7 Best Beard Straighteners of 2024 (Pros & Cons)


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    Growing a thick and healthy beard is one thing.

    Keeping that beard looking great is something else entirely.

    Whilst there are a wide range of oils and balms and even nutritional supplements designed to do just that, many men are really looking for assistance in one key area.

    In this article, we are going to evaluate seven of the best beard straighteners products on the market today.

    So read on to find out which one could be the best product for you, your beard, and overall facial hair.

    It’s highly recommended that you read the section on “Things to Consider When Buying the best beard straightener”, before digging into the reviews, to assure you get the right beard straightener product for you.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Beard Straighteners

    7 Best Beard Straighteners of [year] (Pros & Cons) 1
    Andis High Heat Press Comb
    • 20 different heat settings
    • High quality chrome comb
    7 Best Beard Straighteners of [year] (Pros & Cons) 2
    Bossman Beard Oil
    • Extra thick, jelly like consistency
    • Great value 4 oz. bottle
    7 Best Beard Straighteners of [year] (Pros & Cons) 3
    Grave Before Shave Beard Brush
    • Cruelty free bristles
    • Comfortable, ergonomic handle
    7 Best Beard Straighteners of [year] (Pros & Cons) 4
    CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush
    • Excellent temperature range
    • Simple and easy to use
    7 Best Beard Straighteners of [year] (Pros & Cons) 5
    Prophet Premium Beard Balm
    • Blends well with all beard colors
    • Adds control and style with ease
    7 Best Beard Straighteners of [year] (Pros & Cons) 6
    AMOVEE Mini Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener
    • Very mild cut
    • Nice and cheap
    7 Best Beard Straighteners of [year] (Pros & Cons) 7
    Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment
    • Long term results
    • No down time after treatment

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      best beard straightener

      7 Best Beard Straighteners of 2024 Reviewed

      1. Andis High Heat Press Comb

      beard hot comb

      We’ll kick off with this product from Andis, one of the more high-tech beard straighteners and beard hot comb.

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      Brand: Andis
      Difficulty: Medium To High
      Extra Tools Required: No
      Price: $$$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for a fast and convenient way to tame and straighten a longer beard.

      Key Features

      When it comes to flat iron beards, whether for men or women, heat can be a key ally in this battle.

      This is because of a protein called Keratin, which makes up a large proportion of the mass of each strand of beard hair.

      Apply heat to Keratin and you start to break down the hydrogen bonds found in its chemical formula.

      Do that and hair becomes pliable and easy to make straight.

      The same principle that women use when they apply straighteners to their facial hair also applies when you are looking to straighten your beard.

      That is why there is so many heated beard straightening brush on the market today.

      Of all the options though, this offering from Andis is our favorite.

      It is packing a lot of very useful features and design points that any guy would want to have in their beard straightener comb.

      For one thing, we were very impressed with the temperature range it is bringing.

      A max temperature of up 405 Fahrenheit is actually going to be too hot for most beards, but it is indicative of a device with the power to reach any useful temperature that you may require.

      There are also extremely impressive controls placed on that power.

      There are no less than 20 variable heat settings, and temperature control between each one is very precise; thus allowing you to find the optimal temperature without damaging your beard.

      Add in a top-quality ceramic comb which does a great job of dispersing the heat through your beard hairs and this is a quality tool.

      See the collective opinion of over one thousand customer reviews here on Amazon.


      20 Different Heat Settings
      High Quality Chrome Comb
      Ready to Go In 30 Seconds


      Takes a Bit of Practice to Master

      2. Bossman Beard Oil

      Bossman Beard Oil

      More of a beard jelly than a traditional oil, this product from Bossman is easy to apply but designed to provide effective control for short to medium beard lengths.


      Brand: Bossman
      Difficulty: Easy
      Extra Tools Required: Yes – Brush/Comb
      Price: $$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for a simple and straightforward way to manage their unruly facial hair.

      Key Features

      From a very high-tech device that puts a lot of straightening power right into the palm of your hand, this next product is a far simpler affair.

      Whereas the heated beard straightening comb required a lot of practice to get it right though, that’s not the case here.

      In fact, that is very much the selling point of this particular offering from Bossman which is the best beard straighteners for short beards.

      We’re willing to bet that a lot of you are already using beard oils since this simple product is one of the cornerstones of good facial hair maintenance.

      The best part of this product then?

      Almost all of you know how to use it already and ultimately how to make your beard hair straight.

      There is no training time, you don’t have to practice it.

      But what exactly is it and what is it doing?

      Well, this is first and foremost a beard oil.

      That means it is packed with natural oils to pump moisture into your beard and soothe your skin.

      But this is also made of a jelly texture.

      This, in turn, means that it is extra thick, and that is why it can help to straighten your beard.

