Feather Razor Blades Review – Hands down the best blade on the market!


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    Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
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    • Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
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    • Last modified: April 8, 2022
    • Sharpness
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    Review Summary:

    The quality control that is used when crafting these amazing blades is second to none! I swear that there are probably ninjas that make these blades over in Japan.

    In my feather razor blades review, I will talk about why these ninja blades are the talk of the town in the wet shaving community.

    If you go to a random classic shaving forum or blog you will hear the name feather thrown around quite often.

    The reason for this is that these razor blades are hands-down the sharpest you will find anywhere in the world and that is one of the reasons they are #1 on the list of best safety razor blades.

    Feather’s All Stainless safety razor also made the list of the top safety razors as well!

    Be sure to check out the complete list as well as the detailed feather razor blades review.

    I made a mistake when I first started out shaving to give these blades a try.

    They came in a sample pack I purchased from Amazon and since I had read so much about them I had to give them a shot.

    The only problem was I had only been shaving with this feather safety razor for about a week.

    My form was awful and as a result, I ended up with dozens of cuts!

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    Let’s get into the details of these feather safety razor blades so you can see if they are right for you!

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      Feather Blade PackageThe Sharpness of the Blade: Feather Razor Blades Review

      If you read my introduction paragraph you should already know what I am about to say.

      Feather razor blades reviews are the sharpest I have ever heard of or come across in person.

      I rate them a 10 out of 10 on the sharpness scale.

      Every other blade that I review on this website is only relative to how sharp feather razor blades are.

      They are the “10”.

      No matter how tough your hair is I guarantee that these Japanese feather razor blades will cut through them like a hot knife going through butter.

      Definitely the sharpest double edge razor blades in the shaving world, these Japanese razor blades will make you wonder how razor blades are made.

      Just be careful because if you do not have perfect form these things will not forgive you for it!

      Longevity of the Blade

      On top of being extremely sharp blades, these feathers also last a surprisingly long time.

      I rate them a 9 out of 10 on the longevity scale.

      These blades will last me close to 10 shaves (I only shave my face)!

      If you’ll be using feather double edge razors to shave your head also, it may last you 3-4 shaves (depending on the thickness of your hair and the rate of growth).

      Now that I am a more experienced shaver with a safety razor I love to use these feather de blades much more frequently.

      I made the mistake of trying these blades too soon before my form was good.

      That was a huge mistake.

      Starting out with the sharpest safety razor blades as a beginner is a NO-NO!.

      I’m sure if you have much thicker hair you will get fewer shaves than I do out of one blade.

      Even then, the fact of the matter is that you will get the smoothest shave with feather blades!


      Even though these feather stainless steel razor blades are the best and sharpest de blades on the market, they are still very affordable!

      You can buy a 10 pack of Hi-Stainless Double Edge Feather blades on Amazon for only around $4 equating to about $0.40/blade.

      You can even buy them for less ($0.30/blade) if you buy a 100 pack.

      This is less expensive than the Merkur blades which cost about $9 for a 10 pack or $0.90/blade but are not the cheapest of the high-quality blades as the Derby Extra Double Edge razor blade costs only about $0.10/blade if you buy a 100 pack.

      But of course, the price pales in comparison to any of the astronomical prices charged for the traditional 3 blade cartridge razors.


      The quality control that is used when crafting these amazing blades is second to none!

      Well, as I’ve said more than once, these feather double edge razor blades are by far the sharpest razor blades when it comes to razor blade comparison.

      I swear that there are probably ninjas that make these blades over in Japan.

      And I’m not talking about normal ninjas, I’m talking about ninjas that have spent 50 years sharpening the finest swords in the world.

      Just be careful when using these things as you might cut yourself more times than actual hairs!

      These things are only for advanced shavers.

      For beginner shavers, I would recommend trying Derby’s extra razor blades.

      On Amazon, feather razor blades scored an average of 4.7 out of 5 from close to 150 customer reviews.

      Even though these blades are so well-known and of such high quality, they are fairly inexpensive.

      For 100 of these blades, you will pay close to $30.

      This is extremely cheap compared to modern 3 blade cartridges!

      And I bet the blades that are used in modern cartridges are nowhere near as close to the blades that are crafted by ninjas!

      I suggest you read other reviews from hundreds of different users of feather blades here!

      I hope you liked my feather razor blades review!

      Also, be sure to check out our infographic on straight razors vs safety razors as well as our list of best straight razors on the market.

      Speak your mind in the comment section if you have any input on the topic!

      As you know, that pristine shave takes more than just a quality safety razor and blade, it requires a good technique as well as a first-rate shaving soap or terrific shaving cream and a top-tier shaving brush among other things.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Feather Razor Blades

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Having gone over our Ultimate Feather Razor Blades Review, we are sure you have a better grasp now of feather razor blades and what to consider before getting one.

      We are guessing you still want some clarity on some issues, this is why we have taken the time to answer some FAQs below.

      1. How Many Shaves Does a Feather Blade Provide?

      2. Are Feather Blades The Most Razor-sharp?

      3. Is It a Good Idea To Use a Butterfly Safety Razor?

      4. Is It True That a Straight Razor is Superior To a Safety Razor?

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