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    winter boots


    When winter sets in and the ground become wet and icy, you are going to need a little more than your daily sneakers to provide the support, traction, and warmth your feet need to stay comfortable. 

    The best footwear for these conditions is undoubtedly a pair of durable winter boots. These shoes are designed to keep out the cold, lock in the warmth and give you additional traction that keeps you on your feet. 

    Unfortunately, not all waterproof winter boots are made equal, making it challenging to find the perfect pair. To make life easy, we have rounded up the best snowshoes Amazon has to offer and reviewed each of them. 

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      Best Winter Boots

      We tried, tested, and wore various snow boots from Amazon and concluded that these 12 are the best shoes for winter wear. We used the approach to chat to men about what they looked for in a high-quality outdoor boot and collected together the ones that ticked these boxes. We then reviewed each of these snowshoes. Our evaluation of each was based on the following criteria: the materials used to make the boot, construction, design, traction, functionality, and comfort.

      1. Ezkrwxn Men’s Winter Outdoor Hiking Waterproof Snow Boots

      winter boots

      Ezkrwxn is a shoe brand based in America. The brand designs and manufactures leisure sports footwear that you can wear for casual occasions or to sporting events. Ezkrwxn’s shoes are popular for their comfortable designs and sturdy composition. 

      One such pair of shoes that offers both these key elements are the Ezkrwxn Men’s Winter Outdoor Hiking Waterproof Snow Boots. The impressive style and protection these shoes provide make them ideal for winter weather. 


      • Includes a rubber outsole
      • Waterproof PU leather upper
      • Lace-up closure
      • Features a faux fur lining

      Who is it Best for?

      If you’re looking for a stylish pair of winter boots that provide warmth, protection from the cold, and comfort, you may want to look a little more closely at these booties from Ezkrwxn. 

      These are very well priced when it comes to winter boots, coming in at the lower end of the price scale compared to others on the market, such as Columbia’s Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot, which costs almost double. 

      I gave these boots a try, finding them to be first-class when it comes to comfort and affordability. The fit is true to size, and the only area I felt the brand could improve on would be to add a slightly thicker foam insole for a little added comfort. 

      Key features 

      This ankle boot features three key elements that make them worth your time and money – traction, a warm lining, and a waterproof finish. 

      The boots feature a thick and durable rubber outsole. The thickness of this element prevents it from wearing out quickly and allows for the inclusion of grooves that add to the impressive traction the shoes provide. It is this traction that makes them safe for wear on slippery or wet surfaces. The thickness also offers excellent shock absorption, keeping your feet, ankles, and knees protected from impact. 

      A faux fur lining provides warmth and comfort to the interior of the shoe. The lining runs from the top of the ankle to the insole and is designed to keep your feet at a temperature above 28-degrees. 

      The PU leather upper adds style to the boot while also adding waterproofing that prevents any water from entering the shoe, keeping your feet dry and protected from rainwater, sleet, and snow.


      • The boots are very affordable
      • The traction provided is excellent
      • These shoes are extremely warm


      • The cushioning in the insole could be improved

      2. Columbia Men’s Sh/Ft Outdry Snow Boots

      winter boots

      Columbia Sportswear is an American brand that produces a wide selection of outerwear, outdoor gear, sports equipment and apparel, and footwear. 

      Founded in 1938, the brand is based in Oregon, a region of the United States renowned for its mountainous landscape and often cold and wet weather, so you can be sure a pair of winter boots from Columbia are well worth a try. The Columbia Men’s Sh/Ft Outdry Snow Boots make an excellent option. 


      • Features Omni-Heat technology
      • Includes a rubber sole
      • Comes with SH/FT cushioning
      • Uses breathable insole booties

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re on the hunt for an ankle boot designed for wear in the snow but that still carries a touch of street style, then don’t let these men’s snowshoes from Columbia pass you by. 

      Compared to Timberland’s Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot, these snowshoes from Columbia are a little more expensive. While they may not be waterproof, these boots provide an excellent all-terrain outsole that doesn’t mark surfaces and offers exceptional stability. 

