9 Best Antiperspirants for Men in 2020 (Effective & Safe Sweat Prevention)

Lots of guys throw a stick of deodorant on in the morning and are somehow surprised that they still sweat in the afternoon. 

After all, isn’t deodorant supposed to help with that?

Not at all, actually. 

You see, while some of the best deodorants have antiperspirant effects, not all do. 

And there are specific best antiperspirant for men products that you can use to knock down your excessive sweating drastically. 

These are much better choices if your shirts are always soaked.

The truth is that most guys should be combining antiperspirants with deodorants, but far too few know to do this.

If you’ve never heard of antiperspirants before, but have probably heard of deodorant for men, not to fear. 

We’ve put this guide together to show you the best antiperspirant for men choices across the web. 

Plus, we’ll go into some significant differences between the two types of products and answer any additional questions you might have.

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Let’s get started.

Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

Table of Contents

best antiperspirant for men

What’s the Difference Between Antiperspirant and Deodorant?

9 Best Antiperspirants for Men in [year] (Effective & Safe Sweat Prevention) 1

Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, antiperspirant and deodorant are two separate products. 

You can tell their primary purpose from their names: antiperspirants are useful to prevent yourself from excessive sweating, while deodorants tackle bad body odor, mainly arising from sweat.

The best antiperspirant for men will mostly work by blocking your sweat glands from emitting sweat through your pores. 

These products accomplish this by acting as physical blockers or by stimulating your sweat glands to produce less sweat than usual. 

The exact method of anti-perspiration depends on the active ingredients and the type of antiperspirant you purchase.

The best deodorants work by neutralizing the hormones and molecules present in sweat that produces a bad body odor. 

This is usually accomplished via chemicals or strong fragrances, often housed in a cream or powder it settles into your pores and lasts for a long time.

Since both types of products act in similar areas of the body and accomplish the same objectives, it’s not uncommon to find them packaged together in a single product. 

However, combination antiperspirant/deodorant products are sometimes slightly less effective at reducing your sweat output then dedicated antiperspirant products.

This is just because dedicated in the first prints can concentrate more of their anti-sweat ingredients than they can when combined on a deodorant stick or roll. 

Still, antiperspirant/deodorant combo products can be excellent in terms of value for money. 

Also, there is some evidence that dedicated antiperspirants may have adverse effects on your skin, but we’ll get into that further into our guide when we look at specific ingredients.

Altogether, just be aware that antiperspirants and deodorants are separate products so you shouldn’t buy deodorant and expect to have less-sweaty pits!

If you’re looking for the best deodorants for men, we’ve already done a guide on that as well. Check it out!

Things to Consider when Buying Antiperspirant

Now that we’ve got some basic definitions out of the way let’s look at the primary factors you should be considering when buying the best antiperspirant for men to serve your needs. 

Paying attention to these aspects will stop you from accidentally purchasing a mediocre product that doesn’t work as advertised.

1. Is it a Deodorant?

is the antiperspirant a deodorant

First off, you should check to see whether your chosen antiperspirant is also a deodorant product. 

Like we mentioned above, antiperspirants that aren’t combined with deodorants can usually concentrate more on their specific ingredients. 

This can bring better anti-sweat results. 

However, antiperspirants that aren’t automatically combined with deodorant will need to be combined with a deodorant after the fact, usually the morning after application.

After all, no man should be going out in public without a layer of deodorant to make sure that he smells nice. 

Basically, having a combination product means that there’s one less thing you need to worry about as part of your morning men care routine.

There is a trade-off, however. 

Since antiperspirant is meant to be applied at night (we’ll explain later), using it every morning is a bit overkill for your sweat glands. 

It’s not clear if this can have eventual adverse side effects.

Overall, a combination product can be convenient, but you also probably want something that has a light, unnoticeable scent for a nighttime deodorant. 

Look for a combo product that has either no fragrance or a light scent if you plan on using an antiperspirant with deodorizing properties.

2. Length of Protection

Length of portection of antiperspirant

The second factor you should be considering when betting your antiperspirant products is how long they are advertised to protect you. 

Some of the best men’s antiperspirants can protect you for up to many days or even a week at a time. 

Those that go even longer are even better deals, although they may have a particularly harsh chemical mix that grants them such a long active period.

