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    We’ve all got to head to work each day, but nothing sucks out all the energy you have for your job like aching feet.

    Standing around or spending lots of time walking is par for the course for traditionally masculine jobs, and we don’t mind being physical.

    It’s all part of being a guy.

    But uncomfortable mens work shoes can make any regular job a personal hell and that is why it is important to buy the most comfortable work shoes possible.

    Having the best work shoes for men or the best shoes for standing all day is important for men that work for a living.

    These days, everyone likes to advertise that their shoes are comfortable or/and good work shoes.

    We’ve put those claims to the test and found the most comfortable shoes for working men of all types.

    In our guide, we’ll show you those comfortable shoes for men and help you identify which pair is a perfect match for your feet.

    Let’s get started!

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Work Shoes for Men

    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 1
    Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot
    • Superior comfort and arch support
    • Laces are similarly durable and easy to use
    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 2
    Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe
    • Easy to flex or stretch
    • Don’t slip easily
    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 3
    Hongchengye Steel Toe Shoes
    • Can be bought for an affordable asking price
    • Very breathable and cooling
    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 4
    Walkchic Work Steel Toe Shoes
    • Provides exceptional protection on the bottom
    • Very comfortable for walking or standing
    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 5
    Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Shoes
    • Easy to take on and off
    • Excellent arch support and memory foam
    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 6
    Skechers Men’s Mariner Utility Boot
    • Very durable for a long time
    • Comfortable collar
    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 7
    Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Harrington II Work Shoe
    • Great anti-slip soles
    • An excellent choice for men with sweaty feet
    The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 8
    Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot
    • Among the best waterproof boots around
    • One of the best sets of shoes to avoid slipping

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Work Shoes for Men

      Things to Consider When Buying A Pair of Shoes for Work

      We’ve got the best shoes already picked out, but let’s go over the main things you need to focus on for your search before we get into their details.

      1. Materials

      Work shoes Materials

      First off, the most important aspect to consider when selecting a new pair of work shoes is the material.

      Different materials can alter how well the shoe fits for different work environments or how well they might cushion your feet all day long.

      For instance, the material for construction shoes and foodservice shoes cannot be the same.

      Likewise, the best shoes for working on concrete cannot be the same material as mens comfy shoes met strictly for office use).

      These are just a few examples…the list goes on.

      Besides, the materials used can drastically impact the price of a pair of new work shoes.

      Synthetic Material/Rubber

      Synthetic shoes are usually reasonably-priced and can be quite durable.

      They don’t always look very sleek, but that doesn’t matter so much when you’re primarily looking for a pair of sturdy work shoes.

      Synthetic rubber shoes come in many different sizes or types and might be specialized for different working environments or needs.

      Some of the best synthetic shoes are perfect for standing or walking all day.

      They can withstand wear and tear easily without putting too much pressure on your feet and this makes it the best shoe for working on your feet.

      Even better, synthetic shoes are usually easy to clean.

      You will not need to spend lots of time carefully cleaning their cervices when a simple soap and water bath usually is fine for maintaining their condition.

      This being said, synthetic shoes aren’t the best of the best for men with bad arches and may not be the most comfortable if you require additional padding to make it through your workday.

      But they are a top choice if you work in an environment where there’s lots of heavy machinery or equipment that might fall on your feet.

      Lots of synthetic shoes are quite durable and may include reinforced shells to prevent things from crushing your toes.

      Definitely consider a pair of synthetic work boots if you spend lots of time on a construction site or a warehouse.

      Look for steel-toed boots, specifically.

      These can provide extra protection to your toes and are top choices for men who labor physically all day long.


      Many of the best work shoes will be made from leather, particularly if your profession has you spend most of your time indoors.

      Leather shoes look excellent and can provide excellent air circulation, which is even better if you work in a heated room.

      Because they look so nice, leather work shoes are often the footwear of choice for businessmen or guys who spend lots of time behind a desk.

      The shoes can be found in many different styles or aesthetics, allowing you to mix-and-match various work shoe pairs with different outfits.

      They can be slip-on work shoes or full-cover and the colors may be brown or black work shoes in most cases.

      At the same time, leather shoes can be comfortable enough for daily use, although we wouldn’t always recommend picking up a pair of leather shoes if you spend lots of time walking.

      That’s because many leather shoes don’t come with additional padding or flexibility to allow for wide ranges of foot motion.

