3 Best Shaving Bowl of 2024 (For Men)


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    If you are looking for the best shaving bowl on the market, you have come to the right place.

    We have reviewed a large variety of shaving bowls and determined which is the best shaving bowl in each material (metal, ceramic, wood and vintage shaving bowl ).

    Whether you are using shaving cream or shaving soap, we have found the top shaving bowl that help you whip up a superior lather and also look good on your bathroom counter.

    This article also provides you with all the information you need to know about the best shaving bowl and how to pick the best one for you.

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Choosing Your Shaving Bowl Material
      3 Best Shaving Bowl of 2024 Reviewed
      Why Real Men Use Shaving Bowl
      What to Know About Shaving Bowl, Mugs and Scuttles
      Do You Need a Best Shaving Bowl?
      best shaving bowls

      3 Best Shaving Bowl of 2024

      1. Best Ceramic Shaving Bowl: Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle

      Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle

      Hands down one of the most well-reviewed and best shaving bowl we’ve come across.

      The porcelain shaving bowls from Edwin Jagger does an excellent job of retaining heat to allow you to get that warm lather you desire.

      Not only that, but the addition of a handle makes it less likely that you’ll drop it and break it.

      Plus it’s available in many color choices, including black and ivory.

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      It is slightly more expensive than most metal or wood bowls, but we find its well worth the extra few dollars.

      See the consensus of hundreds of other user reviews here

      2. Best Metal Shaving Bowl: Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

      tainless Steel Shaving Bowl

      The number one best-selling shaving bowl on Amazon is this high-quality stainless steel shaving bowl from Austrian maker Schöne.

      It is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable product that is guaranteed to last.

      Not only that, but its stylish design is sure to please even the most demanding tastes.

      That being said, the lid isn’t that necessary (unless you plan on keeping your puck of soap in the bowl after shaving).

      So if you’re looking to save a few bucks, you could always go with the Schöne Stainless Steel Half Hemisphere – the best shaving bowl in our list.

      Don’t just take our word for it, check out all the other glowing user reviews here on Amazon.

      3. Best Wooden Shaving Bowl: Parker Safety Razor Genuine Mango Wood Shaving Bowl

      Wood Shaving Bowl

      If you’re looking for a beautiful wood bowl, Parker Safety Razor produces several different models that should be right up your alley, including the Genuine Mango and lighter colored Genuine Honey Mango shaving lather bowl.

      Both products come with a lid to allow you to store your shaving soap and come pre-varnished for long life.

      These aren’t the cheapest wooden shaving bowls on the market, but they sure are the best.

      Not only that, but mango wood is one of the most sustainable woods currently available, which is a good thing for those who want to do their bit for the planet.

      See what others have to say per the customer reviews here on Amazon

      Choosing Your Best Shaving Bowl Material

      1. Ceramic

      In our opinion, the best ceramic shaving bowl are those made of either ceramic or stoneware like Pereira shaving bowls, as they hold in heat better and again allow you to experience the joy of shaving with warm lather (which will also help you to get a closer shave in addition to merely feeling nice on your face).

      However, the one problem with these ceramic shaving bowls is that they tend to be a bit more fragile and will likely break if you should ever drop it.

      2. Metal

      If you’re worried about your butterfingers, you may want to consider metal shaving cream bowl or mug.

      While metal is poor with heat retention when compared to ceramic or stone, it will still easily get the job done.

      3. Wood

      There are also a considerable number of wood shaving bowls on the market today, which usually look quite stylish but also don’t hold in heat, so you cant use them with hot water, and some even come with a separate shave soap holder.

      Nonetheless, these are usually quite a bit cheaper than all the others and are still worth a try.

      Why Real Men Use Shaving Bowls

      If you’re genuinely interested in getting the best, closest shave possible, a traditional wet shave is the only way to go.

      However, as any man who swears by wet shaving can tell you, this process involves a bit more of a financial commitment.

      While many men merely grab a disposable razor and a cheap can of aerosol shaving cream every time they shave, a traditional wet shave requires a bit more planning and preparation, as it’s essential to have the right equipment.

      Not only will you need to invest in a quality razor (be it a straight or safety razor), but you’ll also need to purchase a shaving soap (or quality shaving cream), bowl, shave cup and brush—and when it comes to all of these essentials, the most important thing to remember is that quality does matter.

      Of course, the quality of your razor, shaving soap and shaving brush are much more important than the quality of your shaving bowl or mug, but that doesn’t mean that some products aren’t much better and easier to use than others.

