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    When summer rolls in, chances are you’re going to want to swap out your boots and sneakers for something a little more airy and comfortable, a pair of summer shoes that lets your feet breathe while still looking fashionable. 

    Enter the summer sandal! Whether it’s a pair of flip flops, espadrilles, thong sandals, sports sandals, or wedge sandals, these shoes will keep your feet cool and looking great. 

    Because there are so many varieties of summer sandals available, finding a good quality pair can prove challenging. To make finding the right shoes simple, we have gathered together the best sandals Amazon has to offer and reviewed each of them. We hope this guide makes finding the right pair of sandals for you a fun and enjoyable experience.

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      Best Sandals

      We tried and tested a selection of sandals from Amazon and concluded that these four pairs are the best stylish sandals for summer wear. The approach we used was to chat to sandal lovers about what it is they looked for in a high-quality pair of shoes and gathered the ones that ticked these boxes. We then reviewed each of these strap sandals. Our evaluation of each pair of summer shoes was based on the following criteria: versatility, style, comfort, functionality, and design. 

      1. Reef Men’s Smoothy Sandals


      Located at the tip of South Africa in the surfing city of Cape Town, a brand was founded. In 1987, Reef was born, a company specializing in wetsuits. Today, the brand offers a wide range of surf and beach accessories and apparel. 

      The Reef Men’s Smoothy Sandals are just one example of the brand’s exciting range. These water-friendly leather thong sandals are not only comfy, but they also look incredible. 


      • Made from 100% leather
      • Features an EVA sole
      • No break-in period needed
      • Water-friendly

      Who is it Best for? 

      If it is a comfy, breezy pair of slip-on shoes you’re looking for, then these deserve a closer look. Reef places great emphasis on quality, using only the best materials to create their apparel, and you can tell by the look and feel of these flip flops. 

      Compared to offerings by close competitors such as the ALEADER Men’s Flip Flops with Arch Support for All Day Comfort, these men’s sandals are slip into a slightly higher price bracket; however, they are well worth it. The style and design of the shoe, along with the materials used, place these flip flops from Reef ahead of the rest.

      Key features 

      Reef makes these shoes using only the best materials there are. The sleek leather straps and soft and butter but very durable. EVA soles offer flexibility and cushioning that leave you with comfortable shoes that are ideal for walking on the beach, chilling in at home, or wearing out. 

      I ordered a pair of these and, off the bat, was impressed with the wide selection of color choices available and settled on the bronze/brown pair. 

      The shoes offered exceptional comfort and worked well to protect my feet from pebbles, stones, and gritty pieces of gravel. The leather straps were comfortable over the bridge of my foot and left me blister-free. I didn’t have to wear these in either; it felt as though I had been wearing them for years. 

      One thing to keep in mind is that the sizing on these flip-flops runs small, so it is best to buy one size up.


      • These offer far more comfort than they look to offer
      • The flip-flops come in multiple color options
      • They don’t cause blisters


      • The sizing runs small
      • Not all the color offerings feature leather straps

      2. Dockers Men’s Newpage Sandal


      Dockers is a subsidiary of Levi Strauss. The brand was founded in 1986 and in 1992 developed a footwear department. Dockers are best known for their authentic khakis and work apparel that provides excellent quality and style. The brand’s shoes offer no less. 

      The Dockers Men’s Newpage Sandal is an excellent shoe for outdoor adventures. They make phenomenal walking shoes and great support for your foot and ankle while allowing your feet to remain cool. 


      • Features a 100% synthetic upper
      • Made with a durable rubber outsole
      • Includes a memory foam insole and a fusion footbed
      • Offers adjustable velcro straps

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re all about outdoor adventure, hikes, strolls on the beach, or spending time out in the garden, these men’s sandals are an excellent option. 

      Dockers design these shoes to feature three straps that combine to keep your foot and ankle supported while still offering breathability and comfort. A strap secures over the base of the toes while a back strap and an ankle strap work together to create a comfortable and sturdy shoe. Men who have a broader foot will find these comfortable as the adjustable straps make it simple to customize the fit of the shoe to the shape of your foot. 

      When compared to offerings of competitors, these walking sandals from Dockers come out tops. They provide superior comfort and are well priced, although the style is lacking.

      Key features

      Dockers make these shoes with a 100% synthetic upper that is sturdy and durable. The velcro closure on the straps makes them easy to operate and quick to slide on and off your feet. 

      These open-toe sandals come with a robust rubber outsole that offers excellent shock resistance and great grip on slippery surfaces. A memory foam midsole provides you with a gentle cushioning that makes the shoes more comfortable than most. The soft footbed rounds off the comfort and feels great against your skin. 

      These strappy sandals are perfect for warm weather as they allow your feet to breathe. Ports on the sides of the shoes and the open-top design allow air to circulate your feet, keeping them cool and comfortable. 

      I gave these walking sandals a try for a week in a variety of different conditions and landscapes. The shoes were comfortable enough but unfortunately developed blisters on my heels where the straps rested. 


      • The shoes dry quickly and are great for wear in water
      • These shoes are ideal if you have broad feet
      • They prevent your feet from becoming odorous


      • The shoes can cause blisters

      3. Women’s Retro Large Size Lightweight Thick-Soled Baotou Sandals


      A unique brand, heavKin-shoes designs shoes for comfort, style, and durability. Whether you want a pair of shoes for summer wear, or to wear to a special occasion, heavKin-shoes are sure to have them.