Other antiperspirants are only suitable for a few hours and are best used as daily solutions when you know you’ll be excessively sweating, but only temporarily. 

These antiperspirant products are great right before a sports game or before you head to the gym, whereas the longer-lasting antiperspirants are better for men that continuously have to fight against excessive sweat.

The length of protection also affects the products overall value for money. 

For instance, and antiperspirant that lasts for a week or more has excellent value for money since you won’t need to buy more very frequently. 

On the other hand, antiperspirants that only last for a little while will need to be repurchased relatively frequently if you use them every day.

Just consider how long you need your antiperspirant to last before making any final decisions.

3. Ingredients

Ingredients of antiperspirant

The active ingredients of antiperspirants are incredibly important since they affect how the antiperspirant stops you from sweating. 

Also, some of these ingredients can be toxic in higher concentrations or cause allergic reactions in some individuals. 

Let’s go through the most common ingredients in antiperspirants so you can be aware of any issues beforehand.

Aluminum Chloride/Zirconium

This ingredient is one of the most common in most antiperspirant products and is the number one doctor recommended compound for reducing sweat emissions. 

This compound blocks sweat glands quite effectively, and you’ll often see high concentrations in various antiperspirant products to demonstrate how good they are at stopping you from excessive sweating.

However, aluminum chloride and similar compounds may also present a slight risk for cancer. 

This is likely due to its drastic gland-blocking ability. 

While not all men will have adverse side effects, it’s essential to pay attention to your body when first using an antiperspirant with aluminum chloride.

In this way, you can determine whether or not the chloride feels terrible on your skin and seek a different product if you think you’ll have issues in the future.


Triclosan is a compound that’s quite effective at removing bacteria. 

This can help make a less odorous surface in your armpits and reduce the amount of sweat that is emitted by your glands. 

However, triclosan can also feel irritating to the skin of many men, particularly if you have sensitive skin already.

You should definitely pay attention to how it makes your use antiperspirant with this ingredient and stop right away your skin feels irritated or turns red.


Talc is a relatively common absorbent compound that’s used in a lot of different personal care products and skincare products. 

Women use more talc that men do, but that does not make men care any more different than women care, it just comes with a little twist.

It helps the rest of the antiperspirant products be absorbed by your skin more efficiently and is part of what makes certain antiperspirants “fast-acting.”

However, it does have asbestiform fibers. 

That’s right, they are derived from asbestos, which is a known carcinogen. 

Take care when using an antiperspirant with talc as an active ingredient.


Alcohol is another absorptive ingredient that many antiperspirants use to deliver their goodness to your sweat glands more quickly than otherwise. 

It can feel harsh on sensitive skin and cause skin irritation, so be careful if you already have sensitive skin.

Besides, alcohol has a tendency to dry out the skin if you have issues with moisture retention. 

It’s a good idea to use a moisturizer in addition to an antiperspirant with alcohol if you have sensitive skin or have a tendency to dry out quickly.


Parabens are molecules and compounds with names like butylparaben. 

They’re artificial preservatives, and you can find them in many kinds of personal care or skincare products. 

While they are excellent for ensuring that your antiperspirant will last for a long time, they also have been linked to the development of breast cancer.

As with aluminum chloride, pay attention to how the parabens present in your antiperspirant formula make your skin feel. 

Pick a different product if you feel uneasy or don’t want to risk any potential health side effects.

Triethanolamine or Diethanolamine

TEA or DEA are chemicals that alter the pH level of the skin. 

This helps reduce sweat emission by changing the environment in your armpits. 

While this is very effective, it can also be toxic if they are ever absorbed by your body again and again. 

For instance, antiperspirants with both of these compounds should probably only be used sparingly to avoid any potential side effects.

Your skin needs a healthy pH level to replenish itself and maintain a healthy defensive oil level. 

While these compounds can be useful if you need a short-term anti-sweat solution, we wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use due to their long-lasting side effects.

The list of ingredients above can look quite malicious, so it’s understandable if you’re hesitant about using antiperspirant at all. 

But the key thing to remember is that all of the health concerns and side effects described for each ingredient are only possibilities and aren’t guaranteed for any individual man.

Although it’s smart to pay attention to the things you’re putting on your skin and letting your body absorb, it’s also foolish to assume that any artificial chemical will automatically give you cancer.

