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    Haircuts are a fact of life for the well-groomed man.

    We all must head back to the barbershop sooner or later unless you’ve decided to shave it all away and rock a bald head!

    But if you still have a full head of hair, chances are you’re coming up on a trim.

    You don’t always have to go to a salon to get a decent haircut, however.

    Trying to cut your hair with only scissors is a recipe for frustration, and they’re often too clunky to cut your hair steadily or evenly in the mirror.

    Instead, you could use some user-friendly, professional-quality hair clippers and get your trim done in no time.

    A hair clipper is a hair cutting machine sometimes known as a hair buzzer.

    Hair clippers make any haircut a fast and straightforward affair, and most of them offer you exceptional control so you can style or shape your hair into whatever configuration you like.

    You will want to use professional barber clippers instead of beard trimmers.

    Don’t believe us?

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    Keep reading and see what we found when we sought out the best hair clippers and best trimmers for men.

    We’ll discuss some of the best barber clippers, best cordless trimmer and hair trimmers in the market today.

    We can show you the top picks for men of all hair types, plus give you some clipping advice and show you how to trim your hair well enough to rival results from a professional barber.

    Let’s get started.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Hair Clippers

    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 1
    Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Home Haircut and Grooming Kit for Men
    • Perfect motor, also quiet
    • Blades will last for a long time
    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 2
    Upgraded Geedar Cordless Hair Clippers for Men
    • Nice warranty included
    • You can pick between corded or cordless operation
    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 3
    Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit
    • Comes with plenty of extra accessories
    • Storage case helps to keep things organized
    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 4
    Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit
    • One of the most durable hair clippers
    • Comfortable grip
    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 5
    CEENWES Updated Version Professional Hair Clippers
    • Very quiet compared to other clippers
    • Blades are very high-quality
    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 6
    GOOLEEN Hair Clippers for Men
    • Excellent battery life/charge time ratio
    • Totally waterproof
    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 7
    WONER Waterproof Cordless Hair Clippers for Men
    • Easy to switch out blades
    • Comes with carrying case
    8 Best Hair Clippers for Men in [year] (Best for Home Use, Self-Cut & Pros) 8
    Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip
    • Tapering lever included
    • Can be either corded or cordless

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Hair Clippers for Men

      Things To Consider When Buying Clippers For Your Hair

      Before we get into the details about the best hair clippers for men, let’s examine the factors our testers considered as they discovered eight quality haircut clippers products.

      1. Motor Type

      Hair Clippers Motor Type

      Electric hair clippers or electric hair trimmers all run on corded or cordless electrical power to oscillate a series of blades to cut your hair.

      But the motor attached to a given hair clipper tool can vary from model to model.

      Motors can be more or less powerful, and this often translates to a higher or lower asking price of electric clippers.

      Besides, there are three main types of motors to keep an eye out for.


      These motors tend to have high cutting power, so they’re particularly excellent for thicker or longer hair as they can chew through your hair strands with a minimum of difficulty.

      These motors are also pretty easy to use and don’t have a fast blade speed.

      Some of the best hair trimmers come with pivot motors.

      However, these motors get most haircutting jobs done more quickly since most pivot hair clippers pull their blades in opposite directions.

      This doubles the number of blade strokes you’ll get per second.

      Most pivot motors also come with removable plastic guards or attachable combs.

      They’ll also typically come with a lever that lets you adjust the length of the blades relative to your hair, you can customize your cut length.

      These motors are also great if you cut your hair when it’s still damp from a shower.


      Rotary motors power some of the best professional hair clippers around.

      These combine excellent cutting power with long-lasting durability, usually for a much higher asking price.

      They offer lots of cutting power and high blade speed, so they can cut thick or short hair in equal measure.

      They’ll also get most haircutting jobs done very quickly.

      These motors tend to be pretty lightweight and make the clipper as a whole a little easier to handle, especially for longer haircutting sessions.

      Rotary motors are also usually quiet compared to both other types.

