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    Men who include shaving and tweezing in their morning routine will tell you that getting these grooming aspects done in the shower makes life so much simpler. For one, there is no hair left to tidy up, making the self-care process that much more efficient. But how do you see while engaging in this shaving experience?

    A fogless shower mirror makes all the difference. These mirrors come in a variety of designs; some hang from the shower head, others use an adhesive hook or a locking suction cup, and others make use of a silicone adhesive. These fog-free mirrors make it easy to ensure you place your shaving cream in all the right places for the perfect shave.

    Unfortunately, not all fog-resistant mirrors are made equal, which is why we have gathered together the best Amazon has to offer. In addition, we reviewed each of them, making it less challenging for you to find the perfect fog-free mirror.

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      Best Fogless Shower Mirror

      We tried and tested multiple fog-free shower mirrors from Amazon and concluded that these eight are the best for use in your shower. We used the approach to chat to men about what they looked for in a high-quality fogless shower mirror and collected together the ones that ticked these boxes. We then reviewed each of them. Our evaluation of each was based on the following criteria: the resistance to rust, visibility, style, functionality, and durability.

      1. ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

      shower mirror

      ToiletTree Products is an American brand founded in 2010. However, the brand’s innovation and unique approach go far beyond its name. This family-owned business started with two men who decided they could find quick and easy ways to improve on some of the products other brands were putting out there, and as such, ToiletTree was born. 

      Today the brand offers a wide selection of unique home and bath products. Their best-seller? The ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror


      • Comes with a removable water chamber
      • Includes a squeegee
      • Features a shatterproof design
      • The mirror is adjustable

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re on the market or an exceptional fogless mirror that is easily mounted to your shower door or wall, then this one is for you. Whether your shower is glass or tile, it is easily mounted in just a few minutes, so you don’t need to rely on the often-faulty suction cups that most shower mirrors offer. 

      The rectangular design makes it relatively stylish, and combined with the wall mount and mini shelf, it looks like something from a house and home interiors magazine. 

      Compared to other fogless mirrors such as the HONEYBULL Shower Mirror, this offering from ToiletTree is somewhat pricey. Nevertheless, we gave it a try. Impressed with the overall design, we wanted to see how it fared when in use. 

      While the mirror did its job and did it well, a few observations we had were that the water reservoir needs to be refilled each time you want to use the mirror as it requires warm water to prevent it from fogging up. In addition, the LED lights were more of a decorative aspect as they didn’t provide exceptional lighting.

      Key features 

      Whether you want to use the mirror for makeup removal or for shaving in the shower, the large flat surface and the ability to adjust this mirror make it the ideal choice. In addition, the large reflective surface is adjustable and can be positioned at an angle that best suits your needs. 

      The mirror is made of high-quality, shatterproof acrylic that can withstand hot water and is impact-resistant. The mirror adheres to any surface with a removable silicone adhesive that is waterproof and easy to apply. 

      Included are a built-in shelf and a squeegee that helps clean water droplets off the reflective surface for a clearer view and prevent watermarks that often accompany hard water. 

      The built-in LED lights that surround the frame of the mirror make it easier to see in poor lighting conditions and add a touch of glam to the overall design.


      • The mirror is easy to mount in your shower
      • The reflective surface is easily adjustable
      • It can be mounted to glass or tile


      • You need to refill the water reservoir before each use
      • The LED lights were more decorative than functional

      2. The Shave Well Company Deluxe Anti-Fog Shower Mirror 

      shower mirror

      The Shave Well Company is an American brand that places value on premium quality, innovation, and community. Each of the brand’s products is assembled at the Sunshine Industries in Knoxville, a vocational development facility for adults with intellectual disabilities.

      The brand offers a selection of mirrors and shower accessories that make shaving, well, simpler. A wide selection of fogless shower mirrors, including those used for camping, a smaller travel mirror, and ones for home use, The Shave Well Company does is all. However, the product that caught our eye is The Shave Well Company Deluxe Anti-Fog Shower Mirror


      • Wall mounts with an adhesive hook
      • Fog-resistant
      • Shatterproof
      • Made in the USA

      Who is it Best for?

