7 Best Safety Razor Blades of 2024 (Best Shave, Less Money)


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    It’s no secret that most barbers like the classics when it comes to shaving.

    At their core, the best safety razor blades are pieces of incredibly sharp metal designed to be used on your fragile, delicate skin.

    Truth is, safety razors are great!

    They allow for a closer shave, closest shave, less irritating shave than a cartridge razor whilst being safer and easier to use than a traditional straight razor.

    Along with using the right safety razor, shaving with the best double-edged safety razor blades is essential in getting that consistent super close, irritation-free shave.

    In this article, we’re going to look at the best safety razor blades of different brands you can buy.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Safety Razor Blades

    7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 1
    Feather Double Edge Blades
    • Hi stainless platinum coated blades
    • Extremely sharp, smooth and comfortable
    7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 2
    Astra Platinum Safety Blades
    • Extremely durable
    • Sharp enough to tackle any beard type
    7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 3
    Shark Safety Razor Blades
    • Delivers an outstanding smooth shave
    • Suitable for use all over the body
    7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 4
    Gillette 7 O’clock Premium Safety Razor Blades
    • Quality shave after shave
    • Sharp and smooth
    7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 5
    Personna Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
    • Provides a very smooth shave
    • Platinum & Chrome coated
    7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 6
    Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
    • Suitable for all cut throat/shavette type razors
    • Best for men with sensitive skin
    7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 7
    Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack
    • Great selection of quality products
    • Wide range variety of blades

    From picking the best shaving razor for you to storing and getting the most out of it, read on for everything you need to know about the best safety razor blades.

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      Best Safety Razor Blades

      Best Safety Razor Blades of 2024 Reviewed

      1. Feather Double Edge Blades

      Feather Double Edge Blade Package

      We will kick off our list with this set of double-edged safety razor blades from Feather.

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      Feather is one of the market leaders with a well-earned reputation for producing premium blades, but they are certainly not cheap.

      But are they worth it?


      Brand: Feather
      Cut: Aggressive
      Blade Material: Super Stainless Steel, Platinum Coated
      Price Per Blade: 33 Cents
      Price: $$$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Anyone looking for an extremely sharp, high-quality blade – and happy to pay a premium to get it!

      Key Features

      Feather is a Japanese company founded back in the early 1920s.

      They were not founded as a razor blade company, however.

      In fact, these days, double edge razor blades are still only a secondary product for Feather.

      Their main business lies in producing medical supplies – particularly scalpels.

      That might give you an idea of what their main selling point is.


      These razor blades are very, very sharp, making them one of the best safety razor blades.

      Basically, Feather just uses the same manufacturing process for scalpels as they do with their double edge razor blades

      This Japan safety razor results in what are most likely the sharpest blades on the market right now.

      This is basically a medical-grade razor blade design!

      On the one hand, this results in a blade that is not ideal for beginners.

      Every mistake you make with this blade is amplified by the sharp blade, leading to a lot of nicks and cuts.

      If you’ve had a bit of practice though, this is a quality blade.

      It has an aggressive cut to tackle any kind of hair, and the platinum coating is a nice finish that can extend the lifespan of each blade.

      Value for Money

      Feather blades are not cheap and they are not forgiving to newbies.

      But it can not be denied this is the highest quality double edge razor blade around.


      Extremely Sharp
      The blade is Perfect for Thicker Hair
      Platinum Coating Extends Life of Each Blade



      2. Astra Superior Platinum Safety Blades

      Astra Blades 5 Pack

      Next up is this product from Astra blades.

      They have been developed with one quality right to the fore – product lifespan.

      Or rather a long product lifespan.


      Brand: Astra
      Cut: Aggressive
      Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Platinum Coated
      Price Per Blade: 12 Cents
      Price: $$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who wants his blades to last more than one shave.

      Key Features

      We will go into this a little more in the frequently asked questions down below, but, spoiler alert, one of the big questions about safety razors is how long they last.

      This is, to a certain extent, a personal issue.

      But it also comes down to the durability of the best safety razor blades.