      When you apply it, it is rather like putting the product into your head hair to style it.

      It removes the fluff and curls by introducing concentrated moisture.

      You can even comb or brush the product through your beard for an even greater straightening effect.

      This is not the most powerful straightener for the beard on our list.

      It is however very easy to use and, coming in a huge 4 Oz. the bottle also provides excellent value for your money. 

      See the consensus of over a thousand customer reviews on Amazon.


      Extra Thick, Jelly Like Consistency
      Great Value 4 Oz. Bottle
      Fresh Scent


      Provides a Weaker Straightening Effect

      3. Grave Before Shave Beard Brush

      electric beard straightener

      Next up we’ll take a look at another product that should have a place in the armory of any man who wishes to maintain their beard. The fact it can also be used for straightening your beard explains its presence on our list today.


      Brand: Grave Before Shave
      Difficulty: Easy
      Extra Tools Required: Yes – Balm/Oil, a Hairdryer
      Price: $$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man looking for a top-quality electric beard straightener brush to help maintain their mane.

      Key Features

      As we said above, a top quality beard brush should be part of the armory of every man looking to effectively clean and maintain his beard.

      Let it not be said that we here at Prim and Prep are not prepared to hammer home a good message.

      If though you don’t yet have a great straightening brush, then we would definitely suggest taking a closer look at this one from Grave Before Shave.

      As a brush, there are a lot of features about this product we like that will take care of your overall beard grooming routine.

      The bristles are of course where these types of tools make their money.

      In this instance, we have a head comprised of lovely, stiff boar bristles.

      This all-natural material is one of the best you can get when it comes to bristles that will take care of your beard.

      They have the strength to power through knots and, when combined with a blow dryer, you can use this straightening brush to style and tame a curly, unruly beard.

      This brush also gets bonus points for being animal cruelty-free, with no boar harmed or killed in its production.

      It’s great too at helping to work balms and oils through your beard, which can also be a big aid during the straightening process.

      The brush is comfortable, easy to hold, and feels nice in the hand too.

      See the other impressive customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Cruelty Free Bristles
      Comfortable, Ergonomic Handle
      Effective & Stiff Boar Brush Bristles


      Can Tangle in Very Long/Thick Beards

      4. CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

      Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

      It’s time for another beard straightener brush. Yes, that’s right, we’ve got two similar products in a row. This one though is hiding a few extras under the trunk.


      Brand: CNXUS
      Difficulty: Easy
      Extra Tools Required: No
      Price: $$$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who thinks a brush would be useful for straightening their beard but is looking for a little extra power too. 

      Key Features

      This brush is like Robocop. The brush above, the normal one from Grave Before Shave, is when Peter Weller (we don’t recognize the existence of the remake) is a normal cop; it’s effective but ultimately a little under-powered.

      Now here we have the Robocop version, a heated beard brush backed up by the power of technology.

      That technology is bringing heat to the party, which, as we described above, is extremely effective when it comes to hair straightening.

      What we were really impressed with here though is the ease of use of this device.

      Partly that ease comes from the fact that is just a very well-designed little tool.

      It has a great heat range, for example, capable of heating to anywhere from 300 to 450 Fahrenheit.

      All of this is controlled via a simple button interface, whilst a small LCD screen tells you the current temperature.

      There are also a lot of safety features that impressed us.

      Chief amongst them is the fact this is a brush.

      That means that the plastic bristles of the brush keep you skin away from the heating element, whilst also dispersing that heat through the beard.

      This means that the brush is both very effective and very safe.

      You have much less chance of accidentally burning yourself with this tool than with some others.

      The other reason this device is so easy to use is the fact it is at its heart, still a brush.

      We all know how to use a brush, right?

      Well, this is exactly the same, a product that is easy to simply pick up and start using with little practice or prior knowledge required.

      See what hundreds say per the reviews here on Amazon.


      Excellent Temperature Range
      Bristles Keep Heating Element Away From Skin
      Simple and Easy to Use


      Not Quite As Effective as Flat Iron Straighteners

      5. Prophet Premium Beard Balm

      Prophet Premium Beard straightener

      Next up we’re going to take a look at another tool-free way for straightening your beard.

      This premium beard balm is certainly simple and easy to use, but what else is it bringing to the table?

      Read on to find out.


      Brand: Prophet
      Difficulty: Easy
      Extra Tools Required: No
      Price: $

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who wants a beard that looks shiny and well cared for, with an added element of hold and control to style the beard straight.  

      Key Features

      We turn to another product that is designed to bring hold and styling ability to your beard.

      Just as with the beard straightening jelly we looked at above, this is a tool-free application method.

      Of course, you may like to add a beard straightening brush or comb to your styling routine for added control, but in many cases, it probably won’t be required.

      That is because what we are dealing with here is a quality balm.

