7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top 2024 Brands Reviewed)


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    Are you tired of shaving the same old way? Maybe you want to try out new blades or change the angle to get better results.

    There are several options out there, but finding the right razor might take some time.

    If you’re looking forward to a smoother shave every day, then check out the best razor for shaving head.

    Razors are one of those items we often overlook when we think about buying new products.

    We assume that our old ones are good enough, so why bother?

    Well, we’ve found some great razors that make shaving your head fun again.

    When you shave with them, the razor feels like a luxury item, not something you’d want to part with after only using it once or twice.

    They’re as easy to use as any razor you’ve used before and we love the fact that they look really cool too!

    In this article, we’re going to check out the best razor to shave your head so you can be sure to get the job done right.

    These razors are going to be reviewed based on multiple factors like:

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    • How long their handles are?
    • The number of blades on the razor head
    • How easy they’re to use
    • The flexibility of the razor heads
    • Pre & post-shave care

    There are other types of shavers including the best electric razor for bald head which might catch your interest if you want to go electric.

    best razor for shaving head

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

    7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top [year] Brands Reviewed) 1
    Gillette Mach 3
    • Protect skin from redness
    • Long-lasting comfort
    7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top [year] Brands Reviewed) 2
    MERKUR Classic Double Edge Safety Razor
    • Durable and precise
    • Well suited to head shaving
    7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top [year] Brands Reviewed) 3
    BIC Silky Touch Twin Blade Disposable Razor
    • Twin bladed
    • Ideal for on-the-go touch-ups
    7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top [year] Brands Reviewed) 4
    Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide
    • A shave you barely feel
    • Great for hard-to-reach areas
    7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top [year] Brands Reviewed) 5
    Merkur Extra Long Safety Razor
    • Extra long handle for easy handling
    • Uses inexpensive double edge blades
    7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top [year] Brands Reviewed) 6
    HeadBlade ATX Head Shaving Razor
    • Excellent innovative design
    • Good cutting power
    7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top [year] Brands Reviewed) 7
    Schick Hydro Sense Hydrate Razors
    • Shock absorb technology
    • Flip trimmer for hard-to-reach areas

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Razor for Shaving Head

      Before we get to our top pick review section, we’ll highlight some of the features that will help you to find the best head shavers.

      Each feature will be more or less important depending on what you’re looking for in the head shaving razor and how to cut your hair with a shaving razor.  

      1. Length of a Shaving Razor

      Length of best shave Razor

      The length of the shave razor may be in the range of 3 to 4 inches, generally speaking – and that usually excludes the razor head.

      Different lengths have their own benefits.

      A longer handle of your new shaving razor can be harder to control but does allow for easier access to the harder-to-reach parts of your head. 

      A shorter handle is going to be easier to control, with the cutting edge(s) held closer to your fingertips for easier manipulation, and is the fastest way to shave your head.

      On the other hand, you have to reach more to get to the hard-to-reach areas as you can adjust the cutting angle so easily with a shorter handle.

      2. Number of Blades

      gillette guard shaving razor

      A head razor may have a one to five blades design.

      However, don’t assume that a five-blade design is automatically going to deliver a neat shave than a single-blade design.

      We have a couple of single-blade safety full shave head razors on our list that is capable of delivering a closer shave than possibly any other razors.

      On the other hand, multi-blade cartridges like Gillette guard shaving razors are faster and generally easier to use, making them an ideal razor design for everyday or frequent use.

      In addition, you might also want to consider blades that are easy to clean after a messy shaving job.

      3. Grip of Razor Head

      first pivot head razor

      The grip is important because it is literally how easily and comfortably you can hold the razor.

      If it feels well-weighted and intuitive in your hand, it will be easier for you to use the razor effectively and might prove to be the best shaver for a bald head.

      Master your razor, and you will quickly shave your hair eliminating cuts, nicks, and razor burns.

      4. Ease of Use

      best razor for shaving head

      As it comes to ease of use, we rank each razor as easy, medium, or difficult.

      For an easy razor, we would expect you to be able to take your razor for bald head out of the box and shave with it straight away without any hassle and achieve good results.

      Medium and Difficult head shavers require a little experience and practice to get the best results.

      Such first pivot head razors will generally result in the closest and smoothest shaves – provided they are used correctly!