      Some safety razor blades, with the best will in the world, are only able to stand up to two or three shaves, maximum.

      Some though, like these blades from Astra, are different.


      Astra claims that these blades are made of stainless steel with a platinum coating.

      But we think they are lying here, these are not steel blades.

      We think these best safety razor blades are actually made of the same stuff as Wolverine’s Claws.

      They have a crazy level of durability, with some people claiming they are good for up to ten shaves.

      They are an aggressive blade too, something to bear in mind.

      That is a crazy lifespan for a DE blade.

      The other crazy thing is how cheap they are.

      That means they are sharp enough to tackle any beard type, even very coarse hair.

      That also means they are not an ideal product to try if you are new to shaving with a safety razor.

      Value for Money

      You would expect a quality product like this, with a long lifespan, to be expensive.

      But they’re not!

      They are very much from the cheaper end of the price scale.

      Add in that long life span and they look even more of a bargain.


      Extremely Long Lasting
      Excellent Value for Money
      Sharp Enough to Tackle Wide Range of Hair Types


      Not Ideal for Beginners

      3. Shark Safety Razor Blades

      Shark razor blades

      Next up we have a great all-around blade.

      It provides a much milder cut, meaning it is great for both beginners, and also men who want a blade with versatility.


      Brand: Shark
      Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Chrome
      Cut: Mild
      Price Per Blade: 8 Cents
      Price: $

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men looking for a mild razor blade that is suitable for use all over the body.

      Key Features

      After a couple of blades that seemed to have been honed by samurai warriors, it is nice to bring you a blade with a mild cut.

      Now, don’t go thinking that mild means this razor is not sharp like it’s made from Play-Dough or something.


      This safety razor blade is still pretty sharp.

      But it is not quite as sharp as a blade with an aggressive cut.

      This is very useful for a pair of reasons.

      One, this is a top-quality blade that is perfect for anyone who is new to using the best safety razor blades.

      This is still a razor, again, so you still need to be careful.

      But it will still be much more forgiving to mistakes in technique.

      That means that if you have just picked up your first safety razor, stocking blades such as this one from Shark could help to keep nicks and cuts under control as you learn your technique.

      Because it is mild, it is also great for use on the rest of your body.

      Not necessarily because that skin is any softer – though that depends what you’re shaving – but because you can’t always see where you are shaving.

      If you shave your head in the shower, for example, it’s good to know the blade is milder so you can shave with less fear of cuts.

      Value for Money

      With no platinum coating, these blades are not as long-lasting as some others on our list.

      Although they are crazy cheap, so they likely won’t make a huge dent in your wallet by having to buy a few more blades.


      Mild Cut is Great for Head, Body & Face
      Crazy Cheap Price
      Also Great for Beginner Shavers


      Not The Sharpest Blade In The World

      4. Gillette 7 O’clock Premium Safety Razor Blades

      7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 8

      It was always going to be impossible to have a list of the best double edge razor blades without including a product from Gillette.

      They have been one of the market leaders for over a hundred years, and this product here is one of their most popular safety razors options.


      Brand: Gillette
      Blade Material: Stainless Steel
      Cut: Moderate
      Price Per Blade: 12 Cents
      Price: $$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for a guaranteed quality shave.

      Key Features

      What are you getting from this product from Gillette?

      Well, for one thing, this can be looked at as an intermediate product.


      In terms of the cutting strength, for example, it is sharper than any mild blade, but not quite as sharp as a blade with an aggressive cut.

      That makes it ideal for anyone who wants a little more cutting power than a mild blade but doesn’t want (or need) the raw cutting power of super-sharp aggressive blades.

      In terms of product lifespan, you can probably expect an average of four to five shaves per blade.

      Again, that is much better than some lower-grade blades that will never make it past two or three shaves.

      But this double edge safety razor blade is still far behind some other blades that are tough enough to maintain a good cutting edge for eight, nine or even ten shaves.

      So that kind of sums up what you’re getting here.

      Value for Money

      This Gillette safety razor blade is without doubt a quality blade.

