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    Body odor is something that affects most of us, but men with sensitive skin can’t always use the same tried-and-true deodorant products as others.

    If you’re one of these guys, you might think that your anti-odor options are limited to showering frequently and avoiding working up a sweat.

    However, just because some of the ingredients in traditional deodorants are too tough on your skin doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

    There’s plenty of great deodorants for men with sensitive skin; you just have to know where to look.

    We’ve put this guide together to save you some time.

    Down below, you’ll find the best deodorants for men with sensitive skin just like yours, chock full of natural, soothing ingredients and boasting fantastic fragrances such as baking soda among others.

    We’ll also clear up any further questions you might have about deodorant and its application.

    Let’s begin.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin

    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 1
    Magsol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant
    • Feels excellent
    • No harsh or pore-clogging ingredients at all
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 2
    Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant
    • Excellent for killing bacteria and removing bad odor
    • Dries quickly
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 3
    Vanicream Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant
    • Feels soothing on the skin
    • No fragrance
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 4
    MARLOWE Natural Deodorant for Men
    • Great fragrance
    • Slightly reduces excess moisture
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 5
    Almay Sensitive Skin Clear Gel
    • Platinum & Chrome Coated
    • Provides a Very Smooth Shave
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 6
    Super Natural Goods Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick
    • Subtle but effective fragrance
    • Rebalances pH of the skin
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 7
    O’Deo Natural Deodorant Spray for Men
    • Soothes skin
    • Safe for people with diabetes
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 8
    Mitchum Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant and Deodorant
    • Feels good on the skin
    • Great antiperspirant properties
    9 Best Deodorants for Men With Sensitive Skin of [year] (No More Irritation!) 9
    Art of Sport Men’s Rise Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick
    • Clear product, no streaking
    • Matcha energizes body

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best deodorant for men with sensitive skin

      What Makes Deodorant Good for Sensitive Skin?

      What Makes Deodorant Good for Sensitive Skin

      Deodorant is just deodorant, right?

      After all, we’ve done a men care guide to the best deodorants for men, so why is this guide necessary?

      While it’s true that all deodorant is designed to cover up or eliminate bad body odor, some men’s deodorants can use sub-optimal ingredients to achieve these ends.

      Some of those ingredients can cause inflammation or skin irritation, or even allergic reactions in some of the most dramatic cases.

      When people talk about being sensitive to harsh compounds or synthetic ingredients, this is what they mean.

      If you’re a man with sensitive skin, it’s imperative that you use the best deodorant for sensitive skin, since these don’t have these harsh ingredients.

      Therefore, the best deodorant for men with sensitive skin is simply deodorant made with better ingredients than many of the typical “big-brand” ones, and this can include butters such as shea butter, cocoa butter, among others.

      That said several big-brand deodorant companies are now starting to make all-natural products to appeal to this market.

      Basically, there are a few significant ingredients to watch out for in the best deodorant for sensitive skin .

      These ingredients should be absent in any deodorant that’s really meant for men with sensitive skin.

      Aluminum/Aluminum chloride – Aluminum is one of the top choice ingredients for blocking your sweat glands and eliminating bad body odor among many antiperspirant deodorant and other products. However, several tests show that aluminum may be linked to certain cancer types. Besides, physically blocking your sweat glands may not be the best idea since it’s directly interrupting a natural physical process.
      Sulfates – Sulfate should be avoided since they help tackle bad body odor but can have adverse health effects when absorbed by your skin.
      Alcohol – Alcohol should be avoided by men with sensitive skin for the same reason that it should be avoided when it comes to body washes or face lotions, as well as any body hygiene product.  Alcohol is a great exfoliator and cleanser, so it’s okay for getting rid of excess bacteria, which often makes body odor in the first place.  But it can severely irritate or damage sensitive skin, and there are other cleansers you can use as an alternative.
      Parabens – Finally, parabens should be avoided since they are just artificial preservatives intended to make hygiene products last for longer shelf lives. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer aren’t the best for your body no matter what where they’re applied. You don’t need them, and neither does an excellent deodorant.

      Overall, while it’s not the worst thing for a deodorant to include the above compounds, you can also get excellent deodorant products that lack them altogether.

      If you can get best deodorant for sensitive skin, a great all-natural deodorant that will work for you.

      We’ve done a guide to the best natural deodorants for men if you want to learn more about these products in particular.

      Things to Consider When Buying Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

      Now that we’ve determined what precisely a deodorant for sensitive skin is, let’s look at some other key factors to consider as you browse and pick out your favorite.

      Remembering these aspects will help you identify the best deodorant for your lifestyle and needs.

