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    Most guys’ typical hairstyling routine goes like this: shower, towel-dry, then apply styling product.

    There’s nothing wrong with this, of course.

    But there’s a way to boost your hair feel and lift while giving you a head start on your styling.

    All you have to do is use a great hair dryer.

    Not only do the best hair dryers thoroughly dry your hair (and more gently than using a towel), but they can pre-set your hair and make it look fantastic even without adding a drop of your favorite gel, cream, or pomade.

    When you actually go to use your favorite styling product, you won’t have to use as much thanks to the hair dryer’s effects.

    The truth is that hair dryers aren’t for women any longer.

    It’s high time men took advantage of all their benefits.

    Don’t know where to start?

    We’ve already done the research, so check out our guide to the best hair dryers for men and let us help you enhance your morning routine.

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    Let’s get started!

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Hair Dryers for Men

      Things To Consider When Buying a Hair Dryer

      Before we show you the best hair dryers for men, let’s go over what our testers looked for to determine their favorites.

      These factors will also help you find a hair dryer that’s ideal for your particular needs.

      1. Power

      Hair Dryer Power

      Not all hair dryers use the same kind of power, which is generally measured in wattage.

      Higher wattage equates to more power brought to bear by the hair dryer, and more wattage also equals more heat.

      Naturally, if your hair dryer produces more heat, it can dry your hair more quickly and help you dry your hair in different styles or textures.

      Typical wattage ranges for hair dryers are between 1300 and 1900 Watts depending on the exact model.

      Men with thicker hair should try to find a hair dryer with as much wattage as possible since higher wattage amounts will be necessary to dry all of their thick locks thoroughly.

      However, men with thinner hair can quickly get away with a hair dryer that only produces 1300 Watts or so in power.

      Be aware that hair dryers with more power typically cost more money, while the inverse is true for hair dryers that don’t produce a lot of energy.

      Many of the best hair dryers will have different power settings within their minimum or maximum range.

      These are usually great bang for your buck since they let you adjust the hair drying power you want to use for your current hair thickness.

      This way, you can still use the same hair dryer regardless of your current hair length.

      You can simply switch the power settings as you grow your hair out or cut it short, depending on your preference or current hairstyle.

      2. Material

      Material of Hair Dryer

      The material of your hair dryer also matters a great deal.

      Most of the time, a hair dryer’s material refers to what makes up its main housing or chassis, rather than the handle or the tip, which may be part of a special nozzle or attachment.

      Different materials will produce different results and can affect the final pricing point of the hair dryer.


      You can find lots of titanium hair dryers since the material is reasonably durable without becoming too heavy or expensive.

      Titanium hair dryers tend to produce heat at an even temperature and don’t easily transfer that heat to the grip.

      These kinds of hair dryers also usually have a sleek and silver aesthetic that goes with many modern bathrooms and furnishings.

      However, titanium hair dryers don’t usually have any components or design choices that can lower the amount of heat brought to bear by the hair dryer.

      For that reason, we’d recommend avoiding titanium hair dryers if you have very fine or thin hair that can easily be damaged by too much heat.


      Ceramic hair dryers are possibly the most common.

      Ceramic doesn’t always mean a pottery-like material, as you might guess.

      Instead, the ceramic material used for hair dryers is typically a type of porcelain or plastic/ceramic formula.

      These provide excellent durability and prevent heat from burning through the central unit to your hand.

      As a result, these hair dryers are usually quite affordable, and you can find them in most sizes and types.

      Keep in mind that ceramic hair dryers show up in a variety of colors and aesthetic styles you can usually fit one with your bathroom accessories if such an aspect matters to you.


      These hair dryers are also usually called “ionic.”

      They’re special because they produce negatively charged ions that have a unique effect: they break up the water droplets on your hair from a distance to accelerate the drying process.

      These are fantastic if you have unusually thick hair or don’t like to spend too much time drying your hair in the bathroom each morning.

      These types of dryers are also exceptional if you have frizzy hair since the negatively charged ions will penetrate deeply into your hair and eliminate drops that take longer to evaporate normally.