      After wearing these boots in multiple different settings to test them out, I found them comfortable and very warm. I will note, though, that these are not ideal for wear as frequent-use hiking boots. They aren’t rugged enough and fare much better on an occasional hike and for casual wear.

      Key features 

      When it comes to features, Columbia isn’t shy. These snow boots are designed to offer a range of unique elements that make living in colder climates more comfortable and easier to navigate. 

      The durable rubber outsole offers excellent traction that won’t mark your floorings and handles all terrains with ease. 

      A breathable textile upper allows air to circulate through the boot to the warm, insulated inner to keep your feet comfortable and at a regulated temperature. 

      The inner shoe is lined with 200g insulation that takes the form of the brand’s own Omni-Heat technology, a reflective material that locks the warmth in and the cold out. 

      A lightweight midsole made from tiny beads embedded in PU foam provides a soft yet sturdy cushioning that makes these shoes comfortable enough to wear all day long.


      • These boots are exceptionally warm
      • The cushioning provides impressive comfort
      • These stabilize your foot and ankle while remaining comfortable


      • The shoes are not very waterproof
      • The fit is a little snug and not ideal for those with wide feet

      3. AMIDEWA Men’s Snow Ankle Hiking Boots

      winter boots

      Amidewa is a shoe brand that designs a selection of fashion and outdoor footwear for men, women, and children. The brand is best known for its men’s hiking sandals and boots, which are durable, stylish, and comfortable to wear. 

      The AMIDEWA Men’s Snow Ankle Hiking Boots are the ideal shoes for wear in all sorts of weather conditions, making them perfect for those days when you need to keep dry and warm.


      • Includes a non-slip TPR outsole
      • Comes with a faux sheepskin insole
      • Features a PU leather upper
      • Offers thickened toe and heel protection

      Who is it Best for? 

      Whether you love trekking, hiking, backpacking, or you need a pair of shoes that are excellent for walking in; these hiking boots make a perfect choice.

      The Amidewa website claims these boots are designed for wear when hiking in various settings, whether it be gravel pathways, rocky outcrops, or through the snow. I decided I needed to try them out to see if this was indeed the case. 

      I found that these boots provide an excellent grip, especially on uneven or rocky surfaces. The support they provide around the ankle is impressive too. But the feature that left me most astounded was the comfort and durability these boots offer. 

      Two aspects that I do feel that Amidewa could improve on is that while these boots are water-repellant, they are not fully waterproof, and the sizing runs a bit small. If you have broad feet or enjoy wearing thicker socks, then perhaps consider buying one size up.

      Key features 

      Amidewa makes these boots to be both durable and functional. An anti-slip TPR sole with lugs ensures you have good traction no matter what surface you traverse. 

      The faux shearling fleece lining adds warmth to the boot that will keep your feet feeling toasty no matter how cold it gets outdoors. This insulation is perfect for a pair of winter boots. 

      The upper is made from PU leather that repels water and keeps your feet dry while allowing the shoes to be breathable. You will find an additional layer around the toe and heel areas that provides extra protection to these areas, exactly what you need when on a hike. 

      The hook-style lacing makes it simple to do up your boots so you can get to your hike faster.


      • The boots are quick and easy to lace-up
      • The faux shearling lining provides impressive warmth
      • The boots are very durable


      • These shoes are not waterproof
      • The boots run a little small

      4. Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

      winter boots

      Kamik is a family-owned and run business that was founded in 1898. This Canadian company understands cold and wet conditions better than most others, which is why the brand’s winter boots and snowshoes are some of the best on the market. 

      The Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot is the perfect choice for those wanting to venture outdoors in cold, wet, and icy conditions. They offer all the features a snow boot should, and a couple more. 


      • Made from genuine leather
      • Rated as -40F temperature protection
      • Includes an antimicrobial footbed
      • Features a synthetic rubber shell

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are looking for a snow boot that sits well above the ankle and provides exceptional warmth and protection from the cold, snow, and water, these boots may be the ones you need.

      Kamik designs these shoes to be worn as work boots or leisure boots when the weather turns icy. 

      I gave these winter boots a try, and my first impression was how comfortable they are. The fit was just right, and they provided incredible warmth. 

