Wet Shaving for Beginners Infographic – 2024 Best Guide


While most men continue to struggle with the pain and irritation of shaving with cheap cartridge razors or disposables, real men shave wet.

This is why I created this wet shaving for beginners guide to ensuring you don’t harm your skin or hair.

In the past, all men were wet shavers, as this was the only option—either that or growing a cool, 1800s-style beard, or muttonchops!

Then came the convenience of disposable safety razors and suddenly everything changed.

Years later, Gillette further revolutionized the shaving world with the Mach 3, the world’s first three-blade shaver!

And since then, men’s faces have never been the same again.

Well, at least those men who fall for those marketing gimmicks that tell you more blades equals a better, closer shave.

With that being said about the traditional wet shaving for beginners, let’s take a closer look at wet shaving.

Whether you’re looking for a closer shave, an admirable talent, or a return to an ancient grooming custom, you’ll find the simple process in this wet shaving for beginners infographic.

Wet Shaving for Beginners Infographic

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Wet shaving for beginners


Stop being a slave to the throwaway, disposable, or cartridge razor system.

Break the chains and release your face from the torture and oppression that those inferior quality razors and canned creams are causing.

The time is here to take a stand against all this so-called “revolutionary” new shaving technology and realize that newer and more don’t necessarily equal better.

So jump on board and get yourself one of the best safety razors or straight razors, some quality DE blades, one of the top shaving brushes, and a real man shaving cream or best shaving soap.

When it comes to your face, the old-school method described in Prim&Prep’s wet shaving for beginners infographic really is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Shaving for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Good To Wet Shave?

2. Should I Wet My Skin Before Shaving?

3. How Hard Is Wet Shaving?

4. What Is Dry Shaving?

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3 thoughts on “Wet Shaving for Beginners Infographic – 2024 Best Guide”

  1. Hi,

    I currently use a Merkur 34C and have been using it for about 6 weeks.

    I would like to upgrade to more aggressive razor and I’m considering the Muhle R41.

    Does this sound like a reasonable upgrade?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Bill, That is not a bad choice. If you want to go with a Muhle razor, I would go with the Muhle R89. I would also consider the Rockwell 6C adjustable razor. It’s an awesome razor and you can adjust the aggressiveness until you find the perfect fit for you. Take a look at our article on the best safety razors in which we list the level of aggressiveness for each.

  2. Hi

    Used a DE (Wilkinson) for the first time yesterday which left me with razor burn, so not a good start! Any pointers you can give to stop this from happening? I’ve got to admit that I may have gone over the same area more than once just out of pure habit! I’m using a shaving cream (Taylor’s) Thanks!

  3. Hello Ben, new to wet shaving yes at my age it says to the community but not being tech savvy have know idea how to help. Thank you

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