      Some leather shoes can fit arch supports purchased separately from the shoes themselves, but not many.

      Besides, it takes some significant time and energy to maintain your leather shoes if you want them to look their best.

      This can include polishing them, depending on how you want them to look

      All in all, leather shoes are often a great pick for men who work primarily indoors.


      Many top work shoes will be made of mesh material.

      These are primarily light shoes for men and the most comfortable mens work shoes or work sneakers are made from a mesh material.

      This is ideal if you spend lots of time walking or running from place to place, but keep in mind that mesh shoes are not very durable and offer little to no protection to your feet.

      That’s why we wouldn’t recommend picking up a pair of mesh shoes if you spend time moving furniture or other heavy equipment around.

      If anything falls on your feet, the mesh won’t do anything to protect your toes.

      Still, mesh shoes allow for supreme air breathability and can keep your feet from becoming too sweaty as you work them all day.

      Besides, mesh shoes usually feel quite comfortable even without any additional arch supports inserted atop their soles.

      Some of the best meshwork shoes come with inbuilt arch supports or additional cushioning.

      These are prime choices for guys who have terrible arches or who find their feet aching after work each day.

      Just be sure to keep your feet away from heavy objects!

      2. Comfort Level

      The Best Work Shoes for Men 2020 9

      Next, think about the comfort level of a given pair of shoes before finalizing a purchase.

      Not all shoes are built to the same level of comfort.

      Some are meant to be used for short periods before being swapped out, while others are perfectly fine to wear all day long both your work and when you go home.

      High comfort shoes are generally more flexible than low comfort shoes and may feature inbuilt padding or cushioning to protect your feet throughout the day.

      Many of the most comfortable shoes will include specialized soles that can absorb energy from each step you take to lessen the impact on the muscles of your feet.

      Of course, these are excellent shoes for men that have bad arches or guys that have to walk many hours each day.

      But high comfort shoes usually lose some durability and protection.

      That’s why many of the most protective shoes or boots won’t be very comfortable and are designed to be worn only when necessary.

      Pick up a pair of uncomfortable shoes if you only need to wear them for short bursts or when getting a particular task done.

      3. Arch Support

      Work Shoes Arch Support

      This aspect is most important for men that have bad foot arches already, but it applies to all men who want their work shoes to be as comfortable as possible.

      Few guys have perfect arches, so shoes with arch supports or with the room to accommodate separate arch supports are always going to be more comfortable for the majority of men.

      Arch support is essentially an elevated shaping of the shoe’s sole, which supports the center of your feet each time you take a step.

      This reduces strain on your foot muscles and makes walking and standing more comfortable.

      Arch supported shoes are not necessarily more expensive than shoes without this feature, and the level of arch support can vary dramatically from one shoe to the next.

      If you do have terrible arches, you should spend some serious time researching the level of arch support included with each pair of work shoes you inspect.

      Alternatively, you can always supply your own arch supports, which you can purchase at lots of shoe stores or sports outlets.

      You just need to be sure that your chosen work shoes have the room available for the supports to be inserted.

      Separate arch supports can be helpful since you can achieve a similar level of support no matter which pair of shoes you want to wear.

      Take special care if you’re choosing a pair of indoor work shoes.

      These typically have less extra room and may not take arch supports as easily as work boots or outdoor work shoes.

      4. Waterproof

      Waterproof Work Shoes

      Many of the best work shoes for men will be waterproof or have some level of water resistance.

      Waterproof work shoes are great because they allow you to complete your tasks in wet or muddy areas without soaking your feet and socks.

      Any guy who’s spent significant time at an outdoor job knows how uncomfortable and irritating can be to be stuck with wet, squishy socks.

      This is particularly important in the colder months of the year when cold socks can lead to chilled feet, which is not only uncomfortable but possibly dangerous, depending on where you work.

      Waterproof shoes are a necessity if you work in snowy places.

      While waterproof shoes won’t indeed be water-impregnable, they’ll be able to keep most liquid out from your feet, provided you don’t soak them in a puddle for extended periods.

      Even shoes with mild water-resistance are usually a better choice for most working environments than shoes without anything.

      The only exception to this will be if your work takes place entirely indoors at an office.

      In this case, you can settle for a pair of leather or similarly good-looking shoes that don’t resist water damage since the odds of your shoes contacting water are low.