      Yes, there are blades that last longer.

      Yes, there are blades that are sharper.

      But for everyday use, they are superb.

      You know exactly what you’re going to get, each and every time you shave.

      That level of precision, that degree of accuracy with every blade time after time after time is why Gillette remains one of the market leaders after all these years.


      Mid-Range Between Mild and Aggressive Cut
      Mid-Range Product Life Span
      Guaranteed Quality from the Market Leader


      Middle of the Road Option

      5. Personna Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

      Personna Razor Blades Review

      We are off to Israel to check out our next set of blades.

      Unlike Gillette, Personna may not be quite such a famous name in the world of razor blades.

      But this double edge safety razor blade boasts a very impressive dual-material coat for an extra smooth shave.

      Let’s see what else it is bringing to the party.


      Brand: Personna
      Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Platinum Chrome Coating
      Cut: Aggressive
      Price Per Blade: 12 Cents
      Price: $$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for a super smooth shave. 

      Key Features

      So far our investigation of the best safety razor blades has taken us to Japan, France, and Egypt (where the Shark blades are manufactured).

      Here, we are amongst the sunny citrus groves of Israel. 

      Personna, based in Israel, may not be the best safety razor blades maker on these shores.

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      But they have built up a small but strong and loyal following of fans here in the states.

      They have done this by creating quality blades that don’t break the bank.


      What Personna blades are most well known for is creating blades that provide a smooth shave.

      That is true across all their blades, but especially true here.

      This entry is very much one of the premium products that Personna produces, which makes the price tag even more notable.

      The big stand-out with this blade is the coating.

      Platinum chrome has been employed here for a razor that will provide an extremely smooth shave.

      This blade is frankly going to glide over your face.

      It is from the aggressive cut end of the razor world, so it is pretty sharp.

      It is not as sharp as some others though, more of a 75% aggressive cut.

      That makes it ideal for beginner and intermediate shavers who want a bit more cutting power but still a blade that forgives mistakes.

      Value for Money

      One thing to point out is that this is a pretty soft blade.

      Most people are only going to get two or three shaves per blade.

      Some people with very rough or coarse hair may only get one shave per blade.

      Still, it’s a quality blade for a smooth shave that is pretty cheap.


      Platinum & Chrome Coated
      Provides a Very Smooth Shave
      Not As Aggressive as Some Truly Aggressive Blades


      Short Life Span Per Blade

      6. Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

      Derby Razor Blades Review

      Next up we have a blade with a bit of a mixed reputation.

      On the one hand, it is very gentle to the skin, but on the other, some men simply find it to be too mild for a truly close shave.


      Brand: Derby
      Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Platinum, Chromium Ceramic, Tungsten Coating
      Cut: Mild
      Price Per Blade: 9 Cents
      Price: $

      Who Is It Best For?

      Best for men with sensitive skin.

      Key Features

      This is a really cool design of a double edge safety razor blade we’re going to look at next.

      Derby, who is based in Sweden (so another country knocked off the world tour), clearly had an idea.

      They looked at the coatings that other safety blade manufacturers were applying to their products and couldn’t decide which one was best for their own blades.

      That has resulted in a stainless steel blade with chromium ceramic, tungsten, platinum, and polymer coating.

      Pretty impressive huh?

      But what does that translate to in real life?


      Well, it means that this is the best men’s razor blade designed to provide one smooth shave.

      All those coatings combine for a blade that creates very little friction when in contact with your skin.

      Pair these blades with optimal shaving cream for sensitive skin and this is the perfect blade for any man who suffers from sensitive skin.

      Value for Money

      This is also a very, very mild blade – possibly the mildest on the market, definitely the mildest on our list.

      That, for some men, will be a negative, and this blade may struggle with very coarse or thick hair.

      It also doesn’t have a particularly long life span per blade.

      But if you have sensitive skin, there is no blade out there that will be as gentle with your skin as this one.


