7 Best Thickening Shampoos for Men with Thinning Hair of 2020 that Really Work!

It’s no secret that men start to lose their hair over time.

No matter how good your hair looks when you are young, it’ll eventually start to thin out and become wispier with age.

You might also be particularly unlucky and start off with relatively thin hair, leading to a higher chance of a receding hairline even before you enter middle age!

But there’s no need to start looking for a miracle pill if you want to fix thinning hair and return to thicker, stronger strands.

Many of the best shampoos for men with thinning hair are packed full of nutrients and vitamins that can help you return your hair to its former glory.

They can also make it look better than it ever has before.

These shampoos are robust and effective, and they can do a great job of cleaning your head just as well as a regular shampoo.

Don’t know where to start?

Let this guide help.

We can show you the best shampoo picks to tackle thinning hair and give you some advice when it comes to hair loss causes and remedies.

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Let’s get started!

Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

Table of Contents

Things To Consider When Buying Shampoo For Thinning Hair
Best Thickening Shampoo For Thinning Hair of 2020
Frequently Asked Questions About Thinning Hair and Shampoo
Best Thickening Shampoo for Men with Thinning hair

Things To Consider When Buying Shampoo For Thinning Hair

As we head into the best thickening shampoos for fine hair, let’s go over what our researchers focused on as they sought out the top products.

1. Ingredients

The ingredients are the most critical part of any shampoo, not just those bottles for thinning hair.

The ingredients of a given shampoo bottle can affect what type of scalp it’s good for, how long it lasts, its fragrance, and a million other things.

Below you’ll find some of the most common ingredients in the best men’s shampoos for thinning hair.


Proteins in shampoo for thinning hair

Most hair thickening shampoos will contain some amount of proteins.

Why do proteins matter with regard to volume and thickness?

Well, your hair strands are all made up of proteins, and specifically one called keratin.

Keratin is the primary protein that makes up both your hair strands and your nails.

Keratin can also produce skin cells on certain parts of your body.

Any shampoo that has keratin will directly supply your scalp with additional building blocks to make new, thicker hair.

It’s a great ingredient to look for if you want to make your hair is as thick and as vibrant as possible.

Other proteins are significant, too.

Wheat protein, for instance, can improve your hair volume and keep moisture around your hair follicles.

Your hair follicles are the small nubs beneath your scalp where your hair strands sprout.

Rice protein can also protect your hair follicles and improve moisturization across your scalp.

You’ll also find silk protein in many of the best thickening shampoos for thinning hair.

Silk proteins form a protective barrier on your hair strands and follicles, acting as a kind of shield to keep your hair flexible and elastic while also preventing moisture from drying out.

Bottom line: proteins are a great thing when looking for a shampoo for thinning hair.

Vitamins (And Biotin)

Vitamins (and Biotin)

Next to proteins, lots of excellent shampoos for thinning hair also have vitamins.

Your hair strands and scalp both need plenty of vitamins and minerals to grow properly and protect themselves from daily wear and tear.

This is why men with poor nutrition can sometimes run into hair growth problems.

Their body literally isn’t getting all of the nutrients it needs to produce hair properly.

So, shampoos for thinning hair will often have lots of extra vitamins to supplement those already in your body.

Your hair will grow faster and stronger and be more resistant to breaking and splitting at the ends.

In particular, you’ll notice biotin advertised a lot on the backs and fronts of most good shampoo bottles.

Biotin is another name for vitamin B7.

Biotin supports cell growth and helps your cells grow more quickly.

Basically, it helps your hair grow faster and stronger than before.

It’s one of the best vitamins because the new cells that it inspires will be better than the ones that came before.

It’s a great supplementary ingredient if your hair typically grows weakly or into thin strands by nature.

No matter what type of scalp you have, vitamins are great ingredients to look for in your ideal shampoo.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

You’ll also often find essential oils in many of the best shampoos for thinning hair.

While lots of shampoos have essential oils, they often make up a majority of the ingredients list in shampoos derived from all-natural ingredients.

Essential oils are great for shampoos for many different reasons.

They feel great and help give shampoo its soothing, oily texture that makes it easy to massage into your scalp and hair.

But lots of essential oils also have several health benefits.

Many of them are medicinal and carry additional nutrients and vitamins.