      Just consider how close a finish you need, and how much effort you are willing to put into mastering your razor when looking at the ease of use rating.

      5. Flexible Head

      best head shaver

      Last but not least, we have highlighted which razor designs come with a flexible head.

      This will be a pivoting joint, sometimes a ball, found at the tip of the handle, beneath the cartridge.

      This pivoting head razor is easier to wield, as it will adapt the shaving angle of the cartridge automatically, reducing the risk of cuts or irritation.

      On the other hand, it can make it harder to achieve a very close finish.

      Also, flexible heads are only to be found on replaceable cartridge-style razors like the Gillette ProGlide.

      You have to factor in the cost of replacing these cartridge blades if you want a flexible head design.

      The 7 Best Razor for Shaving Head in 2024

      1. Best Overall Razor: Head Blade ATX Head Shaving Razor

      new shaving razor

      It is a highly innovative and eye-catching design from HeadBlade.

      It is certainly eye-catching, but does it deliver on its promise as the fastest and easiest head-shaving tool on the market?


      Brand: ATX
      Length: 3 Inches
      Number of Blades: 4
      Ease of Use: Easy
      Flexible Head: No
      Price: $$$
      Weight: 3 Ounces

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who appreciates innovation and excellent design.

      Key Features

      The stand-out for head blade moto head razor product is clearly the innovative and cool design.

      Just look at it, it’s so cool!

      Honestly, we can happily say, hand on heart, not only is this product unique on our list, it is unique on the market, too.

      First of all, this is the best head shaver for men that has been specifically designed for hair removal from your head – though you can also use it for your body and facial hair if you like.

      That alone makes it pretty unique, as every other razor on this list is primarily designed for use on the face (or legs in the case of the BIC razor).

      They just all happen to have other characteristics that make them ideal for use on your head too.

      That’s not the case with this design though.

      It is wheeled so that it can, literally, roll over your head.

      That means you don’t have to worry about cutting angles or how you are holding the handle.

      Slip grip makes it super easy to roll away all over your head.

      That makes it by far the easiest product on our list today, with a learning curve so shallow it is almost a straight line.

      It also has pretty good cutting power by virtue of the four-blade cartridge this razor is packing.

      We’ve decided to show you the starter kit here.

      It comes with a set of replacement blades and a 5oz container of head blades’ own brand shaving lotion.

      Notably, this kit is great value for money.

      It has everything you need to get started, as well as enough supplies to keep you ready for wet shave head for quite a while.

      It also allows you to trial the head blade’s shaving lotion, which we think is really good quality (you can read more about it in the Pre-Shave Section below).

      We should also point out though that you can, of course, buy the head blade as a stand-alone razor to cut back on the initial cash outlay.

      If you are interested in doing that, we would suggest looking at the Head Blade Moto.

      This is the newest version of the head blade and boasts a number of impressive upgrades, mainly the fact the cartridge head is now mounted on a flexible pivot for even safer and easier shaving.

      We should point out that the nature of the design means that you won’t be able to get quite as close a finish as with a razor such as one of the MERKUR safety razors above.

      But if safety and ease of use are the most important functions you are looking for, it’s hard to suggest that any other razor will do a better job of shaving your head than one of the head blade designs.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Really Easy to Use
      Complete Kit with Everything You Need to Get Started
      Tough and Long Lasting Design


      Doesn’t Deliver a Truly Close Shave

      2. Best 3 Blade Cartridge Razor: Gillette Mach 3

      gillette mach3 shaving razor

      The Gillette Mach 3 is a classic razor, one of the earliest multi-blade system designs and the first one to really take off with mainstream popularity.

      Now one of the simpler designs on the market, this classic design can still perform well.


      Brand: Gillette
      Length: 4.1 Inches
      Number of Blades: 3
      Ease of Use: Easy
      Flexible Head: No
      Price: $
      Weight: 1.9 Ounces

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for a simple, easy-to-use razor to shave head.

      Key Features

      The Mach 3 was launched way back in 1998, the culmination of $750 million worth of research by the Gillette company.

      This research was backed by a phenomenal marketing campaign that seemed to have the razor plastered across every TV screen and billboard at the turn of the century.

      Add in the fact that it is just a really well-designed and built razor that provides a very effective head shave and you can understand why it has remained so popular all these years later.