      The chassis or shell of the dryers isn’t made of tourmaline alone; usually, a ceramic material makes up the bulk of the dryer.

      Instead, the tourmaline makes up the vent or nozzle of the appliance to provide the most significant benefit.

      However, since tourmaline is a semi-precious metal, these types of hair dryers are usually more expensive and may be more difficult to find in particular styles or sizes.

      But these hair dryers are genuinely exceptional and are your best bet if you have super thick or frizzy hair.

      3. Does It Have A Diffuser?

      Does the hair dryer Have a Diffuser

      Many of the best hair dryers for men include a diffuser integrated into the main hair dryer unit.

      What is a diffuser?

      It’s basically a part that helps to diffuse the air coming out of the hair dryer nozzle and spread it out more evenly through your hair.

      As a result, a diffuser can help you lift your hair with your current and separated two more thoroughly dry individual strands and reach closer to your scalp.

      Diffusers can also help improve the texture of your hair due to this separating effect.

      It’s a great way to improve the lift or bounce of your hair without having to use an artificial product or cream.

      Diffusers are further excellent if you have long, naturally wavy hair and don’t want to mess up that style.

      The air currents are gentler than they would be without a diffuser.

      One final benefit that diffusers bring to the table is that they reduce frizz, even for men with thicker hair.

      We would always recommend trying to find a hair dryer with a diffuser, if at all possible.

      It’s not strictly necessary, especially if you have shorter hair or don’t care too much about improving your hair’s texture.

      But a diffuser always brings a flat benefit to your hair drying experience, and you can usually find hair dryers that include them without having to accept too much of an extra cost.

      4. Cold Air Setting

      Does the hair dryer have a Cold Air Setting

      Hair dryers are only supposed to use warm air to dry your hair, right?


      Many of the best hair dryers will also have a cold air setting that can produce a concentrated blast of chilled air.

      While this doesn’t help you dry your hair as efficiently as warm or hot air, a cold air stream can help you set your hairstyle in particular shapes or styles.

      This is especially true if you are going after a style that has exciting shapes or a dynamic look.

      It’s more useful for men who have really long hair, but it can be helpful for almost everyone.

      Most hair dryers have a cold air setting, usually incorporated with a single button that is separate from the main temperature control.

      Colder settings usually don’t add too much to the overall cost of the hair dryer, as well.

      So, this is really something to look out for if you want a hair dryer that can pull out all the stops.

      5. Weight

      Hair Dryer Weight

      Don’t discount the overall weight of your chosen hair dryer.

      After all, you’ll be lifting these tools into the air for between five or 10 minutes each time you use them.

      Lighter hair dryers are more comfortable to maneuver uplifted for more extended periods without you are getting too tired.

      Bulkier hair dryers may have more components or more powerful motors, but they’ll put more of a strain on your arm overall.

      There’s no right answer when it comes to the ideal weight for your hair dryer.

      Just keep in mind when considering your final purchase and decide whether arm comfort matters more to you than motor size.

      6. Attachments/Accessories

      Hair Dryer Attachement and Accessories

      Finally, many excellent hair dryers for men will be packaged with various useful accessories or attachments that will give you more hair drying options or make the process easier for you.


      Some hair dryers come with various mounting attachments that you can place on the wall of your bathroom to let you easily store the hair dryer without tangling its cord up.

      Mounts are great if you have a small bathroom or don’t have a lot of counter space, and they usually don’t take too much effort to install on the wall.


      Excellent hair dryers usually come with several types of concentrator nozzles or directional nozzles.

      These nozzles can help dictate the exact direction or intensity with which hair is emitted by the hair dryer.

      Concentrator nozzles are easy to attach to the end of your hairdryer and help condense the hair into a smaller stream to straighten your hair out or freeze it into a particular position.


      Some hair dryers for men also come with comb attachments that snap on to the end of the nozzle just like a diffuser.

      Comb attachments are great to use if you have curly or frizzy hair because you can comb your hair at the exact same time as you blow warm air through it.

      It cuts down on all the time you have to spend moving the hair dryer around and is a lot easier to maintain than moving a comb around with your other hand at the same time.

