Derby Razor Blades Review – A consistently good shave for a good price

Derby Extra Double Razor Blades
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  • Derby Extra Double Razor Blades
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  • Last modified: February 18, 2020
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Review Summary:

These might be my favorite blades of all time. If I am in a pinch and need to shave really fast I will choose these over any other blade.

In my Derby razor blades review I will specifically be talking about Derby extra. These were the 2nd blades that I ever tried when I started my wet shaving adventure and made the list of the best safety razor blades. The 1st were personna blades that I found at a local store. These Derby blades were the first that I ever purchased in bulk. After trying many blades from my sample pack that I got off Amazon I decided to buy a bunch of these because they worked so well for me! These thin blades are not as sharp as feather razor blades but for somebody just starting out there absolutely perfect. They are sharp enough to cut my hair with ease, but they are not so sharp that they will cut you. Let’s get into the details so you can figure out if these blades will be great for you as well!

Sharpness of the Blade:

I rate these blades at a sharpness level of 8 out of 10. Obviously as I have talked about before feather razor blades are the sharpest on the market. Nothing really comes close to them. These Derby’s are perfect for most situations and most wet shavers. If you are just starting out in the wet shaving world you want something that is sharp enough to have a smooth shave but not so sharp that you will cut yourself when you have bad form. And trust me, you will do have bad form if you have never shaved with this safety razor before. Even for people with thick hair these should be no problem.

Longevity of the Blade:

I was very impressed with the longevity of the blades I received in my sample pack. This is one of the main reasons I purchased Derby blades in bulk. These things will last me at least 7 whole shaves. I don’t have the thickest hair in the world but it is also not the thinnest. I think the longest one blade has ever lasted me is close to 10 shaves. The great thing about Derby is that the blades don’t really differ from one to the next. The quality control is spot on. I would say maybe one out of 15 blades is noticeably duller than the rest. I rate these blades at a 8 out of 10 on the longevity scale.


At of the top blades on the market today for safety razors you can’t beat the price of Derby blades. when you buy 100 pack on Amazon the cost is only $0.09/blade! The Astra blades are a close 2nd with a cost of $0.10 per blade. As the longevity of the blade is quite good, if you are focused on reducing your cost per shave to the lowest possible, the Derbys are the blades for you.

Conclusion and Other:

These might be my favorite blades of all time. If I am in a pinch and need to shave really fast I will choose these over any other blade. The reason behind that is because I know that I will not cut myself even when shaving quickly. When you shaves fast your form goes out the window and the risk of getting cut increases greatly. I would not choose feather razor blades if I knew I was in a rush and had to get a quick shave in. I do not regret buying the 100 pack of of these razor blades. When they run out(in about 5 years) I will be sure to buy another. Out of approximately 300 customer reviews these blades scored a 4.4 average rating on Amazon. The hundred pack I purchased is a measly $9 and is arguably the best purchase I have made in my wet shaving career. This time I might buy the 200 pack 🙂 . I hope my Derby razor blades review helped you come to a conclusion on which blade would be good for you. See what hundreds of other Derby blade users have to say! Be sure to check out my other reviews including my lists of the top safety razors, best shaving creams for sensitive skin, etc. Drop me off a comment below if you have any question or have any experience you would like to add!

2 thoughts on “Derby Razor Blades Review – A consistently good shave for a good price”

  1. I tried the Derby from an Amazon sampler pack. Lousy blades that won’t hold an edge. I couldn’t even get one shave out of a blade.

    1. I wonder why that is Charlie. Maybe it was a bad pack. To my knowledge they have very good quality control, but I guess you can never be perfect

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