Their other use is to moisturize; they can effectively keep moisture in the skin cells of your scalp or your hair strands themselves.

Either way, essential oils are practically a necessity for any good shampoo, not just shampoos for thinning hair.

The only time you should try to avoid essential oils is if you have a naturally oily scalp.

In this case, having a few less essential oils is better since an abundance of oils in your shampoo can lead you to have a greasier scalp than before.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is another great ingredient.

As a carrier oil, it has several therapeutic qualities.

It can improve your scalp health and help your hair grow longer and thicker than before.

It’s been used as a medicinal oil for many generations both for the hair and the skin.

It can absorb moisture from your ambient environment without sucking up moisture from your hair or scalp.

This makes it a great moisturizing compound, especially when combined with other essential oils.

Castor oil also has a fatty acid called Omega-9.

This fatty acid is one of the best nourishing assets for your hair and scalp.

Furthermore, castor oil can help reduce fungus were bacteria that like to live on the surface of your scalp.

Lots of shampoos designed to fight dandruff contain castor oil due to this effect.

You can read more about the best dandruff shampoos for men in our guide.

Overall, castor oil is a super ingredient that you do well to look for during your own shopping for the ideal shampoo.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Like castor oil, argan oil is another excellent natural ingredient that comes from Morocco.

As a carrier oil for essential oils, you’ll often find it in all-natural shampoo products.

While it doesn’t contain keratin, it does stimulate your scalp and follicles to produce more keratin, leading to increased hair growth and better hair maintenance overall.

Argan oil can also improve your blood circulation.

Your hair follicles will receive more nutrients and oxygen than they would otherwise, leading to better hair production and repair work.

Even more, argan oil can moisturize your scalp and balance the hormone levels of the skin there.

It’s an ideal carrier oil for treating acne or dandruff as a result of dry skin.

Thinning hair often suffers from split ends or frizzy surfaces, and argan oil can help take care of both of these issues.

As you can imagine, argan oil is one of the best ingredients for shampoo for thinning hair.

Look for it if you are getting an all-natural shampoo, in particular.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto has been used for generations by Native Americans due to its medicinal properties.

Rather than directly boosting hair growth, saw palmetto blocks overly high levels of the hormone called DHT.

DHT is a hormone derived from regular testosterone and is linked to lower hair growth in men and weaker hair growth overall.

High levels of DHT are also linked to several other health issues, like an enlarged prostate.

Basically, having too much DHT is never a good thing so many of the best shampoos for hair loss will have DHT blockers like saw palmetto in abundance.

Any shampoo for thinning hair with saw palmetto is one you should pay attention to.

It’s likely a better remedy if your hair is thinning continuously over time since this is probably a result of a high level of DHT in your blood.



This is a natural oil, and it’s one of the best moisturizing ingredients you can find in shampoos for thinning hair.

Thin or fine hair tends to dry out a lot more quickly than hair with enough volume and thickness.

This is especially true in winter when ambient dryness can suck up moisture from your hair and scalp a lot more easily than average.

Thin hair doesn’t provide enough protection to your scalp to avoid this effect.

Therefore, having a good moisturizer like glycerin in your shampoo can help you avoid a dry scalp and the hair weakness that follows.

Besides, a good moisturizing element can prevent you from getting dandruff as a result of dry scalp.

We’d especially recommend it for men who have dry hair more often than not.



This is a common ingredient in many of the best dandruff shampoos.

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It’s mostly used to get rid of fungal infections, many of which can infect your scalp and cause dandruff as a result of their spread.

Also, ketoconazole can block DHT thanks to several chemical compounds contained within its molecular structure.

It’s an excellent ingredient for men with thinning hair thanks to this effect.

Like with saw palmetto, we’d recommend looking for shampoos with this ingredient if your hair thinning is progressing worse over time or if you think you might have a fungal infection that is affecting your hair growth and thickness.



Finally, you might also find caffeine in some of the best shampoos for thinning hair.

It’s used often in many skincare products since caffeine is an antioxidant in addition to an energy booster.

Antioxidants can eliminate free radical oxygen molecules that bounce around between cells, damaging their structure, and messing with the cell reproduction process.

Antioxidants are known to be helpful in all kinds of situations, which is why many doctors recommend that you digest a good number of them each day.