      Swivel Cord

      Some awesome hair dryers come with these types of power cords.

      Swivel cords are specifically designed not to tangle while you use the hair dryer, so they can eliminate a frequent headache that most hair dryer users experience eventually.

      Once again, this is advantageous if you have a very cramped bathroom without lots of space to extend the cord to its full length.

      Don’t forget to consider cord length, as well.

      Lots of hair dryers have cords around the 4-5-foot mark in length, which is a good standard for most.

      8 Best Hair Dryers For Men of 2021 Reviewed

      1. Conair 1875 Watt Mid-Size Styler Hair Dryer

      Conair 1875 Watt Mid-Size Styler Hair Dryer

      This midsize hair dryer is as simple as they come, although that might be just what some men might be looking for.


      Power: 1875 Watts
      Material: Plastic/Ceramic
      Diffuser: No
      Cold Air: No
      Weight: 1 Lbs.
      Attachments: None

      Who Is It Best For?

      At its heart, this hair dryer is a budget choice for men that aren’t interested in using the hair dryer for styling purposes; it’s purely a general drying machine.

      Key Features

      This affordable hair dryer is a perfect choice for men that don’t need a lot of fancy attachments or settings and only need assistance with drying their short head of hair.

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      It features only two heat settings: high or low.

      That makes it simpler to use and great for drying more straightforward hairstyles since you don’t have to worry about a colder button or fine-tuning the heat to your hair type.

      However, not having a medium setting need that you should err on the side of caution and use the lower heat setting if you have thin or naturally dry hair already.

      This hair dryer has a 5 foot power cord that gives you plenty of room, and it only weighs one pound, so it’s easy to hold up for more extended periods.

      It also features an ergonomic handle to make it even more comfortable to use.

      The most significant benefit of this hair dryer lies with its ease-of-use and simplicity.

      It’s so affordable that even men on a really tight budget should be able to pick one up and begin drying their hair, even if it doesn’t have all of the attachments or features that are included with most top hair dryers.

      In fact, because of its simplicity and affordability, this is another top affordable hair dryer for men in our eyes.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very affordable
      Comfortable handle
      Long power cord for ease of use
      Very lightweight


      No diffuser or extra settings
      No valuable attachments

      2. Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

      Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

      This hair dryer combines the affordability of the last pick with a cold air shot button to make styling a little more achievable.


      Power: 1875 Watts
      Material: Tourmaline
      Diffuser: No
      Cold Air: Yes
      Weight: 1.55 Lbs.
      Attachments: Concentrator

      Who Is It Best For?

      This styling hairdryer has plenty of tools for ensuring that you can mold your hair however you like, although there are better general use drying appliances available.

      Key Features

      This is a much more robust hair dryer from the iconic Conair company.

      It features a motor of the same power as our first selection, but this hair dryer comes with Ionic conditioning built into its casing material.

      The tourmaline material used for this hair dryer produces negatively charged ions that can be used to eliminate water droplets more effectively than hair dryers of other materials.

      It also features a cool shot button that allows you to quickly dispense a burst of cold air wherever you need it.

      This can be of great use if you’re trying to make a particularly dynamic or exciting hairstyle with your locks.

      In addition to the cold air button, this hair dryer comes with a concentrator attachment that you can use to focus the airflow from the nozzle.

      This, again, is great for styling with particular looks.

      The hair dryer doesn’t come with a diffuser, which is the only real negative our testers could find.

      A lack of a diffuser also cements this hair dryer is a great styling tool rather than a general use hairdryer for blasting warm air all around.

      It features a 5-foot power cord and high or low heat settings; it’s perfect for men with both thin and thick hair alike.

      All in all, this hair dryer is still quite affordable but has a lot of versatility and is perfect for men who want to begin using a hairdryer for styling purposes.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Features tools for hair styling
      Evaporates water more quickly with ionic material
      Has a long power cord
      Still affordable


      No diffuser attachment

      3. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

      Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

      This hair dryer has lots of unique settings and is made of a high-quality negative ion material that ensures that drying will happen thoroughly and quickly.