      Waterproofing or water resistance usually adds a few dollars to the overall asking price of a pair of shoes, but we feel that this functionality is helpful for most working men.

      5. Breathability

      Work Shoes Breathability

      Also, consider how breathable a pair of shoes is before you buy them.

      This is something a lot of guys don’t consider, as they usually are more focused on comfort and durability above all other aspects.

      But shoes that can’t flex or breathe will make your feet sweaty and may lead to you developing a case of athlete’s foot or just being uncomfortable throughout your workday.

      Mesh shoes are the best type of work shoes when it comes to sheer breathability, although they sacrifice a lot of durability and water resistance.

      But these shoes are fantastic if you spend time in hot environments, you don’t need to worry about bulky equipment falling on your feet.

      Breathable shoes are also usually more comfortable since they can flex and shift with each step you take and can accommodate extra padding or cushioning at their soles.

      Keep breathability in mind if your feet struggle to remain comfortable in rigid, closed shoes.

      6. Color

      Work Shoes Color

      Finally, don’t discount the color of your shoes even though they’ll primarily be used for work.

      Men can still look great even when they’re spending time at the office or at the construction site.

      Picking up a pair of work shoes that have a solid masculine color will help your everyday outfit look even better.

      We’d recommend using color as a tiebreaker if you’re stuck between two pairs of shoes that are both fantastic.

      Men’s work shoes usually come in a small range of typically masculine colors, like black, gray, or brown.

      Still, it’s a good thing to choose your color if you can.

      Best Work Shoes for Men of 2021 Reviewed

      Top Rated Colognes by Women

      "Montblanc Legend" "Ck One""Nick Jonas by John Varvatos "
      Buy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

      1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

      Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

      These boots are durable, waterproof, and built to last as long as you will, now that your feet are more comfortable!


      Material: Leather
      Comfort: High
      Arch Support: Yes
      Waterproof: Yes
      Breathability: Low
      Color: Variable

      Who Is It Best For?

      These are a top choice for working men who need to balance comfort and durability without compromising either aspect.

      Key Features

      These heavy-duty working boots are built for men who spend long hours outdoors, either hiking or working around heavy machinery.

      They’re made from 100% leather it features durable rubber soles that can withstand significant wear and tear before showing signs of degradation.

      They’re also completely waterproof and use full-grain leather uppers to maintain the quality and tightness of the shoe over long working hours.

      They’re not the most breathable boots you can find, but they do feature plenty of arch support and superior comfort for walking or standing over long stretches.

      They also feature durable laces and rustproof speed-lace hardware to make tying them in cold or wet environments easy.

      The lace hardware is robust, and each hook isn’t too large, either.

      While the shoes can be quite costly, we think that men who work physical jobs over long hours will want something as top-tier as these boots.

      You’ll likely spend less money overall picking these up and using them for years than relying on cheaper footwear for only a few months.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very durable for outdoor work
      Superior comfort and arch support
      Laces are similarly durable and easy to use


      Not very breathable, can be tight in some sizes

      2. Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

      Skechers for Work Men's Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

      These are slip-resistant shoes that offer great comfort and excellent breathability, making them among the most comfortable on our list.


      Material: Synthetic
      Comfort: High
      Arch Support: Light
      Waterproof: No
      Breathability: High
      Color: Black or white

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re an excellent choice for indoor workers or men who need lots of space to let their feet breathe while they move.

      Key Features

      These work shoes are the polar opposite of our first pick.

      They’re made from durable synthetic materials and feature padded synthetic soles that work decently well when it comes to long-term durability but really shine when you think of their comfort.

      Even though they only offer a mild amount of arch support, these work shoes are great for standing or general comfort.

      It’s because they have padded footbeds and padded tongues and collars to cushion every part of your foot and ankle as you walk, tilt, lean, or stand.

      While the shoes are not particularly waterproof, they aren’t especially susceptible to water damage either due to their synthetic materials.

      Plus, they feature slip-resistant bottoms that make them an excellent choice for service industry workers or guys that spend time in kitchens.

      They also have laces that are easy to assemble and tighten, which helps with how breathable and flexible each pair can become.

      These are great shoes for guys who have feet that swell or sweat easily without moving entirely into mesh territory.

      As a result, these are an ideal pair of work shoes for guys that walk around a lot indoors or without being around heavy machinery.