Scrubbing caffeine into your scalp will improve your hair growth and skin cell health overall.

Even better, there is some research to suggest that caffeine can suppress some of the effects of DHT.

It’ll improve your hair length and stimulate your hair follicles.

It’s just a fantastic ingredient that does several helpful things at the same time, so any shampoo that has the right amount of caffeine is worth a look.

2. Hair Type

Hair Type

After ingredients, your hair type should help you narrow down which shampoos are best for your use.


Many men have dry hair as a result of their genetics, their job, for their ambient environment.

Even if you don’t have ordinarily dry hair, lots of people end up suffering from this condition when winter rolls around each year.

Dry hair can lead to further hair loss and hair weakness over time.

To effectively treat thin and dry hair, you’ll want to find a shampoo that has plenty of essential oils and moisturizers in addition to hair growth ingredients.

Moisturizers can help lock-in hydration that your body already has and prevent your scalp and hair strands from losing moisture as you go about your daily activities.

Properly hydrated hair and scalp cells will grow more healthily, and your hair will retain higher volume, as well.

In fact, it’s accurate to say that having enough moisturizers is one of the significant goals if you want better hair volume.

This isn’t exactly the same thing as hair thickness, although the two terms are used relatively interchangeably in advertising.

We’ll explain more about this difference later in the guide.


Next up is oily hair.

Lots of men suffer from oily hair due to genetics or over-shampooing.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to over shampoo your hair.

Put simply, regular shampoo is designed to clear away dirt and debris as well as lots of hair oil at the same time.

Your body naturally produces hair oil to help moisturize your scalp and keep your hair strands protected.

But if you use too much regular shampoo, you can eliminate too much of this normal oil and inspire your sebaceous glands to produce extra to make up for.

This can lead to a greasy or oily scalp and may lead to further complications like dandruff or fungal infections.

If you do have oily hair for whatever reason, you’ll want to target a good shampoo that isn’t totally inundated with essential oils.

This may exclude many of the more famous all-natural shampoo bottles, but you can usually find something made of all-natural ingredients that won’t exacerbate your problem.

Look for shampoos that focus on hair growth and nourishment aspects rather than moisturization.

Chances are your hair is moist enough already.


Finally, you might have sensitive hair or, more accurately, a sensitive scalp.

Maybe you have acne there or simply have a scalp that is easily irritated or inflamed.

If you find that you frequently suffer for contact dermatitis, don’t freak out.

Lots of people have contact dermatitis from all manner of skin and hair care products every year.

Sensitive scalped men should look for shampoos that contain plenty of soothing ingredients and moisturizers.

Specifically, try to find a shampoo that has something like Aloe Vera, which doubles as a soothing ingredient and a hydrating element.

These things will lower the likelihood that your scalp will become inflamed or irritated when you rub the shampoo into your hair.

Be aware that it may take a few tries to find the ideal shampoo for your needs if you have a sensitive scalp.

3. Fragrance

Fragrance of Hair Loss Shampoo

The fragrance of your shampoo also matters although many people tend not to overthink about this aspect.

But consider that lots of shampoos have powerful fragrances that linger in your hair and on your person long after you’ve stepped out of the shower.

In a way, shampoo acts like your natural scent or cologne if you don’t cover it up with something else.

Therefore, you really should think about your shampoo’s fragrance before finalizing a purchase.

Try to find a shampoo that has a pleasant masculine scent that blends well with your aesthetic or attitude.

If you live near the coastline, maybe try finding a shampoo that has coastal smells included in the bottle.

Or you can always stick with the masculine staples like cedarwood and citrus.

You can also occasionally find shampoos that don’t have much of a fragrance at all if any.

These are ideal for combining with colognes or hairsprays since there’s no chance of the shampoo’s fragrance mixing poorly with the other scent you’ve chosen.

There’s no total right answer here.

The ideal fragrance for you is something a lot to decide for yourself.

4. Amount

Amount of Hair Loss Shampoo

Finally, take a few moments to consider how much shampoo you’re getting for a given purchase before deciding.

Shampoo bottles typically come with liquids between 8 ounces and 16 ounces in total.

Try to break down the price of the purchase into how many dollars your spending per ounce of shampoo.

