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    Pube Hair

    Any guy who has tried growing a beard is likely familiar with the horror that is the pube hair beard.

    It’s incredibly common, especially when you’re growing your beard out for the very first time. However, that doesn’t mean it’s anything to be too worried about. Just because it’s the first stage of a lifetime of beard growth doesn’t mean it’s how your beard will look throughout your life.

    There are a few simple ways to get your beard to look lean and luscious, instead of what resembles a pubic hair beard.

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      Have Patience!

      For a lot of guys out there, the cure for a pube beard is having patience. This is because your early beard hairs are going to be a lot thinner and wispier than they will later in life. It takes a much longer time to develop a proper looking beard, and for many men, their biggest curse is simply being impatient.

      Don’t expect your 2-week-old beard to look like much yet. It can take 3 to 4 months for a beard to properly grow.

      That being said, that’s if your beard has to grow completely on its own. With proper beard care, you can hurry that process along and get your beard in tip-top shape in much less time.

      Why Does My Beard Look Like Pube Hairs?

      Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re alone with this feeling. It literally happens to every guy out there (at least the ones who’ve tried growing beards).

      That’s not an exaggeration either. The reason why beard hair tends to look like pube hair is the fact that they’re the same type of hair.

      Three types of hair grow on an adult human:

      • Terminal hair, like that on your head.
      • Vellus hair, like the hair on your arms.
      • Androgen hair, like beard hair, pubic hair, and underarm hair.

      The first 2 types of hair (terminal and vellus) grow on everyone equally, at least excluding genetic differences. This is the hair that will grow no matter what age you are.

      Androgen hair is affected by hormonal development, which is why it does not start growing until you reach adulthood. Beard hair grows for the same reason pubic hair grows, and that’s because the follicle is activated by DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

      Despite their similarities, you can take a lot of measures to make your beard look less like pubes. Since androgen hair is known for being thicker, coarser, and curlier, adopting a beard care routine will tame it enough to be less of a pube beard.

      Regular styling and conditioning will get your beard to look great.

      Start Using a Beard Conditioner

      The dryer your beard, the more it’s going to look like pubes. After all, you don’t use conditioner on your pubes, do you?

      Your beard dries out when it’s over-processed or under-processed. That simply means that you’re either doing too much or too little to maintain your beard.

      Doing too much usually is because of poor shampooing practices, though maybe you’re using a hairdryer on your beard, as well. The shampoo will strip your hair of the natural oils that keep the hair healthy, which leads to a dryer, more pube-like appearance.

      You should shampoo and condition your beard only a few times a week. Definitely no more often than every other day. Also, don’t use the shampoo designed for your hair on your head, as that will be too harsh on your beard.

      To get around that, you should invest in beard shampoo and conditioner. If you have a dryness issue, purchase a product that is gentler and designed to repair your beard.

      It’s also not recommended to blow dry your beard, as that will dry out your hair. If you do so, use a lower heat setting so you only get an airflow.

      Use a Beard Balm

      While beard oil works well to keep your beard moisturized and to reduce the prevalence of beard itch, a beard balm is better at making your beard less pube-like.

      Keeping your beard healthy and hydrated is important, and if you like beard oil, keep using it at night. However, during the day, you’ll likely want to start using a beard balm instead.

      Beard balm has heavier ingredients that will help tame your beard, while also adding volume to your hair. It actually will add weight to your beard and give it a denser look.

      The two ingredients that are most important for this are beeswax and castor oil. They’ll bind to the hairs, keeping them moisturized and increasing the diameter of the hair shaft.

      If your issue is also that your beard hair is a lighter color than your scalp hair, find a product that has a matte finish.

      In men beard color has shown to be effective in toning down the reflective tendencies of hair making it look darker.

      The darker color gives off the illusion of a fuller beard.

      Invest in the Proper Tools

      Conditioning your beard will go a long way to improving the health of your beard. But the other aspect that makes your beard look like pubes is that it’s untamed. When you first grow your beard, the hair goes in every direction. This unkempt, wild appearance will make it look more like a pubey beard.

      However, regularly styling your beard will actually alter how your beard grows. Styling is best done in both the morning and evenings, usually after your shower. Styling your beard when it’s wet or after applying a balm will get better results.

      Once you get your hair in a uniform direction, it will continue to grow like that.

      The two tools at your disposal to achieve this are beard combs and beard brushes.

      Depending on the style of beard you have, you’ll need either one or both.

      For shorter beards, you’ll likely only need a beard brush. They will be enough to get your hair in a uniform direction, while also helping to distribute the natural oils in your hair.

      Beard brushes are made of boar’s fur and will take the oil that gathers near the root, at the skin, and spread it to the tip of your hair. That makes your beard grow uniformly and looking great.