      One of the unique pairs of sandals this brand offers is the Women’s Retro Large Size Lightweight Thick-Soled Baotou Sandals. These fun and comfortable closed-toe shoes are ideal for summer outings of all kinds. 


      • Offer arch support
      • Includes a four-centimeter wedge
      • Features a hook and loop closure
      • Made from a PU upper and a rubber outsole

      Who is it Best for? 

      Women looking for a pair of shoes that provide both style and comfort may want to look a little closer at these wedge sandals. The shoes feature a unique design that sees a series of cutouts that allow the sandals to breathe. The straps wrap around the ankle and fasten with an easy-to-use hook and loop closure. 

      Compared to the Women’s Closed Toe Sandals Comfortable Bohemia Moccasins, these sandals are better priced and are crafted with great attention to detail that the Bohemian sandals don’t quite offer. 

      These shoes are sized for the Chinese market and run relatively small. Our advice is to order a size up from that you usually take to ensure your feet fit perfectly into your new summer shoes.

      Key features 

      These women’s shoes offer a fun and fashionable design. Made from a PU leather upper, the shoes come with a cutout pattern that allows air to circulate your feet, keeping them cool on hot summer days. This breathability keeps your feet from sweating and becoming odorous. 

      A rugged rubber outsole offers grip, although heavKin could improve this upon as we found the sandals to be a little slippery on high-shine tiles. The slight heel, soft insole, and built-in arch support offer excellent protection and cushioning of the foot, making these sandals ideal for women who suffer from plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the foot tissue connecting the foot to the toes. 

      We were impressed with these shoes overall; they make a great pair of summer sandals for warmer weather.


      • Perfect for women with plantar fasciitis
      • The shoes are very light and won’t eight your feet down
      • The arch support offers great comfort and support


      • The sizing of these shoes run small
      • The back of the shoe can cause blisters
      • The outsole does not offer a very good grip

      4. Quiksilver Men’s Carver Suede 3 Point Flip Flop


      Quicksilver is an Australian brand founded in 1969. The brand is one of the largest global suppliers of surf apparel and equipment for boardsports. Quicksilver is the number one choice of men who have a passion for the outdoors, making it unsurprising that the Quiksilver Men’s Carver Suede 3 Point Flip Flop is so popular. 

      These unique flip flops offer excellent durability and style, but are they comfortable to wear? 


      • Features suede leather straps and a nylon toe post
      • Comes with a sturdy rubber sole
      • Designed with a compression-molded, slip-resistant EVA footbed
      • Includes lugs in the outsole for extra grip

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you want a pair of flip flops that look as good with your swimsuits as they do with your jeans, these sandals from Quicksilver make an excellent choice. 

      These seemingly flat sandals come with built-in arch support that contours your feet, correcting your posture and offering you comfort throughout the day. If you battle with posture or a sore lower back, these sandals are something to consider. 

      These flip-flops, when compared to other similar sandals on the market, are pretty pricey. While they are made from leather that accounts for some of the expense, they are not water-resistant, making them less versatile than some of the cheaper options.

      Key features 

      Quicksilver makes these flip flops with soft suede leather straps that culminate in a nylon toe post. The outsole of the shoe is made from durable rubber that sees a series of lugs on the sole. These lugs are designed to provide extra grip when you are walking on wet or slippery surfaces. 

      The footbed is textured so your foot won’t slip about while it is in the shoe. Quicksilver uses EVA to form the compression-molded footbed. It is this molding that includes the arch support. These materials and the way they are crafted together ensure that these slide sandals are as comfortable as they get. 

      While these leather sandals are incredibly comfortable, you will find, as I did, that the darker colored sandals (I got them in black) will rub dye onto your skin if you sweat, leaving you looking as though you have bruising on your feet. But if that is the worst these strappy sandals can throw at us, they are worth the spend.


      • The suede is soft against your skin and won’t chafe your toes
      • These flip flops are lightweight
      • The arch support helps with poor posture


      • The dye from the straps transfers onto your feet

      Things to Consider When Buying Sandals

      1. Style

      When buying sandals, there is a range of unique styles from which to choose:

      • Walking sandals

      These shoes often come with multiple adjustable straps that support the foot in the most critical areas, such as the toes, heel, and ankle. They also often feature arch support and added comfort for walking.

      • Slingback / Strappy sandals

      These are more fashionable shoes than sporty shoes. They come with a strap that sits behind the heel and often a few straps that sit across the bridge of the foot.

      • Athletic / Sports sandals

      These usually come in the form of walking sandals or feature a single large strap that sits across the bridge of the foot. 

      • Flip Flops

      Flip flops or things as they are often known are your typical beach shoes, although they are often worn as fashion shoes.

      2. Materials

      When buying sandals, consider the materials they are made from. If you plan on wearing your shoes to the beach, rubber and plastic or neoprene flip flops are a better bet than suede ones when water is involved. 

      Conversely, if you want to go hiking in your sandals, you want more durable synthetic fabric. For smarter occasions, leather is an excellent choice. 



      When looking for the best comfortable sandals, there are several things to consider. Giving thought to versatility, durability, the material used, functionality, and quality will all put you a step closer to finding the sandals that most suit your needs. 

      By closely examining and testing each of the shoes in this review, we concluded that they each meet the criteria discussed above; making it simpler to find the perfect sandals that give you a look and feel you have always wanted from a summer shoe.

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