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    Hair loss sucks, especially if you take the time each day to style and care for it.

    But while hair loss is something that most men face eventually, there are plenty of products and treatments that can improve the rate at which your hair grows and how thick it comes through.

    Producing thicker hair more often sounds like a dream, but it’s actually a reality!

    Finding the right products for hair growth and thickness doesn’t have to be an exercise in meticulous research.

    We’ve already done all the legwork and put together this comprehensive guide for your perusal.

    Ranging from the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening to the best hair growth vitamins, we’ll cover everything in this guide.

    Check it out to find the top hair growth products for men and some advice when it comes to each type’s application.

    Let’s get started.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness

    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 1
    Men’s Rogaine 5%
    • Easy to apply
    • Contains exfoliating and nourishing ingredients
    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 2
    iRestore Laser Hair Growth System
    • Doesn’t cause cancer or tumors
    • Feels good to the scalp
    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 3
    Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment
    • Promotes follicle hair growth
    • Not as much shedding as other minoxidil formulas
    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 4
    Kirkland Signature Minoxidil 5 Percentage Regrowth Treatment
    • Comes with a dropper applicator
    • Affordable
    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 5
    DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins
    • Blocks DHT and promotes follicle growth
    • Nourishes the scalp
    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 6
    Pure Research Extra Strength Biotin
    • Your body absorbs the drops quickly
    • Has money-back guarantee
    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 7
    Newopure Natural Hair Growth Vitamins
    • Vitamins are easy to take
    • No preservatives or negative ingredients
    8 Best Products for Hair Growth & Thickness in [year] (Buyer's Guide) 8
    Ultrax Labs Hair Plush
    • Thickens hair instantly
    • Boosts hair production in the future

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Products for Hair Growth and Thickness

      Why Do Men Lose Hair?

      Why Do Men Lose Hair

      Men have plenty of advantages, but we’re also the sex that must worry about losing our hair.

      While men and women can expect to have their hair thin or turn gray over time, men are far more likely to experience a receding hairline or see bald spots appear.

      It’s just a fact of life.

      But why do men lose their hair?

      It’s not just for any one reason.

      There are multiple potential causes of hair loss that might be affecting you or the other men in your life.

      One of the most common hair loss causes is DHT sensitivity or DHT overproduction.

      DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a male androgen hormone that serves several functions in your body when it is working normally.

      Specifically, your body becomes saturated in DHT and other male growth hormones during your puberty years.

      These hormones are responsible for your voice deepening and hair spreading all across your body.

      DHT can also assist with muscle growth and retention.

      So, DHT isn’t something you want to eliminate altogether.

      It serves a vital function in the regular operations of your body.

      But too much DHT can exacerbate one of its other natural causes: hairline maturity.

      You see, DHT is likely responsible for your hairline retreating as you leave youth behind.

      A maturing hairline is a normal process and is what leads many men to acquire a V or M-shaped hairline once they’re in their thirties or so.

      Too much DHT can spin this process into overdrive.

      It can result in bald spots all across your head or a hairline that recedes so much that your hair stops growing altogether.

      Some men naturally produce too much DHT as a result of their genetics; it’s just bad luck.

      Other men might have bodies or hormonal systems that are abnormally sensitive to the DHT hormone.

      In these scenarios, their bodies might produce a regular amount of DHT, but their bodies can’t handle even that amount, and they lose hair as a result.

      This is why many hair growth products or hair loss solutions utilize ingredients or elements that block DHT.

      Whether your body produces too much DHT or you are overly sensitive to it, a DHT blocking hair product will most definitely help your hair grow faster and thicker than before.

      But DHT mishaps aren’t the only reason you might be losing your hair or experiencing a receding hairline.

      A bad diet can also affect your hair growth rate and thickness.

      Your hair and the follicles to produce the individual shafts rely on specific vitamins and minerals to grow strong.

      If you don’t provide your hair follicles with the tools, they need to build new hair, you shouldn’t be surprised when your hair stops showing up for business.

      Fixing your diet to include plenty of vegetables and fruits is a great step toward rebuilding the nutrient banks necessary for your follicles to produce healthy, thick hair.