      They’re excellent for use in a crowded apartment or bedroom, as a result.

      Most rotary motors come with detachable clipper blades, which let you change the length or style of your cut.

      Overall, rotary motors are versatile and great for a wide variety of haircuts.


      Finally, magnetic motors are powered by electromagnetic devices that operate on both AC and DC power.

      They usually feature incredibly fast cutting speed, generally reaching up to about 7200 blade strokes per minute.

      However, the trade-off is that magnetic motors don’t have as much cutting power as either of the other two types.

      The faster blade speed from an average magnetic motor means that these hair clippers are perfect for cutting longer hair that isn’t particularly thick.

      They’re also great for more casual haircuts since these are easy to use and get the job done super quickly.

      They come with a lever to let you adjust the length of the blades much as pivot motor clippers do.

      Magnetic motors usually come with a spring that retracts the blade back into the clipper chassis after the motor has pulled it forward.

      This causes magnetic motors to pull blades in only one direction instead of two.

      Because magnetic motor hair clippers are usually a little cheaper and compact than the other two types, they’re a little more vulnerable to wear and tear if you use them frequently.

      They also tend to be noticeably noisier than the other two types, so they’re best for men who have enough privacy as not to disturb their roommates or significant others.

      2. Blade Type

      Hair Clippers Blade Type

      Next, you’ll want to think about the type of blades that come with your chosen hair clippers.

      Blade quality and material are crucial for dictating just how well you like your next haircut and how long the clippers will deliver an excellent performance.

      There may however be an indirect relationship between fades and blades, professional clippers usually come with the best quality hair razor blades.

      Most mens hair clippers and haircut machines must have quality blades to make them great haircutters or hair trimmers.

      Cheap blades require frequent replacement and can often deliver a subpar haircut, causing the ends of your hair to fray or split.

      This looks and feels terrible, so it’s well worth purchasing a better hair clipper set for a few extra bucks provided that they also come with excellent blades.

      Look for blades that come with stainless steel, as a starting point.

      Stainless steel blades aren’t as vulnerable to rust damage as other materials.

      They’re incredibly long-lasting while producing a sharp edge all the while.

      You can also find carbon steel or high carbon blades.

      These are so-called self-sharpening, which basically means that their edge lasts for a much longer time than average.

      These are great when paired with hair clippers designed for cutting thicker or longer hair, as you can get the most bang for your buck out of these super-sharp blades.

      You should also look for titanium hair clipper blades.

      These are usually a little more expensive, but they last for quite a long time and deliver a very sharp edge of their own.

      Finally, you might find hair clippers that offer ceramic blades.

      Ceramic blades are suitable for men who don’t their necks or heads heating up when they use hair clippers.

      Ceramic blades don’t warm as quickly as blades from other materials, so there’s less of a risk of accidentally burning yourself if you take too long to trim the back of your neck, for instance.

      However, ceramic blades are also a little more fragile than other types, and they’re on the higher end of the pricing range.

      Overall, any of these materials will be a pretty good choice for most men.

      While it’s sometimes acceptable to purchase a hair clipper set with regular steel blades, be prepared to have to replace them frequently.

      You’ll usually find regular steel blades included with budget hair clippers.

      3. Length Settings

      Hair Clipper Length Settings

      You should also pay attention to the advertised length settings that come with a given hair clipper model.

      Usually, the best clippers for fades come with varying clipper lengths and makes cutting hair with clippers nice and effortless.

      A hair clipper that has variable length settings is a tool that you can use no matter what you want your hair to look like.

      These hair clippers can deliver fantastic cuts of variable styles, so you can feel free to adjust your personal aesthetic whenever you please.

      Hair clippers with plenty of length settings are great for men who like to adjust their hairstyle or haircut relatively frequently.

      Length settings can be delivered either by a lever on the side of the hair clipper itself or by several guard combs that are placed above the blades.

