How to Shave Your Cheek Line for a Beard!

If you are reading this, your most likely getting to the point where you need to perform some maintenance on your beard. You are in luck, because today we will be talking about how to properly shave your cheek line if you have a beard. If you shave too high it might not look like you didn’t make any changes at all and still look unkempt. On the other hand, if you shave too low, you will compromise the fullness of your beard. So where should you draw the line? In general, there is no one correct way to do anything with your beard. Your beard is what makes you unique so it should be slightly different than everyone else’s beard. Here are some general tips so that you don’t screw up your cheek line. Let’s get right into it and find out.

In General You Should Make a Straight Line

If you want to be safe, you should go with a straight line compared to a curved line. The problem with a curved line is that it is hard to get the exact same curve on both sides. A general tip I give people is to make a straight line from the middle of your ear (without cutting off your sideburns) diagonally down towards the corner of your mouth. This is a safe bet in order to keep your beard looking full.

Cut a Little Bit at a Time

The biggest tip I have is to just make small strokes with your safety razor so that you do not  cut off too much hair at one time. Your long hairs took a lot of time and effort to grow to that length so don’t ruin them by one mistaken swipe of your razor. Remember that you can always cut off more hair but you cannot grow those hairs back without months of hard work. So take it slow Mr. speedy so that you don’t walk around with a deformed beard.


Use a Transparent Shaving Gel/Cream to be Safe

When shaving your cheek line or neck line with a beard, I recommend using some sort of see-through shaving gel or cream. The reason for this is so that you can see where you want to make the shaving line. If you are using a white cream or soap, it will be hard to be precise in terms of where you are shaving. I have mistakenly cut off hard-earned beard hairs because I could not see what I was shaving. This is an easy thing to fix. If you do not have see-through shaving gel/cream you can use coconut oil or even olive oil as an easy replacement. Just make sure that your hairs are warm and soft enough because these oils do not work as well as traditional shaving cream. If you are considering picking up a shaving gel, be sure to check out Best Shaving Gels so you can be sure to get the best shaving gel for you.


What if You Have a Patchy Beard

What if genetics will not allow you to grow a full beard? What if you cannot make your cheek line from the middle of your ear directly down to the corner of your mouth without still having a patchy beard? Then you will have to make the best of what you have. I am personally in this category. I have very patchy cheeks and cannot grow a full beard high up on my cheeks. What I can grow resembles a chinstrap beard. I’v tried to grow it out onto my cheeks as far as it will go, but their are just limitations I can’t do anything about. Because my beard grows like this, I have to make a curved line. I pretty much follow the curvature of my face when making this line. Once again, I use a see-through shaving gel/cream such as coconut oil so that I could make a very precise line.


If you are unsure about where you should make your cheek line for your beard, a very general and safe tip would be to make a straight line from the middle of your year diagonally towards the corner of your mouth. Just make sure to cut very slowly because you cannot superglue beard hairs that you accidentally cut off. A good way to make a clean straight line on both sides would be to use some sort of transparent shaving gel or coconut oil. If the genetics do not allow you to grow a full beard on your cheeks, make the best of it by shaving with the curvature of your face (as long as your sideburns go all the way up to your ears and connect to your goatee). I hope this article helps anyone that was curious about how to shave their cheek line for their beard. Make sure to check out my article on how to shave your neckline as well! Beyond keeping your beard lines in check, be sure not to neglect the other necessary bear maintenance including trimming your beard and nourishing it with one of the best beard balms or beard oils.

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