      Of particular relevance whilst thinking of head saving though is the fact that this razor was designed to be very, very easy to control.

      It’s really no wonder that a quick poll of the Prim & Prep office revealed that the Mach 3 was the first razor the majority of us used – it’s the perfect training razor. 

      That’s because it is well weighted to sit easily in the hand.

      At 4 inches long it is a little shorter than some other designs too, helping to keep the cutting blades as close to your fingertips (and under control) as possible.

      Plus it just feels nice in your hand, as intuitive to wield as a pen or a fork.

      It has now long been supplanted by fancier designs from both Gillette and from other rivals, many of which we will look at later in this article.

      But the Mach 3, by virtue of its ease of use and small size is very well suited to head shaving.

      The famous 3 blades now seem a little on the mild side, considering there are now razors on the market with 5 or even 6 blades.

      But the 3 blade configuration still has plenty of shaving power and is more than capable of handling head hair and providing a clean finish.

      If there is a downside to Mach 3, it is the same issue it has had since it launched – the cartridge rip-off controversy.

      It’s no secret that each cartridge costs a few cents to produce, but retail for a far, far higher price, with some reports suggesting the mark-up, could be as high as 4,750% (!)

      That sticks in the craw a little, but if you can stomach regularly handing over a fair chunk of your hard-earned cash for new cartridges, the Mach 3 is, without doubt, an excellent razor that is perfectly suited for head shaving. 

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Light & Comfortable Hand Feel
      3 Blades for Excellent Shaving Power
      Tried, Trusted & Easy to Use


      Cartridge Replacements Are Not Cheap

      3. Best Budget Safety Razor: MERKUR Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

      vintage shaving razor

      The next item for your consideration is this double edge vintage shaving razor.

      It is of a timeless design style, but does it have enough about it to remain a relevant design in today’s multi-blade dominated razor world?


      Brand: Merkur
      Length: 3.4 Inches
      Number of Blades: 1 (Double Sided)
      Ease of Use: Difficult
      Flexible Head: No
      Price: $$
      Weight: 1.87 Ounces

      Who Is It Best For?

      A man who is looking for a very close shave – but is also willing to put in the time to perfect their technique.

      Key Features

      You know what guys, if you want to dance, then we should leave your friends behind.

      Because if your friends don’t dance then they’re no friends of mine, get me?

      Yeah, we’re talking Safety Dance guys!

      Check Notes


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      We’re talking safety razors.

      Maybe not as much fun as the Safety Dance but ultimately much more useful when it comes to shaving your dome – and that is what we’re here for today after all.

      Safety razors as we know them have been around since the early 20th Century.

      They fell out of fashion for a little while, replaced by the shiny attraction of multi-blade cartridge razors like the Mach 3.

      But they never entirely went away, being kept alive by a dedicated band of shavers who respected the history of the safety blade – and also recognized that safety blades could be relied upon to deliver a crazy close shave time after time.

       It is for that latter reason that this safety razor from MERKUR has found its way onto our list.

      If you want a close shave and a smooth finish, then this razor could be the one for you – close shaves and smooth finishes are what safety razors are all about.

      There are a number of other positives too.

      Replacement blades are crazy cheap, we’re talking a few cents per blade.

      You can also change up your shave experience by choosing a different blade.

      (Wondering where you can find a comprehensive guide to the best safety razors on the market right now?

      Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too).

      This particular razor from MERKUR is especially well suited to head shaving.

      It is crazy small, barely 3 inches long, making it nice and easy to maneuver around your head.

      The German steel construction and ergonomic design feel nice and tough, and the etched knurls on the handle make it easy to grip even in wet conditions.

      If we’re going to throw a fly into the soup, it is the same issue that all safety razors have, they are not as easy to use as modern cartridge razors.

      Don’t expect to pick this up and start shaving your head without a few nicks and cuts along the way.

      In fact, we would recommend starting by shaving your face to get a feel for the razor, before moving onto your head.

      If you have the patience to master it though, there is little doubt this best razor for head shaving can deliver one of the closest shaves of any product on our list today.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Super Cheap Replacement Blades
      Can Deliver a Very Smooth Finish
      Attractive but Functional Design


      Needs Practice to Master Technique

      4. Best Disposable Razor: BIC Silky Touch Twin Blade Disposable Razor

      Disposable head Razor

      What you will find as you make your way across our list is a wide range of quality, premium razors – that also have premium price tags to match.