      Similarly, your scalp might be in a bad enough condition that hair growth doesn’t happen as well as it should.

      Men who have dry or inflamed scalps will often experience hair shedding or hair loss.

      Dry scalps don’t retain the moisture necessary to protect hair follicles and strands, making it easier for those hair strands to break or fall out with only a slight tug.

      Other dry scalps might experience a buildup of dandruff, which is basically dry skin cells mixed with a little sebum (the waxy oil that your head naturally produces for moisture retention and protection).

      Too much dandruff can build up in your follicles and prevent those follicles from creating new hair.

      By the same token, scalps that are always inflamed or irritated will naturally produce extra sebum to counteract those effects.

      But too much oil can make your hair look and feel greasy and clog your pores and follicles.

      Follicles that are blocked can produce new hair strands to poke through those barriers.

      The result is a scalp that is patchy and missing hair in vast swaths where there ought to be thick hair growing all the time.

      So, the best products for hair growth and thickness aren’t necessarily ones that only target DHT related issues.

      Many men when they start losing their hair, more often than not they start looking for “the best hair growth products” or “best hair loss treatment” online.

      Fact is, the best products to tackle your hair loss will focus on the issues that are affecting your scalp in particular.

      This does mean you’ll need to think about why you are experiencing hair loss.

      You may need to speak with a doctor to narrow down the possible causes of your male pattern baldness or hair shedding before you can proceed.

      But if you do know why you are losing your hair, feel free to continue on and check out the rest of our guide.

      We’ve got hair growth and thickness solutions for all types of hair loss scenarios.

      Things To Consider When Buying The Best Hair Regrowth Products

      When you’re browsing our list of the top hair regrowth products or looking at shelves or online markets, keep these key factors in mind.

      Buying the best hair products in the market will not automatically fix your hair loss problem.

      You’ll be able to pick the best hair growth product for your specific needs on the first try if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

      1. Chief Effect

      Hair growth products aren’t created as universal solutions to help with hair regrowth, no matter why you are experiencing hair loss.

      Instead, most hair growth products are formulated to solve a particular problem or alleviate a specific condition.

      Hair growth for men is very vital and specific to certain factors that influenced their hair loss.

      That means you need to know what effect each product is intended to achieve.

      This isn’t to say that hair growth products can only focus on one issue at a time.

      Some of the best hair growth supplements are either in the form of shampoo for hair growth or other hair loss products that promote hair growth.

      Knowing how to promote hair growth with some of the best hair growth products will actually be able to assist your scalp in more ways than one.

      But it helps to know exactly what each product is meant for before finalizing a purchase.


      DHT-Focused hair growth products

      These are among the most popular products for hair growth and thickness.

      They target DHT-related problems in the same way, regardless of whether you are DHT sensitive for your body produces too much DHT naturally.

      These products will always lower the amount of DHT that affects your hair follicles.

      Some products focus on the scalp and make it harder for DHT hormones to attach to specific receptor sites in your cells.

      These products don’t lower the amount of DHT in your body, which can be helpful.

      This way, your body still has all the DHT it needs for regular operations.

      It’s just your hair follicles that are protected from being saturated in the hormone.

      Other hair-growth products may target DHT production directly, although these types of solutions are usually prescribed by a doctor due to their direct hormonal alterations.

      Changing the hormone balance in your body is no small thing.

      You should definitely talk to a doctor before taking some of these products.

      There are a few hair growth products that work to make your body less sensitive to DHT, but these are few and far between.

      Boosts Follicles

      Boosts Follicles hair growth product

      Many exceptional hair growth products increase your follicles’ ability to produce new hair.

      These fast hair growth products are what many people go for today in a bid to achieve the best hair regrowth for men.

      Rogaine and other minoxidil-using products are primarily useful because they supercharge your follicles or cause them to skip the resting part of the hair growth cycle.

      This causes the follicles to begin to produce new hair strands immediately rather than waiting for the old strands to die naturally.

      Scalp Cleansing

      scalp cleansing hair growth products

      Another common hair growth product type is that which focuses on cleansing your scalp and preventing dead skin and sebum build-up.