      Power: 1875 Watts
      Material: Tourmaline
      Diffuser: Yes
      Cold Air: Yes
      Weight: 2 Lbs.
      Attachments: Concentrator

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s one of the best hair dryers for men with sensitive scalps or hair that tends to break easily.

      Key Features

      This Remington hair dryer offers a lot of excellent tools and features that make it a perfect choice no matter what hairstyling needs you might have or what type of hair you grow.

      It features three heat settings from low to high, so it’s perfect for any type of hair, and you can adjust the amount of heat brought to bear on your strands on the fly.

      It also features a cool shot button to direct a jet of concentrated chilled air to a particular spot, which is perfect for some styling needs.

      Other men will take advantage of the included diffuser and concentrator attachments that snap right onto the front of the nozzle.

      These attachments can help spread out or focus the airstream, respectively.

      Add to that a powerful 1875-watt motor, and it all adds up to create quite a useful appliance.

      It’s even made with a combination of ceramic and tourmaline.

      Most of the hair dryer chassis is made of regular ceramic material, but the grill inside the nozzle is made of tourmaline.

      This allows it to project negatively charged ions and dry your hair much more quickly than hair dryers that lack this feature.

      With its micro-conditioner technology, every jet of warm air that comes from this hair dryer will be gentler overall, especially if you use the low heat setting.

      For this reason, we would easily recommend it for men with sensitive scalps or particularly weak hair strands.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Has everything you need for any hairstyle
      Is gentler on hair thanks to micro conditioners
      Features plenty of settings
      Has ionic drying capabilities


      Feminine, purple color
      A bit bulky in the hand

      4. Jinri 1875 Infrared Professional Salon Hair Dryer

      Jinri 1875 Infrared Professional Salon Hair Dryer

      This professional style hairdryer has a couple of excellent attachments and plenty of settings to mix-and-match.


      Power: 1875 Watts
      Material: Tourmaline/Ceramic
      Diffuser: Yes
      Cold Air: Yes
      Weight: 2.4 Lbs.
      Attachments: Concentrator, comb

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a great hair dryer for men who want a main styling and drying model that they can use for a multitude of different hairstyles and lengths.

      Key Features

      This versatile hair dryer has several attachments that make it a perfect choice for men that want to target specific hairstyles through their hair drying efforts.

      For starters, it comes with a cool shot button and three heat settings that you can use to customize your blow-drying experience.

      You can even customize the speeds at which the motor runs between high or low; combining these with the various heat settings makes this one of the most customizable hair dryers on the market.

      The hair dryer also includes three separate attachments: diffuser, a concentrator, and a comb.

      The diffuser and concentrator are great for general drying or styling, respectively.

      The comb is particularly useful for men seeking to give their hair a dynamic style, however.

      It can also be useful for lifting up your thick locks of hair and ensuring that the hairdryer can bring warm air down to the roots of your scalp.

      Beyond all these positive aspects, the hairdryer is made from a combined ceramic and tourmaline material that provides negatively charged ions to more effectively dry your hair.

      It has a long-life AC motor that promotes fast drying without being too noisy.

      This is a great hair dryer for use in a cramped apartment or a bathroom you have to share, as our testers were never annoyed by the sound of its motor.

      All in all, this hair dryer is a little pricier than the ones we’ve looked at so far, but it has so many positive aspects that we’d recommend it for just about anyone.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Features attachments for styling and general drying
      Has ionic drying capabilities
      Not very loud
      Features speed and heat settings


      A little pricey

      5. Revlon 1875W Compact and Lightweight Hair Dryer

      Revlon 1875W Compact and Lightweight Hair Dryer

      This hairdryer is small and easy to manage, and it still includes a cold air button for styling needs.


      Power: 1875 Watts
      Material: Plastic
      Diffuser: No
      Cold Air: Yes
      Weight: 1.18 Lbs.
      Attachments: None

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s an excellent choice for a traveling hair dryer, and it’s affordable enough that it won’t be a big deal if you accidentally leave it in a foreign country.

      Key Features

      This hair dryer is a much cheaper option and is designed to be a great traveling companion for men always on the road who don’t want to sacrifice their hair drying habit.