The best practice is to simply try out different antiperspirants if you’re not sure about the effect that various ingredients have on your body. If something doesn’t work well, change it up!

Also, certain natural antiperspirants only use organic ingredients and which lack all of the above compounds in total. 

These are much rarer than antiperspirants which use the active compounds described above, but they do exist. 

We’ve got one in our list of the best antiperspirants if this is something more to your liking.

There are many more natural deodorant products since it’s easier to make deodorant without synthetic chemicals that it is to block your sweat glands.

4. Application Method

Application Method of antiperspirants

The application method of your chosen antiperspirant product is also an essential factor to consider. 

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Application method affects the feel, thickness, and appearance of the product.


Roll-on antiperspirants are usually wetter and more gel-like than their stick counterparts. 

They tend to have a very thick product that is initially viscous and which takes a little bit of time to absorb into your skin. 

When using a roll-on antiperspirant, it’s essential to give the antiperspirant time to dry thoroughly before you put on a shirt and go about your day.

Roll-on antiperspirant can leave a streak of color on your skin depending on their active ingredients and your skin tone.


Stick antiperspirants are versatile and fast-drying. 

They tend to be much drier than the other types and are also incredibly affordable since everything is contained within the small hand sized stick. 

Stick antiperspirants usually don’t leave much of a streak or color, but they might leave small chunks of their compound hanging on your skin or armpit hair, which can be unattractive.

If you have abnormally dry skin, stick antiperspirants might not be the best choice, although only ones with alcohol will present a real risk of drying out your skin more than it already is. 


Spray antiperspirants are also quite affordable and easy to use. 

They usually only require a couple of seconds of shaking before you can spray away and apply the antiperspirant all across your armpit.

Most antiperspirant sprays don’t leave lasting evidence or streaking and are usually absorbed relatively quickly. 

They are also generally better for short-term antiperspirant needs rather than long-term since some of their formulae is evaporated before it gets absorbed by the skin. 


Gel antiperspirants are thicker than any other type but are often quite long-lasting. 

They can feel a little uncomfortable to apply and require a longer drying period of several minutes before you can go about your day. 

Keep this in mind if you plan to apply antiperspirant during a cramped morning routine.

Gel antiperspirants can also sometimes leave streaks or spots, particularly on light clothing. 

Take care when using gel antiperspirants and try to avoid using too much at any one time.


Pad antiperspirants come in disposable squares or rectangles and so need to be repurchased quite frequently. 

But their advantage comes with their fast absorptive rates and easy disposability. 

Pads usually don’t leave streaks or other marks and can be excellent choices for sparing or short-term anti-sweat needs.

5. Amount

Amount of antiperspirant

Finally, the amount of antiperspirant you get with your purchase directly affects the value for money. 

Some products will offer less of the compound for a higher price, with the implication being that they’re more effective than cheaper brands.

This isn’t always the case since antiperspirant products have a relatively narrow margin of difference between each other. 

Still, pay attention to how much antiperspirant you’re getting per dollar to know what’s really the best choice for your budget. 

Some of the best deals will offer you three or four antiperspirant units (sticks, roll-on packs, etc.) for one purchase. 

This means you won’t have to go shopping for more anytime soon, so they’re usually great picks.

Best Antiperspirant for Men of 2020 Reviewed

1. AXE Signature Night Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

AXE Signature Night Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

This stick pack has excellent value for money and doesn’t stain.


Who Is It Best For?

It’s ideal for guys on a budget or men who don’t want to risk streaking or staining.

Key Features

This affordable 4-pack is a deodorant-antiperspirant combo that comes in a stick format. 

The formula on display here is well known for not giving you any white or yellow marks once applied to your armpits. 

This makes it great for combination with white or other light-colored shirts; there’s no need to worry about an embarrassing stain after application.

The clinical strength sweat protection clocks in at about 48 hours, which is decent for the stick variety. 

Since you’ll be reapplying this every morning to take advantage of the deodorant aspect of the product, it’s easy to see that there won’t be any noticeable time without antiperspirant protection.

The antiperspirant formula does contain aluminum zirconium. 

It’s very effective at blocking your sweat glands but pay attention to how your skin reacts once you’ve tried it a couple of times. 