      Technically speaking, any decent shampoo is a scalp cleansing product.

      But some of the best hair growth shampoos can actually revitalize your hair in just a matter of days.

      These types of products come in lotions, scrubs, salves, and even essential oil blends.

      Whatever their form, their end goal is the same: clean your scalp and make it a more habitable place for new hair.

      This can allow your follicles to produce better hair than before.

      These solutions are ideal for men that have dirty scalps from their regular work or hobbies.

      Men who wear hats that make them sweat frequently could use one of these types of products to significant effect.

      Scalp Hydrating

      Scalp Hydrating hair growth products

      Scalp hydrating hair growth products focus on moisturization and preventing dandruff or irritation from occurring.

      Lotions and conditioners are often counted among these types of products.

      There are also plenty of essential oil blends that focus exclusively on hydrating your scalp while providing a few extra nutrients and vitamins for good measure.

      These products contain some of the best hair vitamins for faster hair growth that you can think of.

      Scalp hydrating hair growth products are best used for men who are losing their hair due to environmental problems rather than genetic issues.

      If you spend a lot of time outside in the cold or in dry environments, these types of problems might be your best bet.

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      Scalp Repair

      Scalp Repair hair growth products

      Finally, there are plenty of scalp repair hair growth and thickness products.

      These products are designed to alleviate inflammation and irritation and repair cellular damage that might be affecting your hair follicles’ ability to produce new hair.

      This can be as simple as regular wear and tear or sun damage or as complex as antibacterial soaps and lotions designed to get rid of bacterial or fungal infections that have invaded your scalp.

      Besides, many of these hair growth products incorporate some kind of massage or blood circulation aspect.

      Improving blood circulation to your scalp is the number one way to enhance nutrient dispersal to your hair follicles.

      This ensures that the follicles have everything they need to produce new hair strands of high quality.

      2. Primary Ingredients

      The active or primary ingredients of your hair growth solution can determine its exact effects and its reliability for your scalp.


      Keratin hair growth products

      Keratin is a fantastic ingredient for hair growth products.

      This is because keratin is the primary protein used by your hair follicles to produce new hair strands.

      Adding more keratin to your scalp essentially gives your follicles more building blocks to produce better hair than they were previously.

      Keratin is further used to repair damage to your hair strands and follicles.

      Almost all of the best hair growth pills in the market today contain Keratin, Biotin and other natural hair regrowth vitamins.

      It’s an unusual ingredient in any hair growth product that can inspire faster hair growth and make your existing hair strands thicker and healthier.

      For these reasons, this is an excellent ingredient to watch for if you have naturally thin or wispy hair that could benefit from stockier hair strands in general.


      Biotin hair growth products

      Biotin is also called Vitamin B7.

      It’s a vital nutrient in the development and repair of hair follicles and strands, and it’s often used for skin repair as well.

      That’s why you’ll find it in many skincare related products.

      They can help remove wrinkles and improve cellular regeneration rates.

      As you might expect, biotin is great for boosting your scalp’s health and repair rate.

      It’s an amazing ingredient if you suffer from an irritated or inflamed scalp all the time.

      Biotin can also be advantageous if you have a bacterial infection.

      Biotin doesn’t directly boost your hair growth rate, but it can make your scalp more likely to produce excellent hair as a result of its medicinal properties.


      Caffeine hair growth products

      You’ll often find caffeine as a secondary ingredient rather than a primary one.

      But it’s still an essential component in an excellent hair growth product.

      A small amount of caffeine can promote hair growth and reduce the likelihood that you’ll experience hair loss.

      Basically, caffeine enhances the elongation of your hair shafts and prolongs the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.

      This is the phase where your hair follicles but most of their effort toward developing new hair cells and boosting the length and strength of their current hair strand.

      Other potential caffeine benefits include:

      Cellular reproduction boosting
      Improved protein secretion from some genes
      Small energy boost

      Basically, it never hurts to add a little caffeine to your hair growth product.


      Minoxidil hair growth products

      This effective hair growth treatment comes in a few different variants.

      The most common are Rogaine and Theroxidil, both of which are over-the-counter prescriptions.

      You can find them in many marketplaces or have them prescribed by a doctor.