      Where I did battle with these was with the amount of flex the shoes offer. They aren’t ideal for driving in and any form of movement that requires more flexibility out of your shoe. However, if you need a work boot that is warm and snug and that provides exceptional stability, these are an excellent choice.

      Key features 

      Kamik fashions these boots with a 100% leather upper. This weatherproof leather is designed to keep out the rain, snow, sleet, and cold.

      The seams of the shoe are all sealed to be waterproof and the synthetic rubber shell that surrounds the toe and ankle of the boot adds to the waterproof protection these boots provide.

      The interior of the shoe comes with 200B Thinsulate insulation that keeps the warmth in and the cold out without causing your feet to become hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable. In addition, an antimicrobial footbed prevents any bacterial build-up and the odor that comes with it. 

      A removable lining is fitted inside the shoe and is made to wick away any moisture that arises should your feet become sweaty. The durable rubber outsole offers excellent traction even in wet and slippery conditions.


      • The liner is removable
      • The boots are very comfortable
      • They are affordable and well worth their price


      • These boots don’t offer much flex

      5. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boots

      winter boots

      Columbia Sportswear was founded and is still based in Portland, Oregon, a region in the Pacific Northwest familiar with snow, rain, and cold conditions. As a result of its surroundings, Columbia has developed unique technologies that the brand infuses into its apparel, outdoor equipment, and footwear. This technology allows the brand to create products that match up to any conditions. 

      If you don’t believe us, give the Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boots a try. 


      • Features a 100% leather upper
      • Comes with a durable rubber sole
      • Makes use of Omni-Heat thermal lining
      • Includes an injection-molded shell

      Who is it Best for? 

      Whether you work outdoors or you spend a lot of time walking, even in the cold or wet seasons, chances are you’re going to need a good pair of winter boots that are well-insulated, waterproof, and offer excellent support. 

      These boots from Columbia offer all this and more with a shaft that measures from the arch to the mid-calf, providing additional protection, comfort, and support. 

      These boots are less expensive than Columbia’s Men’s Fairbanks Rover Snow Boot, making them more affordable for those who want a boot designed for frequent use. 

      After wearing these boots for a few weeks, I found them to be the ideal outdoor shoe. So if you’re stepping out and plan on shoveling snow, these are the boots you want to be wearing. They also make for an excellent pair of work boots, especially if your job requires you to be outdoors. However, I must comment that these shoes do run narrow, so if you prefer wearing thick socks or have wide feet, these may not be the shoes for you.

      Key features 

      Columbia makes these snow boots from a series of materials, each individually selected for the comfort and protection they bring. The upper of the shoe is made from waterproof leather constructed with sealed seams for additional protection from the cold and water. This upper connects to an injection-molded shell that provides stability and further waterproof construction. 

      These tall boots feature an Omni-Grip rubber outsole that provides excellent traction, ideal for walking on slippery wet surfaces and in slush. 

      A lightweight Techlite mid-sole combines with the full-length lace-up support that makes these boots perfect for walking, hiking, or climbing in wet or snowy conditions. 

      Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining coats the inside of these snowshoes and features a pattern of metallic dots that ensure the heat stays in and the cold stays out.


      • The grip is excellent for wear in slush and slippery conditions
      • The boots keep your feet dry and warm
      • The insulation is soft and cozy


      • These boots are not ideal for those with wide feet

      6. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof Boots

      winter boots

      Timberland is a footwear brand that specializes specifically in shoes and apparel for outdoor wear. The brand was founded in 1952 and became renowned for the yellow Timberland boot that offered the first fully waterproof construction in a shoe that was not a gumboot. 

      Timberland expanded from there and today is one of the world’s most recognized footwear brands. The Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof Boots are the perfect outdoor shoe, designed for use on trails, snow, or rain, or in slush; these boots are ideal for winter wear. 


      • Uppers are made from 100% waterproof leather
      • Comes with a rubber sole
      • Features a waterproof and breathable TimberDry membrane
      • Includes rustproof adjustable lacing

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you enjoy hiking or trail walking in all kinds of weather conditions and terrains, then these boots are precisely what you need. Timberland designs them to be durable, sturdy, and to offer support in all the areas you need it most. Whether you want to wear these boots to work, casually, or on a hike, you can be sure they will provide you with the grip and support you need.  