      These guard combs can be switched out quickly and easily and are usually paired with hair clippers that have blades stuck at a single pre-set length.

      Either way, you can’t go wrong by finding hair clippers that let you adjust the length of your cut.

      In fact, being able to adjust the length of your cut is critical if you want to give yourself a perfect, well-considered haircut.

      4. Corded Or Cordless?

      Battery or Corded

      Next, investigate whether or not your chosen hair clippers are corded or cordless.

      Despite what some manufacturers may claim, there’s nothing inherently wrong with getting a corded hair clipper set.

      Corded models have the advantage of never running out of power at an inopportune moment.

      These hair clippers will keep running so long as you keep them plugged into a wall outlet.

      This is a great thing to rely on, as there’s nothing more inconvenient than getting midway through your hair cut and having to take a break since your hair clippers run out of battery.

      Corded hair clippers usually offer you a decent length to move around freely, too.

      8 feet or so seems to be the standard cord length for modern hair clippers.

      However, corded models can also be inconvenient themselves since the court can get in the way of other things in your bathroom.

      This is more of a problem if you have a cramped bathroom to start with.

      Cordless models are much more portable and more comfortable to take with you on a trip and have the advantage of being able to be used anywhere.

      But you should always pay attention to the battery life of your hair clippers if you purchase a cordless type.

      Try to remember to plug it in whenever it’s not in use, so you never run the risk of running out of battery.

      Also, look for cordless hair clippers that have lithium-ion batteries.

      These last longer and can recharge more times before starting to lose their maximum energy capacity.

      The best cordless hair clippers will have batteries that last over an hour to give you plenty of time to finish your cut.

      5. Accessories

      Hair Clipper Accessories

      Don’t forget to examine the accessories that come with a hair clipper set.

      Lots of exceptional hair clippers have small trimmers that pop out of the side, blade guards or guard combs, or clipper oil.

      Clipper oil is a particularly nice accessory to seek out.

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      It’s a kind of oil that you rub on your blades and which helps keep them lubricated.

      Good clipper oil can extend the life span of your blades and help your hair clippers run more smoothly over time.

      Overall, a nice batch of accessories can do a lot to boost the overall value for money of any hair clipper set.

      Accessories can also be used to break a tie between two similar products if you can’t decide which of the two you prefer.

      Best Hair Clippers For Men of 2021 Reviewed

      1. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Home Haircut and Grooming Kit for Men

      Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Home Haircut and Grooming Kit for Men

      These wahl hair clippers are affordable and versatile, and still, feature one of the best motor and blade combinations we’ve seen.


      Motor: Rotary
      Blade Material: Self-sharpening stainless steel
      Length Settings: 10 Combs
      Corded or Cordless: Corded
      Accessories: Blade oil, bib, cleaning brush, storage case, cord wrap

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re an excellent choice for men who like to switch their haircuts every now and again.

      Key Features

      This is a high-quality and heavy-duty hair clipper kit that has everything you need to cut your hair in any style imaginable.

      It has a great rotary motor that provides plenty of cutting power and speed, so it’s great for men with short hair or long hair alike.

      It also features an 8-foot power cord that’s durable and partially insulated against water damage.

      But most of the value of this grooming kit comes from its vast number of included accessories.

      You get some excellent blade oil, a bib to stop hair from falling down your shirt, several storage containers so you can keep things organized in your bathroom or during travel, and a cord wrap so you can minimize the amount of space this clipper set takes up on your bathroom counter.

      It comes with 10 guard combs in total that are specifically designed to fit quickly and securely atop the clipper blades.

      Both the clips and the blades are made of stainless steel, and the blades are self-sharpening, so they last for a long time to come.

      Even better, this hair clipper comes with a taper lever.

      This is arguably the best hair trimmer for men.

      Generally, wahl trimmers/clippers are very good and durable.

      You can use this lever to more easily fade or blend your sideburns into your beard or any other part of your hair.

      The included lifetime limited warranty seals the deal in our eyes.