This is important if you are trying to buy enough shampoo to last you for several months in advance.

But it’s also essential if you are looking for a higher-quality shampoo to give you results quickly.

Again, there’s no single amount of shampoo that’s ideal for every man.

It’s just something you should consider when calculating the total value for money of any bottle.

Best Shampoo For Thinning Hair of 2020 Reviewed

1. Paisle Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

Paisle Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

This shampoo has plenty of hair-boosting ingredients and DHT blocking ingredients, so it helps reduce thinning hair in both aspects.


Ingredients: Biotin, Aloe Vera, rosemary, saw palmetto, coconut oil
Hair Type: Oily, dry
Fragrance: Fresh/Coconut
Amount: 8 ounces

Who Is It Best For?

This is great for men who are sure why their hair is thinning since this formula covers all possible bases.

Key Features

This all-natural shampoo is one of the few of its kind that you can safely use with an oily scalp.

While it does have some of the most common natural ingredients in its formula, you’ll notice that there is a distinct lack of tons of essential oils.

It does have a few, but these are perfect for moisturizing your scalp and soothing your skin without exacerbating oily issues.

There’s also biotin, which improves hair growth and helps to block DHT.

The presence of saw palmetto also ensures that DHT problems will be a thing of the past as soon as you replace your regular shampoo with this bottle.

It also has a good version of coconut oil, letting it a fresh and coconut-y fragrance that is more interesting than the standard citrus or fruity varieties you find in most shampoos.

Aloe Vera is here, too, making this one of the best shampoos when it comes to dry scalps or sensitive scalps.

Overall, there’s little to deter us from recommending this to just about any man with thinning hair.

It’s not the absolute best when it comes to bolstering hair growth, but it’s balanced and versatile, and there’s plenty in the bottle to use for a long time.

The price could be slightly lower, but overall, it’s excellent.

Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


Very good for all hair types
Helps with all hair thinning issues
Nice fragrance


Just a tad pricey

2. Mokita Naturals Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo

Mokita Naturals Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo

This shampoo is made of all-natural ingredients but can still be used with an oily scalp thanks to its salt component and a lack of excessive essential oils.


Ingredients: Biotin, rosemary, sodium chloride, cucumber extract, green tea extract
Hair Type: All
Fragrance: Fresh
Amount: 8.5 ounces

Who Is It Best For?

This is an excellent choice for men without a scalp or hair type that leans one way in particular.

Key Features

Here’s another excellent all-natural shampoo formula that doesn’t have too many essential oils.

Our testers found that it was excellent for use with both oily and dry scalps alike.

This is an excellent shampoo for both volumizing and thickening your hair at the same time.

Many of the best shampoos for thinning hair only perform thickening services, but the shampoo does both.

It has several different fruit extracts, which mixed together into a pleasant fragrance we think you’ll enjoy.

More importantly, the green tea extract helps deliver an extra boost of caffeine to your scalp and hair.

The caffeine can help block DHT and improve the function of your hair follicles.

Overall, this is a refreshing and practical hair thinning shampoo that you can also get for an affordable price.

It’s not the absolute best for the most sensitive scalps due to a lack of essential oils or soothing components, but only the most inflammatory or sensitive scalps should have an issue.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


Good for all hair types
Both volumizes and thickens
Ingredients provide lots of benefits


Might be not quite smooth enough for some scalps

3. BOTANIC HEARTH Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set

BOTANIC HEARTH Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This shampoo is paired with a matching conditioner, and both hair products are really effective at volumizing and thickening your hair.


Ingredients: Biotin, ginger oil, keratin, argan oil, tea tree oil
Hair Type: Dry, oily
Fragrance: Citrus/fruit
Amount: 16 ounces per bottle

Who Is It Best For?

The set is ideal for men who also happen to be looking for an excellent conditioner.

Key Features

This is a combo pack that has one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner.

The good news is that both the shampoo and conditioner are derived from biotin and ginger oil, meaning they both feel great when you massage them into your scalp, and they provide exactly what your hair needs to grow thicker and stronger than before.

The formula is bolstered by keratin and argan oil, too.

The keratin gives your hair strands precisely what they need to grow and repair themselves without thinning out over time.

There’s also some excellent tea tree oil that can get rid of fungal infections and lower your risk of dandruff.