      After wearing these boots for a few weeks in various settings, I concluded that they are one of the most durable pairs of boots I have tried. The waterproofing and Thinsulate work well together to keep your feet warm and dry, and the shoes hold up well in deep snow too. Although expensive in comparison to other similar boots on the market, these are well worth their price based on durability alone.

      Key features 

      Timberland makes these shoes with a durable waterproof leather upper that combines with a breathable mesh and a TimberDry membrane. These components are breathable and allow air to circulate between the shoe and your foot, keeping your feet cool and preventing your feet from overheating and becoming sweaty. These elements also ensure the shoe is waterproof where it counts the most, making it easy to walk in wet conditions or snow while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. 

      The midsole is made from compression-molded EVA, making the boot lightweight. This midsole also absorbs shock, taking the force of any impact off of your foot, ankle, or knee. 

      These insulated boots also feature removable anti-fatigue footbeds that keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. If you would prefer to use your own insoles, simply swap them out.


      • The Gore-Tex bootie and gusseted tongue provide additional waterproofing
      • These boots offer excellent durability and are ideal for hiking
      • The fit is extremely comfortable


      • The sole is not made from recycled rubber and is the first part of the shoe to display severe wear and tear

      7. Upsolo Men’s Winter Snow Boots

      winter boots

      Upsolo is a brand that focuses on providing its customers with durable, high-quality footwear designed for outdoor wear. The brand uses only the best quality materials. It combines them with fashionable designs and expert construction to produce shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry in winter conditions. 

      One such pair is the Upsolo Men’s Winter Snow Boots. These winter shoes not only look sleek, but they are warm and protective too. 


      • Includes multidirectional lugs to prevent foot fatigue
      • Features faux fur lining
      • Comes with an anti-slip rubber sole
      • Uses a seam-sealed construction

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you are looking for a shoe that provides excellent traction, comfort, and style, then these boots from Upsolo may be the ones you need. Ideal for wear in and around town when the weather takes a turn, these boots are fashionable enough to pair well with most outfits. 

      The ankle-high design and the rubber anti-collision toe-cap ensure that these boots are as functional as they are trendy. However, after wearing them around for a bit, I found them less impressive when it comes to waterproofing. These boots are more water-resistant than waterproof, and if you step in slush or a puddle above the sole, you may end up with a soggy shoe. Rain boots these are not. 

      The comfort these shoes offer in terms of warmth and cushioning is their redeeming quality.

      Key features 

      Upsolo makes these shoes with a waterproof and anti-slip rubber sole that provides an exceptional grip and traction. These soles make it easy to move about on wet or slippery surfaces, making them perfect for walking to work. 

      A durable suede-style upper is breathable and fashionable. The breathability of these shoes ensures your feet stay warm without over-heating. A faux-fur lining provides softness and warmth. This removable liner offers additional cushioning to keep your toes and feet cozy, even on the coldest of days. Because this liner is removable, you can replace it with other orthotics should you wish. 

      A rubber anti-collision toe-cap keeps your toes protected and ensures that the tip of your shoe looks newer for longer.


      • These shoes are extremely comfortable and the fur lining makes them exceptionally warm
      • The shoes are affordable and well-priced
      • The grip these shoes provide is better than most


      • The connection of the tongue to the show allows for seepage
      • The shoes are more water-resistant than they are waterproof

      8. Kamik Men’s Forester Snow Boots

      winter boots

      Kamik is a Canadian family-owned and run brand that has, for over 120 years, focused on producing warm and protective footwear. The brand is renowned for its winter shoes in particular, and coming from so up north, it is not surprising that Kamik knows what makes an excellent winter boot. 

      The Kamik Men’s Forester Snow Boot is one of the brand’s most popular shoes, and it is easy to see why. Whether you are plowing through deep snow or water, these boots are a perfect choice. 


      • Made from a blend of rubber and nylon
      • Includes an adjustable nylon cover 
      • Comes with a removable 8mm thermal guard liner
      • Features a comfort rating of -40C

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you walk to work through deep snow, or your profession calls for you to be outdoors in the rain, sleet, or heavy snow, these boots are an excellent way to keep your feet protected. 