      They come in either liquid or foam format, but both of them use minoxidil as their primary component.

      Minoxidil’s specific ability to bolster your hair growth rate and thickness isn’t well understood by scientists.

      But it is known that it provides excellent benefits by encouraging your hair follicles to skip the resting stages of the hair growth cycle and proceed straight into a new anagen phase.

      As we said above, the anagen phase is the period where your hair follicles begin to produce new hair.

      As a result, many hair growth products that use minoxidil have a severe side effect: they promote sudden shedding of big chunks of your hair.

      But this isn’t necessarily a downside.

      The shedding is merely a prelude to your hair follicles creating thicker new hair to replace the weaker strands being discarded.

      Still, this shedding is a severe side effect that you’ll have to consider before deciding to go with a minoxidil hair growth product.


      Finasteride hair growth products

      This compound is also known as Proscar or Propecia.

      This drug can boost your hair growth rate by potentially blocking DHT in your body.

      It’s known to be effective for treating male pattern baldness, although there are some reported side effects from its use.

      Saw Palmetto

      Saw Palmetto hair growth products

      You can usually find this ingredient in more organic or natural hair growth products.

      It blocks the enzyme that changes testosterone to DHT.

      This can limit the effects of DHT in causing male pattern baldness, so it can be an excellent ingredient if excessive DHT or DHT sensitivity is the root of your hair loss woes.

      Essential Oils

      Essential Oils hair growth products

      You can also find several essential oils that provide nutritional benefits to your scalp that your hair follicles can then use to produce newer, stronger hair.

      Specifically, look for essential oils like lavender, rosemary, or peppermint to help with your hair loss or male pattern baldness.

      3. Side Effects

      Side Effects of hair growth products

      After checking out the primary ingredients of a hair growth product, consider the possible side effects that you might have to endure while you take the treatment.

      The exact side effects you might experience depend heavily on the included ingredients of a hair growth product and how it is designed to affect you.

      For instance, DHT blockers may cause specific hormonal or behavioral changes due to their effects.

      Some DHT blocker users experience lower libido, although this is rare and usually clears up after a little while.

      We’ve already covered the rather shocking side effects of minoxidil products, although these are to be expected and are usually a sign that the treatment is working.

      Still, other hair growth products may include scalp irritation or inflammation, mainly if you are targeting the scalp’s topmost layers as part of your treatment.

      There’s no right or wrong answer about which side effects are worth enduring or not.

      It all depends on your preference and what you need to do to boost your hair growth.

      4. Timeline

      Timeline of hair growth products

      Before deciding on a purchase, consider the schedule it offers.

      Certain hair growth treatments can provide results in as little as a few weeks to a month.

      Others might require several months of consistent use before you’ll see any real results.

      This isn’t a matter of efficacy; it’s a matter of scheduling.

      If you’re about to go on a business trip, it can be challenging to stick with a minoxidil treatment.

      These types of products usually require four months or more before men can start to see real results from all their labor and shedding.

      So, a minoxidil treatment wouldn’t be the right choice in this circumstance.

      Something more robust or quick would be more appropriate.

      Again, there’s no right or wrong answer for all men when it comes to this aspect.

      It all depends on your unique needs and situation.

      8 Best Hair Growth Products for Men of 2022 Reviewed

      1. Men’s Rogaine 5%

      Men’s Rogaine 5%

      This minoxidil treatment provides a high concentration of the primary ingredient to deliver exceptional results.


      Chief Effect: Boosts follicles
      Primary Ingredient: Minoxidil
      Side Effects: Shedding
      Timeline: Four months

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s an excellent choice for men who need to kick their hair follicles back into gear for the long-term.

      Key Features

      This effective hair growth product is a potent minoxidil-based foam that you directly apply to your scalp.

      Because it uses 5% minoxidil in its formula, it works quickly and can sometimes provide results sooner than four months for certain men.

      But its potency also means that you’ll have to deal with significant shedding before you experience new hair growth.

      Still, this minoxidil concentration is supremely useful for men with thinning or weak hair.

      In fact, our testers report that you can expect to see and feel more hair than you had before after a few months of consistent use of the product.

