable and warm, and which isn’t so thick to prevent you from effectively layering this jacket with thinner shirts beneath.

      The hood is also pretty good, with an insulated design and a stand-up collar to protect you from harsh winds.

      You can remove this hood like you could with many of the other jackets on our list.

      A stretched powder skirt on the interior marks this jacket as excellent, too; this will extend the sheathe of warmth from your body even lower if necessary.

      The cuffs are elastic and have Velcro straps, and the zippers are totally waterproof.

      In short, it has many of the same excellent winter jacket features we’d recommend inequality garment.

      But it’s also pretty affordable given all of its advantages.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very affordable for most guys
      Does a great job of resisting inclement weather
      Soft and comfortable interior
      Hood is well-designed and removable


      Can’t warm very well by itself

      Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Coats, Jackets, And Keeping Warm as A Man

      Frequently Asked Questions

      So now that you’ve seen our picks for the best winter coats for men have any last-minute questions about keeping away the cold during the next football game?

      Let us put your mind at ease.

      Winter jackets don’t work by being the thickest or warmest garments you can possibly don.

      While some genuinely are thick or incredibly warm compared to your other articles of clothing, this isn’t how they primarily protect you from the cold of winter.

      Instead, proper warmth protection is achieved through layering and insulation.

      We’ve already covered insulation: it’s the process of trapping your own body heat within the air pockets created by your garments.

      Layering is always superior to wearing a single thick coat because you create more air pockets between each garment worn.

      As your body heats up the area in one air pocket, the next layer will also become warm, until the outer layer of your full winter set up is reached.

      As cold air sucks away heat from those air pockets, you have more warm air in reserve from each layer of your winter gear.

      Basically, it takes longer and colder temperatures to chill you if you’re wearing multiple thin layers and if you are only wearing a single thick coat.

      The former situation has multiple warm air pockets to protect your skin and core organs, while the latter has only a single air pocket that can easily be chilled at subzero temperatures.

      So, if you ever need to survive an icy situation, try to obtain multiple layers of protection even if you have to disregard a thick, toasty-looking coat.

      You’ll have a better chance at being practically warm (i.e., your core organs will stay safe) if you have a shirt, long-sleeve flannel, and a thin jacket than if you were wearing a t-shirt and a snow coat.

      Winter coats do an important job during the winter, but that doesn’t mean they need to look hideous.

      Knowing how to properly clean your winter coat is essential, especially if it’s mostly a social garment.

      In most cases, sending your winter coat to a dry cleaner is a great option.

      These places can safely clean your garments, which may have rarer fabrics or materials that shouldn’t be tossed around in the harsh environment of your laundry machine.

      We would recommend using a dry cleaner if your winter coat is made of wool or other rare fabrics and materials like down feathers.

      Alternatively, thicker snow coats that have slippery exteriors and which don’t have down feathers or wool can be washed in a machine like most other garments.

      In fact, they might even dry a little more quickly than other materials because of their built-in water resistance.

      When you’re trying to get through the cold months of winter, a jacket is only the first step.

      Even if your jacket is equipped with a thick and toasty hood, it’s probably a good idea to have a winter cap of some kind to add an extra layer for your head.

      Beanies are a classic of masculine winter fashion that are popular among certain subcultures.

      In fact, beanies are worn by men throughout all the months of the year, especially if they’re involved with underground or musical crowds.

      You’ll also want a decent pair of gloves.

      When it comes to gloves, there are two main options you need to consider: thick and fingerless or thinner and fingered.

      Each has its advantages, though thick and fingerless are usually better for keeping your hands as warm as possible.

      On the flip side, thinner but fingered gloves can let you get work done while in the snow.

      Finally, don’t neglect a great pair of snow or winter boots.

      Your feet are in contact with the icy winter ground anytime you step outside, so appropriately protecting them is essential.

      Besides, even though your feet aren’t as crucial for your survival as your core or head, we’ve all experienced the odd phenomenon where our feet are hot or cold and the rest of our body follows suit.

      If you want to be comfortable while outdoors in the winter, you’ll need socks and boots that can keep your feet warm.

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