5 Types of Body Grooming Women Like & Find Attractive


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    There are many burning questions men have in terms of what body grooming women like and find most attractive.

    One such topic is men’s grooming habits and styles.

    From facial hair to body grooming, many of us want to optimize our appearance for the purposes of attracting the opposite sex.

    But before we start shaving, trimming, waxing, and styling, we first need to get some direction by finding out what women prefer.

    In order to know what women really like, we performed a nationwide survey of over 300 women to get their opinions on what types of men’s grooming habits they find to be most attractive.

    We have already presented the results of what types of facial hair women find most attractive here.

    In this segment,  we will be presenting the true consensus of what types of body grooming women like and other aspects of appearance that are most attractive and most important to women.

    Please refer to the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      body grooming women like

      Why & How The Survey Was Performed on Body Grooming That Women Like

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      Our methodology of grooming advice is based on data and facts.

      We don’t adhere to the baseless “bro-science” that so much of today’s advice stems from.

      We take a more scientific approach that is consistent with academic institutions.

      This includes surveying a representative sample of the population that is of sufficient size in order to make statistically significant conclusions.


      We not only examined the results from the population as a whole but also investigated whether there were any significant variances in women’s preferences between the following demographics:

      1. Age
      2. Type of Community
      3. Geographic Location
      4. Income Level
      5. Relationship Status

      Sample Design

      Provided are the details of the random stratified sample and the related precision estimates.

      For more details, please refer to the Survey Methodology here.

      Sample Size and Precision Estimate on body grooming

      Chest Hair

      Should men shave their chest?

      In order to answer this question, we asked women what level of chest hair they prefer their potential partners to have.

      They were provided 3 options: clean-shaven, medium, and heavy.

      The selections were accompanied with photos which you can refer to on question #9 of the survey questions here.

      Should Guys Shave Their Chest Survey Results

      Conclusions of Chest Hair for body Grooming Women Like

      The majority of women (60%) prefer a “medium” amount of chest hair.
      Nationwide Survey Results

      51% more women ages 18 to 24 and 35 to 44 prefer a clean-shaven chest versus women 25 to 34 (39% vs 26%).

      56% more women in a relationship prefer a clean-shaven chest versus single women (45% vs 29%).

      Women from city/urban communities are 37% more likely to prefer a clean-shaven chest than women from rural communities (38% vs 27%).

      For those men with hairy chests, this may be the time to start considering trimming or shaving your chest as very few women seem to prefer a “heavy” amount of chest hair across all demographics.

      Responses About Chest Hair

      Clean-Shaven – “I like the fresh feel of skin”
      City or Urban, 18 to 24
      Clean-Shaven – “Just don’t like all the fur. Fur is for my dogs.”
      Suburban, 35 to 44
      Clean-Shaven – “Because no chest hair makes kissing and touching more appealing to me”
      Suburban, 25 to 34

      Medium – “Looks manly and natural”
      City or Urban, 18 to 24
      Medium – “Clean shaven is weird, too hairy is unkempt”
      Suburban, 35 to 44
      Medium – “Not too boyish (clean shaven) and not too grizzly (heavy)”
      City or Urban, 25 to 34

      Heavy – “I like to play with it”
      City or Urban, 18 to 24
      Heavy – “I like to lay on it”
      Rural, 35 to 44
      Heavy – “Very sexy and masculine”
      Rural, 25 to 34

      Pubic Hair

      Should men shave their pubes?

      Or maybe just trim them?

      In order to answer this question, we asked women what level of pubic hair they prefer their potential partners to have.

      They were provided with 3 options: natural, trimmed, or clean-shaven.

      Should guys shave their pubes survey results

      Conclusions of Pubic Hair for Body Grooming Women Like

      The majority of women (64%) prefer trimmed pubic hair over natural or clean-shaven.
      Nationwide Survey Results

      Women from rural communities are 61% more likely to prefer a natural pubic region than women from city or suburban communities (29% vs 18%).

      Based on the results, it looks like a large majority of women prefer men to be performing some form of maintenance on their pubic hair region, but the adult film star clean-shaven look may not be the way to go.

      Responses About Pubic Hair

      Clean-Shaven – “Because there is less genital odor when clean shaven”
      City or Urban, 18 to 24
      Clean-Shaven – “I would be more likely to please them orally”
      Rural, 25 to 34
      Clean-Shaven – “Suggests a certain level of hygiene and grooming”
      Suburban, 35 to 44

      Trimmed – “Clean shaven makes you look a Ken doll”
      Suburban, 18 to 24
      Trimmed – “Wild is not attractive and clean-shaven is sometimes too much”
      Suburban, 25 to 34
      Trimmed – “It shows he puts effort into his appearance. I want him to be a man, but to show a little effort”
      City or Urban, 35 to 44

      Natural – “Shaved pubes hurt when banging”
      Rural, 18 to 24
      Natural – “Natural needs to stop being something to feel ashamed about when it comes to body hair, etc.”
      Rural, 25 to 34
      Natural – “I like natural men”
      City or Urban, 35 to 44

      Manicured Finger & Toe Nails

      In the past, most men had perceived that manicures and pedicures were only for women.