      Men looking for a fogless mirror that is easy and compact enough to travel with will enjoy this small mirror from The Shaving Well Company. It is neat and small enough to slip into your suitcase, and because it is made from durable plastic, it won’t break or crack while in transit. 

      The mirror is made in the USA and, compared to other similar mirrors available, is reasonably priced; in fact, it is even cheaper than most. Exited at the prospect of a cheap anti-fog mirror, we wanted to test it out and see whether it was as functional as others we had tried. 

      After using the mirror a few times, we found it was quick and straightforward to use. Instead of filling a water reservoir to prevent it from fogging up, all we had to do was run it under hot water to stabilize its temperature and then pop it back in its hook. The downside is once the hook is in place, you can’t reposition it. 

      Key features 

      The Shave Well Company designs this mirror to equalize to the shower temperature when you hold it for a few minutes under the warm water of your shower. This equalization then prevents the mirror from fogging up. 

      Made from durable, shatterproof plastic, this mirror won’t break or crack in the varying water temperatures. This virtually unbreakable mirror is also safe, as should you drop it in the shower, it won’t shatter and potentially cause you to cut your feet. 

      Included with the mirror is a hook that attaches to your shower wall or door with a powerful adhesive. The mirror itself comes with a hole that allows it to be hung on the hook, or it can be removed and used as a handheld accessory.


      • The mirror is lightweight 
      • It can be used as a wall-mounted or handheld mirror
      • It doesn’t need to be filled with hot water


      • You will need to run it underwater for a few minutes to prevent fogging

      3. XoYo Large Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror

      shower mirror

      XoYo is a unique brand specializing in the design and manufacture of a range of products, including home decor and beauty and grooming tools. The brand is known for its premium products and exceptional affordability. 

      One of the brand’s products that caught our eye is the XoYo Large Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror. This mirror is designed to make shaving in the shower a breeze, and it offers a sleek style all of its own.


      • Made from shatterproof acrylic
      • Scratch-resistant
      • Adheres to the shower with an adhesive hook
      • Comes with rounded corners for style and protection

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re looking for a sizeable mirror that won’t mist up and become fogged over and that is safe for use in the shower, then you may want to look a little closer at this mirror from XoYo. 

      The mirror is made from acrylic, so if dropped, it won’t splinter into a million little glass pieces that could easily cut your feet and that are tough to clean. 

      The size of the mirror is also larger than others on the market, so while not ideal for packing into a suitcase, it is perfect for use at home, where you spend most days carrying out your grooming routine.  

      We tried out this mirror and found it to work relatively well. However, we feel the brand could improve on the adhesive hook; it stuck well for the first few days but by day four had peeled off the wall.

      Key features 

      This fog-resistant mirror is made from durable acrylic that won’t shatter or splinter if you drop it. In addition, it offers a unique fog-proof design that only requires you to run the mirror under the shower water in order to equalize the temperature of the mirror, and it is this that prevents it from misting up. 

      Rounded corners mean that if you mirror drops, it is less likely to hurt your feet, and it means no sharp edges to hurt yourself on. 

      The mirror comes with a durable hook that adheres to your shower wall. A large hole in the top of the mirror makes it easy to hang the mirror on the hook and makes it simple to use as a handheld shower accessory.


      • The mirror offers an impressive size
      • It doesn’t need an anti-fog coating or a water chamber to be filled
      • The curved edges add a stylish touch


      • The hook is not as adhesive as we had hoped

      4. The Shave Well Company Original Anti Fog Shaving Mirror

      shower mirror

      The Shave Well Company does its best to equip you with the tools you need to ensure that every day includes a pleasurable shaving experience. The American brand uses premium quality materials and sustainable construction methods to ensure its products are of the highest quality and are well worth your money. 

      The Shave Well Company Original Anti Fog Shaving Mirror is one of the brand’s best-selling products, and it is easy to see why – shaving in the shower has never been so simple. 