      What you are going to find in this entry is a quality razor for bald shave heads, at a very, very low price.


      Brand: BIC
      Length: 3.2 Inches
      Number of Blades: 2
      Ease of Use: Easy
      Flexible Head: No
      Price: $
      Weight: 1.4 Ounces (Per Pack of 10)

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who wants to shave their head on an extremely tight budget.

      Key Features

      First of all, ignore the pink packaging and pastel coloring on the razor handles.

      All that matters is the razor blades themselves, and we can tell you that you will not find a set of sharper blades on a disposable razor for this price.


      We have thrown women’s products onto our guides before.

      We do this because women’s shaving products are often 1) of very high quality, and 2) often much cheaper than the men’s equivalent.

      That is very much the case here too.

      Women make up the bulk of the market when it comes to razors and trimmers – there are simply more of them shaving more parts of their body than the average man.

      This set of razors is primarily designed for use on legs.

      Bear in mind how much skin there is on a pair of legs.

      Now compare that to the amount of skin on your head.

      It’s a big difference, right?

      What that means to you is that the blades on this razor are designed to stay sharp over a much longer shaving period than you are actually going to use it for.

      A sharp blade is going to go a long way to ensuring that you can get a close shave without irritation and razor burn.

      The razors themselves are very easy to hold, with an excellent injection molded handle.

      It is very light and easy to maneuver around your head, whilst the two blades are very sharp but also have less cutting action than a four, five, or three-blade cartridge.

      That makes it a kinder razor overall, with a bigger margin for error, and be sure that it leaves no razor bumps.

      BIC is after all a quality razor manufacturer who has been making these kinds of products for more than 50 years – so by now, they know what they are doing.

      The key point here.

      If you are looking for a best razor to shave head with a very tight budget, ignore the pastel coloring and pink packaging and recognize that this is an excellent razor for head shaving that also represents phenomenal value for money.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Cheap. Very, Very Cheap
      Sharp & Long Lasting Blades
      Very Easy to Use


      Will Not Deliver the Quality Finish of a Premium Blade

      5. Best 5 Blade Cartridge Razor: Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

      best bald head shaver

      Gillette is back with their second entry to the list of the best bald head shavers.

      This is the first razor with a flexible head that we’ve brought to you, but is that extra movement enough to tame the five blades found in this design?


      Brand: Gillette
      Length: 4.1 Inches
      Number of Blades: 5
      Ease of Use: Medium
      Flexible Head: Yes
      Price: $$
      Weight: 2.4 Ounces

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for incredible shaving power in design with excellent control.

      Key Features

      The big stand-out feature of this design is of course that centrally mounted Flexible.

      It is that design innovation that has led to this razor making its way onto our list.

      Very simply, a flexible head on a razor can be very, very useful when it comes to shaving your head.

      Why is that?

      Well, as we’ve pointed out multiple times already, shaving your head is hard!

      You can’t see where the razor is going half the time unless you adopt some poses from the Karma Sutra that are not suitable for times when you have a razor blade in your hand.

      There is also the fact that your head is full of bumps and is itself more angular than a simpler shave, such as your cheek or jawline.

      That is where a razor with a flexible head can really come in handy if a clean shave is what you seek.

      That level of independent movement allows the razor to be worked over your head with greater ease.

      You don’t have to manipulate the blade into the most appropriate cutting angle, as the flexible head will move into the position for you.

      That can really help to provide an irritation-free shave.

      You can also add in the fact that this is a Gillette product, so you can rely on the blades being top quality.

      In fact, Gillette invented new ones for the Fusion ProGlide.

      These new blades are extra thin, a feature designed to help cut down on friction.

      Less friction equals less irritation, which in turn equals a happier head after you shave.

      Just bear in mind that even with a flexible head, five blades is a supreme level of shaving power.

      As such, this razor does take a little getting used to.

      It’s not as steep a learning curve as a traditional safety razor, but we would suggest practicing on your face for a bit before advancing to your head.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Five Blades for Fast and Efficient Shaving
      Ultra Thin, Anti-Friction Blades
      Multiball Flexible Technology


      Still, Need to Shave Carefully

      6. Best Premium Safety Razor: Merkur Extra Long Safety Razor

      razors for bald heads

      We have another returning manufacturer now, and it is MERKUR back with their second entry.