Overall, most of this product’s value comes from its lack of stain creation and convenience. 

There are tons of antiperspirant for your purchase so it’s a great choice if you’re on a budget or if you’re buying for a teenage male that’ll be sweating up a storm for the next few years.

The stick’s scent isn’t too overpowering, so you might appreciate this as a deodorant product as well if you’re not usually into sticks that have a really noticeable fragrance.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

2. ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Deodorant

ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Deodorant

It has excellent anti-sweat capabilities in a small, compact bottle.


Who Is It Best For?

It’s a good choice for guys who prefer a clinical strength antiperspirant over quantity.

Key Features

This antiperspirant only comes in one bottle, and it’s a little pricey when compared to many of the other pics on our reviews of the best antiperspirants. 

But that’s where the bad qualities end.

The strongest antiperspirant ability to reduce your sweat is almost unparalleled. 

It uses a formula with aluminum chloride to sink straight into your sweat glands and prevent them from producing excessive moisture for up to seven days.

That means that you only need to apply this antiperspirant one time before bed and you’ll be set for the rest of the week. 

Since it’s a stick type, it also dries after about 2 to 3 minutes of cold air exposure. 

It’s convenient, easy to use, and it doesn’t feel awkward and uncomfortable while you’re waiting for it to dry.

This stick is a little unique compared to others because it stimulates your sweat glands to stop producing sweat rather than absorbing excess moisture or reducing sweat gland output. 

This can cause issues if you have abnormally dry skin since it works so well. 

But it’s hard to call that kind of behavior a flaw when the entire point of the antiperspirant is to reduce skin-surface moisture!

It doesn’t cost stains or streak marks, even on light-colored clothing. 

It’s also paired with a light deodorant formula that doesn’t have a very noticeable fragrance. 

As you might guess, this can cause issues if you use it every day.

We’d recommend saving this purely for a once per week antiperspirant effort and select a different deodorant as your primary anti body odor product.

Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.

3. Degree Men Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Degree Men Antiperspirant and Deodorant

This is a stick pack with plenty for a long time, which is good since it only lasts for 24 hours.


Who Is It Best For?

It’s great if you want to apply a fresh antiperspirant layer each night or morning.

Key Features

This is another phenomenal choice if you need a lot of antiperspirant on a budget. 

You get 6 sticks of 2.7-oz antiperspirant with the purchase, and it’s a combo product that has a citrus-scented deodorant included in the formula.

The antiperspirant and deodorant are both body heat activated. 

They’ll start to work most effectively as your body would typically begin to work up a sweat.

This both prevents the antiperspirant from excessively drying out your skin and helps it feel a little better if you have sensitive skin.

In fact, our testers found that it was one of the best antiperspirants you can choose if your skin is frequently irritated or inflamed from antiperspirant application.

Although it’s a dry formula, our testers didn’t find issues with it drying their skin. In contrast, it made their skin feel a little cooler and more refreshed than before.

The anti-perspiration effects only last for about 24 hours before they need to be reapplied. 

Still, this isn’t much of a downside since you can take advantage of the light deodorant every night before bed. 

We still recommend using a separate, dedicated deodorant for your morning routine so that you don’t over saturate your skin with the aluminum zirconium and other antiperspirant compounds.

The stick base is easy to use, as well. 

Simply twisted the bottom to bring up a little more of the antiperspirant/deodorant combo and apply. 

It should only take a few minutes to sink into your skin fully and then you can safely put on a white shirt without risk for staining or streaking.

Overall, this is another excellent budget pick, and it should definitely be on your radar if you’re worried about antiperspirant irritating your skin.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

4. Old Spice Wild Collection

Old Spice Wild Collection

This is a two-pack that has a strong fragrance and good anti-sweat qualities.


Who Is It Best For?

It’s ideal for guys who want a strong deodorant along with their antiperspirant.

Key Features

Old Spice is a well-known brand, and for a good reason. 

They’ve outdone themselves yet again with this antiperspirant/deodorant combo stick pack. 

You get two sticks for a reasonable asking price, and the deodorant aspect of the product is mildly fruity and should be pleasing to most people. 

At the same time, it’s definitely masculine, and it’s not so overwhelming that it will overtake any cologne that you may decide to apply.