It can also block DHT to some extent.

For best results, we recommend using both the shampoo and conditioner together since they both have hair-boosting ingredients.

The only downside is that the asking price is a little high and you can’t get one bottle separate from the other.

This is best picked if you’re a guy who also happens to be in the market for a good conditioner at the same time.

Speaking of which, check out our guide on the best conditioners for men if you want to know more about those specific products.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


Comes with both shampoo and conditioner
Both bottles have high quality ingredients
Lots in each bottle


Have to buy together, resulting in high asking price

4. American Crew Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo

American Crew Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo

This shampoo is packed full of ingredients to help your hair grow faster and stronger.


Ingredients: Coconut oil, sage leaf extract, coconut oil, tea tree oil, glycerin, citric acid
Hair Type: Dry
Fragrance: Citrus/Fresh
Amount: 8.4 ounces

Who Is It Best For?

It’s one of the better choices if you are more focused on thickening your hair as opposed to volumizing it.

Key Features

This shampoo for thinning hair is made with good ingredients even if they aren’t all-natural.

The coconut oil is one of the more synthetic types you can find, although it’s not the carcinogenic one we warn about later in our guide.

Instead, this coconut oil and the other essential oils in the formula are all great for delivering excellent hydration and keeping your hair moisturized throughout the day.

This shampoo also has glycerin, which is one of the best moisturizing ingredients you can find in these types of products.

While this shampoo isn’t the most volumizing product, it is one of the best that our testers found when it came to sheer hair thickening potential.

In no time at all, they noticed significant improvements in the strength and size of their hair strands.

It feels great, and it can even be used on sensitive scalps.

We wouldn’t recommend it for oily scalps, however, due to the presence of so many essential oils.

This is an affordable volumizing shampoo pick that we’d easily choose if you need to thicken your hair more than volumizing it.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


Very good at thickening hair
Super comfortable to the scalp


Not great for oily hair

5. Pura D’Or Professional Grade Biotin Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Pura D’Or Professional Grade Biotin Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This shampoo and conditioner set is only made with natural ingredients and can block DHT while boosting hair growth at the same time.


Ingredients: Biotin, Aloe Vera, amino acids, saw palmetto, rosemary
Hair Type: All
Fragrance: Fruity
Amount: 16 ounces per bottle

Who Is It Best For?

This is good for men with extra money to spend and the desire for the best of the best.

Key Features

Another shampoo and conditioner set, this pack of twin bottles is composed of totally natural ingredients and still manages to be effective for all hair types.

Even men with oily scalps shouldn’t find any issues with either the shampoo or the conditioner, despite the presence of many essential oils.

Both the shampoo and conditioner have concentrated amounts of biotin and various amino acids to help your hair follicles construct better hair strands in the future.

Aloe Vera is mixed into make both formulas soothing to the scalp and help your hair retain hydration and moisture as the day progresses.

Furthermore, both the shampoo and conditioner have DHT blocking ingredients.

This makes this shampoo and conditioner set one of the best we found if your hair thinning is a result of high DHT levels in your blood.

The formulas can both thicken and moisturize, so you don’t need to purchase a secondary conditioner product just to make your hair bouncier or more receptive to styling.

However, this set is one of the most expensive we found, so it’s really only recommended if you are looking for top-tier quality and have the extra dollars to spend.

It’s far from a budget pick.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


Both bottles improve hair thickness and volume
Great for all hair types
Very good at blocking excessive DHT


Not great for men on a budget

6. Vantaggio and Co. Hair Loss Shampoo for Men

Vantaggio and Co. Hair Loss Shampoo for Men

This shampoo is one of the few types ideal for oily scalps, and it’s no slouch when it comes to improving hair thickness, either.


Ingredients: Castor oil, peppermint oil, Aloe Vera, ginseng, rosemary, Dead Sea salt
Hair Type: Oily
Fragrance: Peppermint
Amount: 13.5 ounces

Who Is It Best For?

Pick this if you’re afraid of most shampoos making your hair greasier than average.

Key Features

This shampoo combines several great essential oils with Dead Sea salt.

This makes it an excellent choice for oily hair or scalps since the Dead Sea salt prevents the oils from making your issue any worse.

The Dead Sea salt also provides some great nutrients and minerals for hair follicles and scalp skin cells.