      • Wall-mounted by means of an adhesive hook
      • Fogless design
      • Measures six inches by four inches
      • Made in the USA

      Who is it Best for? 

      Having a fogless mirror can be great, except when you need to fill up a water tank or apply some form of fogging spray. The Shave Well Company understands this, so the brand has come up with a design that merely requires you to run the mirror under your shower spry. This equalizes the temperature of the mirror, preventing it from fogging up. 

      The Shave Well Company combines ease of use with an affordable price, making this mirror ideal for use in any home. 

      After trying it out for a few weeks, we can happily report that it does as advertised, providing a fog-free in-shower reflection. The only downside to this shower accessory is that you will need to clean it frequently with toothpaste, as suggested by the brand, to prevent the buildup of limescale.

      Key features

      The Shave Well Company makes this mirror from a durable, shatterproof plastic that is safe for use in the shower, where it could be easily dropped and may expand and contract due to quick temperature changes. 

      The mirror comes with a fogless design that allows it to equalize in temperature and thus prevent any fogging. The equalization is reached by running the mirror under your shower stream for a few minutes. 

      An adhesive hook mounts to the shower wall, offering up a sturdy place to hang your mirror. A handy hole in the mirror makes it simple to install and allows you to remove it from the hook for handheld use. 

      The durable, lightweight nature of the mirror makes it easy to use when traveling and makes it simple to pack into your luggage. 


      • Installation is simple
      • The mirror is ideal for use when traveling
      • It offers exceptional convenience


      • Needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent limescale build-up.

      5. DecoBros 8-Inch Two-Sided Extension Wall Mount Bathroom Mirror

      shower mirror

      DecoBros is an American brand that focuses on the design and production of products aimed at making life around the house that much more straightforward. The brand offers a wide selection of products from pan organizers to pot lid holders, counter shelves, and can holders. 

      However, it was the DecoBros 8-Inch Two-Sided Extension Wall Mount Bathroom Mirror that piqued our interest. The stylish design and flexible arm left us wanting to know more. 


      • Features a 360-degree swivel design
      • The mirror is dual-sided with one and seven-times magnification
      • Comes with a wall-mount design
      • Sees a matte-nickel finish

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are looking for a bathroom mirror that offers more than one magnification option, then this is the mirror for you. DecoBros designs this mirror to be dual-sided, offering 1x magnification on the one side for your traditional mirror reflection and 7x magnification on the other side for a more zoomed-in view. The side with the greater magnification is ideal for those with poor eyesight of women doing their makeup. 

      The mirror attaches to the wall utilizing an extendable arm that allows the mirror to be positioned in a manner that best suits your needs. This is a much simpler option for men who struggle with leaning over the vanity to ensure they get a precise and even shave. 

      We gave this mirror a try and found it functional, versatile, and very handy. The only downside is that the nickel arm is not treated to be rustproof, which can be problematic if the mirror is mounted in the bathroom. 

      Key features 

      DecoBros makes this mirror from a matte-nickel armature that is extendable and simple to fold up or pull outwards. In addition, the armature mounts to the wall offering a sturdy and durable anchor for this elegant reflective surface. 

      The mirror itself is round in shape and dual-sided. Each side of the mirror offers a different magnification, so whether you want a regular view of a more zoomed-in reflection, the choice is yours. 

      Perfect as a makeup mirror or as a shaving mirror, it offers the ability to swivel through 360-degrees, so you can position it in a manner that best suits your grooming needs. 

      The circular mirror sees an eight-inch diameter and is elegantly finished with a matte-nickel chrome look. This metallic coating elegantly combines with the reflective surface to leave you with a contemporary and stylish mirror.


      • The armature is extendable
      • The mirror is durable and elegant
      • It folds up neatly 


      • This is not a fogless mirror

      6. Mirror On A Rope Reflect Shower Shaving Mirror

      shower mirror

      Mirror on a Rope is a unique brand specializing solely in the design and production of shower mirrors. These shower accessories are made to be simple in design yet highly functional and of the highest quality. The brand offers a wide selection of styles and sizes, with some being smaller and more compact for travel while others are larger and more suited to use at home. 