      These are high-quality, premium razors for bald heads – with the price tag to match.

      Worth the investment or not?

      Read on to find out…


      Brand: Merkur
      Length: 4 Inches
      Number of Blades: 2 (Double Sided)
      Ease of Use: Difficult
      Flexible Head: No
      Price: $$$
      Weight: 4.8 Ounces

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who wants a truly premium grade razor – and is happy to pay for it too!

      Key Features

      If James Bond shaves, he probably uses a razor-like this.

      First of all, this is another safety razor design.

      So yes, as we talked about with the previous MERKUR model, there is quite a learning curve to truly master this razor.

      But when you do master it (and we have faith that you will!) you are looking at a razor that can deliver an incredibly close and smooth finish.

      We think that the ability to deliver quality results is certainly something that Bond would appreciate.

      But more than that, we know that Bond is a style icon.

      From the cars to the suits to the Bond Girl on his arm, everything is stylish, and that is why we think he would like this razor.

      It is a design that screams premium design and construction.

      That translates to a beautiful handle that has been weighted to feel great in your hand. 

      When a razor feels great, we like to think, you’re more likely to keep picking it up and keep using it.

      With regards to shaving your head, the handle is the main selling point.

      Not only is it excellently weighted, but it is also extra-long, with a length of 4 inches (add in the shaving head too and its total length is more like 5 inches).

      That helps this razor to reach parts of your head easier than some other models – provided of course you take the time to master it properly.

      Yes, this razor is also packing a big price tag.

      But once you clear that hurdle, remember that safety blades only cost a few cents each.

      So it may be a big investment upfront, but eventually, it will pay you back in cheaper replacement blades compared to options like the Mach 3 and ProGlide.

      This is a very impressive, high-quality razor that looks and feels great whilst performing to a very high standard.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Weighted Handle for Excellent Hand Feel
      Compatible with All Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
      High-Quality Construction



      7. Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Schick Hydro Sense Hydrate Razors

      wet shave head

      We are going to finish off with a quality cartridge men’s razor that puts lubrication front and center.


      Brand: Schick
      Length: 4 Inches
      Number of Blades: 5
      Ease of Use: Medium
      Flexible Head: Yes
      Price: $$
      Weight: 3 Ounces

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for a little extra lubrication during their wet head shaving.

      (We didn’t mean for that to sound as dirty as it did, but there is just something about the word “Lubrication,” right?)

      Key Features

      We’ve rapped about it already, but we’re going to say it again – lubrication is very important when you are shaving your head.

      We’re highlighting it again because this final product on our list is very well suited for wet shave heads primarily because it is an excellent lubricator.

      The lubricant action here comes from a strip of gel mounted on the top of the cartridge.

      The gel is a coconut oil-based formula.

      It has been deployed here by Schick to both hydrate the skin (great) and also lubricate the movement of the blades (even better!)

      The cartridge head is packed with lubricant too – 80% more gel surface area is available here with this razor than on the strip found on the competing Quattro Titanium razor blade.

      That lubrication is useful because this razor is packing five blades.

      That is going to provide for a shaving action of incredible power and speed.

      So you can get through your shaving routine a little faster than some other blades, as well as achieve a nice smooth and close finish.

      (Standard disclaimer: Five blades are a lot of shaving power, which means you do need to practice with the razor a little before getting setting it loose on your head).

      There is also an excellent shock-absorbent system built-in here making it a safe shaver for bald heads.

      That makes for a flexible head that can move and adjust to the shaving angles required when shaving across your head.

      The upfront cost here is a little higher than with some disposable cartridge razors.

      The cartridge razors themselves are on the pricier end of the spectrum too.

      The cartridges also seem to not quite have the same lifespan as some others, with the lubricating strips running out of power often before the blades are blunted.

      That can make this razor a little more expensive to run in the long term, as it will burn through cartridges pretty quickly.

      On the other hand, it cannot be denied that owing to that excellent lubrication level, this razor is well designed to deliver a comfortable shave with little skin irritation.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Excellent Lubricating Strip
      5 Quality Blades for Fast and Close Shave
      Flexible Head


      Cartridges Don’t Last Long

      When it comes to finding the best way to shave your head, here at PrimandPrep we really do think that you need to think of this as a three-stage process.

