Ever since trying my very first beard product which was Leven Rose beard oil, I have been on a spree of trying different beard products so that I can achieve the best possible beard. Today I am going to be reviewing Honest Amish beard balm. Beard balm is similar to beard oil except for the fact that it is solid at room temperature. The reason for this is because it contains beeswax. Let’s jump right into the review so you can learn more about this very popular balm. Enjoy my Honest Amish beard balm review!


honest amish beard balm review

What I like about it

The smell

I was hesitant to buy this after reading some reviews on Amazon.com. A decent amount of people were saying that the smell was too strong and that it smelled like anise (black licorice). This was a big concern to me because I really don’t like black licorice. The first thing I did when it arrives was popped it open to make the smell assessment myself. To me there was a slight hint of anise but far from the most prominent smell. Overall is smelled like a mix of spices to me. Overall it is very pleasant and manly smelling. The real test was to see how it smelled when applied to my beard. My friends and family noticed a slight scent but only when they got extremely close to me. They all really enjoyed the smell.

Dandruff and beard itch

To common problems that most people encounter while growing their beard are the dreaded dandruff (or beardruff) and beard itch. I was extremely happy to find out that both of these problems have disappeared after one month of using this beard balm. At first speculation I was assuming that the beeswax might make the dandruff problem even worse than it already was. This is not the case at all and if you follow the instructions and use the proper amount it really helps to moisturize the roots of the hairs. Overall my beard is even softer than when I was using beard oil which I was surprised by.

honest amish balm

It has a slight hold and shine

Compared to beard oil, beard balm has a slight hold to it due to the beeswax. It is not a very strong hold but it allows you to manipulate your beard slightly to your preference. It is not nearly as strong as mustache wax but it is a nice added benefit. It also adds a nice subtle shine to your beard as long as you do not use too much of product. Both beard oil and beard balm can be overused to the point that your whole face is shining.

Things to watch out for

Make sure to use the recommended amount (or less) on your first couple of tries. Overusing this product can lead to a greasy face and beard. If you want your tin to last a long time make sure to use this product once you get out of the shower while your beard is still damp. If you use it on a dry beard it will take a lot more to spread throughout all of your hairs.

Tips for using Honest Amish Beard Balm

While using this product try to work it into the very base of the hairs at the skin level. This will moisturize the hairs from the bottom all the way to the top and will help your hairs grow healthy and strong. It is a lot easier to spread the beard balm throughout your beard if your beard is already wet. As mentioned above this also makes the product lasts a lot longer. A beard brush is helpful to evenly spread out the beard balm after you apply it. I would recommend picking one up or just using a normal brush lying around the house.

honest amish on finger

Honest Amish Beard Balm Review Conclusion

Overall I really have enjoyed using this product. If you are looking for a product to soften up your beard this will definitely be extremely helpful. I have noticed that my beard is softer while using this even when compared to using beard oils. Both beard oils and beard balm help to alleviate beard itch and dandruff. This product has completely eliminated both of those for me. My only gripe that I have is how small the tin is for the cost of this beard balm. That is why I recommend using a very small amount with a wet beard. It really makes this beard balm lasts a lot longer. I hope you enjoyed my Honest Amish beard balm review.


Do you guys have any experience with this product? If so shoot me a comment down below so we can start a conversation about. If you are considering a oil for you beard instead I recommend checking this one out.

Ben Rose Founder and Senior Editor of PrimandPrep.com

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