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      Our Guide to Finding the Best Single Blade Razors for Men – Plus a Brief History of Razors

      In the search for the ultimate shave, the major razor manufacturers have continued to push the envelope, adding more and more blades to their cartridge razors.

      It wasn’t that long ago that men didn’t have to search very hard to find the best single blade razors, as it was the only kind of razor blade shaver around.

      However, that all changed in 1971 when Gillette introduced the world’s first double blade cartridge razor, the Trac II, which was a direct response to Wilkinson Sword’s single-blade “bonded razor” cartridge system that was released the year previously.

      Both of these were several years before Bic unveiled the world’s first fully disposable razor in 1974.

      From the very beginning, some people were already questioning whether more than one blade razor was necessary.

      This Best single blade razors review will seek to find out if this intuition was valid or not.

      Even Saturday Night Live got into the act, as the show’s debut episode in 1975 featured a parody commercial for the “Triple Trac Razor.”

      The debate slowly died down over the next 25 years, as there were very few advancements in razor technology.

      That all changed in 1998 though, when Gillette shocked the world by unveiling the infamous Mach 3, the world’s first three-blade razor!

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      Schick/Wilkinson then responded by creating the first four-blade razor, the Quattro. Of course, Gillette couldn’t just stand by and let themselves be outdone, and so in 2006, the Fusion five-blade razor was produced (Mach 3 vs Fusion).

      The best part about all of this is how hilariously predictable this move was, so much so, that satirical newspaper The Onion actually predicted Gillette’s exact move two years prior.

      Upon releasing the Trac II (check out this original 1971 ad from Time magazine), Gillette claimed that the twin-blade razor was not only much more efficient than the Gillette single blade razor but offered a closer shave.

      The Trac II was marketed under the slogan “it’s one blade better than whatever you’re using now.”

      The claim is that the first best single blade razors refill that don’t just cut the hair off, but also grab a hold of it and pull it further out of the follicle to allow the second blade to cut it even closer to the skin.

      Makes sense, right?

      The razor companies continue to persist with this claim and have used it to justify the added blades.

      After all, if two blades are more efficient than one, then five blades must be five times as good.

      This made it easier for so many companies to downplay the effectiveness of one-blade razors (single shaving blade) to promote their two-blade razors and other multi-blade razors that followed.

      The only problem with this claim is that it’s never really been substantiated by anyone other than razor manufacturers and their so-called experts.

      Be sure to check out our infographic on the science of wet shaving if you would like to improve your shaving experience.

      Still, that has not stopped Gillette, Bic, Wilkinson Sword, and other razor manufacturers from trying to outdo and one-up each other in the fight to dominate the global shaving razor industry.

      And why not, considering that it’s worth well over $15 billion a year!

      And the reason the industry has grown so massive has to do with the business model that they all use.

      You see, at some point, Gillette and the others decided they weren’t making enough money simply selling razor blades for a few pennies each, which is one of the major reasons they switched from producing double edge safety razors and moving into disposables and cartridge razors.

      Still not satisfied with the single blade, they began adding more blades to the cartridges in order to raise the price and boost their profit margins.

      Of course, they claim that the increased number of blades provides not only a closer shave but that each additional blade they add only increases the comfort of the shave men’s hair.

      By now you may be asking yourself, why does this all matter?

      Well, the answer is simple.

      It’s all about breaking out of the vicious cycle of consumer enslavement created by Big Shaving; or better yet, grow a beard and kill the shaving industry altogether.

      Ok, maybe I’m being a bit overdramatic here, but really, there’s no reason to keep wasting your money on expensive cartridge razors when high-quality single-blade razors (1 blade razors) will give you a closer shave and less irritation for a fraction of the price.

      Granted, the best single blade razors may require a bit more of an initial investment, but it’s smooth sailing after that.

      While a single five-blade cartridge often costs well over $3 and only lasts for a few shaves, even the best single blade razors like Feather are generally less than 30 cents apiece and can easily last for a week or so.

      All it takes to start the savings and a better way of shaving is to buy a razor and get going.

      However, you must learn how to shave with a single blade razor as these single razor blades are there at the top when it comes to razor blade sharpness ranking.

      To help you on your way, here is our list of some of the best single blade razors.

      Be sure to check out our thorough comparison of safety razors vs cartridge razors.

      Best Single Blade Razors: Double Edge vs. Single Edge Safety Razors

      Pretty much all single blade safety razor brands in the market today have double edge razors, meaning both sides of the razor blade are exposed.

      However, in the past, numerous companies produced one-blade razors as well.

      As far as we can tell, there is only one company that produces the best single blade razors now, a company by the name of Beluga, which successfully used a Kickstarter campaign to get their business up and running.

      Still, we can’t comment on the best single blade razors, as we’ve not yet gotten a chance to try them out.

      best single blade razor

      If you’re interested in trying out a bevel’s best single blade razors, you can easily pick up vintage models online or possibly at pawn shops, garage sales, classified ads, etc.

      Even though the razors are no longer produced, there are still plenty of companies that produce blades that will fit pretty much any vintage model.

      Some decent vintage options are the GEM Bullet-tip Micromatic, Ever Ready 1912, GEM 1912, GEM G-Bar, and GEM Feather Weight. Of these, the Feather Weight is probably the best for beginners.

      GEM also produced an open comb version of the Micromatic, which is known to be one of the most aggressive safety razors out there.

      No joke, this thing can give one of the absolute closest shaves around, but usually at the cost of a couple of layers of skin.