Speaking of cologne, check out our guide to the best colognes for men to find the best scents for success.

The antiperspirant lasts for about 24 hours and relies on aluminum zirconium and alcohol to reduce your sweat output. 

This does mean that it has a mild chance to dry out your skin, but this should only be an issue if you suffer from skin dryness already.

The antiperspirant is a clear compound that shouldn’t streak or leave any stains, even on white or other light-colored shirts. 

In fact, it looks almost invisible as soon as it touches your skin even though it appears white when you take the cap off.

It takes only a few minutes to dry and it remains dry feeling for the duration of its effects.

The biggest downside to this combination is that you shouldn’t apply antiperspirant too often to your armpits as it’s supposed to be applied at night before bed. 

However, the deodorant is strong enough that most people would be inclined to use it every morning as their primary deodorant product.

If it had a less-intense scent, it would be more effective as a nighttime deodorant that’s mainly there to reduce body odor as you sleep and wind down for the night.

Since these two goals are somewhat at odds with each other, we have to knock this particular choice down a bit. 

While you can use this as your primary deodorant, you’ll be better off using a separate deodorant product that doesn’t contain aluminum zirconium every morning before your day.

That being said, this is still a great combination product and might be perfect for men would rather have one choice for all their needs.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

5. AXE Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men

AXE Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men

This stick pack has less of a strong fragrance than the Old Spice pack, but it’s still just as effective.


Who Is It Best For?

It’s good for guys that want a combo pack that they can use at night more comfortably. 

Key Features

Axe is well known for its personal care products that have masculine scents and great feel. 

This one feels excellent when applied to your skin according to our testers and features notes of citrus, lavender, and geranium.

These fragrances are combined with a light hint of wood that somehow translates into the texture of the antiperspirant. 

The instant application of this stick onto your sweaty armpits feels great and extremely relieving.

It can keep you fresh and dry for about 24 hours before it needs to be reapplied. 

Once again, this marks it as an excellent product for nightly use or morning use, although you run into the same problem as the Old Spice pick above.

The fragrance from the Axe antiperspirant isn’t quite as noticeable as the Old Spice one, so it’s a little better for use as a nighttime antiperspirant/deodorant product.

In addition to aluminum zirconium, this antiperspirant uses talc to keep the formula dependable and active even if you let it sit for a long time. 

Although it’s colored, the antiperspirant fades to an invisible layer once applied, and it’s not likely to streak or stain your clothes.

You get two bottles with the purchase for a very generous asking price. 

Overall, we’d mark this one as a toss-up between it and the Old Spice pick. 

You should decide which of the two fragrances you think you’ll like better and go from there.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

6. Gillette Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men

Gillette Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men

This pack has antiperspirants and deodorants that are active for the same amount of time.


Who Is It Best For?

This is perfect for men who want a true antiperspirant/deodorant combo product.

Key Features

This three-pack uses aluminum zirconium and a handful of other compounds to provide fantastic sweat protection and sweat reduction. 

It’s paired with a deodorant formula that feels cool to the touch and which can provide relief if your armpits tend to become uncomfortably hot when they sweat frequently.

The antiperspirant is totally clear and isn’t likely to clog up or hang onto your armpit hair or the top of your skin. 

It’s perfect for light clothes or for men who hate streaking and staining for this reason.

Its antiperspirant properties also last for about 48 hours, which is formulated to match the anti-odor properties of the deodorant.

Because of these matching timescales, this is one of the better combination products you’ll find. 

You see, you shouldn’t need to apply deodorant every single morning with this choice since the deodorant will work for 48 hours in total before needing reapplication.

You have two choices. 

You can apply this combo product in the morning and simply try your best not to let your armpits be disturbed while the antiperspirant compounds settle into your glands. 

Or you can apply this at night and see if you still smell bad in the morning or after your shower.

Overall, this choice is affordable, versatile, and effective. 

In terms of combination products, there isn’t much better, and our testers are sure you’ll appreciate the refreshingly cool sensation that accompanies the application.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

7. Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant

Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant

This is a dedicated antiperspirant that takes some time to dry but lasts for a good amount of time afterward.


Who Is It Best For?

It’s perfect for men who already have a good deodorant for the morning.

Key Features

Finally, we reach dedicated antiperspirant products. 