      The design is similar to that of a gumboot yet features the comfort and warmth of a snow boot, and they are waterproof. 

      Compared to Huntshield Men’s Neoprene Muck Boot, these are warmer; provide greater waterproofing, and a quarter of the cost. 

      To accurately review these boots, I gave them a try in multiple settings. They slip on easily, making them quick to pull on and off, and they provide exceptional waterproofing. However, I did note that the fit is relatively snug so if you want to wear these boots with thick socks, then I suggest trying a pair one size up from your regular fit.

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      Key features 

      Kamik makes its Forester Boot from thick and durable rubber. This rubber extends from the upper to mid-calf down to the sole of the shoe. The outsole is designed to be non-marking, so you need not worry about any streaking on your flooring. In addition, the outsole features an impressive grip that provides exceptional traction, making these shoes safe to wear in slippery or wet conditions. 

      At the opening of the shoe is a nylon collar that comes with a drawstring closure, allowing you to fasten it around your calf. This handy design prevents any water, snow, or dirt from falling into the shoe, keeping your feet dry and warm. 

      Inside the boot is an eight-millimeter thick removable lining that is made from 100% recycled material. This thermal guard is designed to keep your feet warm and toasty without causing them to overheat.


      • The traction these boots provide is impressive
      • The shoes are a lot more comfortable than they look
      • These boots are remarkably warm


      • The fit is relatively snug

      9. Columbia Men’s Fairbanks Omni-Heat Snow Boots

      winter boots

      The Pacific Northwest is a geological area known for its wet and cold climate, rocky terrain, and outdoor activities. Columbia is a brand founded and based in this location, so the brand designed footwear and apparel that the locals could use in these climes. 

      One such set of footwear is the Columbia Men’s Fairbanks Omni-Heat Snow Boots. These durable and protective boots are designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable with any terrain.


      • Comes with a rubber outsole
      • Features Omni-Heat lining
      • Uses the waterproof and breathable Omni-Tech bootie design
      • Includes a Techlite midsole

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re looking for a snow boot designed for urban wear, this pair from Columbia may be the ones you need. The shoes are designed to be both fashionable and functional and come with an astounding level of comfort. 

      After seeing these boots online, I had to try them out, and so I did. The comfort was impressive. While I haven’t been wearing them for long, the durability of the shoes appears to be holding up. One aspect I noticed is that the boots are sturdy and tend to be a little clunky or bulky, but once you get used to this, they are a dream to walk in. 

      Another key point is that these are water-resistant, not waterproof, so if you plan to go puddle jumping, these boots are not the ones to do it in.

      Key features 

      These boots from Columbia feature a Cordura upper that has been treated with a waterproof finish. In addition, this unique fabric is breathable, keeping your feet at a comfortable temperature to prevent overheating and sweating. 

      Columbia creates these boots with a selection of the brand’s technology. The outsole is made from Omni-Grip, a durable, non-marking rubber that provides exceptional traction, making the shoe ideal for wear in slippery, snowy, and icy conditions. 

      A Techlite midsole provides cushioning for your feet, absorbing any shock on impact while ensuring the boots remain lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. 

      The Omni-tech bootie style of the boots ensures they are comfortable to wear. The seam-sealed construction combines with the waterproof finish to keep any moisture out, so your feet remain dry and comfy throughout the day. 

      An Omni-Heat lining comprises a removable lining that comes with a smattering of metallic dots that reflect the heat produced by your feet, keeping your foot insulated and warm.


      • The boots are exceptionally comfortable
      • They take little to no time to wear-in
      • The lacing makes the boots easy to fasten


      • The boots are somewhat clunky

      10. DC Shoes Woodland Cold Weather Casual Snow Boot

      winter boots

      DC Shoes was founded in 1994. The brand focuses on producing shoes that allow skaters and snowboarders to perform optimally while keeping their feet comfortable and protected. Today, the brand has expanded its foray and now manufactures a selection of apparel too. 