      Very Mild Cut
      Nice and Cheap
      Excellent Coating for Low Friction Shaving


      Too Mild for Some People

      7. Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Sample Pack

      7 Best Safety Razor Blades of [year] (Best Shave, Less Money) 9

      Yeah, we’re coming out of the left-field with this final item – or rather items – to make our list.

      Like a variety pack of breakfast cereal, except this is a double-edged safety razor blades sampler!

      So yeah don’t get mixed up and try to eat this product for breakfast, there is very little dietary fiber in a razor blade.


      Brand: Various
      Blade Material: Various
      Cut: Various
      Price Per Blade: 33 Cents
      Price: $$$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who wants to try a selection of the best safety razor blades out there. 

      Key Features

      You know we appreciate that you guys come here, right?

      We’re happy to share out thoughts on a huge range of shaving products, and we love helping to find the right one for you.

      But sometimes we wish there was a more practical way for you guys to go on your own journey of discovery.

      We want to watch you spread your wings and fly away on your own shaving and grooming adventures, a tear in our eye as you soar away into the setting sun.

      That isn’t always possible, because a lot of grooming products are pretty expensive, so you need to read reviews to narrow down the ones you like.

      Razor blades, on the other hand, are cheap.

      That’s why you can get awesome products like this one!

      Look at the blades you get to try here.

      There’s a load of the ones we looked at today.

      There is also a range of great products from people we couldn’t fit on our list.

      Wilkinson Sword, for example, and Bic.

      Two giants of razor blades manufacturing we just couldn’t get to as the list was already packed with quality blades.

      No, this is not a cost-effective way to buy blades.

      It is, in fact, one of the most expensive ways to buy them.

      But this pack provides you the opportunity to actually allow you to try out a huge range of blades and that is pretty cool.


      Try a Range of Blades
      Great Selection of Quality Products
      Would Make a Great Gift for Someone New to Safety Razors


      Not a Long Term Option

      Other Safety Razor Blades

      • King C Gillette Safety Razor- This single blade razor is designed for edging sideburns as well as strong beard lines. Its closed comb design provides great control, while its quality handle provides better durability.
      • Viking Blades Safety Razor– This blade boasts a unique weight-distribution to ensure the short strokes are completely effortless.
      • Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor– It’s a safety razor with a double-edge blade that promises to give you a tight shave while still leaving your skin velvety smooth.
      • Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor- This is an adjustable safety razor that contains a dial to adjust the blade gap, allowing you to fine-tune the shave’s closeness.
      • Henson Safety Razor– Shaving discomfort and cuts are no longer a problem with the Henson safety razor which also makes your skin feel pleasant and smooth. They designed this razor to give you a completely different shaving experience. After using this razor, your skin will feel great.
      • Rockwell 6S Safety Razor– This stainless steel is pure, and the company applies a specific treatment to keep the blades sharp for a longer period of time. In fact, a single blade can give around six shaves without causing any difficulty.
      • Mühle Safety Razor– The closed teeth comb design of this antique safety razor, along with a space below the foam edge, prevents build-up. For the closest shave, the blade angle is specially designed.

      Things to Consider When Buying the Best Safety Razor Blades

      In this section, we’ll highlight the features that you should bear in mind whilst reading our reviews.

      Remember them, and they will help you to find the right set of blades to suit your needs, as each feature will be more or less important depending on what you’re looking for and what your hair and skin need from your safety razor blades. 

      1. Price

      Consider Price

      In our review, you will see that we have put the price per blade.

      To us, this is the best way to judge the overall value of the blades.

      If they cost north of 25 cents per blade, that is pricey and they better be doing a good job!

      If best safety razor blades cost less than 10 cents each they are a real bargain, though they may be missing a few of the features of a premium blade – but this isn’t necessarily the case!

      Also, bear in mind the prices we give in our guide were correct at the time we wrote this article!

      If aliens have descended since then to crack our heads open and feast on the goo inside, then the price of razor blades may have gone up a bit.

      2. Your Skill

      Skill with a safety razor

      Yeah, aggressive razor cut sounds kind of terrifying, right?