      The first stage is selecting the right razor.

      Think about it, you can have the best technique, the best moisturizers, and lotions but if you’re going to try to shave your head with a piece of broken glass you’re gonna have a bad time.

      Since it is such an important step (to us at least), we’ve devoted this whole article to finding and reviewing the very best razors for shaving your head so you can find the best one that suits you.

      In the next section, we’re going to take a look at the other two stages, which we have named the Pre-Care and Post-Care sections of head shaving.

      Head Shaving Pre-Care

      Pre Head Shave Care

      Before you can shave your head you need to prep your hair and your skin.

      Hair first, because that’s nice and easy.

      Frankly, you don’t want to be tackling a full head of hair with a razor – that is madness.

      Hair Trimmer

      You need to use something with a high cutting capacity to shed 99% of the head on your hair before moving on to finish the job with your best bald head shaver of choice.

      How you achieve that is completely up to you.

      You could for example simply go to the barber and ask them to shave everything off.

      Or you could invest in a quality do-it-yourself electric hair trimmer which can prove to be the best way to shave your head without a razor.

      The benefit of this option is that even if you have decided to shave your head, you are still going to be growing hair on the rest of your body.

      If you buy a trimmer, you can use it on your head to get that pre-shave buzz cut, and then still keep it around to tackle everything else.

      Don’t be precious about buying a pubic hair trimmer and using it on your head by the way – the trimmer can’t tell if it’s shaving your skull or your nuts, so don’t worry about it.

      Shaving Lotion

      You also need to lubricate your skin to help the razor to glide over it smoothly.

      That will help make the razor more efficient, cutting down on skin irritation.

      Remember, skin care is important and aloe is your friend!

      The trouble is that there is such a huge range of shaving creams and lotions out there, how can you decide which is the right one?

      You’re just one man for God’s sake, and there are so many lotions and creams and soaps and argghhhh-

      Chill, it’s ok.

      First off, we’ve already tackled the best shaving creams on the market, which you can find here.

      Yeah, we wrote that article so perhaps we’re biased, but we’re pretty sure it is the best article on the Internet. Ever.

      Oh, you have sensitive skin?

      Don’t worry son, we’ve got you covered too.

      In addition to that article, there are a few products we can throw at you right now as being particularly well suited for use on your head.

      HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream

      head Shave Cream

      We already rapped about this product in the review of the head blade shaving kit, which included a bottle of this excellent shaving cream.

      If you have invested in the kit, then you will already (or will shortly) know that this is a quality shave cream for head shaving.

      If the head blade wasn’t for you though, then we would certainly suggest considering investing in this shaving cream to use with whatever razor you did decide to go for.

      It is free of perfumes, dyes, and parabens for a cream that is naturally formulated to be as kind and gentle to your skin as possible.

      At the same time, it is formulated to provide exceptional lubrication, really helping the blade of whatever razor you are using to glide effortlessly over your skin.

      This product is really well designed to keep skin irritation to a minimum whilst also allowing for as close a shave as possible.

      It’s not cheap, but it is an excellent investment if you want a high-quality cream.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

      Cremo Original Shave Cream

      Cremo Original Shave Cream

      This shave cream from Cremo is an excellent alternative to the head blade shave cream that also has the advantage of being a few bucks cheaper.

      This quality shave cream already made its way onto our shave cream review article, so you can head over there to read about it in detail.

      Briefly, though, we liked it because it is designed to provide a very, very high level of lubrication.

      For us, when it comes to shaving your head, you simply cannot have enough lubrication.

      Head shaving is simply harder than shaving your face, owing to the contours and angles on and around the top of your skull, plus the simple fact it’s hard to actually see what you are doing!

      Extra lubrication will just make the job that little bit easier.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

      Pre-Shave Cap

      Shave cap

      Finally, if you are looking to really indulge yourself during the pre-shave prep stage, you could take a look at this pre-shave hot towel cap from ShaveBeanie.

      Yeah, we agree, it looks kind of weird.

      But don’t let that put you off investing in a product that has been designed to really be up to your head-shaving game.

      The cap is made from organic cotton grown in the US.

      That means that it is both super comfortable, but also extremely absorbent.

      You merely pop the cap into a bowl of hot water for 30 seconds, wring it out, and pop it on your head for a minute or two.