      We have meticulously reviewed all of the products referred to above, so before you buy your supplies, I would recommend you also check out our reviews of the top safety razorsshaving soaps, and shaving brushes.

      Still, while there may not be such a thing as the number one best shaving bowl in the world, like everything, some products are superior to others.

      So, to move you further along in your quest for the perfect shave, we’re here to help you understand everything you need to know about wet shaving. We’ve previously covered how to wet shave, as well as the best shaving soaps, best shaving brushes, and other vital topics.

      So now it’s time to move into the one area that typically gets the least attention—how to find the best shaving bowl.

      Still, keep in mind that this information will only be of use to you if you already have or are planning to buy a puck of shaving soap or traditional shaving cream and a shaving brush.

      Otherwise, if you use any other type of shaving product, you can merely lather up with your fingers as usual.

      What to Know About Best Shaving Bowl, Mugs and Scuttles

      In the past, shaving bowl and brush were something that all men owned, but with the advent of other shaving methods, they’ve gone by the wayside.

      Still, the fact that they were once so familiar means it’s now possible to find a large variety of vintage shaving bowls or mugs, but in truth, these are only worth it for the nostalgic value, as they often cost quite a bit more than a new bowl or mug.

      Whether you’re a retro kind of a guy or just looking for an antique shaving bowl
      , there are some choices you’ll need to make.

      For starters, you’ll need to decide between a mug, bowl or scuttle.

      In most cases, you’ll only need one of the three, but some men use both a bowl and a mug or scuttle.

      The reason behind this is that shaving mugs and scuttles are used to hold the puck of shave soap bowls along with a small amount of water, allowing the puck soften up so that the soap can be loaded on the shaving brush.

      The mug or scuttle can also be used to build up the lather, but some men prefer to use a separate bowl for this purpose, as building lather directly on the puck often ends up using more soap than necessary.

      Considering the somewhat high price of many quality shaving soaps, this could be a bit of an issue as it’s quite likely that you’ll need to replace your soap more than often than you would otherwise.

      Nonetheless, having the best shaving bowl is not all that essential, as you can always build up the lather directly on your face after loading the brush with soap.

      In fact, some types of shaving soap lather better this way, but on the other hand, some need to be worked with a brush for quite some time to build up a decent lather.

      Of course, you can always use a coffee cup or bowl from your kitchen for this purpose, although possibly not with as good of results, as the best shaving bowl and best shaving mug are typically designed to retain heat, allowing you to warm up your lather before shaving.

      Shaving scuttles are not so popular nowadays, although we can’t really understand why, as they do offer a bit more convenience over a typical mug or bowl.

      A true shaving scuttle is relatively similar to a mug, except that it has a separate spout designed to hold the shaving brush.

      Before wet shaving, it’s always necessary to soak both the puck of shaving soap and the brush and scuttles offer the convenience of being able to soak both in warm water in the same container.

      In addition, the spout can also be used to dip the brush during shaving, in case you need to add a bit more water to the lather.

      Do You Need a Best Shaving Bowl?

      As we said, shaving bowls are usually considered a non-essential item for wet shaving, but whether or not you need one depends on the type of shaving soap you’re using.

      Nowadays there are a considerable number of shaving soaps that come in their own bowl or tin, which allows you to add a small amount of water directly to the soap and thus eliminates the need for a shave soap wood bowl if you plan on building up the lather directly on the face.

      However, there are also some shaving soap pucks that don’t come with a container and are usually a bit cheaper than those that do.

      If you choose to go with one of these soaps, you will need at least some sort of container to soak the soap in water, which is where a scuttle or mug comes in.

      In addition, even if you’re using soap that does come with a container, you may find that it doesn’t lather so well on the face, in which case you should probably invest in a bowl.

      Finally, traditional shaving creams require a shaving bowl to work up a top quality lather that will make you a closer smoother shave.

      Final Thoughts

      It’s true that shaving bowl isn’t everyone’s cup of tea?

      A shaving basin is an absolute must-have for any man who enjoys a good old-fashioned shave.

      However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to select the most appropriate one for you.

      The best shaving bowl, on the other hand, are much more than just beautiful mugs that carry shaving cream and shave gel.

      They provide several advantages, including the ability to manage the quantity and consistency of your lather while keeping it nice and warm for a comfortable shaving session.

      Your facial hair will appreciate you, and your skin will thank you as well.

      Plus, what man wouldn’t want to start his day with a shave that is worthy of a barbershop.

      However, with the best shaving bowl, rest assured that you will have a hassle-free shave.

      Have a great shave!

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