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    Whether it was on purpose or a happy accident, if you find yourself faced with understanding the best care tips for bald head, you’ll want to arm yourself with the best options out there. It may seem like once your hair is out the window, the care you needed to put in has left also. The idea to ignore your heads needs can’t be further from the truth.

    Bald heads need care routines just as much as a head full of hair. Your skin is now exposed to all of Mother Nature’s elements, most likely for the first time in years. As your skin adjusts to life without a hairy barrier between it and the world, it will need help staying healthy and smooth.

    If you haven’t experienced any of your bald head’s negative aspects, it doesn’t mean you should ignore taking care of your body. Some of the products available for bald head skincare work best as preventative measures.

    There’s no need to wait until you find yourself with a head full of dandruff before you start taking steps to maximize your bald head’s potential. Even if you’re not worried about your head’s health, these products can help your scalp stand out in a crowd.

    A potent blend of oils, lotions, and shampoos exist in an ever-growing market for bald scalp care. The bald head product that is right for you is already out there, so don’t wait any longer to give your head the shine it deserves.

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      Establish a Routine

      Your head can’t take care of itself, and spot treatment only when you remember to do it won’t be enough to see all the benefits of the best products for bald heads. To properly develop your look, you must make a plan.

      Head care is a multifaceted approach that should be adjusted for each case based on what you want to get out of it. First, determine how often you will need to shave your head, if at all. 

      The shaving process can provide tons of benefits to your scalp but can also bring damage. Building your product habits around your shaving routine will allow you to feel comfortable before and after your shave.

      If your hair isn’t growing out at a rate that deems shaving necessary, you have more freedom and flexibility in your bald head care routine, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid bald head care products.


      A unique aspect of your new routine will be exfoliation. The same treatment that provides the rest of your body will now apply to your hairless head.

      As you go about your days, you are continually shedding your skin little by little. Snakes shed their entire skin at one time, but our skin flakes come to rest on top of your skin. This natural process is nothing to be concerned about, but proper exfoliation will keep your head smooth.

      Exfoliation should be one of the first steps in any bald head care. Find a proper exfoliating scrub that feels thicker than other creams you may use on your head. This is an excellent time to wash out any bits of dirt and grime that has collected on your scalp throughout your day.

      It is vital to begin your bald head care by exfoliation because it opens up the scalp to receive the benefits of the rest of your care properly. There’s no point in putting shampoo over your dead layer of skin, only to quickly scrub it out.


      Some aspects of bald head care can be fulfilled in the shower, as quickly or even faster than your hair care routines of yesteryear. Focusing your bald head care around the shower is essential to building successful habits.

      This step is also where you throw on any shampoo or other beard care items that will be quickly washed out. Combining these steps is a great way to get the hang of caring for your beard, as showering will already be part of your daily routine.

      Hopefully, you are already accustomed to showering often. Sprinkling in a few steps to take care of your head while you are having a soak can only add a few minutes to your schedule and reap huge benefits.

      Other parts of the process should be done in front of a mirror. The timing of every aspect of bald head care is essential, as your scalp will continuously be changing throughout the day. If you have bald head dry scalp problems, try to pay attention to when the problem is at its worst, and plan your care routine around that time.

      An excellent general estimate is to use your bald head care products as a part of your morning routine. Applying moisturizers right before you go to bed isn’t a flawed approach, but you will get less use out of your product.

      By the next morning, most of the protective layers added on by an excellent bald head moisturizer will have eroded, leaving your head exposed to the elements. If you start your morning with some bald head care products, they will hold throughout the day.

      It will also help start your day off with some confidence. Taking care of your physical appearance can be quite mentally satisfying too. If you need a boost to morale, taking a good look in the mirror and adequately taking care of yourself can go a long way.

      Whatever your routine includes, find a plan, and stick to it. It takes three weeks for any new pattern to become a habit, so once you breach through the first barrier of commitment, you won’t think twice about your head’s care.

      After you have comfortably shifted into your routine, you can begin to experiment with different combinations and products that will give you the most benefit. At the start, try to use products that are simple and don’t take too much effort. The most important thing is to try.

      Build your toolbox

      Once you have committed to a care plan, you must lay out every item necessary to accomplish your mission. Nobody wants to be halfway through a shave before realizing they have nothing to add to their head post-shave.