      It doesn’t need to be, it is just a different way of saying how sharp a razor blade is.

      So if it is very aggressive, it is very sharp.

      If it is very mild, it is less sharp.

      That means that a mild razor blade could be the best option if you’re new to the world of best safety razor blades.

      A milder blade will be much more forgiving of mistakes you make when perfecting your shave technique.

      That means you’re less likely to end up with shredded skin whilst you are practicing.

      Also, bear in mind that milder blades will normally bring a better shaving experience for those with sensitive skin.

      3. Shaves Per Blade

      number of shaves per safety razor blade

      This is actually a pretty heated area for debate.

      Well, as heated as a debate about razor blades can get anyway.

      To a certain extent, and we will get into this more below, the lifespan of a safety razor blade is a personal thing.

      Some people only like to use super sharp blades, for example.

      They will often throw out a blade after a single use to ensure they only use fresh and sharp blades for every shave.

      Other people will think this is madness!

      All we are talking about here is the general lifespan of the best safety razor blades.

      Some are frankly tougher than others, with some blades on our list good for up to ten shaves.

      Others are worn out after two or three.

      This can affect the value of the blade too.

      If you are dropping 30 cents on a blade, you are entitled to expect it to last a few more shaves than a 15 cent one.

      4. Your Hair

      coarseness of facial hair

      Finally, the biggest thing to bear in mind when looking for the best safety razor blades is your own hair.

      What you should consider when picking your blade is how thick your hair is.

      If you have very thick or coarse hair, you may have to go for a more aggressive blade.

      A sharper blade will likely be the only style that can give you a close shave with these types of facial hair.

      Also, consider how often you shave.

      If you leave it for a few days between shaves, then again you may need a different blade as you may need that extra sharpness to tackle longer hair.

      On the other hand, if you don’t have very thick or coarse facial hair, a mild blade may be all you need.

      No need to go overkill if it is not necessary.

      How to Use a Safety Razor

      So you’ve got the best safety razor blades in your hand and you’ve got stubble on your cheek.


      The first thing you’ve got to do is… put the razor down.

      Then get in the shower, dirty boy.

      Time needed: 15 minutes.

      How to Shave With the Best Safety Razor Blades

      1. Prep your workplace & your face.

      2. Consider using a warm towel

      3. Lather Up

      4. Time to shave!

      5. Assessment time

      Want to know when to change our DE blade, how to properly store your blades and other frequently asked questions about double-edged razor blades and best safety razor blades?

      Ok, read on to find out more about your new razor blades.

      Safety Razor Blade FAQs

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How often should you replace safety razor blades?

      2. How should I store my blade?

      3. How should I dispose of my DE blades?

      4. Why are safety razor blades coated?

      5. How Do You Recycle Safety Razor Blades?

      44 thoughts on “7 Best Safety Razor Blades of 2024 (Best Shave, Less Money)”

      1. I’ve tried many blades and have chosen the Wilkinson Sword Classic. Doesn’t cause irritation or knicks. I did try a Merkur blade that came with my new 23C I bought and liked it also. But, I’m sticking with and highly recommend the Wilkinson Sword Classic blades. They give a close comfortable shave.

        1. I have found that the Feather is the best safety razor razorblade hands down. I went through most if not all the blades in this article and none have come even close to durability, sharpness, and smoothness of these blades.

          1. I use PolSilver Gillette Silver Blue And Feather in my Muhle R-41. I’m eager to try Astra SP PermaSharp Gillette Platinum Gillette 7O’Clock Gillette “Nacets” Kai Bolzano And last but not least voskhod lol 💈😁✌️💈

      2. Just a personal anecdote: my father would move heaven and earth to find and buy Wilkinson Sword blades, because, he said, when stainless blades first came out, they were the only company that didn’t charge a ridiculous premium for them. He was loyal to them till the day he died.

        One of my few regrets is that I didn’t snag his pre-WWII brass razor; it got sold at a garage sale when my back was turned.