      One of the brand’s best-sellers is the Mirror on a Rope Reflect Shower Shaving Mirror. This mirror is perfect for home use and provides exceptional convenience for those who like to shave in the shower. 


      • Measures 6-inches by 4.75-inches
      • Comes with a 5.5-inch adjustable paracord
      • Made in the USA
      • Features a fog-free design

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are not keen on the idea of attaching a hook to your shower wall, using a wall-mounted armature, or fighting continually with a suction cup that just won’t stick, then you need to try this offering from Mirror on a Rope. 

      The brand designs this mirror to work in conjunction with a five-foot-long paracord that allows you to adjust the height at which the mirror hangs, and it eliminates the need for any permanent wall fixtures. 

      We tried it out to see how the mirror fared compared to others on the market. Not only was it affordable, but it was great for travel too. However, we didn’t like that you have to keep placing the mirror under the water to keep it fog-free, as it does not retain heat, allowing it to fog up continually.

      Key features 

      Mirror on a Rope makes this shower mirror from durable plastic that won’t shatter or break should you accidentally drop it on your shower floor. The mirror comes with a small hole that allows you to suspend it from your shower rail via a rope or mount it on the wall using one of the two stainless steel hooks that come included. 

      The rope that comes with this mirror is made from a 5.5-foot-long paracord that is durable and won’t perish from continual contact with water. 

      The fogless design of the mirror requires only that you run it under your shower stream for a few minutes to equalize the temperature of the mirror. It is this that then prevents the mirror from fogging up from the steam.


      • It is simple to install
      • The mirror is inexpensive
      • It won’t crack or shatter if you drop it


      • The mirror doesn’t remain fogless as long as we had hoped. 

      7. JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror

      shower mirror

      JiBen is a brand that focuses on the design and manufacture of products aimed at making your beauty and grooming routines effortless. The brand offers a range of elegant and functional products, including gooseneck mirrors, LED makeup mirrors, and shower mirrors. 

      The product that caught our eye is the JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror, designed to allow you to shave efficiently and easily in the shower; this mirror won’t fog up and obscure your view. 


      • Includes a 360-degree swivel arm
      • Offers a fog-free design
      • Mounts to the wall with a powerful suction cup
      • Features a razor hook

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are looking for a shower mirror that is easy to mount to the wall, offers 360-degree rotation, and is instantly fog-free, you may want to look a little more closely at this offering from JiBen. 

      The mirror is designed to attach to the wall of your shower with a strong suction cup. The suction cup allows for quick and simple installation, and it makes it easy to change the place where you hang your mirror in a way that silicone adhesive or hooks won’t.

      After trying the mirror for ourselves, we have observed that the mirror is easy to prevent from fogging up by splashing hot water onto it. However, this anti-fog does not last long, and you may find yourself having to splash the mirror with water more than you would like.

      Key features

      This shower mirror from JiBen is made from durable plastic. It features a round mirror that comes on a flexible arm that then mounts to your shower wall using a robust suction cup. This suction cup is not just any old suction cup, though. Instead, it features a unique design that sees it fasten tighter to the surface you’re applying it to while you twist the arm of the mirror. This vice-like grip then ensures your mirror will remain in place and not fall off the wall. 

      The arm of the mirror is also designed to provide you with a 360-degree swivel function that makes it easy to position the mirror to your liking so you can get the best angle for your shave. 


      • The unique suction cup offers a robust hold
      • The fogless design is handy in the shower
      • The swivel functionality is handy


      • You may need to splash the mirror more frequently than you would like to prevent the surface from fogging up

      8. Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

      shower mirror

      Mirrorvana is a family-run business that is all about mirrors. The brand is passionate about bringing its customers a wide selection of mirrors that are each expertly made from premium quality materials. So whether you are looking for a handheld barber’s mirror, a lighted makeup mirror, or a wall-mounted shaving mirror, Mirrorvana is the place to go. 