      Beyond the minoxidil included in the formula, this foam contains alpha hydroxy acid.

      This helps open up your pores and promotes effective scalp exfoliation to prevent dandruff and excess sebum from piling up over time.

      There are a few extra botanical elements and extracts included as well, which promote scalp health by delivering vital nutrients and minerals straight to your follicles.

      Keep in mind the significant shedding side effect before you buy, however.

      Besides, this particular purchase only contains enough Rogaine for one month’s use.

      That means you’ll have to purchase several of this same foam bottle to achieve real results unless you’re extra lucky.

      Therefore, the asking price will wind up to be a bit too high for some men’s budgets, even if the individual unit price is reasonable.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very effective at producing new hair
      Easy to apply
      Contains exfoliating and nourishing ingredients


      Causes significant shedding

      2. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

      iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

      This laser hair growth system is advanced, comfortable, and provides results without having to dispense of your current hair.


      Chief Effect: Follicle boosting, scalp repair
      Primary Ingredient: Laser
      Side Effects: Inflammation, dryness
      Timeline: 3-6 months

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent choice for men who have the money to spend on more experimental hair growth treatment.

      Key Features

      This is a unique hair growth product that uses a laser hair growth system to deliver exceptional results.

      The product is shaped like a helmet that you wear from the comfort of your own home.

      It’s relatively similar to the more elaborate apparatuses you can find in laser treatment centers in doctors’ offices across the country.

      Once you place the helmet on your head, the laser system activates and stimulates your follicles to induce faster and thicker hair growth.

      The resulting experience is comfortable and relaxing.

      Clinical studies have shown that the helmet is completely safe to wear without running the risk of cancer.

      There are 51 medical-grade lasers integrated into the helmet that use LEDs to radiate energy that is absorbed directly by your follicles.

      At the same time, these lasers enhance the metabolic rate of your cells to help them reproduce more quickly and repair damage to your scalp.

      Even follicles that are currently in the restful stage of the hair growth cycle may be stimulated to begin growing new hair immediately.

      It’s an excellent alternative for men that don’t want to use another solution or pill to grow their hair back.

      But it does run the risk of mild irritation or inflammation, especially since it tends to dry out scalps that already struggle with retaining enough moisture.

      We’d recommend using a hydrating conditioner in conjunction with this helmet for the best results.

      It’s also quite expensive, so those looking for a budget hair growth solution will have to look elsewhere.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Delivers sufficient hair growth with lasers rather than a formula
      Doesn’t cause cancer or tumors
      Feels good to the scalp
      Easy to use


      May cause mild burns or irritation

      3. Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

      Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

      This minoxidil formula is gentler than our first pick but still provides excellent hair growth results.


      Chief Effect: Boosts follicles
      Primary Ingredient: Minoxidil
      Side Effects: Shedding
      Timeline: Four months

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent choice for men (though there is no “keranique for men”) who think minoxidil might be the key, but who don’t want to lose too much of their current hair supply.

      Key Features

      Here’s another excellent minoxidil-based hair growth treatment.

      Unlike Rogaine’s foam form, this treatment relies on a liquid version of a minoxidil formula that contains 2% minoxidil instead of five.

      Despite the lower concentration of minoxidil, you should still see hair growth results in as little as 3 to 4 months, depending on your genetics and follicle shapes.

      Delivering the minoxidil to your scalp has been made easy thanks to the inclusion of a dispenser nozzle that comes with your purchase.

      This dispenser nozzle makes it a simple matter to place just the right amount of the solution on your scalp instead of wasting the precious supply.

      Again, this minoxidil solution does induce significant shedding, but it’s not quite as harsh as male-only variants.

      That’s why this treatment is on our list, despite the obviously feminine packaging.

      It could still be an excellent solution for men who are concerned about the shedding side effect that comes with the minoxidil territory.

      The solution is further bolstered by several vitamins and minerals that can nourish your hair follicles and scalp beyond what you’re minoxidil solutions can provide.

      All in all, it’s a worthy minoxidil treatment that is also affordable.