      For those who’ve never tried a single edge razor, we can highly recommend it if you’re looking for an extremely close shave, and we do mean extreme.

      The blade in this type of razor is at a slightly different angle and requires a special technique, but even so, most single edge safety razors are going to be about the most aggressive shave you’ve ever had—so be warned and don’t blame us if you end up bleeding like a faucet!

      Best DE Razors

      Since we’ve previously written a full post about the best DE razors, we’ll only list a few of our favorites here.

      For more information, you should definitely check out our list of the best double edge safety razors.

      In narrowing down from our more comprehensive list, we’ve decided to focus on what we consider the all-around best razor for men in terms of affordability, usability, and durability.

      While there are plenty more expensive or fancy razors out there, nothing beats these true classics, which is why they remain popular among wetshavers the world over they are ideal for lessening the chances of getting razor bumps.

      Merkur 33C Classic & 34C Heavy Classic.

      If you’re looking for the best men’s razor that provides a lot of bang for your buck, the Classic or the Heavy Classic are both outstanding options.

      These are some of the best Merkur safety razors.

      Not the flashiest of razors, but they definitely get the job done and are among the best-selling DE razors on the market today.

      We’ve recently reviewed the Heavy Classic and have put together a short video intro on it so you can see how it stacks up to all the others.

      Edwin Jagger DE89

      Although the company may not be as big as Merkur, Edwin Jagger can definitely compete when it comes to quality (Edwin Jagger vs Merkur), as the DE80 definitely shows.

      Although it’s a bit lighter than other razors, it makes an excellent choice for beginners or anyone prone to razor burn as it’s not nearly as aggressive as so many other DE razors.

      In this razor type, razor bumps shave with a single blade razor without any razor burn on the face.

      I learned to shave using the Edwin Jagger DE89, so maybe I’m just being nostalgic, but I have to admit it’s still one of my favorites.

      Baxter of California Safety Razor

      The ultimate razor for the ultimate man, or at least that’s what many of the reviews I’ve read say, and I must admit I have to agree.

      Manufactured in Germany by Muhle who produces the ever so popular Muhle R89, this beautiful razor looks and acts the part. Although it’s not overly aggressive, I find that it slices through my thick, coarse beard hairs like butter.

      The best feature of using this razor is that it shaves without any razor burn rash on the face.

      Still, the thing I like most about this one is that it’s somewhat in between a classic and a barber’s pole (long handle) in length.

      Whereas most razors are either 3 or 3.75 inches, this one is about 3.5″, which makes it the best of both worlds (although it may take some time to get used to).

      It should also be noted that Baxter made our list for best face cream for men and best aftershave balms.

      Feather All Stainless Steel

      Ok, now I know I said that these were the best DE razors in terms of price and all that, but I really couldn’t resist putting this one on here even though it costs around $200.

      For men who demand the best, it really doesn’t get much better than this one, which is carved entirely out of stainless steel.

      Not only is it durable and built to withstand rust, but it is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to virtually eliminate the chance of even minor post-shave irritation.

      It offers a mild, but surprisingly close shave, which only gets better if you use the ultra-sharp Feather blades that it was designed for.

      If you’re new to wet shaving, you probably shouldn’t put too much thought into finding the absolute best single blade razors straight away and instead just buy a good beginner’s model.

      You can also check out our best straight razors list as well as this infographic on safety razors vs straight razors.

      The thing is, you won’t know what you like and what you don’t until you’ve given it a try.

      Short handle, long handle, aggressiveness, weight—all of these are important characteristics when choosing a razor, but only once you know what you’re doing and what feels best.

      Frequently Ask Questions about the Best Single Blade Razors

      1. What are razor burns?

      Razor burns are also called razor rashes that cause skin irritation after shaving.

      2. How to prevent razor burn?

      Following some precautionary measures, you can prevent razor burn on your face such as

      • Always start your shave when your skin is wet and clean.
      • Try to shave your hair in the direction of hair growth.
      • Use a suitable shaving cream or gel before starting your shaving.
      • Importantly, always wash your razor after every use.

      3. What causes razor burn?

      The major cause of razor burn is shaving on dry skin. Other causes of razor burn include using a razor that has dull blades or not cleaning out well after shaving.

      Hey! Don’t Leave Yet!

      Ok, now I know I said that these were the best DE razors in terms of price and all that, but I really couldn’t resist putting this one on here even though it costs around $200.

      For men who demand the best in a double edge safety razor, it really doesn’t get much better than this one, which is carved entirely out of stainless steel.

      Not only is it durable and built to withstand rust, but it is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to virtually eliminate the chance of even minor post-shave irritation.

      It offers a mild, but surprisingly close shave, which only gets better if you use the ultra-sharp Feather blades that it was designed for.

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      1. I have a Trac ii handle, but I don’t like any twin blade razors. Does anyone make a single blade refill for Trac iis?

      2. As long as I’m commenting, when Gilette introduced the twin blade for 1971 Christmas,
        Time magazine said it was well-known that two blades give a closer shave, without citing any sources. They said that the design was a marvel of mechanical and manufacturing engineering. I get much fewer shaves with twin blades because the space between the blades jams with whisker stubbles. For many years Shick (I think it was) made Trac ii compatible blades with a built in unjammer, but I haven’t seen any for 25 jears. You may have noticed that the single blade disposables are “for men with sensitive skin,” wimps that aren’t man enough for 2 to 5 blades.

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