      This is a hugely valuable grooming kit at the perfect choice for men who need to gather a complete clipping kit from scratch.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Comes with tons of accessories
      Excellent limited warranty
      Perfect motor, also quiet
      Blades will last for a long time


      Lever for tapering is a bit flimsy

      2. Upgraded Geedar Cordless Hair Clippers for Men

      Upgraded Geedar Cordless Hair Clippers for Men

      This hair shaver has a great pair of blades and lets you customize the speed at which they vibrate.


      Motor: Adjustable speed pivot
      Blade Material: Titanium and ceramic
      Length Settings: 7 guard combs
      Corded or Cordless: cordless or corded
      Accessories: Cleaning brush, oil bottle, recharge stand, adapter

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re a good choice for men with a sensitive scalp.

      Key Features

      This is a versatile hair clipper kit, as it can be used in either a corded or cordless configuration depending on your preferences.

      It comes with a charging station that you can use to recharge the lithium-ion battery that provides up to 5 to 7 hours of haircutting power on a single charge.

      Or you can use the cord which plugs straight into the bottom of the unit and have infinite power provided you are in the range of a power outlet.

      Whichever option you go with, you can enjoy the crystal-clear LED display that lets you know how much energy you have left as well as your current speed setting.

      You can switch between 5500 RPM or 6500 RPM, depending on how thick your hair is or how fast you want your hair cut to be done.

      The blades are made of a titanium ceramic alloy, so it combines both the low heat retention of ceramic blades with the durability and extra sharp cutting power of titanium blades.

      They’re some of the best blades our testers examined in their search for the best hair clippers.

      You also get seven guard combs so you can adjust the length of your cut on the fly.

      Of course, the purchase also includes some quality blade oil and a cleaning brush.

      The included one-year warranty is a 100% moneyback guarantee and sweetens the deal even further.

      The only negative out of the entire set is the relative fragility of the cutting blades.

      They won’t last a long time if you end up dropping them or smacking the head of the clippers into the countertop.

      Be careful with the blades, and this clipper set will likely last you for a long time.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Comes with multiple speed options for customization
      Nice warranty included
      Excellent blades overall
      You can pick between corded or cordless operation


      Blades are brittle and easy to scratch

      3. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

      Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

      This set has enough guide combs for a family, plus the accessories to match.


      Motor: Pivot
      Blade Material: Carbon Steel self-sharpening
      Length Settings: 11 guide combs
      Corded or Cordless: Corded
      Accessories: Combs, scissors, styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, storage case

      Who Is It Best For?

      These wahl professional clippers are fantastic for families or men who need lots of length settings.

      Key Features

      This high-power haircutting kit brings a decent pivot motor to bear on your hair and provides lots of cutting power at a steady speed.

      It also includes 11 multicolored guide combs.

      It’s very easy to choose the right one for your needs, and it’s almost impossible to mix them up since they’re clearly labeled.

      Whichever length setting you choose, you can also take advantage of the tapering control included with the clippers, plus the self-sharpening carbon steel blades.

      These blades are great for providing a sharp cutting edge for even the toughest hair fibers and for lasting a long time.

      To extend the life span of the blade even further, be sure to make use of the included blade oil and cleaning brush.

      But you get even more accessories with this kit, such as a barber comb, styling comb, and some scissors.

      There’s everything you could want for cutting your hair as precisely or intricately as you desire.

      Because of all the included hair cutting tools, this is also a great choice for men who have a family.

      If you have kids, who offer for different hairstyles, giving them all the ideal hair cut is made easy thanks to the colored guide combs and the extra tools included.

      A six-inch storage case means that these corded hair clippers are easy to organize, even in a crowded bathroom environment.

      Our testers did note that the overall material of the handle is a little cheap, but that’s acceptable given the low asking price.