      They’re also decently affordable, especially if you pick them in standard sizes.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very comfortable for standard work
      Easy to flex or stretch
      Don’t slip easily


      Only mild arch support

      3. Hongchengye Steel Toe Shoes

      Hongchengye Steel Toe Shoes

      These shoes are among the toughest on the market and feature Kevlar, which is commonly found on body armor; that gives you some idea as to their durability.


      Material: Fabric/rubber/Kevlar
      Comfort: Moderate
      Arch Support: No
      Waterproof: No
      Breathability: Moderate
      Color: Black, blue, green, gray

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re an excellent choice for men who have to walk over hazardous surfaces often, such as construction sites.

      Key Features

      These are an odd pair of work shoes because they combine lots of design elements and materials from other main shoe types.

      For instance, these work shoes are made of rubber and fabric for the bottom and tops of their designs, respectively.

      This gives them decent traction on most ground surfaces and affords them lots of breathability and cooling power for feet that tend to heat up under lots of work.

      But they also have puncture-resistant Kevlar incorporated (more like indestructible work shoes) into their designs.

      This makes them a great pair of work shoes for guys that spend time in construction sites since the midsole is so durable that it can withstand being punctured by nails or steel shards.

      They feature steel toes, too, which guards the most vulnerable part of your feet from falling debris or from accidentally being stubbed on anything.

      These bottoms are so intensely durable that they rival the quality from professional work boots.

      The sole is also skid resistant to make maneuvering in them comfortable and safe.

      This commitment to safety is oddly juxtaposed against the mesh fabric top, which is more stylish and breathable than protective.

      The shoes also come in several bright colors or darker, traditionally masculine shades depending on your preference.

      Each shoe doesn’t weigh much at all, and you can pick up a pair for a very reasonable asking price.

      It is not every day you come across durable shoes that are also lightweight steel toe shoes – this is a unique pair.

      All in all, these work shoes are a bit strange when taken together, but we feel that they have a place in the closets of men who visit dangerous areas but perhaps don’t spend all their time working there.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very durable bottoms
      Can be bought for an affordable asking price
      Very breathable and cooling


      Tops aren’t very durable compared to the bottom

      4. Walkchic Work Steel Toe Shoes

      Walkchic Work Steel Toe Shoes

      These work shoes are durable and comfortable at the same time while offering moderate arch support for men with unbalanced feet.


      Material: Fabric/rubber/metal
      Comfort: High
      Arch Support: Light
      Waterproof: No
      Breathability: Moderate
      Color: Variable

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re a good pick for guys who work at night or who work both indoors and outdoors.

      Key Features

      This is another pair of versatile work shoes that our testers feel would be perfect for men of multiple professions.

      They feature rubber soles that are particularly durable and can withstand puncturing from nails and similar materials.

      But they also are among the most comfortable shoes that our testers experienced, incorporating EVA cushioned midsoles and decent arch support.

      These mens comfortable work shoes are also stylish slip-resistant shoes for men.

      The padding used in each pair of shoes is fantastic for shock absorption, meaning these are great shoes for walking or running around all day.

      This aspect is confirmed further by each shoe’s breathability, especially when you look toward the front of each.

      The mesh fabric design keeps the shoes stylish without compromising their durability too much.

      What’s more, are the reflective surfaces incorporated into each shoe to make them more visible during nighttime working.

      These are an excellent choice for workers who spend time in construction sites or in the manufacturing or auto industries due to their versatility and decent durability.

      They aren’t necessarily the most durable or the most breathable working shoes you’ll find on the market, but they strike a good balance with both and managed to be superbly comfortable at the same time.

      Plus, though they are not exactly cheap work shoes, they’re very affordable, even for men on a budget.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Can be easily seen at night
      Provides exceptional protection on the bottom
      Very comfortable for walking or standing


      A bit too balanced for specialized professions

      5. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Shoes

      Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Shoes

      These shoes are comfortable to wear all day thanks to their superior comfort and elegant design.


      Material: Synthetic/fabric
      Comfort: High
      Arch Support: Yes
      Waterproof: No
      Breathability: High
      Color: Black

      Who Is It Best For?

      As comfy indoor shoes, we’d recommend these for office workers or guys who spend most time attending meetings with colleagues of equal status.

      Key Features

      These are working shoes for indoor professionals or guys who have the fortune to spend most of their working hours at hip locations.

      They’re comfortable to wear; they have a slip-on design that can go on and off with a kick or a push.

