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    All You Need to Know to Create Your Own DIY Beard Oil

    One of the biggest myths about growing a beard is that all you’ve got to do is stop shaving and suddenly be rewarded with a miraculous, manly-looking beard.

    Unfortunately, the truth is that beards actually require quite a bit of care and maintenance to keep them looking good, and we’re not just talking about trimming and shaping as washing, combing, and conditioning are all equally as important.

    Growing a beard is a bit like having a child, watching it grow and helping it along it’s way until it becomes a full grown man.

    So just like you wouldn’t neglect or not feed your child, you should also do the same for your beard, providing it the care and nourishment it needs to be its best.

    In practical terms, this means rubbing a small amount of beard oil into it at least a few times a week to help soften and condition it.

    But the big question is – do beard oils work?

    Simply put, yes they do!

    In fact, when it comes to conditioning, beard oil or beard balm is really the only way to go.

    While you can easily wash your beard with your normal shampoo or face wash, you really should invest in a beard oil for best results as the coarse hair needs special treatment.

    We won’t get too much into the benefits of using beard oil here, as we can assume that you already know about them if you’re looking for info on how to make your own beard oil.

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    Instead, we’ll focus on how to make your own DIY beard oil for those of you who don’t want to spend the extra cash or aren’t totally satisfied with the results you get with store-bought beard oils.

    Be sure to check out P&P’s definitive article on the best beard oil for growth.

    First up, we’ll look into how to make it and the basic ingredients you’ll need for your homemade beard oil, and then we’ll finish it all up with some of Prim & Prep’s favorite DIY beard oil recipes.

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      How to Make Your Own Beard Oil