      Today, more male spas are offering these services, and having your nails done is becoming more widely accepted.

      We decided to ask women their thoughts on whether they find manicured nails on men attractive.

      Should men get manicures survey results

      Conclusions of Manicured Nails for Body Grooming Women Like

      2.4 times more women find manicured finger and toe nails attractive versus unattractive.
      Nationwide Survey Results

      Women 25 to 34 are twice as likely to find manicured nails unattractive versus women 18 to 24 and 35 to 44.

      Who knows if women’s opinions have changed over time but it is definitely clear that women today will most likely give men points for having their nails and cuticles looking pristine.

      Responses About Manicured Nails

      Attractive – “Self-care and good hygiene/grooming practices are always attractive, but especially in men where society tells them it is weak or negative or emasculating or “just for girls”.”
      Rural, 18 to 24
      Attractive – “Because clean nails and toe nails shows they care about hygiene and are a detail-oriented person.“
      Suburban, 25 to 34
      Attractive – “It’s nice to see men taking care of themselves, especially their feet. A lot of men have really bad feet!! Gross!”
      City or Urban, 35 to 44

      Unattractive – “I think it’s a little feminine”
      Rural, 18 to 24
      Unattractive – “I don’t mind a guy placing a high priority on personal hygiene, but I tend to be biased to calloused hands that know how to work.”
      Rural, 25 to 34
      Unattractive – “Too metrosexual”
      City or Urban, 35 to 44

      Most Important To Maintain Body Grooming Women Like

      We wanted to find out what women found to be the most important grooming habits to maintain as it is important to know where to focus your efforts.

      To accomplish this, we asked women to rank 5 of the most popular body grooming areas from #1 (most important) to #5 (least important).

      Most Important Grooming Habits for Men Survey Results

      Conclusions of Most Important Body Grooming Women Like

      Nose and ear hair was by far the #1 most important area of grooming for a man to maintain.
      Nationwide Survey Results

      There is a large variety of body grooming women like for men to maintain and all five of the areas listed are important in their own respect and should be tended to at least to some extent.

      But these survey results have made it sufficiently clear that maintenance of one’s nose and ear hair is something that should never be neglected and should take top priority.

      Most Important Aspect Of Body Grooming Women Like On First Date

      There is a lot of things men think about when preparing for a first date.

      Especially when it comes to our appearance.

      For this reason, we wanted to find out what women found to be the most important aspect of a man’s appearance on a first date by having them rank 6 primary areas of appearance from #1 (most important) to #6 (least important).

      most important aspect of man's appearance on first date survey results

      Conclusions of Most Important Aspect of Appearance

      Overall, style of dress is the #1 most important aspect of a man’s appearance on a first date.
      Nationwide Survey Results

      For women 25 to 34, teeth are the most important aspect.

      Women residing in rural communities believe scent is the most important aspect of a first date.

      Women with household incomes of $0 – $25K find facial hair grooming to be the most important while women with household incomes of $50k+ believe teeth are the most important aspect of a man’s appearance on a first date.

      Even though overall, style of dress is deemed as the most important aspect of a man’s presentation, it seems what is most important to women can differ based on various demographics.

      Submit Suggestions For Next Survey

      Survey Suggestions on body grooming women like

      Please submit questions you want to have included in the next survey in the comments below!

      It can include anything related to grooming, style, and beyond.

      These surveys are expensive to conduct but we will do our best to include as many requests as possible.

      Also, please submit any comments or questions you may have regarding this survey as well.

      10 thoughts on “5 Types of Body Grooming Women Like & Find Attractive”

        1. When you get a wax your hair only stays “off” for a few days. To get a complete comfort out of not having pubic hair men should try laser hair removal.

          1. Are there any good at home laser hair removal systems that you would recommend? I have used a combination of sugaring, hair removal creams and plucking over a period of about 5 years. My wife wanted it permanently bald and the majority the hair is gone. I am thinking a laser hair removal system coupd help speed up the final goal of being permanently hair free.

            1. I don’t know about laser, but my wife and I had all of our pubic hair removed by electrolysis a long time ago. Unlike laser, none of it has ever regrown.

              After 25 years we’re both still completely bare and loving it. No muss, no fuss, no stubble and absolutely no pubic hair on either of us. Best decision ever, no regrets at all.

            2. My wife wanted my pubes gone, so I waxed for a number of years. Shaving stubble truly sucks.

              She didn’t like that some regrowth was needed to wax and asked eventually me to have my pubes permanently removed so I’d always be completely bare.

              I had electrolysis done, since laser was not a good choice for me. Removal by electrolysis is total, and does not require periodic touch ups when complete. It is a bit uncomfortable, but I never found it as bad as some claim.

              The result is great. I don’t have any pubic hair now.

          1. Red hair my wives both passed and lover also passed asked me to keep my beard so I would not beared burn them they liked the texture of my beard!

      1. This was a very well informed, well researched and well writen study. Very good notes to make and can definitely support the findings behind this. Helped me out alot. Great work!

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