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    Parker 24C -Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor
    • Editor Rating

    • Rated 4 stars
    • Excellent

    • Parker 24C -Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor
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    • Last modified: April 22, 2022
    • Weight
      Editor: 90%
    • Grip
      Editor: 100%
    • Length
      Editor: 80%
    • Aggressiveness
      Editor: 50%
    • Blade Replacement
      Editor: 60%
    • Shave Quality
      Editor: 80%
    • Affordability
      Editor: 90%

    Review Summary:

    The grip on the handle feels amazing and makes it virtually impossible to slip out of your hands while shaving. For people that are looking for a more aggressive safety razor this would be a great option.


    • Fantastic grip
    • Long handle and good weight
    • Can handle thick beards
    • Great Price point


    • Can be a little aggressive for beginners
    • Drips water from the headpiece

    Parker 24C open comb safety razor review!

    The parker 24C is the third safety razor that I have purchased from an Indian manufacturer.

    This Parker double edge razor was recommended to me by a close friend that has been talking up the last few months.

    This is a three-piece open comb safety razor with a brass frame.

    Up to this point I have had about 10 shaves with the safety razor and have a lot to say about it.

    Let’s get right into the review!

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    Enjoy my Parker 24c Review!

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      Features of Parker 24C Safety Razor

      There are a number of features of the Parker 24C Open Comb Razor.

      These are:

      • Weight and Balance
      • Grip
      • Length
      • Aggressiveness
      • Blade Replacement

      Weight and Balance

      The 24C weighs a hefty 3.3 ounces.

      The handle is where the majority of the weight sits on this safety razor.

      I have to say that it feels extremely durable in my hands.

      Overall this safety razor is very well balanced.

      It gets most of its weight from the brass frame that it uses.

      Because this double open comb razor is so heavy you need to apply very little pressure to your skin while shaving.

      You can let the weight of the razor do all the work for you, which is great.



      When it comes to open comb safety razors and the grip of the 24C is one of the strongest selling points for this safety razor.

      It just might have the best grip of any safety razor that I have come across.

      If you have read any of my other safety razor reviews you will find out that I’m a huge fan of gritty metal on the handle.

      The majority of the handle is made with this gritty metal besides four smooth grooves.

      There are two of these grooves at the top and two at the bottom.

      A kind of reminds me of a barbell at the gym.

      And just like the barbells at the gym, these grooves are a great reminder of where your hand positioning is on the handle.

      You can move your hand based on feel instead of needing to see.

      Overall the grip and handle design are on point on this safety razor!


      The Parker 24C measures in at 4.0 inches long.

      I am a big fan of safety razors that have longer handles because my hands are quite large.

      So this safety razor has been perfect for me.

      I also tested this safety razor out with a shorter Merkur handle to see how shaved.

      I have a much better shave from the long handle provided by Parker than I did with the short handle.

      I think it has a lot to do with the weight of the handle and the balance it was designed for.


      The level of aggressiveness on the parker 24C is very unique.

      The open comb head makes the shave much more aggressive because there is much less pressure taken by the guard bar and more pressure put on the blade.

      In terms of closed comb vs open comb aggressiveness, open comb razors are just a little bit more aggressive.

      On the other hand, there is not that much space between the blade and the guard bar which makes it less aggressive than it could be.

      Overall I would rate this safety razor a 6-7 on the aggressive scale.

      It is a very good safety razor for people that have thick beards or stubble that is tough to work through with less aggressive razors.

      You can get an extremely close shave with this safety razor but it does require a good amount of concentration because of the open comb.

      Blade replacement


      The Parker 24C is a three-piece safety razor.

      And just like all three-piece safety razors, it is pretty easy to replace the blade.

      The two pieces of the head line up extremely well.

      Just like any three-piece safety razor you need to clean the head often so that soap scum doesn’t cause the blades to stick to the headpiece.

      But overall it is a breeze as long as you’re careful. 

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      Conclusion – Parker 24c Review

      Overall the Parker 24C is a very well-designed safety razor.

      I really like how hefty it feels in my hands.

      The grip on the handle feels amazing and makes it virtually impossible to slip out of your hands while shaving.

      For people that are looking for a more aggressive safety razor, this would be a great option.

      It is not the most aggressive safety razor on the market but can still cut through a thick stubble.

      The open comb headpiece makes for an extremely close shave.

      One of the biggest problems I have with the safety razor is that it constantly drips water from the headpiece.

      Besides that, it is a fantastic product, especially at the price point of $28!

      Over the last 10 years or so Parker has really made a name for themselves as a solid manufacturer of safety razors!

      I wouldn’t readily say that this is the best open comb safety razor you can find in the market, but it does a pretty decent job.

      Check the current price here on Amazon

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      Happy shaving!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      2. What Is The Difference Between Open Comb And Closed Comb Safety Razor?

      3. Is It True That Open Comb Razors Are More Aggressive?

      4. Can You Shave Every Day With A Safety Razor?

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      0 thoughts on “Parker 24C Review – About This Open Comb Razor!”

      1. I own 9 razors and find my 2 favorite are my $150 Feather AS-D2 that works best with feather and Kai blades and my $29 Parker 24C that works well with almost any blade and is much more forgiving of shaving angle.

        I strongly disagree that this is an “aggressive” razor. I feel that the 24C and its twin brother the 26C are instead, very efficient And very comfortable razors that are perfect for experienced shavers and newbies alike.

        There exists a myth that an open comb makes a razor aggressive, able to slice your face open if you have the slightest lapse of attention. The real culprit is blade gap and head design. This razor is a “pussycat”.

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