      1. Antiperspirant Properties

      Antiperspirant Qualities

      An antiperspirant product is not the same thing as a deodorant product.

      Deodorant is primarily used to get rid of bad smells either by covering up the bad odor with a better fragrance or neutralizing the bacteria that makes the odor in the first place.

      Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are designed to block your pores or otherwise reduce the amount that you sweat.

      This can provide a great benefit for your overall body odor.

      One of the first times we start to stink as men is when we sweat; this sweat provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria that feed on keratin.

      As the bacteria multiply, they create a terrible odor that comes right out of our armpits.

      Therefore, if we sweat less, we provide a less hospitable environment for these bacteria to procreate.

      However, most men usually use direct antiperspirant products because they sweat an abnormal amount, which often stains their clothes or causes embarrassment.

      But some of the best deodorant products will combine with some antiperspirant properties to deliver a one-two punch to your body odor problems.

      These products will reduce the amount you sweat and eliminate body odor at the same time.

      Just because a deodorant product also has antiperspirant qualities doesn’t mean that it’s a lesser deodorizer in any way.

      While it’s true that some deodorant products use all of their formulae space to provide a heavy fragrance, you can also find quite effective men’s deodorants that reduce your sweating amount equally capably.

      Keep an eye out for deodorant products that have antiperspirant properties since this is generally a sign of higher value for money.

      If you want a pure antiperspirant product, take a look at our men care guide to the best antiperspirants for men to see the best options.

      2. Type

      Type of Acne Treatment

      The type of deodorant you choose matters, as well.

      There are three main types of deodorants that you need to be aware of.


      Stick deodorants are the classical archetype that everyone recognizes.

      These are distinguished by their stick shape and reliable deodorizing formulas.

      They’re also called “roll-on” deodorants.

      You apply these by rubbing the deodorant across your underarm skin a few times, making sure to apply the layer evenly so that it doesn’t clump up on your skin or your armpit hair.

      Stick deodorant is vulnerable to forming little groups that look odd or gross and which can leave stains or streaks on your clothing or skin.

      However, stick deodorant is usually the longest-lasting type and provides some of the best anti-odor protection around.

      Stick deodorant is also reasonably affordable and is great as an odor solution on the go.

      Overall, you can’t go wrong with stick deodorant, but you need to be careful that you don’t accidentally mar your clothing with the wrong purchase.

      For best results, apply the deodorant evenly and carefully without over-applying.

      This will lessen the likelihood that any extra product gets into your clothes or sits uselessly atop your skin.


      Spray deodorants are the second most common option you’ll find on online or in-person markets.

      Most of them use aerosol cans to spray their deodorant product onto your skin.

      Due to the thinning nature of the product, spray deodorant usually is absorbed very quickly (within a few seconds), and so it’s excellent for applying deodorant quickly without having to suffer through a brief uncomfortable period where you feel an odd squishy or sticky sensation in your armpits.

      However, spray deodorant is more noticeable than stick deodorant.

      It’s not suitable for a discreet application, such as when you don’t want anyone at work to notice that you forgot to apply deodorant that morning.

      On the other hand, spray deodorant doesn’t leave any stains or streak marks the way that stick deodorant sometimes can.

      Spray deodorants also last about the same amount of time as stick deodorant, although their fragrances are typically not quite as strong as their stick counterparts.


      Gel deodorants are the most recent innovation and feel cool to the touch.

      This is initially comfortable, but you have to be careful not to over-apply the deodorant product since it can collect and feel oddly slimy or sticky, especially if you apply it after you’ve already sweated a little.

      Gel deodorants are as long-lasting as the other two types and are usually clear.

      This also prevents it from potentially staining or streaking your clothes the way stick deodorant is liable to.

      However, gel deodorant is the weakest of all three types when it comes to fragrance strength.

      We’d recommend looking for gel deodorants that have no fragrance at all if you can manage it.

      Overall, we’d recommend using stick deodorants for the most substantial body odor problems, spray deodorants for medium-strength body odor, and gel deodorants for light body odor.

      Keep in mind, though, that there is significant overlap between all three types.

      Any given product can knock it out of the park.

      But the above is the general trend between deodorant products.

      3. Fragrance

      Fragrance of body spray

      The fragrance of your chosen deodorant, of course, is arguably just as important as any other aspect.

      After all, you’ll want the fragrance to be something that goes well with your personal aesthetic and that you find personally appealing.

      Most deodorants designed for men will rely on a series of staple fragrances that elicit classical masculinity.

      There are tons of deodorants that have fragrances with woody or forest-related smells.

      Oceanic and pine scents are also incredibly common.