      The blades, which are the real part we’d be concerned about with fragility, are made to a high standard and aren’t likely to break easily.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Lots of customization options
      Comes with plenty of extra accessories
      Storage case helps to keep things organized
      Ergonomic handle


      Clipper casing is a bit cheap

      4. Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit

      Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit

      These clippers are super durable and have blades sharp enough to deliver an excellent haircut.


      Motor: Magnetic
      Blade Material: Precision-ground steel
      Length Settings: 7 guide combs
      Corded or Cordless: Corded
      Accessories: Blade oil, beard brush, styling comb

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re a good pick for men concerned about the longevity of their hair clippers.

      Key Features

      These hair clippers are made from some of the most robust materials around.

      They have a comfortable, rubberized grip and ergonomic shape, but the rubber is made of a heavy-duty polymer and surrounds a high-impact polycarbonate casing.

      This shell protects the interior of the hair clippers and ensures that they’ll continue to work even if you drop them from high above the ground.

      These corded clippers are also super easy to clean, as the removable blades are built to be washed under water and replaced smoothly.

      The POWERCUT blade system is designed to keep the blades in the perfect position for smooth and even cuts every time.

      Our testers didn’t have any problems with uneven haircuts when they tried these clippers on their own heads.

      The purchase comes with seven guide combs and a styling comb, plus a handy beard brush you can use to work the kinks and curls out of your facial hair.

      The magnetic motor is a little noisy, but it goes really fast and is a great choice for use with longer hair.

      With all of the focus on invulnerability, we were a little surprised that the blades are only made of durable precision-ground steel rather than a more hard-core material like carbon steel or stainless steel.

      Still, these blades are built to last and can deliver plenty of cutting power, especially considering the asking price.

      Overall, it’s one of the toughest hair clippers we’ve ever seen and is a perfect choice for men concerned about the durability of their hair trimming tools in the long term.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      The motor is very fast
      One of the most durable hair clippers
      Comes with a handy beard brush
      Comfortable grip


      Blades aren’t made of high-quality steel
      A bit noisy

      5. CEENWES Updated Version Professional Hair Clippers

      CEENWES Updated Version Professional Hair Clippers

      These cordless clippers are of superior quality, and they’re one of the few that don’t annoy the ear after a few minutes.


      Motor: Rotary
      Blade Material: Titanium ceramic
      Length Settings: 8 guide combs
      Corded or Cordless: Cordless
      Accessories: Carrying bag, long comb, cleaning brush

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re a good pick for men who need quiet while they cut their own hair.

      Key Features

      These hair clippers are another perfect choice for men looking for top-tier quality.

      This set uses clippers with titanium ceramic blades that are coated with antibacterial material; their excellent blades if you frequently suffer from scalp irritation or skin inflammation.

      The blades will retain their sharpness and durability over the long term.

      These are paired with a great rotary precision motor that is ultra-quiet and which doesn’t vibrate too much in your hand.

      This improves the ergonomic comfort of the unit, as your hand muscles won’t become tired during a long trimming session.

      Since they’re cordless, these clippers are even easier to use and a convenient choice for men who travel frequently.

      The clippers also come with several guide combs, two of which are set at a particular angle to make it more difficult to hurt yourself accidentally.

      These clippers are great for both beginners and experienced barbers alike.

      The lithium-ion battery provides plenty of power once it’s up to full capacity: about three hours for a four-hour charging period.

      However, we did find it to be a bit of a bummer that these clippers come with a cleaning brush and a styling comb but lack any cleaning oil.

      You’ll have to purchase some on your own after the fact.

      Still, there’s a lot to like, particularly if you’re a guy that is looking for some hair clippers that will provide a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very easy to use
      Ergonomic shape and doesn’t vibrate too much
      Very quiet compared to other clippers
      Blades are very high-quality
      Guard combs can protect you from cutting yourself


      Doesn’t come with its own blade oil

      6. GOOLEEN Hair Clippers for Men

      GOOLEEN Hair Clippers for Men

      These clippers offer multiple different length adjustment options.