      It’s incredibly lightweight and compact, as it’s only 1.18 pounds in total.

      You’ll be able to use it consistently without tiring out your hand or arm, especially since it has an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip.

      It’s incredibly lightweight in part thanks to the plastic design, which drives the price of the hair dryer down overall.

      It’s not the most durable tool we’ve looked at, but it gets the job done and is perfect as a secondary hair drying appliance.

      It features two heat settings and is available in three colors, although most men will want to stick with the default black.

      It also has a cool air shot button, which is a huge plus for men that like to style their hair while on the road.

      All in all, this is a cheap option that’s perfect for guys who already have a primary hair dryer and want something lighter and more comfortable to throw in the suitcase when they travel.

      Keep in mind that the cord accompanying this hair dryer is super long, although this won’t be much of an issue for most.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very lightweight and compact
      Comes in three colors
      Has a cool shot button to assist with styling


      No extra attachments
      Not very durable

      6. Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle

      Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle

      This hair dryer is affordable and compact and has several features that make it a must-buy for frequent fliers.


      Power: 1600 Watts
      Material: Plastic
      Diffuser: No
      Cold Air: No
      Weight: 1 Lbs.
      Attachments: None

      Who Is It Best For?

      This hair dryer is the number one traveling appliance we could find thanks to its folding handle and dual current battery.

      Key Features

      This is another affordable travel hair dryer that features a 1600 W motor.

      You’ll notice that this isn’t as powerful as the motor of the last travel hair dryer we suggested.

      So why go with this model over the last?

      This hair dryer has a unique folding functionality that lets you bend the main head of the hair dryer into the neck.

      It makes it an even more compact and easy to store option than virtually any other hairdryer can find.

      It also only weighs one pound, so it’s super easy to carry around or add to your backpack without straining your muscles.

      It features a dual voltage battery so it can work with power outlets that run on both DC or AC current, and it features a 5-foot power cord that makes it an excellent choice for smaller and larger bathrooms alike.

      It has two speed and heat settings that you can combine with one another to find a perfect setting for your hair.

      This could potentially allow men with thinner or weaker hair to run the hair dryer on a higher heat setting as long as they don’t use the fast speed setting.

      Overall, our testers think that this hair dryer has a place in the repertoire of any man who brings a smaller suitcase with them when they travel.

      This isn’t a very durable hair dryer, but it’s so affordable that purchasing a replacement you drop it won’t break the bank.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Long power cord for convenience
      Dual voltage for different power outlets
      Can hold up to become even more compact
      Features and speed settings


      Not very durable
      No extra attachments

      7. Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer

      Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer

      This high-powered hair dryer features a special turbo button that can let you dry your hair much more quickly and powerfully than competing appliances.


      Power: 1875 Watts
      Material: Ceramic
      Diffuser: Yes
      Cold Air: Yes
      Weight: 1.84 Lbs.
      Attachments: No Others

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s an excellent choice for men with really thick hair or guys who like to style their hair in crazier ways.

      Key Features

      This volumizing hair dryer is perfect for men that like to style their hair or guys who just want to improve their hair’s texture and volume.

      The hair dryer accomplishes these benefits primarily using its Turbo airflow button.

      When pressed, this button continuously increases the airflow emitted by the hair dryer to dry your hair more quickly and force more air underneath your hair strands to lift them up.

      This rapid volumizing capability can easily alter the texture and fluffiness of your hair in just seconds.

      It’s an excellent choice if you don’t style your hair very frequently but want it to be less flat in general.

      Of course, this handy hairdryer also features a cold shot button to help you set your style, or a finger diffuser attachment if you’d like to separate the airstream or more general drying purposes.

      It features three heat settings and two-speed settings that you can mix and match to find a perfect combination for your hair.

      The hair dryer is made with a ceramic coating that improves durability and heat protection, although it’s not ionized.

      Overall, we really like this hairdryer due to its affordability and versatility.

      Few other hair dryers come with this many features or settings to tweak at your leisure.

