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    the garibaldi beard style

    The Garibaldi Beard is full-length and rugged, yet still maintains care to shape and style. What differentiates it is that it’s rounded below the chin, allowing it to be tamer than the mountain man look alone.

    The beard was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian General in the 19th Century who helped to unify the peninsula. He was known for his flamboyant personality, which earned him a reputation at home. He also fought in South America as part of the guerilla wars throughout the region in the 1800s.

    The Garibaldi beard for which he named, has lived far beyond him. Nowadays you may recognize it as Conor McGregor’s beard. It exudes both style and masculinity.

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      What is the Garibaldi Beard?

      What makes the Garibaldi beard unique is that it has a trimmed, rounded bottom to it. It’s kept short at about 6 to 8 inches, though it has a large volume. It will take upwards of 3 to 4 months to let your beard grow to the proper length.

      The mustache on a Garibaldi beard is shorter than the rest of the beard when combed to the sides. A well-groomed mustache that connects with the rest of the beard is a trademark of the Garibaldi beard.

      What Face Shapes Work With the Garibaldi Beard?

      Full beards and Garibaldi beards are no exception; these level the playing field for all face shapes. Pretty much anyone can pull off a Garibaldi beard, as long as their beard grows in.

      However, different faces can use the full Garibaldi beard to achieve different effects.

      The oval-shaped face can grow any type of beard, but it benefits extremely well from the Garibaldi beard. The thick, full volume makes their faces seem wider and add contour to their cheeks.

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      Oblong faces should keep their beard trimmed short while maintaining large volume to make their faces seem wider, and hiding the length of their faces.

      A Garibaldi beard will make heart-shaped faces appear more angular. A bulky beard will give the appearance of having a fuller chin and jawline.

      A round-shaped face can use a Garibaldi beard probably to the best advantage. It will lengthen their faces while adding definition to their cheeks. However, they may want to let the sides grow disproportionately to the chin to make their faces look squarer.

      A triangle-shaped face can hide their jawline with a Garibaldi beard. This will make their chin and cheeks seem wider while emphasizing their cheekbones.

      Men with diamond-shaped faces can use a Garibaldi beard for a few purposes. If their cheeks appear narrow or hollow, the beard will fill them out. Their beard can also create a layering effect to their cheekbones instead. Depending on how the cheeks and mustache are styled, the Garibaldi can be used to either sharpen or soften their features.

      How to Grow a Garibaldi Beard

      Growing a Garibaldi beard can take 3 to 4 months to accomplish. You’ll need to start by letting the beard grow in and develop a strong, non-patchy base. Once it begins to reach the desired length, it will start to develop a natural, rough look.

      As it reaches its desired length, make sure to trim it slightly using scissors to keep the edges clean and uniform. Trim the bottom to remove the natural narrowing point to your beard.

      It is also recommended to clean up the neckline around the beard. Using electric trimmers, trim around the curve from the Adam’s apple up to each ear, then trim everything below that line towards your chest.

      Use a safety razor to further clean up the area and keep your neckline smooth and defined.

      A Garibaldi also needs the cheek line well defined. Trim a line across your cheek from the center of your ear to the edge of your mustache. Clean it up with a razor.

      Once the line of the cheek is defined, you can trim the area too. Using an electric trimmer or scissors, trim your cheek and mustache to about an inch long. Feel free to trim shorter if you prefer.

      Having your cheeks trimmed will prevent the beard from making your face appear too round.

      Moisturize and comb your beard regularly to keep it healthy. Use a shampoo and conditioner while showering and apply beard oil or balm while it’s still wet. Massage it into the hair and your skin, then comb your beard for uniformity. This will keep your beard softer and your skin healthier.

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