      Produced by a company called Prophet, this is a beard balm with a number of great features.

      Chief amongst them is the ease with which it can be applied.

      You just take a little pea-sized amount of product on your fingertips.

      Roll it around your hand a little until it melts then run it through your beard.

      That. Is. It.

      It frankly could not be simpler.

      But, as this balm was made to provide a certain level of hold, it is also very effective at working styles into your beard.

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      That includes of course simply straightening out your beard, making this balm one of the best beard straighteners.

      It’s also 100% Organic, something that we frankly love to see in a product that will be spending a considerable amount of time in contact with your hair and skin.

      Add in the fact that this product is designed to melt into your beard to really bring out its vibrancy and help make it look shiny and well-nourished, and this is a premium quality option.

      See the collective opinion of over one thousand customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Blends Well With All Beard Colors
      Adds Control and Style With Ease
      100% Organic


      Provides Only Mild Hold

      6. AMOVEE Mini Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener

      Mini Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener

      We’ll take a look at another electrical product now, the beard iron, the last powered device to make the list.

      But we’ve saved something special for last, a device that is very well made but also won’t break the bank.


      Brand: AMOVEE
      Difficulty: Medium to Hard
      Extra Tools Required: No
      Price: $

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man with a long beard looking for the ultimate way to apply the straightening power of direct heat without paying too much.

      Key Features

      A flat iron style of hair straightener is pretty much the NAVY SEAL Assault Team of beard straightening tools.

      Are we overplaying their abilities a little?

      Ok, maybe just a tad. But if you are looking for a tool that is really going to help you tackle a wild and unruly beard and help straighten it out, then this tool here could be the one for you.

      But at the same time if you are looking for a tool that is really going to help you tackle a wild and unruly beard and help straighten it out, then this tool here could be the one for you.

      It is a powerful little beard hair straightener that is capable of generating heat up to 410 Fahrenheit, more than enough heat for even the wildest and toughest beard.

      Did you see we said “little” above by the way?

      Well, we weren’t joking around, this device is tiny, less than eight inches in length.

      For us, this tiny size makes it perfect for work as a beard straightener tool.

      This size gives it the maneuverability and flexibility to work in the smaller spaces around your face and under your chin.

      We were very impressed with the free heat-resistant glove.

      Since the technique behind using a flat iron beard straightener is more hands-on than with other devices, this glove is invaluable in helping to prevent painful burns.

      We really love this device.

      We’ll be frank with you; it may struggle to tackle shorter beards.

      The way these straightener works is to clamp the beard hair between its ceramic plates.

      On a shorter length, it simply won’t have the purchase to grip the short hairs and straighten them out.  

      But for thicker and fuller beards, there aren’t many, if any, better beard flat iron on the market right now.

      Add in the crazy low price too, and this is a real winner.

      See the collective opinion of hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very Mild Cut
      Nice and Cheap
      Excellent Coating for Low Friction Shaving


      Too Mild for Some People

      7. Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment

      Keratin hair treatment

      We’ll end the list with something a little different.

      This product from Peter Coppola is designed to provide a long-term solution for those looking to straighten their beards with the best beard straightener.


      Brand: Various
      Blade Material: Various
      Cut: Various
      Price Per Blade: 33 Cents
      Price: $$$

      Who Is It Best For?

      Any man who doesn’t want to be using a straightening brush every day.

      Key Features

      If hair straightening on a daily basis sounds a little time consuming, then take a look at this product from Peter Coppola.

      This is a Keratin treatment in a tube.

      (Remember Keratin?)

      Because of that, you can kind of look at this product as a heated beard cream.

      It is designed to work on and relax the Keratin in your beard in the same way as a heated tool.

      This cream delivers those straightening effects with a long-lasting lifespan. 

      Peter Coppola says this cream can smooth away frizz – and deliver a straight beard – for up to 60 days.

      You will likely need to brush or comb your hair a little during that time, to maintain it.

      But broadly speaking, it is less of a time sink than many other methods of beard straightening out there.

      But there’s a catch.

      You will find some people are not overly keen on beard straightening creams.

      That’s because a huge range of them contain Formaldehyde, a chemical that is very good at relaxing hair – but is also considered a toxin.

      Personally, we wouldn’t be putting that crap on our face, which is why we plumped for this product from Peter Coppola.

      It is Formaldehyde free, for a semi-permanent straight beard solution that won’t strip the inside off of your lungs.

      (Which to us is definitely a good thing).

      Yes, it is still packing more chemicals than any other product on this list.

      It is also far and away from the most expensive.

      But if you want a long-term, low-maintenance solution for a straight beard, then this is one of the best options out there.

      See Customer Reviews on Amazon here.