      The individual items you may need will depend on what you want your bald head to accomplish, but it is always better to have and not need than need and not have.


      If your scalp still needs some sculpting, your bald head will only go as far as your razor can take it. There are pros and cons to using both an electric or conventional razor set-up. You should let your goals define your implementation.

      Your razor choice will be mostly personal and could depend on what you have more experience with. Trying to learn too many things at once can lead you away from learning anything at all. If you feel comfortable with both, try to let your needs decide.

      An electric razor will eliminate the need for shaving cream, which could crop out some time from your routine. Electric razor flexibility allows you to navigate your head’s contours with ease, which will make it easier to hit hazardous areas.

      A conventional razor takes extra steps but rewards a patient groomer with a closer shave. You will have to take the time to wet your beard correctly, and things could get tricky when you reach towards the back of your head.

      A conventional razor is more challenging to use on a bald head, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Many users prefer this approach as it gets closer to the root of your hair better than an electric razor.

      Don’t let time be a factor in your decision-making. This process shouldn’t be rushed, especially when you are learning the tricks of the trade. Conventional razors could end up saving you time, even if each application takes longer. The closer shave will mean more time before you’ll have to treat your head again.

      Either option you choose, there are specific razors designed to be used on bald heads. These are typically more flexible and have shaped their blades in a way that syncs their ability up with your head’s angles.

      It may seem like extra effort, but finding the right razor will have you feeling more professional and end up giving you a better shave.

      Shampoo and Lotion

      You might not think you even need shampoo for bald heads. Just because you aren’t rocking a mop on your head doesn’t mean you get out of washing your top. Bald people can get dandruff, and regular soap can dry out your follicles and cause all sorts of problems.

      A combination of shampoo and lotion will yield both of their strengths for better bald head protection.


      This tool is a great example of proactive protection for your freshly exposed head. Just because you do not currently experience a bald, dry scalp disaster could be just around the corner. Nip fear in the bud by giving your head a layer of relief.

       Shampoos have already built in the ability to take care of dry skin, and any shampoo is better than nothing. You will use a lot less shampoo than Tarzan might need, which will allow you to explore your options. One bottle could last you the year, might as well make it a good one.

      Any shampoo will benefit and help freshen up your scalp, but some companies have a shampoo for bald heads. These can be known as head washes or bald shampoos, and each shampoo will offer different strengths.

      Stick to a product with natural ingredients, and decide what you need most out of your shampoo before purchasing. All options will moisturize and enhance your bald head. Some offer different scents or essential oils that take your care further.

      Whatever you need help with on top of your head, there is a place for a beard shampoo to make a difference.


      The lotion you use should act as your specialist, pinpointing the things your bald head needs most and excelling at providing them. There are a variety of moisturizers and oils that will comprise the best lotion for bald heads.

      Oil for your bald head can be a tricky find. Don’t try putting any old oil or petroleum jelly on your head and think you’re in the clear. Some oils can have drying effects or have difficulty blending with your scalp.  Your scalp will produce oil on its own, and if it’s not treated carefully can quickly roll out of control.

      Try to pair up your oil needs with a naturally occurring option, one that helps the body recover from exposure to the outdoors. Aloe Vera or Coconut oil are great options to try as you get comfortable with your routine.

      Aloe Vera works with all things concerning the sun. Your bald head may be meeting the sun head-on for the first time in your lifetime, resulting in vulnerability to UV rays. Aloe Vera works to soothe the top of your head and provides cooling energy into the pores. 

      A more moisturizing option is Coconut Oil. Coconut oil provides naturally occurring moisture without damaging the skin. If none of these options get you excited, there are other moisturizers specifically designed for your beard.

      Try to experiment with a few different moisturizers before you commit to one product fully. The best lotion for bald heads is out there somewhere, and a moisturizer for bald heads can make a world of difference. A balance of different creams could be precisely what your bald head needs. Most often, there is no singular product that can solve every problem.

      Now that you have your tools and a good pattern to follow, you are closer than ever before, understanding how to prevent suffering through a bald dry scalp. Personalize this routine to suit your needs, and take your time learning how to wash away the specks of dirt of the day.

      There’s no point in waiting any longer to take care of your body. As the newest bald part of your body, your head needs your help to stay healthy.

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