      However, keep in mind that you’ll need to buy several units of the treatment to reach the four-month mark when you can determine whether it has truly worked for your scalp or you need to move on to something else.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Gentle on the scalp
      Promotes follicle hair growth
      Not as much shedding as other minoxidil formulas


      A little pricey to purchase several units
      Feminine packaging

      4. Kirkland Signature Minoxidil 5 Percentage Regrowth Treatment

      Kirkland Signature Minoxidil 5 Percentage Regrowth Treatment

      This minoxidil regrowth treatment is exceptionally potent, with a high concentration of its active ingredient in every drop.


      Chief Effect: Follicle boost
      Primary Ingredient: Minoxidil
      Side Effects: Shedding
      Timeline: Four months

      Who Is It Best For?

      This should be a top pick for any man who doesn’t have much hair left to lose. It’s one of the best hair regrowth products overall.

      Key Features

      This minoxidil treatment is directly formulated for male hair.

      It utilizes a 5% minoxidil concentration to quickly stimulate your follicles and treat male pattern baldness with the seriousness it deserves.

      The higher concentration definitely means that you’ll experience more shedding than treatments with lower concentrations.

      But this can be an advantage if you already have lost most of your hair or if you don’t have much more hair to shed when you start.

      This is an excellent choice for men who are close to balding or whose hair is already rather wispy and weak.

      The formula is particularly potent and effective, and you get six bottles of the liquid solution for your purchase.

      Best of all, each bottle contains enough of the solution to last for an entire month.

      With the included dropper for application, a single purchase of this minoxidil treatment provides plenty of the stuff for you to tell if minoxidil hair growth treatments are the way to go in the future.

      This is one of the most affordable minoxidil hair growth products that we found.

      Since you get everything you need with a single purchase, you don’t have to buy more of the units just to tell if minoxidil works for you.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Potent formula
      Comes with a dropper applicator
      Comes with enough for six months in a single purchase


      Causes significant shedding

      5. DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins

      DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins

      These hair growth vitamins both block DHT and inspire your follicles to produce more hair on the double.


      Chief Effect: Blocks DHT, repairs scalp
      Primary Ingredient: Biotin, saw palmetto
      Side Effects: None
      Timeline: 1 to 2 months

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s an excellent choice for men who want a more holistic hair growth treatment that covers all the bases.

      Because it has dual purposes, it’s one of the best treatments for thinning hair.

      Key Features

      This hair growth product comes in the form of a bottle of vitamins that are easy to take with a meal.

      It is one of the best hair vitamins to promote hair growth in men.

      You only need to take two small tablets per day for 1 to 2 months before you should start seeing some results.

      It works in two ways: by blocking DHT and promoting hair follicle nutrition.

      It contains several ingredients, including saw palmetto, that are designated DHT blockers to prevent your hair follicles from shrinking and your hairline from receding.

      Meanwhile, biotin and several other essential ingredients and elements combine to give your hair follicles and scalp the building blocks and vitamins it needs to produce new, thick hair.

      This double-fronted approach makes it an excellent hair growth supplement for men that haven’t yet lost the majority of their hair.

      It’s an ideal choice for men that want to arrest hair recession before it becomes more of a problem.

      The vitamins aren’t very large and are easy to swallow with a glass of water and a meal.

      You also get enough tablets for about a month of use, so you may see results before you need to repurchase the vitamins to continue the treatment.

      It’s not the most affordable hair growth treatment on our list, but it is versatile and well worth a look if you’re not in the mood for minoxidil and hair shedding.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Easy to take
      Blocks DHT and promotes follicle growth
      Nourishes the scalp


      A little expensive

      6. Pure Research Extra Strength Biotin

      Pure Research Extra Strength Biotin

      This extra strength biotin solution provides your hair (and nails!) with plenty of biotin for future repair and cellular production.


      Chief Effect: Repairs the scalp
      Primary Ingredient: Biotin
      Side Effects: None
      Timeline: 1 to 2 months

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent choice for men who have weak hair and nails alike.

      Key Features

      This hair growth product focuses on delivering a high concentration of biotin straight to your body.

      With a surplus of biotin, your body will be able to repair its cells and deliver better hair and nail growth across the board, according to several studies.