      This ease-of-use is mirrored by their overall comfort, featuring elastic opening sides and padded collars with reinforced seams.

      The elastic sides are fantastic if you have thick ankles that don’t necessarily reflect your real foot size.

      The shoes are among the most comfortable we’ve tested, and our testers were particularly impressed by the memory foam insole.

      The comfort levels, especially for indoor work or for standing all day, are incredible.

      The more you stand in the shoes, the better they’ll feel.

      They even feature excellent arch support, making them a prime work shoe choice for men with high arches.

      Sketchers also boast of very comfortable work shoes for women.

      Their soles are even a bit slip-resistant, although we wouldn’t call them truly anti-slip compared to other service industry-focused work shoes.

      Still, they’re an excellent pick for indoor professionals.

      Of course, they’re not very durable, and they have little to no ability to resist water damage.

      These shoes definitely don’t belong in outdoor working environments and will likely degrade relatively quickly as you use them.

      This is a bit unfortunate considering the high asking price for each pair.

      However, if you can maintain them carefully and prevent them from wearing down outside too often, you’ll likely be able to enjoy them for a couple of years before you need to replace them.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very comfortable for indoor standing and walking
      Easy to take on and off
      Excellent arch support and memory foam


      A bit pricey
      Will degrade quickly if taken outside

      6. Skechers Men’s Mariner Utility Boot

      Skechers Men's Mariner Utility Boot

      These work boots are super sturdy and feature reinforced stitches, which increases their robust charm.


      Material: Leather
      Comfort: Moderate
      Arch Support: Yes
      Waterproof: Somewhat
      Breathability: Low
      Color: Brown, black, gray, yellow

      Who Is It Best For?

      These are excellent choice for men that want a long-lasting and good-looking pair of work boots.

      Key Features

      These heavy-duty working boots are ideal for professionals who spend lots of time outside or in construction sites.

      They’re made with 100% genuine leather, making them exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting if you take care of them the way they deserve.

      They have durable rubber soles to improve traction and protect the bottoms of your feet from hazards on the ground or uneven rocky footing.

      They also feature reinforced seams that’ll extend the life span of the boots beyond what you’d expect.

      They are good safety shoes for men as well as they are heavy-duty sneakers.

      The padded collar improves the comfort of each pair of boots even if it’s a bit of a tight fit, though we’d recommend that you pick a pair with plenty of room to spare since these are not very breathable.

      The laces are thick and sturdy, and threading them through their holes is consistent since each lace loop is closed rather than featuring the hooked design that many working boots go with these days.

      All in all, our testers appreciated these boots for their quality and appearance.

      Lots of heavy-duty boots end up sacrificing aesthetics for practicality, which is something all working men understand.

      But it’s nice to see a pair of boots that doesn’t compromise on either aspect in case you want a set of nice shoes for when your boss shows up or for your personal pride.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Made with real leather, look classy
      Very durable for a long time
      Comfortable collar


      Not very breathable

      7. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Harrington II Work Shoe

      Dr. Scholl's Men's Harrington II Work Shoe

      These work shoes are versatile and feature a balanced design that incorporates comfort, durability, and arch support into its materials and construction.


      Material: Leather
      Comfort: Moderate
      Arch Support: Mild
      Waterproof: Moderate
      Breathability: Moderate
      Color: Black

      Who Is It Best For?

      They’re great for men that need a little bit of everything or guys whose work takes them inside and outside with equal frequency.

      Key Features

      These should be a top choice for any indoor working professional.

      The shoes are made from 100% leather that has a moisture-wicking lining, plus a microbe shield add-on that reduces the odor from the shoes and makes it less likely that the shoes will warp from sweat.

      They feature decent arch support and have appreciable padding on their interior, even with the rigidity of their leather shape.

      The leather itself looks phenomenal and can be maintained with a little oil to look brand new for some time to come so long as you keep the shoes indoors.

      Even if you take them outside, the bottoms are blessed with a thick rubber sole that features excellent traction abilities and decent protection from hazards.

      While these are necessarily durable enough to take to a construction site, they’re definitely good enough for service industry jobs or indoor office work.

      The slip-resistant soles are robust enough that our testers didn’t worry about walking on slippery surfaces while they had them on.

      You can even pick up a pair of these shoes for a reasonable asking price.

      We’d only really change their breathability if we had the choice, as they can feel quite stiff upon first use.