      Motor: Pivot
      Blade Material: Ceramic titanium
      Length Settings: 6 guide combs or 5 adjustable lengths
      Corded or Cordless: Cordless
      Accessories: Oil, cleaning brush, hairdressing cape, storage bag, hair comb

      Who Is It Best For?

      Pick these up if you like to change your hairstyle or cut your hair at different lengths to achieve your perfect look.

      Key Features

      These hair clippers are great for trimming your hair or even touching up your facial hair.

      This versatility is something that isn’t seen too often among hair clipper sets, but we’re pleased to find it here since it offers a great budget option for men who need both types of products.

      You can use the ceramic-titanium blades for both your head hair and facial hair, and to the length of the blade, either by using the control on the handle of the clippers or the six included guide combs.

      As these clippers are cordless, you can use them anywhere you like with maximum comfort.

      The lithium-ion battery provides you 210 minutes of running time after just four hours of charging.

      You can recharge the clippers with a USB charging plug, so you don’t need to rely on a bulky charging station.

      To make things even better, the clippers are totally washable thanks to their waterproof casing.

      You can easily give yourself a good haircut, then take the same clippers into the shower and touch up your facial hair or make sure that your sideburns blended appropriately.

      Add to all of those benefits some great accessories, like a hairdressing cape, a cleaning brush, and a dedicated hair comb, and there’s a lot of value in this pick.

      There’s even a 12-month free replacement warranty and customer service whenever you need it.

      Overall, it’s hard to find something not to like about these clippers.

      The only thing we’d change is its noise level, which is a rather high buzz that can become annoying after a little while.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Can be used easily for hair or facial hair
      Excellent battery life/charge time ratio
      Good blades
      Totally waterproof
      Can adjust blade length with combs or switches


      Noise level is a little too high

      7. WONER Waterproof Cordless Hair Clippers for Men

      WONER Waterproof Cordless Hair Clippers for Men

      These clippers let you adjust their blades in two ways and have separate materials for each blade, as well.


      Motor: Pivot
      Blade Material: 1 ceramic, 1 titanium
      Length Settings: 5 length settings, 7 guide combs
      Corded or Cordless: Cordless
      Accessories: 2 cleaning brushes, 1 styling comb, carrying case

      Who Is It Best For?

      Use these if you enjoy the sharpness of titanium with the heat-protection of ceramic blades.

      Key Features

      These hair clippers come with tons of user-friendly customization settings.

      You’ll note right off the bat that the clippers are protected by a semi-waterproof and shockproof casing that ensures that they’ll continue to work even if you drop them on the ground.

      There are also both blade-specific length settings and guide combs to let you customize your haircut.

      The blades combine the best aspects of both ceramic and titanium materials since you get one of each.

      The ceramic movable blade ensures that you’ll never have to feel your skin burn from the motor running too long.

      Our testers also noticed that the blades are much easier to remove and set back into proper place compared to other hair clippers.

      This makes switching out your old blades for new ones or removing your current ones to clean them a much less frustrating task.

      You get plenty of excellent accessories like a storage case and two separate cleaning brushes to make this an even better versatile purchase.

      Our testers did notice that the removability of the blades seemed to make them misaligned slightly more frequently than others, but this is a small flaw overall.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Lots of length settings
      Easy to switch out blades
      Water-resistant body
      Comes with carrying case


      Blades misaligned a little more frequently

      8. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip

      Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip

      These professional hair clippers are made for hardcore, precision work.


      Motor: Rotary
      Blade Material: Stainless Steel
      Length Settings: 8 guide combs
      Corded or Cordless: Both
      Accessories: Blade oil, cleaning brush

      Who Is It Best For?

      These are the best of the best if you have a little extra cash and want some clippers that’ll last.

      Key Features

      These clippers have been designed for professional use, so men looking for high-quality haircuts should definitely consider them.

      They use excellent stainless-steel blades to deliver fantastic cutting power and are combined with a great rotary motor that provides plenty of speed, as well.