      It’s a perfect starter hair dryer for men that want to experiment without spending too much on an expensive appliance.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Has a turbo airflow button
      Very durable and long-lasting
      Lots of heat and speed settings


      No ionizing capabilities

      8. Confu Professional Salon Hair Dryer

      Confu Professional Salon Hair Dryer

      This hair dryer has plenty of features and attachments for the nozzle, marking it as a versatile, all-purpose dryer to last you for years to come.


      Power: 1875 Watts
      Material: Tourmaline/Ceramic
      Diffuser: Yes
      Cold Air: Yes
      Weight: 2.5 Lbs.
      Attachments: 2 concentrators

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a perfect choice for a primary hairdryer and is an excellent pick for men who don’t think that they’ll stick with the same hairstyle for their entire life.

      Key Features

      This high-quality hair dryer features an AC motor that is specifically designed to dry your hair in less than six minutes, regardless of your overall thickness or length.

      That makes this one of the best hair dryers for men with thick hair right off the bat.

      It also includes both concentrator and diffuser attachments for the nozzle, so you can customize your hair drying experience as you please.

      The hair dryer makes use of three modes and two-speed settings to let you mix-and-match those to find a perfect hair drying setting for your needs.

      It’s also built with a ceramic shell and negative ionic technology; this will evaporate water in your hair much more consistently than hair dryers, which lacked this feature.

      The ceramic shell is made of high-temperature nylon with an overheating protection function.

      This will ensure that you’ll never accidentally burning yourself for your hair even if you run it on high speed and heat settings.

      It has a removable filter that you can use to prevent your longer hairs from getting sucked into the motor.

      Finally, this hair dryer runs remarkably quietly despite its incredible power and myriad features.

      All in all, there’s very little to dislike when it comes to this hair dryer.

      It’s a little pricey compared to some of the more budget-friendly options that we’ve looked at so far.

      But we still think this is very worthwhile if you want to pick up a long-lasting hair dryer that you can rely on for months for years to come.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Has lots of settings and attachments
      Has negative ion tech
      Features a critical protective ceramic shell
      Doesn’t make a lot of noise


      A little expensive compared to budget hair dryers

      Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Dryers and Their Use

      Frequently Asked Questions

      You’ve seen the best hair dryers we could find online.

      But you might have some more questions about how to use them properly; let’s tackle those now.

      For many men, using a regular towel to dry their hair as produce perfect results and allow them to get in and out of the bathroom in half the time as their female companions.

      Why bother drying your hair with a designated electric hairdryer when using a towel has worked so far?

      Using a hair dryer will indeed add a few minutes to your morning routine.

      But a hairdryer can make your hair look and feel a lot better than it usually does.

      Specifically, a hair dryer can help you set and dry your hair the exact orientation or shape that you wanted to end up in without having to add product afterward.

      You can still use some great hair products like pomade or hairspray, but a hair dryer will let you get closer to your and result hairstyle then drying your hair with a regular towel.

      Even though using a hairdryer takes longer than using a towel, it’ll still dry your hair more quickly than if you let your hair air dry.

      Besides, using a hair dryer is a lot gentler on your scalp and hair strands and using a towel, even if you try to be gentle.

      In fact, many men end up accidentally irritating or inflaming their scalp and breaking some of their hair each time they use a regular towel.

      A hairdryer doesn’t stand a chance of causing scalp irritation or pulling out some of your weaker hair strands the same way that a towel does.

      Using a hair dryer also keeps various conditioner products that you might have applied during your shower in your hair and on your scalp.

      Men who are too aggressive when they use their towels to dry their hair will often accidentally end up scrubbing out some of their hair conditioner, and you can find out more about the best leave in hair conditioners for men here.

      But a hairdryer won’t remove those helpful compounds or vitamins that your scalp needs to produce high-quality, healthy hair.

      So, what’s the best way to dry your hair with a hair dryer?

      Step One

      Firstly, take a shower.

      You already knew this part of the process.

      Once you’re finished, you should take a towel and dab your hair dry until it is damp all the way through.

      Hair dryers aren’t meant to be used with soaking wet hair that spills water droplets all over your bathroom floor.

      Dabbing your hair dry with a towel isn’t likely to irritate your scalp or remove helpful conditioner vitamins that might still be in your hair.