      DC took things a step further and has made its sporting shoes so that they can easily be worn as fashion footwear while still meeting the high standards required by athletes. One such pair of shoes is the DC Shoes Woodland Cold Weather Casual Snow Boot


      • Includes a faux sherpa shearling lining
      • Comes with a durable rubber sole
      • Features a moc toe design
      • Made from a suede leather upper

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you’re looking for snow boots designed for wear in the city, you have just found them. These stylish boots from DC Shoes feature a moccasin-style design that lends them a dash of creative flair that combines with a selection of durable materials known for their warmth. 

      The boots feature a soft, warm, faux sherpa shearling lining that surrounds your foot. I put them on with regular athletic socks, and my feet just popped in comfortably and were not too tight. I was concerned that I would encounter a problem if I needed to wear thicker socks with them. However, as the day wore on, I realized that the insulation these boots provide means thicker socks won’t be necessary. The only downside to them is that when they become wet, they tend to squeak somewhat.

      Key features 

      DC Shoes makes these boots with suede leather upper shaped like a moccasin. This shape not only adds a dash of style but a touch of comfort too. The collar of the boot sits up above the ankle, providing support and comfort as you walk, ensuring your ankle is stabilized.

      The interior of the boot is lined with a faux sherpa shearling lining that provides a soft cushioning complete with insulating properties that keep your feet warm and snug. This lining is also breathable, so while it ensures your feet remain warm, it also prevents them from overheating and becoming sweaty. 

      The sole of the boot is made from durable rubber and features a deep tread that ensures you get excellent traction no matter what surface you traverse.


      • The lining is both soft and very warm
      • These boots offer excellent traction
      • The moccasin style is roomy and stylish


      • These shoes are not waterproof

      11. UGG Men’s Harkley Leather Chukka Boot

      winter boots

      UGG is a Californian brand founded in 1978 by two surfers. The brand is synonymous with its suede leather boot with the faux sherpa lining often found in black, camel, or pink shades. Today the brand offers a wide selection of footwear designed to provide comfort and style, from slippers and waterproof boots to snug mid-calf booties. 

      The UGG Men’s Harkley Leather Chukka Boot is the perfect example of a winter boot that is as stylish as it is functional. 


      • Comes with a flexible and lightweight molded EVA outsole
      • Features a patented tread
      • Made with a soft cow suede upper
      • Features a moisture-wicking 17mm UGGpure wool lining

      Who is it Best for? 

      UGG is the best of the best when creating shoes that can be worn anywhere, with anything. The brand’s fun, fresh design and luxurious blend of materials will have you wearing these winter boots indoors instead of slippers, outdoors in the cold, and to events of all kinds. 

      These boots offer warmth and insulation while providing comfort, durability, and a touch of style. 

      These boots tick all the boxes when it comes to winter shoes, and as such, had to be added to this review. I tried them out for a few days and found myself not wanting to take them off. They are very lightweight and provide sufficient insulation to keep your feet warm while wicking away moisture and keeping your feet at a regulated temperature. The only downside? They’re not waterproof.

      Key features 

      UGG makes these boots with genuine cow suede leather that is soft, malleable, and stretches to fit your foot. These boots come in an assortment of solid colors that range from black through to camel and even navy or charcoal. 

      The outsole of these winter shoes is made from lightweight and highly flexible molded EVA, so walking about is easy, comfortable, and adds a spring to your step. The base of the sole features UGG’s patented tread that offers exceptional grip, so you are always steady on your feet. 

      Inside the boot, you will find foam cushioning that absorbs shock and provides comfort. A 17mm thick UGGpure wool lining creates soft, warm insulation that wicks away moisture, so your feet are kept dry. The lining also allows air to circulate your foot, preventing it from overheating and becoming sweaty.


      • The shearling lining is thick and warm making this the ideal insulated boot
      • The traction is impressive 
      • The boots are far lighter in weight than they appear


      • the boots are not waterproof

      12. Govicta Men’s Waterproof Leather Chukka Boots

      winter boots

      Govicta is a producer of men’s and women’s footwear, hats, and caps. The brand places focus on both functionality and design when it comes to its products, and this is evident in items such as the Govicta Men’s Waterproof Leather Chukka Boots. These boots and not only eye-catching, but they are comfortable and great for outdoor wear, keeping your feet snug and protected. 