      Biotin is a significant vitamin used by the body in many operations, but its role in hair growth is well understood.

      This supplement comes in the form of liquid drops, with 10,000 µg of biotin in every 0.5 mL.

      That’s a ton of biotin packed into a tiny space.

      A bottle contained within the purchase has enough of the solution for 60 high-dose servings, or about 60 days of use.

      Since you should see results within 1 to 2 months as our testers did, you shouldn’t need to repurchase this hair growth solution before you know whether it works for you.

      But there’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee included with the purchase.

      If you don’t see results within 60 days, you can get your money back.

      The only downside is that its hair growth focus is rather narrow.

      If your hair loss issues stem from anything beyond scalp condition or nutrition, this hair growth product likely won’t do much for your needs.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Comes with an easy applicator
      Your body absorbs the drops quickly
      Provides other health benefits besides hair
      Has money-back guarantee


      Narrow focus
      Doesn’t help with male pattern baldness

      7. Newopure Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

      Newopure Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

      These hair growth vitamins can prevent hormones from messing with your follicles and boost your follicles at the same time.


      Chief Effect: Blocks DHT, repairs scalp
      Primary Ingredient: Keratin, collagen, biotin
      Side Effects: None
      Timeline: 1 to 2 months

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an ideal pick for men who want the hair growth treatment equivalent of a multivitamin.

      Key Features

      These vitamins are absolutely packed with exceptional nutrients and vitamins that your scalp can use to boost hair production.

      Lots of men suffer from vitamin deficiencies without actually knowing it and may experience hair thinning or recession as a result.

      These vitamins can take care of that issue after just a few weeks of consistently taking the capsules with a meal.

      But beyond repairing your scalp and nourishing your follicles, these vitamins also block DHT thanks to their broad ingredient collection.

      That means the vitamins can tackle both the likeliest cause of your hair loss and improve hair production once your DHT levels are sufficiently lowered.

      The downside is the high asking price to the vitamins and the fact that you only get a month’s worth of them for your purchase.

      You’ll need to pick up several bottles to really be sure if this hair growth product is right for you.

      But our testers are confident that these vitamins are among the best for both supplementing hair growth and tackling male pattern baldness at the same time.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Blocks DHT and boosts hair growth all at once
      Vitamins are easy to take
      No preservatives or negative ingredients


      Only a month’s supply in the initial bottle

      8. Ultrax Labs Hair Plush

      Ultrax Labs Hair Plush

      This hair growth serum delivers a jolt of energy and nourishment to your scalp and follicles.


      Chief Effect: Boosts follicles, repairs scalp
      Primary Ingredient: Caffeine
      Side Effects: None
      Timeline: 2-3 weeks

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a perfect solution for men who need rapid hair growth in the short term rather than a long-term fix.

      Key Features

      For men in search of a fast-acting hair growth product, look no further than this caffeine serum.

      While it’s not meant for blocking DHT or providing tons of nutrients to your hair follicles and scalp, this serum does possess a high concentration of caffeine and a few other elements that can thicken your hair from the root up.

      Because the concentration is so narrow, the serum is effective within just a few short weeks, provided you consistently use it as directed.

      While it thickens your existing hair, the serum also boosts the production of your hair follicles, so you produce new hair in rapid succession.

      This caffeine hair stimulation treatment just needs to be applied, then left in throughout the day.

      It also provides instantaneous thickening, so it’s great to apply to your hair before you go to work for a social occasion.

      This all being said, it may not be the most effective if you suffer from DHT sensitivity.

      It’s also quite expensive.

      But it definitely serves a niche for men in need of a rapid-response hair growth treatment.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Thickens hair instantly
      Boosts hair production in the future
      Easy to apply



      Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Loss/Growth Products

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now that you’ve seen several examples of the best hair growth products, let us answer any lingering questions you might have about their applications or side effects.

      Men can grow their hair faster from a variety of methods.

      But the key with each of them lies in identifying why you are losing your hair and fixing whatever is causing the issue.

      Some hair growth solutions focus on alleviating the cause of your hair loss.

      These solutions often revolve around DHT and its myriad effects and connections to male pattern baldness.