      A beard comb is better for longer beards, and as your beard grows out, will definitely be a good investment.

      That said, you need to get a high-quality comb. The inexpensive drugstore varieties will definitely not cut it. Those types of combs are stamped out of plastic or made from a plastic mold. That leaves the teeth with jagged edges that will snag your beard and tear the hairs. Wooden combs aren’t much better since they’ll splinter. Wood is also porous and will absorb the oil in your hair, which leads to quicker deterioration.

      High-quality plastic combs, like Kent Combs, are your best solution. They’re a bit pricey, but they’ll also last you an incredibly long time. Each comb is literally hand-sawn for smoothness from high-grade plastic.

      Keep Your Beard Trimmed Shorter

      At least for men starting out growing their beards, keeping your beard trimmed at a uniform length is a great solution to make your beard look less like pubes. It takes a while for all your facial hair follicles to grow regularly, so until they do, keeping a short trim is a good solution.

      Having a good set of trimmers, or quality beard scissors are your best bet. Trim your beard regularly to a short length, maybe no more than ½-inch long. Decide which length you’d like, then as your beard grows in, you can let it grow out.

      This is a good compromise between patiently waiting for your beard to grow and letting it fill in. As it grows, it will no longer look like a pubic beard.

      Take Extreme Straightening Measures

      If your beard is already grown in, but you’re having trouble keeping it tamed or straight with a comb and brush alone, extreme measures might be called for.

      To remedy that, you might want to start using a flat-iron to straighten your hair.

      Proceed cautiously if you do this, though. Flat irons can easily do more harm than good.

      For one thing, you don’t want to use the standard flat iron used for scalp hair. Instead, purchase a smaller one for travel.

      Larger flat irons will get too hot and will burn your beard hair. The smaller size is also a lot more maneuverable for moving around your face. That’s the last place you want to burn after all.

      Don’t use the flat iron more than once a week, because it will dry out your beard. Adding that along with your standard beard care routine will help tame your beard so that it will grow uniformed.

      Improve Your Overall Health

      Beards are extensions of our beings, and if you’re healthy, your beard will likely also be healthy. Hair, after all, is simply keratin. For it to grow well, it relies on vitamins and nutrients to be at its (literal) fullest.

      If you have a poor diet, your beard will suffer. Either take measures to get a more balanced diet, or start taking vitamins. The key diet components of healthy hair growth are protein, as well as Vitamins A, B, C, and E. A multivitamin will likely make a huge difference for your beard’s health. You can take this a bit further and take Biotin, as well, which is a more specific supplement for hair health.

      Your local drugstore will have a product labeled as a hair growth supplement. Though these are usually just a biotin and vitamin mix.

      Exercising regularly will also improve your beard. It improves your blood circulation, which is important to have your hair grow. However, exercise also helps regulate your hormone levels. Hormones are pretty essential to beard growth, so keeping them in check will help.

      If All Else Fails, Take the Medical Route

      Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic. If you’ve tried growing out your beard and give it the time to do so, you might want to consider the more extreme measure of hair growth medicine.

      This is Minoxidil, or as it’s more popularly known, Rogaine. What this product does is stimulate the blood circulation to your hair follicles. This ramps up their growth phase and forces the hair to grow thicker. While it’s marketed primarily to men whose scalps are balding, it works pretty well for beards too.

      Keep in mind, this only works if you’re trying to get your existing hairs to grow in better. It won’t make non-existent hair follicles suddenly start sprouting hair.

      That being said, if you’ve historically had a thin, wispy beard that looks like pubes, it could ramp up growth enough to get your beard to fill out.

      This should really be a last resort, though. No medication is complete without side effects. If you do take this route, make sure you follow the listed procedure to ensure the best results.


      Growing a beard is no easy feat. It’s also incredibly disheartening to put in all that effort just to end up with a pube beard.

      Luckily for you, that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your beard dreams. Often, getting rid of the pube beard and getting a luscious beard is just a matter of patience. Once your beard grows in fully, it’s less likely to look like pubes. That’s almost solely a new beard phenomenon.

      It’s worth keeping in mind that beards take a long time to grow in properly. Don’t expect results in a few weeks, instead give it a few months.

      However, making sure your beard is healthy overall will work wonders in making sure your beard doesn’t look like pubes. The dryer your beard, the more likely it will grow into a kinky pube beard.

      Adopting a simple beard care routine will get you good results after a while. Keeping your beard hydrated and moisturized is important, but taming it is more important. That’s best accomplished through consistently combing and straightening your hair.

      Don’t be dismayed if your beard currently looks like pubes. It doesn’t always have to be like that.

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