      Like most leather products, the shoes eventually mold to better fit your shape as you wear them even though they don’t use memory foam.

      But we reckon that they’ll become more comfortable the longer they’re worn.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Great for indoor and moderate outdoor use
      Great anti-slip soles
      An excellent choice for men with sweaty feet


      Can be stiff, especially in the beginning

      8. Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

      Skechers Men's Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

      These waterproof boots are sturdy and slip-resistant, and they feature superior arch support to keep things comfy as you work.


      Material: Leather
      Comfort: Moderate
      Arch Support: Yes
      Waterproof: Yes
      Breathability: Low
      Color: Brown, black

      Who Is It Best For?

      These are a top choice for guys who spend time in wet environments or whose work takes them into the snow.

      Key Features

      For men that spend time in snow or in wet areas, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this waterproof boot set.

      These boots are phenomenal for outdoor work or for spending time in snow due to their durable synthetic soles that feature anti-slip traction patterns, plus their general waterproof design.

      These soles are among the best that our testers found when it came to slip resistance overall.

      The leather featured here looks and feels great to the touch and still manages to turn away liquid quite easily.

      These aren’t super warm shoes, of course, so men who spend time in snow will want to double up the socks they wear.

      This leads to the only real downside, which is its breathability; the boots here are pretty stiff and don’t give you lots of room to move around.

      Still, they’re quite durable and long-lasting and feature great lace hardware that isn’t likely to rust away or fall off under heavy use.

      You can also pick up a pair of these boots for a great asking price, given their durability and lifespan.

      Overall, these are outdoor boots that are built to last and do a great job at resisting water no matter the environment.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very durable and long-lasting
      Among the best waterproof boots around
      One of the best sets of shoes to avoid slipping


      Very tight/not breathable

      Frequently Asked Questions About Work Shoes for Men

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now that you’ve seen our favorite work shoes for men, let’s answer any additional questions you might have before you head out.

      The perfect amount of arch support for your feet is something only you can know.

      But most shoes with arch support and marketed as suitable for men who need increased work comfort feature heel elevation of about one-fourth of an inch.

      This amount of fuel elevation is enough to offer decent arch support for most men, and it’s a significant amount if you have regular or average arches but still want increased comfort in your shoes.

      You can either measure this physically or look for the heel elevation rating on the product description of a pair of work shoes.

      Eyeballing the heel of a pair of shoes themselves can work just as well, as you just need to look for a slight increase in height at the back of the heel relative to the rest of the sole.

      Most work shoes feature some arch support to some degree, but correct arch support shoes will have a more dramatic heel incline.

      However, if you suffer from terrible arches, we’d recommend that you contact a doctor and get their recommendation about perfect heel elevation for a pair of work shoes.

      They may be able to prescribe you a pair of arch supports to be inserted into your new work shoes that’ll work better than any pre-made arch can.

      Men and women’s work shoes have more differences than just their sizes or color schemes.

      For starters, most male shoes are wider than female shoes because of general size differences between the sexes.

      However, the primary difference between men and women’s work shoes can be found as a result of their different “Q-angles.”

      The Q angle is the angle at which the inner and outer balls of your feet move relative to your heel bones.

      Women have a wider Q-angle than men due to the shape of their hips.

      As a result, many shoes developed specifically for women, will have differently designed midsoles and outsoles.

      This is why even apparently gender-neutral work shoes may not fit very well for men or vice versa.

      Therefore, you must get a pair of male-specific work shoes, as only these can be guaranteed to be designed for the narrower hips that men have.

      It’ll be easier to find shoes in your size from the men’s section, anyway.

      A nonslip shoe is more than just a shoe with excellent traction on the bottom.

      Instead, the shoes are specifically designed for use in wet environments or in food-service jobs, where the floors can often become slippery or greasy.

      These shoes have exceptional grips on their soles, often being made with a particularly durable kind of rubber.

      This rubber may also be waterproof by itself, reducing its attraction to liquid and shoring up your standing stability.

      The shoes are built to last and usually cost more than regular sturdy grip shoes, but they’re well worth the price if you want to make sure you never fall in an unsafe environment.

      Keep in mind that nonslip shoes won’t prevent you from falling if you run across a slippery surface or try a crazy maneuver to catch a falling order!

      They just make slipping harder, not impossible.

      It’s still important to keep both feet on the ground!

