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    The Wolverine Beard Style

    Hugh Jackman surged Wolverine into the broad public awareness, and with it, he brought the unique Wolverine beard style into popularity. It has become an iconic look for Hugh Jackman, who hasn’t really shied away from adopting a lot of crazy beard styles.

    The Wolverine beard style is incredibly bold, demonstrating a wild, animalistic masculinity, as well as a softer sophistication. The look demands attention but doesn’t transition well into day-to-day living.

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      Let’s Break it Down, What is the Wolverine Beard?

      The Wolverine beard style falls somewhere between overgrown mutton chops and a full beard. Essentially, it’s a full beard where the mustache and chin are shaved. It’s not a fully clean shave, since some light stubble is left. The neckline is trimmed up to the jawline.

      The look varies slightly depending on which of the Wolverine or X-Men movies you’re basing it off of. In the early X-Men films, the look was a little bit cleaner and closely cropped. It became more and more rugged as the franchise continued.

      The Wolverine beard style is a playoff of the mutton chop look, which are sideburns that incorporate some of the cheek hair. However, the Wolverine mutton chops incorporate essentially the entire beard.

      What Face Shapes Fit the Wolverine Beard?

      The Wolverine mutton chops are difficult to pull off and definitely don’t fit every face shape.

      Oblong and oval-shaped faces are the two best suited for this look. The Wolverine mutton chops add definition to the face and jawline but have enough of a foundation to give a balanced look on the face.

      Faces with pointed chins, like a triangle, diamond, and heart-shaped faces will have more difficulty pulling off this look since it will accentuate the point of their chins. Growing out a more rugged, unruly beard may offset this difficulty though.

      Square and round faces should avoid this look. It makes their jawline look very wide and will remove any definition to their faces.

      How to Grow the Wolverine Beard Style

      The Wolverine beard style is pulled off best when it has a somewhat rugged and unruly appearance. To create this look, you have to start by growing out a full beard.

      Let your beard grow for at least 3 to 4 weeks so that it creates a full foundation of hair. If it’s looking thin at that point, let it grow for another 1 to 2 weeks. Make sure not to touch it within that time.

      Once your beard has grown sufficiently, it’s time to shape it.

      Tools You’ll Need to Shape Your Beard

      The only tool you’ll need to achieve this look is an electric razor or beard trimmer with no guards. This look is best when it’s a little rugged and unruly, so you won’t even need to shave with a traditional razor afterward.

      Shaping Your Beard

      Once you have your equipment ready and your beard has grown out, it’s time to shape your beard. Make sure to wash and dry your beard before shaping.

      The best place to start is by trimming the neckline. This beard should only extend a little beyond the jawline and will have a higher neckline accordingly.

      Tilt your head up and inspect the neck and under your chin. Take your first two fingers of either hand and use it to measure from the Adam’s apple up to the chin.

      To determine the neckline for the Wolverine beard style, trim a line from the left ear to the area above the Adam’s apple, then to the right ear. Once you have defined that line, trim the hair below it. If you have an electric shaver, you can go over your neck with that to create a cleanly shaved look that maintains some stubble, though if you can’t it isn’t essential.

      Next, it’s time to shave the mustache and chin.

      Depending on which era of Wolverine you’d like to emulate, you have some flexibility here. You can use your electric trimmer to remove the mustache but leave the connecting hair to make a sharp, abrupt end. However, you could also trim the connectors to the chin, as Hugh Jackman wore his in the early movies.

      You have similar flexibility with shaving your chin hair. Trim off the soul patch, as well as a line on the chin, all the way to the neck to clear it.

      You can adjust the mutton chop style as you like. The best look that matches the Wolverine mutton chips leaves them shaped like a J.

      Trimming and Maintaining Your Beard

      The Wolverine look can get away with an unkempt ruggedness. It could also be pulled off with some trimming, especially if you’re keeping the look for an extended period.

      Use your trimmers and set about a 1-inch (or shorter) guard. Trim alternating sides of your beard to maintain symmetry with your look. Once they’re at the desired length, trim them about once a week to keep them uniform.

      You should also trim your mustache, chin, and neck once every 1 to 2 days. If you’re going for a more rugged appearance, you can go longer between shaving your beard.

      It’s also important to keep your beard healthy. Wash your face and beard at least once a day (usually when you shower) and apply a facial moisturizer. Applying a beard oil or balm is also recommended, alongside your facial moisturizer. Massage it into your hair and skin, then comb your beard for uniformity.

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