      These clippers can be used in either corded or cordless fashion.

      Simply plug the cord into the bottom of the unit to eliminate the need for recharging.

      If you do decide to go cordless, you get about 90 minutes per charge, which is a little short but still manageable for most haircuts.

      These clippers are equipped with a tapering lever you can initialize whenever you want to do some stylish fading on your sideburns or other areas.

      They also come with plenty of guide combs to further customize the length of your hair.

      The only downside we noticed was the small number of accessories, especially given the high asking price.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Excellent cutting power
      Quiet motor
      Durable blades, long-lasting
      Tapering lever included
      Can be either corded or cordless


      Not too many accessories
      A bit pricey
      Battery life is a little low

      Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Clipping

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now that you’ve seen some of the best hair clippers for men let’s answer any remaining questions, so you’re fully prepared to give yourself the best haircut you’ve ever seen.

      What distinguishes hair clippers from scissors?

      Hair clippers work through at least two blades made of one of the common materials we discussed at the beginning of the guide.

      Two blades are the minimum, although many hair clippers have more than this.

      You need two blades because one is held in place and permanently attached to the main hair clipper body.

      The other is powered by one of the motors we described above.

      That second blade oscillates back and forth and presses hair against the fixed blade.

      The resulting pressure and cutting action slices through your hair incredibly efficiently.

      When it comes to guard combs, these are slid on top of the cutting blades and act as physical blocks to prevent the full lengths of the blades from coming into contact with your hair.

      This artificially limits how much hair can be cut with each oscillation.

      This varies from material to material.

      For instance, stainless steel or carbon steel blades don’t need to be replaced very often, whereas blades made of a lesser kind of steel will obviously need to be replaced much more frequently.

      In general, you won’t want to go more than six months or so between replacing your blades.

      You should replace your blades more frequently if you trim your hair every couple of weeks, and you can help your blades last longer if you only cut your hair regularly.

      Most hair clipper manufacturers sell replacement blades on their home website in packs of multiple blades at a time.

      If your hair clippers no longer sell replacement blades, you can sometimes find generic blades that fit with most hair clipper units, although these usually aren’t sized perfectly well for any single model.

      Always try to purchase blades directly from the manufacturer, if possible.

      Regardless of how often you cut your hair, you should always use a good blade oil to maintain their quality over time.

      You should oil your blades about once per week, even if you haven’t used them in that week.

      Oil helps keep the blades from getting rust or corrosive damage, even if they’re made from stainless steel.

      It can also rinse away small particles of hair that might have been left behind from the last rinse.

      Think of blade oil as an effective preservative to ensure that your blades are sharp for the entire duration of their lifespan.

      When applying oil to your blades, you only need to squeeze a few drops onto the blades to receive its full effects.

      A good hair clipper will last you a lifetime, so ensuring that your blades also last as long as possible is an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck from the set.

      They can.

      Uneven blades mess with the look and shape of your haircut and can give onlookers the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing.

      It’s a good idea to check the alignment of your blades every time you give yourself a haircut.

      Because the oscillations of the cutting blade take the entire hair clipper, you’ll notice misalignment happen every 5 to 7 haircuts.

      To align your blades, take a screwdriver and unscrew whatever is holding the blades into place.

      Remember that there will be two blades at a minimum, and both or all need to be removed to realign things properly.

      Take tweezers and adjust the cutting and holding blades into the correct orientation.

      Tweezers are an excellent choice for this part of the process since you have greater fine control than with your fingers, and the space that you have to adjust the blades may be too small for your fingers to fit in the first place.

      Take your time setting up the blades and, once you are sure that they’re in the right position, screw them back into place the same screwdriver.

      You’ll want to screw them back into place slowly, however.

      The very motion of screwing them into the hair clippers can misalign them again.

      Keep the tweezers handy and adjust as you go.

      Eventually, they’ll be locked into place, and you can tighten the screws all the way down.

      No matter what, you should always rinse out your blades after a haircut.