      • Comes with an anti-slip rubber sole
      • Made with a microfiber leather cowhide upper
      • Features a pigskin lining
      • Durable hand-stitched construction

      Who is it Best for? 

      If you want an insulated boot that comes with a style allowing it to be paired with nearly any outfit, these Govicta boots are worth a second look. 

      Designed to offer the functionality of an outdoor shoe and the style of fashion footwear, these boots are perfect for every occasion. It was this that caught our eye and led me to give them a try. 

      The first impression I got is that these shoes are true to size, so you won’t hassle with finding a size that fits perfectly. In addition, the boots are plush and comfortable to wear for extended periods. However, getting them onto your feet proves to be a struggle; these are not slip-on shoes by any means.

      Key features 

      Govicta makes these boots from a microfiber leather cowhide upper, a synthetic leather that gives the feel of genuine leather without the price tag.

      The sole of the shoes is made from durable rubber that comes with a unique patterned tread that provides you with the grip and stability you need in wintery or wet conditions. In addition, these soles won’t skid and offer enough flexibility to make walking about easy and comfortable.

      The upper is hand stitched to the sole to create a moccasin-style finish that offers impressive strength and durability. 

      The interior of the shoe features a soft pigskin lining designed to provide insulation and soft cushioning. Unfortunately, I didn’t find these shoes exceptionally breathable, and I would advise wearing them with socks. However, they are remarkably comfortable.


      • The design is very comfortable
      • The shoe provides excellent ankle support
      • The flexibility of the sole makes them ideal for extended wear


      • The shoes are not as breathable as one would hope

      Things to Consider When Buying Winter Boots

      1. The Type of Insulation

      When it comes to buying winter boots, one of the most important aspects to consider is the insulation the shoe features. This element will do most of the work when it comes to keeping your feet warm and comfortable. 

      Generally, there are three types of insulation used in inter boots. Let’s take a look:

      • Synthetic Insulation

      This insulation comes in the form of a lining such as Thinsulate or Primaloft. Other proprietary synthetic insulation comes in the form of The North Face’s Heatseeker and Columbia’s Omni-Heat. These insulators are thin, lightweight, and continue to function even if they get a little wet. 

      • Woolen or Sheepskin Linings

      These forms of insulation are usually far more breathable than their synthetic counterparts. The natural fibers allow the wool to wick away moisture and circulate air around the foot. These linings are often designed to be removable and are frequently referred to as “pac boots.”

      • Down-Fill

      This form of insulation is warmer than most and provides exceptional breathability. However, it is highly expensive, and should this insulation become wet, that is the end of your boot. If you want a pair of down-fill boots, keep them for casual wear and not for jumping through puddles. 

      2. Waterproofing

      Waterproofing in winter boots is something you may want to consider if you live in a region that experiences heavy rain or snow during the winter months. If you’re out and about in snow or slush, and your shoes get wet, you’re in for a rather uncomfortable walk. 

      By keeping out the water, you keep your feet warm and dry and prevent your shoes from becoming odorous. 

      It is essential to remember that not all winter boots are waterproof, and not all of them can be waterproofed later. Also, keep in mind that waterproof means the shoes keep any and all water out of the shoe. Water-resistant shoes will only keep water out to a point. 

      3. Traction and Grip

      Buying winter boots for wear in climates with snow, sleet, slush, and rain means that you will need a set of boots that provide exceptional grip. Always consider the grip or traction of the shoes you intend to purchase and whether this is sufficient for your needs. 

      Most boots will come with a durable rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern cut into the sole. These winter shoes are excellent for outdoor wear. UGG boots with their EVA outsoles are better for wear around town or indoors. 

      A shoe with a sturdy sole and good grip will provide you with the stability and traction you need.



      When looking for the perfect winter boots, there are several things to consider. Giving thought to the brand, durability, the traction provided, waterproofing, insulation, and quality will all put you a step closer to finding the winter shoes that most suit your needs. 

      By closely examining and testing each of the winter boots in this review, we concluded that they each meet the criteria discussed above, making it more simple to find the best snowshoes to meet your needs.

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