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    horseshoe mustache


    The Horseshoe mustache also referred to as the biker mustache, is a unique and rather bold look to pull off. The style is sported by pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and motorcycle designer Paul Teutul Snr. 

    A look that wouldn’t be out of place in the wild west, this full mustache is a good shape to try if you have no problem growing thick, bushy facial hair.

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      What is a Horseshoe Mustache? 

      The horseshoe mustache is a full mustache that sits on the top lip and then drops vertically towards the chin at the corners of the mouth. These vertical extensions are then often grown past the sides of the mouth to the jawline. 

      In essence, the mustache looks like an upside-down U or a horseshoe, hence the name.

      Types of Horseshoe Mustache

      You will find there are two types of Horseshoe mustache – the Fu Manchu and the Tamed Horseshoe. Both of these types require the use of beard products to exact the final look. 

      Tamed Horseshoe`

      A more sturdy and traditional take on the mustache style; this version sees the vertical sides grow out in a more bushy, voluminous manner. To “tame” the look, men usually taper the sides. 

      The look requires continual trimming to maintain the thick, bushy look. Men who have fair facial hair can benefit from this mustache look. 

      Fu Manchu

      The Fu Manchu is often classified under the Horseshoe mustache. This style was sported by Surrealist artist Salvadore Dali and is named for the fictional character of the same name, which is famed for this mustache style. 

      The look sees a full mustache that grows from under the nose and down past the corners of the mouth. The mustache sits on an otherwise clean-shaven face. The already thin style is then tapered at the ends to form a slight point. 

      Sometimes a third “tendril” is added to the look and is grown from the soul patch. 

      This look is also often used in the graphic depiction of Asian emperors in animated movies. 

      The mustache style is exceptionally difficult to grow because it is so thin and requires the hair to be soft and long.

      Horseshoe Mustache Styles

      Now that we have looked at the two types of Horseshoe Mustache, we can see the different styles. These mainly apply to the tamed Horseshoe mustache. Let’s take a look:

      The Trident

      This horseshoe mustache style sees a regular horseshoe mustache with a third vertical section grown down from the soul patch. The three vertical bands form a shape that looks like a trident. 

      This look was often sported by George Michael and is an exceptionally tough look to shape and trim.

      Third Column

      This look is similar to a circle beard and sees the sides of the Horseshoe mustache joining together under the chin. Again, it is imperative to keep this horseshoe shape short and well-trimmed for it to be effective. 

      The Short Horseshoe 

      This style sees the half-mast version of the Horseshoe look. However, instead of allowing the vertical sides to grow down to the jawline, they are trimmed in line with the bottom lip. 

      This look pairs well with long hair and a goatee.

      The Long Horseshoe

      This look is the opposite of the short Horseshoe. It sees the side columns grown down past the jawline and onto the neck. 

      The Bushy Horseshoe

      This look is synonymous with pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. This stache is full, thick, and best worn on an otherwise clean-shaven face.

      How the Horseshoe Mustache Suits Different Face Shapes

      As trendy as it is, the Horseshoe mustache is not suited to all face types, much the same as a long beard or head hair isn’t. Here, we take a look at how this style of stache pairs with different face shapes. 

      Oblong Faces

      The Horseshoe mustache suits this face shape perfectly. It divides up the length of your face and adds a little more width to its structure, leaving your features to appear more proportionate.

      Oval Faces

      The Tamed Horseshoe is the perfect look for men with oval faces. It adds texture to your face and complements the balance of your bone structure. Don’t go too heavy on the look, though, as this could throw out your proportions completely. 

      Square Faces

      Men with this face shape tend to pull off both the Horseshoe and Handlebar mustache with ease. In addition, these facial hairstyles are relatively heavy, and the square jawline these men have balances out the look perfectly. 

      A trident style Horseshoe mustache is an excellent way to soften the look of a very angular jawline.

      Triangular Faces

      Men with this face shape tend to have a very strong, angular jaw. The Horseshoe mustache helps to balance this out and soften up your look.

      Round Faces / Heart-shaped Faces / Diamond Face Shapes

      Men with these face shapes should try to steer clear of growing a Horseshoe mustache. This mustache style tends to further soften the jawline of men with rounded faces and emphasizes the concave cheeks of men with diamond-shaped faces making them appear gaunt.

      How to Grow a Horseshoe Mustache

      Step One – Grow It Out

      First, you will need to grow out a full beard and mustache that you can then shape. This will make it easier to get the thickness and shape you want from your Horseshoe mustache. 

      Step Two – Trim Beard Growth and Get Styling

      Now that you have a full beard, it is time to trim your hair into shape. Using a beard trimmer as you would with other beard styles, define the outline of your Horseshoe mustache. 

      If you battle to do this with a regular trimmer, a precision trimmer will allow you to achieve the definition you’re looking for. 

      Once you have your outline, you can use the trimmer to shave the rest of your beard hair off, leaving only the mustache. Next, neaten the lip line by trimming along the upper lip. 

      Step Three- A Clean Shave

      To get your new mustache to pop, you will need to apply a clean shave to the rest of your face. First, rinse your face with warm water and apply your favorite shaving cream. 

      Then, using a razor, give yourself a clean shave and finish off with lotion or balm to prevent irritation.

      The Horseshoe mustache is a sight to behold. Easily pulled off by men who have longer or more angular faces and those who have no problem with facial hair growth, this look can leave you looking like a biker in no time at all. 

      While the style is relatively easy to grow, cutting, styling, and maintaining it takes a little more work. But, if this bold look is for you, then the added effort should be no problem at all.

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