      Step Two

      Once your hair is only damp, you can put away your towel and plug in your hair dryer.

      You must pick the correct heat setting for your hair type and thickness.

      It’s not always advantageous to simply turn your hairdryer to the hottest setting you can produce.

      While more heat will dry your hair more quickly, it can also damage your hair or cause scalp irritation.

      You should always try to use the lowest possible setting on your hair dryer that will produce the results you want.

      This ensures that your blow-drying experience gives you the results you need without running the risk of irritating your scalp or ruining your hair.

      So which heat settings are right for your hair type?

      In most cases, lower heat settings are ideal for men with fine or thin hair that has more of a risk of easily breaking under high heat barrage.

      Men with dry hair will also benefit from using the lowest heat setting possible on their hair dryer.

      Men with normal or combination hair or wavy hair should go for medium heat settings unless they find that this is too hot for their comfort.

      Men with coarse or thick hair should be able to use the maximum heat setting on their hair dryer without breaking their hair or giving your scalp irritation.

      In fact, men with thick hair may be required to use the highest heat setting available to thoroughly dry their hair and scalp down to the roots of their hair strands.

      Step Three

      When drying your hair, you’ll want to focus on particular areas rather than merely tilting the hair dryer and blasting warm air all over your scalp.

      It’s a good idea to dry one area and move on to the next procedurally.

      Be sure to get the front and center of your head and move back to the crown, as these areas tend to hold lots of moisture and be the toughest to dry.

      When you turn your hair dryer’s nozzle in the direction of a particular part of your scalp, don’t keep the dryer pointed there for more than five seconds or so.

      Keeping your scalp from being swamped in too much heat will prevent your hair strands from becoming damaged during the hair drying process.

      How dry should you attempt to make your hair?

      You can go as dry as makes you comfortable, but keep in mind that you don’t want to totally dry up your scalp as this may extend into the rest of your day.

      Dry scalps are easily irritated and may be itchy, and dry scalps can often lead to dandruff.

      So, it’s a good idea to leave a little bit of moisture behind when blow-drying your hair while evaporating the majority of the liquid.

      Drying out your hair excessively can also increase the fizziness of your hair rather than reduce it.

      Use a diffuser to spread the heat of the hair dryer over a wider area of your head in the same amount of time.

      This is a great way to speed up the hair drying process if you aren’t trying to style your hair or target a particular area.

      Diffusers are best used for men that just want a hair dryer for the convenience and increased scalp health benefits that hair dryers bring to the table.

      Tip: Dry In The Right Direction

      One other thing to keep in mind: pay attention to what direction your hair is blowing in as you apply the hair dryer.

      You should always try to dry your hair’s roots in the opposite direction of its natural lean or wave.

      Dry the ends of those same hair strands in the direction that your hair wants to lean toward the most.

      This will ensure that your hair retains its lift and overall shape.

      Tip: Keep The Dryer Back!

      Don’t bring your hairdryer too close to your scalp as you use it.

      Too much intense heat can cause irritation or damage to your hair follicles and strands.

      Instead, keep the blow dryer back about 6 inches away from your scalp as you move it around.

      Don’t stick a closer despite the temptation to blast hot air right into a damp patch of hair.

      This is actually a trick question because men with any particular hairstyle in mind can make good use of a hairdryer.

      Hairdryers will universally improve the texture and feel of your hair, and you can use the cold air setting to freeze your hair into a specific shape more quickly.

      This can be helpful when applying a hairstyling product, as you won’t have to use as much of the product to achieve the same result.

      Men with long hair can benefit from hair dryers even more regularly since it’ll be easier to dry your hair down to the roots with a great hair dryer than it often is with a towel alone.

      You can use a hair dryer as many times as you want, but we would recommend only using it once per day to avoid accidentally drying out your scalp or damaging your hair strands.

      Healthy scalps should be able to handle a daily hairdryer application, and even scalp that tends to be drier than average can use a moisturizing conditioner to withstand its effects.

      We’d recommend that you not use a hair dryer too often even if you have a well-moisturized scalp, as it’s very easy to go overboard and end up with dry skin or dandruff accidentally.

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