This allows you to apply the antiperspirant safely at night and user deodorant in the morning after your shower.

This is one of the better antiperspirants you’ll be able to find, as well. 

It uses aluminum chloride to provide you with 72-hour protection. 

This means you only have to apply the antiperspirant every three days.

It’s a roll-on type, so it’s a little thicker than the stick antiperspirant products we’ve been reviewing so far. 

This might take a little getting used to, especially if you haven’t used a roll-on deodorant or antiperspirant before. 

Also, there is a slight risk for streaking or staining if you use too much of the antiperspirant at a time.

It’s also essential that you let the antiperspirant dry totally before you lower your arms.

 There’s a risk of irritating the skin of your armpits if you don’t let enough time past for drying.

Certain Dri is one of the strongest antiperspirants around.

The formula is clinical strength, but you don’t need a prescription to take advantage of its effects. 

It will wash off in the shower, and the aluminum chloride molecules fit into your sweat ducts much more effectively than many other competing antiperspirants.

Despite its overall effectiveness at fighting off excessive sweating, this is one of the most affordable antiperspirants you can find.

Altogether, this is an excellent pick for a budget, high-effectiveness antiperspirant that only needs to be applied sparingly. It’s also a good choice for long-term antiperspirant efforts.

Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.

8. SweatBlock Antiperspirant

SweatBlock Antiperspirant

These pads are fast-acting and last forever, perfect for when you need anti-sweat solutions immediately.


Who Is It Best For?

They’re suitable for men who occasionally need superb, fast-acting sweat control.

Key Features

For sparing anti-sweat efforts, it doesn’t get much better than this pack of antiperspirant pads. 

You get eight whites with the purchase, and each is soaked with an aluminum chloride solution that’s also clinical strength.

There are perfect for whipping out when you’ll be running around throughout a football game or for if you know you’ll be working out the following day. 

The pads are disposable, and they’re perfect for occasional use and immediate sweat relief.

Because the formula is contained on the pads, it evaporates and sinks into your skin quickly. 

It’s much less uncomfortable than gel or roll-on antiperspirants, and you don’t need to worry so much about skin irritation.

Because applying the antiperspirant is so quick and easy, and the pads are disposable, this is our testers’ number one choice for occasional or sparing antiperspirant use. 

These aren’t a good long-term solution since you have to dispose of each white after it’s been used and each is only good for one use on both armpits.

Still, it’s hard to argue with the results. 

The anti-perspiration formula can protect you from sweating too much for up to a week without causing any sweat marks or streaking on white or light-colored clothes. 

That’s nearly-unbeatable protection in terms of how much time you’re defended. 

If you’ve got a tough week ahead and know you’ll be liable to sweat up a storm, these pads might be your best bet to avoid embarrassment and regain your confidence.

Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.

9. Tom’s of Maine Antiperspirant for Men

Tom’s of Maine Antiperspirant for Men

This stick is made from natural ingredients, negating a lot of possible health risks.


Who Is It Best For?

It’s great for men with sensitive skin or who are concerned about side effects.

Key Features

This combo stick is made from natural ingredients, which clearly separates it from the competition. 

Despite this, it’s still very affordable, and you get three sticks with your purchase. 

This is excellent value for money.

The antiperspirant formula uses recycled aluminum to reduce sweat from your glands. 

This protection lasts for up to 48 hours in total, which is decently high for a stick that also has deodorizing effects.

The exact effects of using recycled aluminum instead of synthetic aluminum are unknown, but it’s likely that it leads to less of cancer risk and is definitely a better choice for reducing potential skin irritation and inflammation.

The other ingredients are similarly sourced from natural places, and there are no other synthetic compounds or chemicals. 

Since all of the ingredients are sourced from organic spots, you’ll also be supporting, which has less of a carbon footprint if you purchase this combo.

Our testers did find that the recycled aluminum likely leads to a very slight dip in effectiveness for super-sweaty armpits. 

Most men probably won’t see much of a difference, but if you have rivers flowing out from beneath your arms, you might need something with a higher concentration of synthetic aluminum.

The deodorant is lightly-fragranced, with a “mountain spring” scent. 

This smells somewhat generally fresh, but it’s not a bad scent, either. 