      Long Term Results
      No Down Time After Treatment
      Less Harsh Than Many Other Creams


      Still Lots of Chemicals

      Things to Consider When Buying Best Beard Straighteners

      Before we get to our beard straightener product list, in this first section we’ll highlight the features that you should bear in mind whilst reading our reviews. Remember them, and they will help you to find the right product to suit your needs.

      1. Your Beard Length

      Beard Length

      Probably one of the biggest considerations when you are picking out the right product for you, is the size of your beard.

      For example, products like the AMOVEE flat paddle are going to need at least a medium-length amount of hair, we’re talking an inch or more minimum. 

      It needs that amount of beard to tame the wild beard straightener, as it requires a certain length of hair to grasp and heat.

      On the other hand, shorter beards can be worked with a brush or comb, and often held in place with balms or oils.

      The premium beard balm we’ll be looking at below, from Prophet, is a great example of this.

      Brooklyn beard straightener has a mild hold, which is sufficient to style a short beard but will struggle with longer and thicker ones.

      2. Application/Work Time

      straighten beard

      You need to ask yourself how long do you want to spend working on your beard every day.

      If you want a simple solution, keeping your facial hair shorter could mean you just have to give it a quick brush and/or throw on some oil or premium beard balm in the morning.

      Short and simple.

      At the other end of the spectrum, you could have a longer beard and require more heat treatment.

      We have a number of heated tools below that bring the heat required to help tame longer beards – but expect to spend a little more time doing so.

      Finally, for those who want a beard straightener with minimal effort, you have the semi-permanent results you can get from beard straightening cream.

      These products can have their own drawbacks though, which we will get on to in the reviews below.

      3. Where Are You Working?

      beard straightener

      Bedroom? Bathroom? Hallway? Car?

      Avoid straightening your beard in the car, but the others are places most of us have to squeeze in our maintenance regimes.

      This is a very simple point; so don’t shout at us for making it.

      But don’t buy an electrical device if you are going to struggle to plug it in near a mirror or in an area you can work undisturbed for a little while.

      Brushes and beard straightener comb may be underpowered compared to heated tools, but they are also very easy to use just about anywhere.

      4. Price

      Beard Brush Price

      If it was just a matter of price when buying the best beard straighteners, we’d just tell you to rub Beluga Caviar into your facial hair.

      Even if it doesn’t straighten the beard hair, the smell alone is widely known to drive all Russian underwear models wild.

      At the end of the day, isn’t that what’s most important?

      Price matters.

      We don’t want you dropping huge bucks on products that make outlandish claims.

      In our reviews below, we’ve managed to pull items that combine value for money with the ability to actually do what they say they’ll do.

      At the same time, don’t be scared to drop a little cash if need be.

      If you like a product and can afford to, go for it.

      It could help make your beard look great for the rest of your life which is actually a pretty good investment.

      5. Chemicals

      Quality of ingredients (chemical vs natural)

      Are you looking for a natural or chemical solution?

      That’s a question you need to ask yourself because some products are certainly more chemical-laden than others.

      If you think about it though, everything is a chemical – even water.

      What we mean here is do you prefer a manual tool such as a beard straightening comb or heated beard brush?

      In that case, we have a range of brushes, combs, and heating tools for you to take a look at.

      If you prefer a chemical option, we have balms, oils, and even the aforementioned beard straightening cream to show you.

      Of course, if you’re not sure which you prefer, then simply read on for a comprehensive guide to the best heated beard straightener on the market right now.

      Best Beard Straighteners Frequently Asked Questions

      best beard straighteners for men

      1. Why do I get a curly beard anyway?

      2. My beard is quite short, what is the best product for me?

      3. I’m in a ZZ Top cover band, which one will work best on my big, bushy beard?

      4. Should I be concerned about the chemicals in beard straightening cream?

      Final Thoughts

      A beard straightener might be the most efficient and effective tool when taming and styling unruly, frizzy, curly facial hair.

      The best beard straighteners will assist you in controlling and styling your facial hair to perfection.

      The correct electric straightening equipment, whether it’s a beard straightening comb or flat iron to run through fine, short facial hair or a beard straightener brush for deep penetration and maximum styling, may make all the difference in your appearance.

      In recent years, the use of beard straighteners — the precise heated instruments, not the chemical relaxers, and other rubbish – has gained in favor, particularly among men.

      We hope that our advice to selecting the best beard straightening iron, heated beard comb, or electric brush has been useful to you in making your decision.

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      1. Just to say thanks for providing the article, which I’m now going to print off to read in the bus to work. I’ve used oils, balms, got the bore bristle brush, combs and occasionally dye my beard, but not done myself as I tend to overdo it and it looks ‘painted on’ once I’m finished with it. I’m 53 and I keep my head hair, what’s left of it, very, very short as it too is largely grey.

      2. i personally like the beard struggle heated beard brush, its amazing. I think you should add it to your page of top picks for 2020

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