      When you’re looking for cushions to fill your comfortable work shoes, try to find cushions made from a soft foam material.

      This is much better than cotton or other types of padding, as foam can provide you with increased comfort and retain its shape to continue working for a long time to come.

      Of all foam types, memory foam is the best of the best and is truly worth the asking price.

      Memory foam becomes better the more you use it.

      As you wear shoes infused with memory foam (memory foam shoes for work), the foam will eventually contour itself to the shape of your feet, forming a perfect bottom barrier of padding between your feet and the bottom of your shoes.

      Since the foam absorbs the impact energy from each step taken, your muscles will become less fatigued over time, and you’ll be able to work longer in comfort.

      We’d easily recommend memory foam for men who want comfortable shoes for standing or walking all day.

      Most shoes adhere to the standard U.S. shoe size scale, so you can use that to determine your ideal shoe size in most circumstances.

      But many men forget to leave the room for their toes when selecting a new pair of work shoes.

      You shouldn’t pick up a pair of shoes perfectly sized for your feet, so there’s no remaining.

      You need a little room to expand and breathe, and you have to account for the increased area taken up by your socks, even if it’s only a thin layer of cotton or fabric.

      Additionally, every time you make a shortstop, your toes will jolt forward.

      Giving them room to do this will increase your comfort, but wearing shoes that are too tight will cause your toes to ram into the front of your shoes.

      Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can lead to ingrown toenails and other health issues.

      Overall, you want a half-inch or so from the tips of your toes to the end of your shoes.

      This can be a bit tricky to manage, especially since shoe size increases account for both the length and width.

      But it might be better to pick a shoe slightly larger than what you need and simply tie it more securely than to pick up a pair of shoes that are too small.

      You’ll save yourself some discomfort in the long run, and slightly loose shoes can always be shored up with better laces or thicker socks.

      Our recommendation is to err on the side of caution.

      Go bigger rather than smaller if you have to pick between the two.

      Work shoes should ideally last at least several months of heavy wear and tear before you replace this.

      Of course, cheaper shoes will likely need to be replaced more quickly, but you get what you pay for.

      We’d be extremely disappointed in a pair of expensive work shoes if they only lasted for a couple of months of regular use.

      Work shoes ought to protect and comfort your feet for quite a while at whatever job you hold.

      So, we’d recommend spending a little extra on the pair you buy next, even if you want to remain within a tight budget.

      You’ll waste less time finding new shoes this way.

      When your shoes have holes in them, or the soles start to detach or wear off, it’s time to think about purchasing a new pair.

      Don’t worry if your work shoes show signs of distress; all shoes eventually bite the dust.

      The key is in finding a pair that really earn the designation “work shoes.”

      Cleaning work shoes can be easy or involved depending on the materials they’re made of and your preferences.

      For starters, almost all work shoes, except leather shoes, can be washed in a regular clothes machine.

      Be sure to set the cycle to gentle and let the machine do the heavy lifting.

      Once finished, the shoes ought to be left to air dry until they’re ready to go.

      However, certain fabrics or materials might leave strings behind in the washer, earning you the ire of your roommate or significant other.

      Washing your shoes can also be quite loud due to their high weight compared to other clothing items.

      Alternatively, you can wash your shoes in a bathtub or a kitchen sink.

      Use regular soap and water and a sponge with a decent scrubbing surface to get most of the tough gunk off.

      A toothbrush can also work if you’d like to clear away dirt from tighter areas.

      Once you’re finished, let them air dry as well.

      However, leather shoes should be cleaned with water and a little vinegar to avoid damaging the primary material.

      You can additionally apply some extra polish to make them look even better.

      Aside from comfortable work shoes, you can improve your comfort while standing or walking by paying attention to your posture.

      This is especially important for tall men, who get into a habit early of looking slightly down at other people and developing a bad hunch for most of their lives.

      Proper posture takes effort to develop, but it’ll eventually help your back feel better, help you look more attractive, and even passively boost your confidence.

      It’ll also help your standing comfort.

      Proper posture should have your feet about shoulder-width apart, with your weight on the balls of your feet while standing.

      Don’t make your knees stiff, as this ruins blood flow throughout your legs.

      Finally, set your shoulders slightly back instead of letting them slouch.

      This will force your spine to be a little straighter and correct your weight distribution.

      When combined with some great work shoes, proper posture will allow you to stand comfortably for quite a while before getting fatigued.

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