      3. Personna Medical Preps deserve to be on this list. They’re right up there with Feather and PolSilver, but a little more forgiving. They last 4-5 shaves for the average daily shaver, and the second and third shaves are better and than the first. Made in the USA, which is a nice plus.

      4. Wilkinson Sword is my day to day blade. The review here is pretty accurate. They aren’t quite sharp enough to give you that amazingly close shave that a Feather will give you, but you will have a very smooth close shave none-the-less. Where they really set themselves apart is the comfort, which is why I use them as my day to day razor. All in all a great balance of sharpness and forgiving blades.

        All that being said, I do always have a pack of Feather blades on hand for date nigh or a day where I have to be clean shaven for a longer period than normal.

      5. Thanks for the insight. I’m surprised you only get 2 shaves out of the Derby, maybe you have a very very thick coarse facial hair. I’ll take a look at Voskhod. Thanks

      6. I come to enjoy the shave from Gillette Silver Blue blades, have you tried them? I know you tend not support Gillette products, but I would be interested in your opinion.

      7. STEVE G
        The 4 four blades in the basic library are Gillette Silver Blue, Polsilver, Kai, and Feather.
        For me, the last two mentioned are too sharp to use every day.
        I use all blades for two shaves only.
        Three passes for each (+a touch up) shave.

      8. No Rapira blades? The Rapira Platinum Lux blades are very sharp (Astra level, not Feather or Kai) and long lasting. Besides, they are very affordable!

      9. I’ve been using Astra razor for many years,but astra(gillette) has dropped the quality of the razor.The newer Astra(gillete) blades are dull, cuts more in some spots and less in others. Can you suggest some sharper razor like the older ‘Astra’ made in Russia?!
        Thank you for your review!

        1. Hey Artur,

          I’m sorry to hear the quality has dropped. I have not noticed this myself. Maybe you are buying them from the wrong supplier. Where are you ordering them from?

          If you want a razor as aggressive (sharp) as the Astras, I would recommend the Feather razor blades of course as they are as sharp as you get, but if you want to go a little cheaper, go with the Personna razor blades. They have an aggressive cut as well.

          Hope this helps!

          1. Hi Ben
            I bought them on Amazon,I thought that maybe they were fake,so I decided to go at some supermarket and there were exactly the same.The older Astra blade was sharp and smoth and have the astra logo inked, now they are very dull and doesn’t shave at all,and I noticed that the Astra blades now is very thin.
            I don’t know why gillette did this,but I’m very angry with the gillette company and p&g.
            You can read the folk’s reviews on amazon about the newer Astra razor blades https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/cr/B001QY8QXM/ref=mw_dp_cr
            Now I’m looking for new razor blades, I know that Russian are experts for manufacturing razor blades. So if you can suggest some sharp russian blades?!

            1. Thanks for the update Artur. I will definitely look into this further.

              I don’t know about any Russian blades, but the Japanese have been masters of making razor sharp blades for thousands of years and these Feather razor blades are freaking surgical, literally! Feather makes surgical grade cutting instruments. Its what I use. And they stay sharp for a lot of shaves which offsets a lot of the additional cost.

              Try them out and let me know what you think. I am confident you will not be disappointed.

              1. Thanks for your answer Ben, I need to try the feather razor, from which supplier should I buy it?!

              2. The link in the article takes you to a good supplier on Amazon. I bought the 50 count from them and they are great. Let me know what you think!

            2. I favor the Pol Silver blades, but they are no longer distributed by Gillette, and have become difficult to source outside of Balkan states. They are smooth and sharp. Smoother than these new Astra SP’s and sharper. I get 5 outstanding shaves from each blade. By contrast, I get 3 passable shaves out of these new Astra SP blades.

              Pol Silver blades are in a price category approaching Feather blades, but they have much more longevity than a Feather, and are neither as thin nor as frighteningly sharp.

              Kai blades are considered to be as sharp as Feathers, but thicker blades, smoother, and more long lived. They are also expensive.

              The owner of Razor Emporium, who used to regard Pol Silver blades as his “go to” choice; has chosen Perma-Sharp blades as his new “go to”. I intend to try these, based on his recommendation.