There are several DHT blockers, such as Procapil, present as well, making this one of the best shampoos for thinning hair if your hair wispiness is the result of high DHT levels.

It also has peppermint oil, which both smells masculine and attractive and which makes your scalp tingle pleasantly when you rub it into your skin and hair.

It’s certainly a lot more noticeable and unique than the typical fruity fragrances you find in most other shampoos.

However, this formula does require a lot of consistent use before you can see results.

In most cases, up to six months of daily use is required for you to start seeing better hair thickness and strength.

Still, if you have enough patience and really find that you enjoy the feel and fragrance of the shampoo, we can’t recommend it enough.

It’s just not the top pick if you need results sooner rather than later.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


Great fragrance
Feels good to the scalp
Provides good nutrients and DHT blocking


Slower results

7. Brickell Men’s Products Daily Strengthening Shampoo for Men

Brickell Men’s Products Daily Strengthening Shampoo for Men

This shampoo is excellent for preventing your hair from thinning further while tackling occasional fungal and bacterial issues, as well.


Ingredients: Mint, tea tree oil, biotin, silk protein, Aloe Vera
Hair Type: Dry, Itchy
Fragrance: Peppermint
Amount: 8 ounces

Who Is It Best For?

This is an excellent choice of shampoo if you have dandruff occasionally or have an itchy scalp in general.

Key Features

This shampoo is another great daily choice since it comes with tea tree oil to fight off fungal infections and dandruff while blocking excessive DHT at the same time.

The formula also has silk protein and biotin to provide your follicles and hair strands with the strength and building blocks they need to grow faster than before.

The silk protein is particularly nice if you want to boost your hair volume.

Your scalp will take that protein and use it to protect your existing hair strands.

The Aloe Vera helps to keep your scalp and hair moist and hydrated throughout the day.

The peppermint oil is really nice as well since it smells more interesting than citrus and tingles across your scalp.

Our testers found it to be a pleasant change to regular shampoo.

It’s a little pricey considering you only get 8 ounces for the purchase, but it’s still one of the better daily shampoos picks we found during our research.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


Good fragrance
Excellent for growing hair fast
Can reduce dandruff or itchy scalp


A little pricey

Frequently Asked Questions About Thinning Hair and Shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have an idea of what the best shampoos for thinning hair look like let’s go over some frequently asked questions that might be lingering in your mind.

1. What Makes Shampoo For Thinning Hair Special?

So why would you go out of your way to pick up a shampoo specifically designed for tackling thinning hair?

Essentially, the value is in a higher concentration of nutritional and hair strengthening ingredients that are present in most hair thinning shampoos as opposed to regular shampoos.

Regular shampoos are great, but they usually have pretty harsh cleansing components since they are primarily designed to get rid of dirt and debris in your hair and cleanse out excess oil.

They aren’t developed to boost your hair growth or make the cells of your scalp particularly healthy.

Regular shampoo presumes that you have a healthy scalp and great hair to start with.

So if you start to experience a thinning of your hair or were just born with thin, wispy hair, then regular shampoo doesn’t do anything to help with that problem.

At the same time, many men start to experience hair thinning as they age.

While it’s not accurate to say that using a special shampoo can restore hair that was permanently lost, it’s entirely true that using a hair thinning shampoo can help you make the most of the hair you have left.

It’s a perfect solution for men that have patches of thin hair or who want to make their hair thicker and more vibrant to try out new hairstyles.

Shampoo for men with thinning hair is packed full of many more vitamins and nutrients compared to regular shampoo.

It’s also somewhat better at preventing your scalp and hair from drying out.

That’s the main difference.

It should also be noted that men’s shampoo for thinning hair can do just as good a job at cleaning your hair as the regular stuff.

So you don’t need to worry about your hair or scalp becoming dirtier over time you switch to using daily shampoo for thinning hair full-time.

2. Is There A Difference Between Volumizing And Thickening?

There is a minor definitional difference between volumizing and thickening shampoos, but you’ll often find the advertisers use the two terms interchangeably.

It’s easy to see why.

Increasing the volume of something increases its size, right?

When it comes to hair, improving its volume actually means that you enhance its bounciness and elasticity.