      Alternatively, you can wear it in the shower and let the hot water soak through the cap.

      It’s like a hot towel treatment without the fuss and mess of an actual hot towel.

      The heat and steam will both soften your hair and also open your pores, prepping every part of the head before the shave and helping to reduce irritation and razor burn.

      Head Shaving Aftercare

      Post Head Shave Care

      As well as prepping your head for shaving, for best results you also need to be looking after your head in the minutes, hours and days after you have shaved.

      For us, that really means two things:


      No man would shave their face and not look to use a moisturizer after, and your head skin should be treated no different to the skin on your chinny chin chin.

      Real talk, shaving is a pretty traumatic event for your skin.

      Think about it, you are literally scraping a razor-sharp piece of metal (in some cases multiple pieces of razor sharp metal) across your skin.

      It’s no surprise that this process can irritate your skin too.

      Once you have adopted the shaven-headed look, the skin on your head is surprised, going to be much more visible.

      Make sure to include the regular use of a good skin moisturizer to help keep it looking its best.

      There are actually even some great moisturizers that are specifically designed for your head.

      Head blade, the makers of the head shavers recommended above have a line of moisturizers including:

      HeadBlade ClearHead Men’s Refreshing Aftershave Lotion
      HeadBlade HeadLube Glossy Aftershave Moisturizer Lotion
      HeadBlade HeadLube Matte Aftershave Moisturizer Lotion

      And for a great all-natural option:

      Bee Bald HEAL Post-Shave Healing Balm

      Sun Protection

      This often comes as a surprise to newly shaved gents, but you have got to remember that with no hair up there, your scalp is going to be far more susceptible to sunburn.

      Just as we were saying above in the moisturizer section, the skin on your head is far more on display when you have no hair.

      No one wants to look at angry, red peeling skin that has been burnt to an angry crisp by the sun.

      Invest in some nice hats for high-level protection during noonday summer sunshine.

      Back that up with a quality sun lotion for protection at other times – and remember to apply it too!

      Final Thoughts

      Shaving is a daily ritual that has become part of our lives. 

      For some, it is just another chore they have to deal with. 

      Others enjoy the ritual because it helps them stay clean and fresh throughout the week. 

      Whatever your reason for shaving, having a good razor is essential for a smooth shave.

      Razors come in various sizes and shapes, even electric shaving razors are in the market and each one has its purpose. 

      We tried to cover all the critical factors in the article and hope they help you in finding the right razor as per your needs.

      10 thoughts on “7 Best Razor for Shaving Head (Top 2024 Brands Reviewed)”

      1. I have been bald for many years and have found the fusion to be a great blade for shaving the head. It shaves smooth and clean. I would like to try the DE to shave my head but don’t feel confident enough.

      2. I’ve had a cranial reconstruction and have hills and valleys to contend with. Which razor is best for me?

      3. I found the 2-blade disposables from CVS shave closest. I would like to upgrade to a safety or straight razor. Not sure which way to go and if its worth the risk and cost.

        1. Sorry for the very delayed response Mike. I would definitely go for it. Take a chance, you may regret not having switched over earlier. I would go with a safety razor though, stray away from the straight razor. The Merker 34c or 38c will do you well.

          1. Yes, the MOTO is our newest and, by far, the best HeadBlade. The ATX was our first “shave by pull” razor and was introduced in 2012. The MOTO, introduced in 2017, followed up on that with a lot more shave technology and won a 2017 RedDot Design Award. We recommend you use the MOTO.

      4. I’ve been shaving my head for over 10 years; try the Schick Xtreme3. The blade flexes and conforms to the curves of your head.
        I usually get almost a month from 1 blade… I don’t always shave every day.

        Only con is they are completely disposable, handle & all, so a lot of waste.

        1. I use this also. I have invested in many razors and the Schick Extreme is by far the best, closet shave. Last a long time and cheap.

      5. Headblade: Currently, MOTO is their latest offering, do you still recommend the ATX All-Terrain over it?

        Also between the 3 types of razors namely Headblade, Safety & Cartridge which one is significantly more better. I plan to shave every few days.

        1. Hey Jasu,

          Just did a complete overhaul on the Best Razors for shaving your head. Maybe now this will shed more light on the topic. Be sure to read the “Things to Consider…” section and the revised more in-depth reviews to get a better idea of which razor if right for you.

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