              Many people like the Voskhod blades. They are Russian, and teflon coated.

              Many swear by the Personna Red blades, which are made in Israel; though not to be confused with the Personna blades made in the USA. The packaging on the Israeli blades in North America, is done in Mexico. In the EU I believe they ship direct from Israel in red boxes. The Mexican boxes are not red.

              Go get some sample tucks and experiment. Everyone has a different take on blades, depending upon their beard, skin, skill level, hardware and software, etc…

              If you aren’t attached to Russian blades, you might want to consider Indian or Pakistani blades such as the Dorco Prime, Derby Premium, or Shark Platinum. These are all platinum sputtered blades, iirc. Platinum is smooth as a rule.

              Almost forgot about the Gillette Nacet. A lot of people like these. I don’t recall where they are made, and have yet to use them. They are regarded as sharper and smoother than the Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades from India. I don’t think either of these is going to be as sharp as the Astra SP.

      10. I’m currently using Dorco ST300s and they’re giving me close shaves. They’re very cheap and each blade can give me 6 to 7 shaves.

      11. Gillette Nacet… So close to as sharp as Feather most can’t tell you the difference in blind tests and at a much lower cost than Feather.
        Try once and you tell me.

      12. Hey Ben how you doing ???

        I’m looking for a new de safety razor,could you suggest me what type a razor should I get ???
        I prefer short handle ,maximum 80mm and I like aggressive razor head,I would say from a scale from 1 to 10, I choose 7 or 8.
        I prefer closed combs razor !!!

        Waiting for your answer, thanks!!!!!!

        1. Hey Artur,

          We have a complete article on the best safety razors here which detail handle length, aggressiveness, etc. Based on your specifications, a great option would be the Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor. The handle is just a little longer, but the adjustable option will allow you to experiment with the level of aggressiveness. One with a very short handle that has reasonable aggressiveness is the Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor. Definitely worth considering as well.

          Hope this helps! Let me know what you end up going with.

      13. guy tedesco here. thanks for the info on razor blades. didn’t realize there was that much to them. anyway before reading your blog i already bought two packs of muhle razor blades at close to 7 bucks for a 10 pack! this cost is way over the price of the feathers you mention. are you familiar with these german blades?

        1. Those are some very expensive blades. I would never pay that much. I consider the Feather razor blades on the upper end of price and that only costs about 25 cents per blade.

      14. If you like Feather but hate the price, then try BIC Chrome Platinum or Gillette Nacet. They are just as sharp and longer lasting. Nacets’ prices have crept up a bit lately but BIC’s are still around $14 for 100 pack.

      15. As I am brand new to wet shaving. My experience so far has only been two different blades. Rockwell and Albatross. I get a few nicks here and there with the Rockwell blades. I’m not sure if it’s an aggressive blade or just user error. Then again it could be a combination of both. The Albatross blade I’m not for sure about yet. I’ve only used it once right out of the pack and it pulled instead of cutting the facial hair. Not going to say anything negative about Albatross blades yet. It could be just me. The plus side to Albatross is they have a razor send back program. You can send your used blades no matter what brand to them for recycling. In the end I’m enjoying the exploration of the different options in the wet shaving world.

      16. Sir, I have read your listed best DE razor blades. But, why did you not include Supermax DE stainless steel blade? Because it is also very nice and cheap cost blade in India.

        1. Hey Dipak,

          Thanks for bringing them to my attention, I will take a look. I live in the United States and the large majority of our readers are based here in the US as well so I usually only consider products that are made available here. But I just noted from some research that these blades were very recently made available in the US. I will have to order them and try them out.

      17. Derby blades come from Turkey, not from Sweden.

        The manufacturer is Azmusebat Celik San ve Tic. A.S., based in Istanbul. The “Derby” brand razor blades have been manufactured in Turkey since 1940.

        I recommend the Derby Premium over the Derby Extra blades, since the Premiums are a tad sharper, last longer and shave more closely.

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