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    My guess is that you have been working hard on growing your beard but it has gotten to the point where it is out of control. Although the point is to get your facial hairs as long as possible, there is still some maintenance that is required. The two areas that need to be addressed earliest are the cheek line and the neckline. If you are coming from my article on how to shave your cheek line, this article should be straightforward because there are a lot of similar tips. Messing up on your neck line can make or break your beard and have you looking like a real amateur. Let’s make sure you don’t make any of those mistakes!

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      Never Shave Too High!

      The first tip I have for you is to never shave too high up on your neck. I have seen a lot of bearded men that have completely messed it up by shaving up to their jaw bone. This makes their facial hair look horrible because it leaves them without the ability to shape their jaw line. One of the advantages of having a beard is that you can shape your face the way you want it. People that do not have a strong jaw bone can simply shape their beard in a way that makes the jaw bone seem more prominent, thus making one look more masculine. If you shave too high up, you cannot take advantage of these styling techniques. The bottom of the beard is really what makes your beard look full. As a rule of thumb, I usually go a maximum of two finger widths above my Adam’s apple. And if you really want to be safe, just do one the finger width. If you are measuring from your jawbone, shave at about an inch or two finger widths down on your neck. That is the place that you should start. Just remember that you can always easily cut more hair off but you growing that beard hair back is going to take some time.

      In General, Follow the Shape of Your Jaw

      Now that you know to shave lower down on your neck than expected, you need to know what curvature you want to follow as you go up towards your ears and away from your Adam’s apple. In general, I would just follow the same curvature as your jawbone. If you have a rounder face, a great beard styling technique is to make your beard more of a square at the bottom to counteract a round face. Don’t make a complete square, you still want it to look natural. Just make the shave go out farther before coming up towards your ears.

      Use a Transparent Gel or Shaving Cream

      Similar to my advice that I gave you on how to shave your cheek line, I would recommend using a see-through gel while creating your line. If you do not have a transparent shaving gel or cream, you could always use coconut oil or even olive oil. The reason you should be using something transparent is so that you can see the line that you are making on your neck. It is hard enough to have to lift up your goatee and beard hairs in order to see the line on your neck. If you are using a white shaving lather, it is easy to cut too high up. You need to have a good visual in order to make a clean neck line shave. If you are considering picking up a shaving gel, be sure to check out Best Shaving Gels so you can be sure to get the best shaving gel for you.


      I hope this advice will help you in shaving your neckline with a beard. Remember to just start by shaving the lower neck hairs first and work your way up. A general rule is to shave down 1 inch from your jawbone or approximately 1 inch up from your Adam’s apple. I would generally follow the same shape as your jaw line as you’re going up towards your ears. You can adjust this line slightly to achieve your desired shape as explained above. The last thing is to use some sort of transparent gel or oil while shaving so that you can see what you are doing easier. Do not forget to use the best safety razor that you own while shaving in order to get the closest shave that you can! Additionally, be sure not to neglect the other necessary beard maintenace to keep your beard looking its best including trimming your beard as well as nourishing it with one of the best beard oils or beard balms. Now get out there and try it yourself! With a little practice you’ll have it down to an science! Good luck!

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