      Others will target hair growth directly by repairing or moisturizing the scalp for providing your hair follicles and strands with the nutrients they need to grow better than before.

      Men can also grow their hair faster by maintaining a healthy diet and improving their scalp health as a whole outside of direct treatments.

      A Healthy Diet

      A healthy diet leads to tons of benefits across your body.

      But it will also directly affect the type of sebum that your scalp produces and the health of your scalp altogether.

      People have always wondered how to stimulate hair growth.

      Nothing matches the power of providing your body with the right vitamins and minerals.

      A healthy scalp is necessary for consistent, strong hair growth no matter what your genetics are or what your sensitivity to DHT is.

      Making sure that your scalp is provided with all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for hair production is key to enjoying hair growth throughout your life.


      Of course, you also need to shower frequently and thoroughly.

      Showering is crucial because it periodically cleanses your scalp of dead skin and sebum build-up.

      Both of those can eventually clog your hair follicles and cause scalp irritation or hair loss.

      But only running water through your hair isn’t enough.

      You need a quality shampoo that has the right ingredients to thoroughly clean out your scalp and hair each time you use it without stripping away too many healthy, protective oils in the process.

      We’ve done a guide on the best shampoos for men if you’d like some examples of quality products.

      You should also consider adding a top conditioner to your cleaning routine.

      Conditioners can provide your hair follicles and strands with the right nutrients and vitamins necessary for boosting hair growth and extra thickness.

      Conditioner also usually makes your hair look a lot better than if you only use the shampoo.

      Check out our guide to the best conditioners for men for some example products and a guide to their application.

      Finally, try to avoid taking showers that are too hot.

      Scalding showers might feel great on your skin for a little while, but the water that is too hot can irritate your scalp and close up its pores.

      Closed pores can trap dirt or debris deep inside, and an irritated scalp isn’t ideal for producing high-quality hair.

      Keeping your water warm or even lukewarm is a much better bet for success.

      Avoiding Too Much Styling Product

      Styling your hair is fine, but going overboard and mixing too many hair styling products together can create a waxy resin that is difficult for even the harshest shampoos to dissolve.

      This resin can sink into your pores and follicles over time, causing blockage and other issues.

      On top of that, too many styling products, or styling products left in your hair overnight, can lead to your scalp drying out or bacterial infections taking hold.

      Try to use only a few choice hair styling products at a time and always wash them out as soon as you turn in for the night.

      This will limit their possible side effects and keep your scalp healthier overall, while still allowing you to benefit from their aesthetic advantages.

      Because Rogaine (and other minoxidil products) have the dramatic side effect of inducing shedding, lots of people wonder whether the products work at all.

      The science is clear: Rogaine and other minoxidil products do work.

      They are primarily effective because they cause your hair follicles to skip the restful stage of the hair growth cycle and proceed straight into a new growth period.

      Why this happens isn’t totally clear, but there’s no doubt that it does happen.

      While it’s true that a few men suffer from other side effects, these are few and far between.

      If you’re in doubt, have a conversation with your doctor about taking a minoxidil product for your hair growth needs.

      They can let you know if it’s a good idea or if you should target a different solution.

      The best foods for hair growth will ideally contain plenty of protein and biotin.

      The protein will provide your follicles what they need to build new hair and biotin is essential for scalp health and cellular reproduction.

      Lots of the best foods for hair growth also contain several minerals are nutrients, such as zinc or selenium.

      With all this in mind, here are a few examples of great foods you can eat to improve your diet and your hair growth rate:

      • Eggs
      • Spinach
      • Fatty fish
      • Sweet potatoes
      • Nuts
      • Seeds
      • Avocados
      • Oysters
      • Sweet peppers
      • Shrimp
      • Beans

      You can definitely use multiple hair growth products together, but we wouldn’t recommend using more than one product at targets a specific aspect of hair loss or growth.

      For instance, you should never mix two DHT focused products together.

      But you can easily use a minoxidil product with foods that can boost hair growth or an excellent essential oil solution that improves your scalp’s nutritional levels and moisturization.

      Being smart about mixing your hair growth products together can lead to more significant results and faster hair growth overall.

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