It lasts for the same amount of time as the antiperspirant, so it’s perfect for use in the morning or evening as long as you only use it once every 48 hours.

We’d recommend this choice if you’re concerned about skin irritation or health concerns. 

It’s the best natural antiperspirant and is still quite active. 

Plus, it likely has fewer (if any) of the possible adverse side effects from the other antiperspirants.

Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Antiperspirants

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve seen the best antiperspirant products on the market, but you might have a few remaining questions about their use and safety. 

Let’s answer those now.

1. Is Antiperspirant Bad for You?

Antiperspirant is not bad for you in the same way that other skincare or personal care products such as the best deodorants for men aren’t harmful to you. 

Most antiperspirants indeed use artificial chemicals or compounds to achieve their miraculous effects.

But that doesn’t mean that they are automatically unhealthy.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, some of the ingredients may inspire side effects or adverse reactions with the skin of some men.

The only way to know this is to try them for yourself.

Besides, all of the cancer risks have only been hypothesized by researchers and not proven.

That sounds a little dismissive, but the truth is that using antiperspirant for a little while isn’t going to give you skin cancer.

Antiperspirant provides so many benefits for men that struggle with excessive sweat production, and we don’t want to dismiss all the good it can bring just because of a possible health risk.

We’d recommend trying out antiperspirant products if you’re not sure about how well your skin will take to the ingredients.

You can always switch products or go for a solution that uses natural ingredients if you decide that you don’t like the way the synthetic ingredients feel on your skin.

Like with all personal care or skincare products, there’s a possible trade-off for trying to combat your body’s sweaty nature.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to look and smell our best, even if that means getting the best deodorant for men instead.

2. When Should You Apply Antiperspirant?

You might think that applying antiperspirant in the morning alongside your deodorant is the best way to go.

But the truth is that nighttime is actually the preferred window for antiperspirant application.

You see, antiperspirant works by being absorbed into the skin and clogging your sweat glands and ducts.

This takes a little bit of time, even for fast-acting products.

Also, sweat glands that are actively producing sweat are much harder to clog than sweat glands that are at rest, usually during nighttime.

So it’s clear that applying antiperspirant before bed when your sweat ducts are least likely to be producing sweat, is the way to go.

This gives your antiperspirant product plenty of time to clog your sweat glands and do its job.

That way, when your body awakens in the morning and your sweat glands start to work, they won’t be able to break through the antiperspirant product like they usually do.

As a bonus, if you apply your antiperspirant at night, your morning shower shouldn’t be able to remove the antiperspirant even if you scrub vigorously.

You can still thoroughly clean yourself without worrying about negating your antiperspirant efforts.

Deodorant should undoubtedly be applied in the morning since its primary purpose is to combat unfavorable odors.

This purpose is lost at night when everyone, including yourself, is fast asleep.

3. Are Dedicated Antiperspirants Better, or Antiperspirant/Deodorant Combos?

Neither is better than the other, although dedicated antiperspirants may have higher concentrations of their synthetic ingredients and thus can often last longer and block more of your sweat glands then combination products.

The trade-off is that combination products are often more convenient than dedicated antiperspirants.

For instance, you can use the same antiperspirant/deodorant stick at night to block your sweat glands and once in the morning to fight off bad odors.

It’s all very convenient to have both of your products contained on one stick or roller.

Some men may find this convenience to be a higher priority than purchasing the most maximally effective antiperspirant.

The decision is ultimately up to you.

For what’s it worth, antiperspirant/deodorant combination products don’t suffer in the anti-odor aspect at all.

Most combo sticks and roll-ons are still remarkably effective at fighting harmful odors even if their fragrances have to share space with antiperspirant ingredients.

4. Do I Need to Reapply Antiperspirant if I Become Wet?

You do not unless you have applied the antiperspirant literally minutes before stepping into the pool or shower.

This is because antiperspirant needs a little bit of time to be absorbed by your skin.

In the interim, it’s just resting atop your skin and can be easily scraped off or removed by pressure or a lot of water.

That’s one reason why we recommend applying your antiperspirant at night when there isn’t any skin activity going on.

The antiperspirant will have plenty of time to be absorbed into your skin without worry.

If it’s already been absorbed, you’re all set. 

Feel free to swim or shower without losing any of the antiperspirant’s effects.

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