      The blades will turn your hair into dust, which quickly climbs into the inner workings of your hair clippers and can dig deep down into the grooves of your blades.

      Simply rinse your blades in the sink and use a small brush to work out any dirt or hair particles that might remain.

      Many of the best hair clipper sets come with cleaning brushes specifically designed for this purpose.

      Most clipper guard combs are made of durable plastic, although the quality of this plastic can vary from purchase to purchase.

      Most of the time, you’ll benefit more from a firm plastic comb that doesn’t bend when you put a little pressure on it.

      Weaker combs can break under pressure or accidentally let your clipper blades cut your hair too short.
      In terms of size, most comb sets are sized according to a 1 to 8 scale.

      This scale corresponds to 1/8 of an inch per size, and it’s measuring the length of your hair after it’s cut.

      It starts with 1 as the lowest number for most sets, and it leaves about 1/16 of an inch of length for your hair.

      A size 2 guard comb weaves about 1/8 of an inch left after cutting.

      A size 3 guard comb leave one-fourth of an inch, a size 4 guard comb leave 3/8 of an inch, and so on.

      Basically, the higher the number on the guard comb, the more hair you’ll have remaining after using your clippers.

      This scale is mostly adhered to across manufacturers and clipper types, but it’s not super exact, and there may be some differences to the millimeter from brand to brand.

      Next, let’s examine the best technique for effectively cutting your own hair.

      Step One

      First, choose a hairstyle before taking the clippers to your hair.

      Giving yourself a haircut isn’t something you should do on a lark; it takes some preparation and thought beforehand.

      If you know what hairstyle you’re going for the beginning, you’ll be less likely to make any mistakes and have to adapt on the fly.

      Step Two

      Consider how your hair grows and what natural directions your locks may take.

      Any professional barber will tell you that you should always cut in the same direction that your hair naturally leads.

      If you cut in the direction opposite to your hair’s inclination, your hair will appear jagged or sharp on the ends, resulting in a choppy appearance.

      You’ll also want to prepare your space for cutting.

      If you’re giving yourself a haircut in the bathroom, remove any rugs or other soft material that your hair might stick to.

      A hard bathroom floor is easier to clean after a haircut, as you can simply sweep the hair particulates away with a regular broom and dustpan.

      Step Three

      The exact steps for your haircut will depend on the hairstyle you’ve chosen, but in general, you should start at the base of your head and work up toward the top.

      Tilt your head forward and allow the clippers to rest against the back of your neck as you press them onward.

      When you’re cutting, keep a firm and even pressure on the clippers, so the cut stays even all the way across.

      Step Four

      You should do the sides of your head after you’ve finished with the back.

      Begin at the base of your sides and move up toward the crown of your head.

      Pull your ears out of the way, and don’t forget to cut around their curve.
      Continue to pay attention to the natural inclination of your hair and cut in the same direction.

      Step Five

      Save the top of your hair for last, as you’ll be able to gauge your progress so far if you’ve done the sides beforehand.

      Step Six

      Now it’s time to do any touch-up work.

      Scrutinize your hair and continue to trim so that all of your hair appears to be the same length unless you deliberately cut it at different lengths for a particular hairstyle.

      Feel free to adjust your guard combs or blade length throughout this process as necessary.

      You may want to remove the guard comb entirely if you’re going to touch up your sideburns or blend them with your beard.

      To blend your sideburns with your beard, remove the guard comb, but don’t press your clipper blade directly to your skin.

      Instead, hover it slightly over the top of your hair and gently cut away some sideburn thickness until it appears to blend with your beard hair naturally.

      Step Seven

      Time to clean up.

      Be sure to clean up any hair that may have fallen on the floor, and don’t forget your clipper cleaning procedures.

      Apply some blade oil if you haven’t already this week and be sure to wash the blades thoroughly regardless.

      If you have a cordless model, remember to plug it in, so you don’t run the risk of running out of battery during your next haircut.

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