      Of all the unique mirrors available, it was the Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror, an elegant black-framed mirror designed to add functionality and style to your shower experience. 


      • Comes with a razor hook
      • The mirror features an eight-inch diameter
      • It includes an upgraded suction cup
      • The design features a 360-degree swivel function

      Who is it Best for? 

      This unique mirror is ideal for men wanting to add a touch of style to their shower while achieving a level of functionality all at the same time. This compact yet very useful mirror mounts to your shower wall using an upgraded suction system, leaving you with a handy accessory that you can easily reposition. 

      Compared with other mirrors in this review, this one from Mirrorvana is somewhat expensive. We wanted to find out if it is worth the higher price tag, so we tried it ourselves. While the mirror works well to prevent fog, it does come with a water reservoir that needs filling before each shower, which is a little finicky at times, and the suction cup isn’t as sturdy as we had hoped.

      Key features 

      This black-framed mirror features a suction cup arm that, when twisted, adheres to the wall of your shower. In addition, the mirror offers a 360-degree swivel that makes it easy to position when shaving in the shower. 

      The mirror is round and features a diameter of eight inches, offering the perfect size for your grooming needs. It comes with an anti-fog coating that repels fog and a heat transfer design that doubles the mirror’s functionality in providing you with a fog-free view each time. A water reservoir needs to be filled with hot water from your shower before each use to keep the mirror at a temperature that matches your shower to prevent fogging.


      • The mirror is easy to install
      • The fog resistance is impressive
      • The mirror brings additional style to your bathroom


      • The water reservoir is annoying to have to fill each time

      Things to Consider When Buying a Fog-Free Shower Mirror

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      1. Fog-Free Technology

      When it comes to ant-fog mirrors, brands use a few fog-free technologies to prevent the mirrors from misting up. 

      • Water Tanks – These mirrors make use of a water tank that you then fill with water hotter than that of your shower water. The heat from this water then prevents the mirror from steaming up as fog won’t form on a surface hotter than itself. These are handy but take note you will need to empty the reservoir after each use and refill it before each shower. 
      • Anti-Fog Coating – This coating is sprayed onto the mirror itself. It prevents any steam or fog from adhering to the surface of the mirror. These coatings usually work when you then splash the mirror with hot water before showering. These coatings can wear out, though, making the mirrorless effective with time.

      2. Size

      Shower mirrors come in a variety of sizes and shapes. On average, a round shower mirror will be around eight inches in diameter, while rectangular options come in a few more sizing options. It is best to go with the size that best suits your needs; for instance, if you battle to see, you may want a larger mirror, but if you want to take it with you on your travels, a smaller one that fits in your luggage will be a better choice.

      3. Attachment Style

      Shower mirrors can be attached to your shower wall by a variety of methods. The method you choose will ultimately be determined by your personal preference and by the style of shower you have. 

      • Suction Cup or Lock Suction – 

      These are heavy-duty suction cups that adhere to most surfaces, and the suction function is tightened further by the twisting of the arm to which the cup is attached. These are easy to reapply to different places should you want to move the mirror around.

      • Paracord – 

      This is a durable bungee-style cord that won’t rot or disintegrate after prolonged exposure to moisture. 

      • Adhesive Hooks – 

      These hooks adhere to the walls of your shower using an adhesive strip. They cannot be removed and placed elsewhere.

      • Adhesive Strips – 

      These are usually made from waterproof silicone. Once applied, you cannot relocate them.



      When looking for the best shower mirror, there are several things to consider. Giving thought to the brand, durability, anti-fog technology, attachment method, materials, and quality will all put you a step closer to finding the fogless mirror that most suits your needs when shaving your beard in the shower. 

      By closely examining and testing each of the fogless mirrors in this review, we concluded that they each meet the criteria discussed above, making it more simple to find the best shower mirror to meet your grooming needs.

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