This gives your hair a “poofier” look and can make you look like you have a fuller head of hair even if your hair is short and spiky by nature.

Improving its volume makes your existing hair appear to be larger without actually changing its real size.

On the flip side, hair thickening shampoo or ingredients that are designed to make your hair thicker do increase the size of your hair strands.

Each individual hair strand will gradually become larger around and sometimes longer.

This thicker hair may still not appear very poofy or bouncy, however.

The bounciness or volume of your hair is related to your hair’s elasticity and bendiness rather than its overall strength.

But the two aspects are related more often than not, which is why you see some confusion surrounding both terms.

It’s also why many of the best shampoos for men with thinning hair will be both volumizing and thickening at the same time.

In many cases, improving one leads to the improvement of the other.

Healthy hair tends to be reasonably elastic and bendable since it’s not easy to break or split at the ends.

Healthy hair also tends to be pretty thick and long, so you can see how improving one aspect often leads to benefits for the other.

Should you focus on one over the other?

Improving hair thickness should be your primary concern if you have thinning hair already.

Thin hair is easier to break and can lead to your bald spots increase or your hairline to recede even further.

But if you focus on improving your hair’s overall health and thickness, you’ll stop this process much more quickly than if you concentrate on volumizing.

3. Are There Ingredients To Avoid?

While we went over some of the best ingredients to look for at the beginning of our guide, you should also try to avoid a few synthetic ingredients.

These ingredients are linked to health issues and may irritate your scalp.

So, you must check out for these if you have a more sensitive scalp than average.

Parabens are synthetic preservatives designed to make a shampoo last for longer on the shelf.

But these can easily irritate your scalp and lead to certain cancer types if they are absorbed through your skin.

You should also try to avoid a type of coconut oil called Cocamide DEA.

This is a known carcinogen, and it’s far from natural, even though many shampoo products will claim to be all-natural while supporting this ingredient on their back.

All in all, stick with all-natural shampoos if you want to be totally sure that you’re not absorbing anything too harmful into your scalp or hair.

4. How To Use Shampoo For Thin Hair

Using shampoo is easy enough, but let’s go over the proper technique just in case.

Step One

Make sure to thoroughly what your hair with warm water.

Water that is too hot can scald your scalp while water that is too cold will close up your pores and prevent proper absorption of all the helpful nutrients in your shampoo bottle.

Step Two

Apply the shampoo by squirting about a quarter-sized amount of the shampoo onto your palm.

Make sure to spread the shampoo thoroughly through your hair and massage it deep into your scalp.

Step Three

You should let the shampoo sit for about five minutes to make sure that your head absorbs all the vitamins and nutrients in your chosen shampoo bottle.

Lots of guys immediately rinse out all their shampoo once it’s worked up into a lather and fail to let the formula properly be absorbed.

Step Four

Rinse out your hair thoroughly and dab your hair dry with a towel.

Dabbing yourself dry is better than tugging at your hair strands or scrubbing your head, especially if you have thin hair.

Dabbing puts less pressure on your hair strands and scalp and feels more comfortable, too.

5. What Causes Thin Or Wispy Hair?

Many men suffer from thinning or wispy hair, as do many women.

But the causes are as varied as the solutions.

For starters, men are more likely than women to experience hair loss because of their genetics.

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition that eventually leads to total hair loss on the head, and men are more prone to it since we only have one X chromosome, whereas women have two.

This chromosomal weakness also exposes men’s all sorts of hair issues if they inherit them from their father’s side.

If your father ended up going bald early, it’s best to be prepared; you are likely to experience the same thing sooner rather than later!

You may also have an excess of DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

This testosterone offshoot hormone ends up shrinking your hair follicles and preventing proper hair growth as it builds up in your blood.

This is why many of the best shampoos for hair loss have significant DHT blockers.

Women can suffer from DHT levels that are too high, as well.

You may also have some nutritional defects that are preventing your hair follicles from producing good hair strands.

Make sure you’re consuming a balanced diet to offset this chance.

Finally, you might also suffer from thinning hair as a result of your age.

As we grow older, our bodies simply aren’t as capable of putting together excellent protein chains as they were before.

This slowly leads to lesser quality hair and can eventually transform into baldness.

The good news is that for most of these conditions, hair thinning shampoo or hair loss shampoo can really help.

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