      More rarely you’ll find deodorants that have fruity fragrances.

      These are great, but be sure to know beforehand whether or not a fruity smell goes well with your desired appearance and aura.

      Citrus is an excellent balance between fruity sweetness and masculinity, and you’ll see it often among the best men’s deodorant products.

      The choice of your deodorant fragrance is totally up to you.

      You can also find deodorant products that lack a fragrance entirely.

      This can be the ideal choice if you plan to wear cologne or body spray often.

      You see, deodorant fragrances can clash or cover up your chosen cologne or body spray relatively quickly.

      To avoid this issue, try to find a good deodorant that has no fragrance but which still has excellent deodorizing capabilities.

      This way, you’ll eliminate unfavorable body odor with your deodorant product, paving the way for your cologne or body spray to be all the more impressive.

      Check out our guide to the best body sprays for men if you want to know more about those products!

      We’ve also done an excellent guide to the best colognes for men, as well.

      4. How Long Does It Last?

      How Long Does It Last

      Generally speaking, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a deodorant product that doesn’t last for around 24 hours due to advances in chemistry and technology.

      This is the ideal range for most deodorant users, and anything above it is extra and is not necessary.

      It’s not a bad thing to purchase a deodorant that can last for several days without reapplication, but chances are you’ll shower each day anyway.

      When you shower, presumably you wash your armpits and therefore scrub away any of the residual deodorant that might still be affecting your body odor.

      Then you’ll have to reapply the deodorant after you’re done showering anyway.

      In this sense, 24 hours is the preferred length of time you should target when looking for the ideal deodorant.

      There might be rare deodorant products that last for less than this time, and they can still be useful, but you’ll have to remember to reapply when they wear off.

      5. Amount

      Amount and cost of deodorant

      Finally, the amount of deodorant you get for your purchase is another valuable aspect to keep in mind.

      It’s easy to calculate an ounces-per-dollar ratio when you consider the total price of your purchase.

      It’s a good idea to think about how much deodorant you are likely to use soon.

      If you’re purchasing a deodorant to use every day, it might be a smart idea to buy a cheaper deodorant product or a multipack that have several different sticks contained in the package.

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      This will save you money in the long run since you’ll burn through the deodorant relatively quickly but won’t have to purchase any more anytime soon.

      On the other hand, you might be shopping for a really powerful deodorizer that you can use to neutralize bad body odor after a workout or before going on a date.

      In these instances, you can get a higher quality deodorant product that costs a little more, and it’ll still be worth your while.

      The critical part is to just think about this beforehand, so you already have your decision made.

      Then you can bypass any deodorant products that don’t fit the bill and save yourself some time.

      In most cases, it’s not worth it to get a tiny deodorant product that only has an ounce of the stuff for an exorbitant price.

      There are luxury versions of all items, of course, but we’re hard-pressed to recommend a “fancy” deodorant when they all basically do the same thing.

      Best Men’s Deodorants for Sensitive Skin of 2022 Reviewed

      1. Magsol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant

      Magsol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant

      This smooth deodorant has a distinct fragrance and doesn’t clog your pores at all; it’s one of the only genuine non-comedogenic deodorants you can find.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Stick
      Fragrance: Almonds, sandalwood
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 3.2 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is perfect for men who worry about pore-blocking problems and who might enjoy a buttery-smooth, comfortable deodorizing experience.

      Key Features

      This deodorant has been made with all-natural ingredients.

      In fact, its formula only uses three ingredients in total to achieve its outstanding results and deodorize your body.

      These ingredients are beeswax, almond oil, magnesium oxide, and sandalwood oil for the fragrance.

      This ends up with a masculine but totally natural scent that men and women alike will both appreciate; the deodorant is one of the best smelling deodorants for men.

      It’s very much distinct from the traditional fresh fragrance associated with synthetic deodorants.

      All of the oils inherent in its formula make it exceptionally smooth when it’s rubbed on your skin.

      Our testers are sure that even guys with sensitive skin should find this a pleasure to apply.

      The almond oil, in particular, has an excellent soothing effect that can relieve mild irritation and prevent inflammation from occurring.

      The deodorant is totally non-comedogenic; this means that it has no pore-blocking abilities, so it’s not an antiperspirant in any way.

      That being said, the fact that it’s so great for your skin and pores makes it possibly the smoothest and most comfortable deodorant you can find in any market.

      It’s just a tad pricey for its 3.2-ounce stick, but we think it’s well worth it if you want the top deodorant possible for your sensitive skin.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Feels excellent
      Great fragrance
      Has soothing capabilities
      No harsh or pore-clogging ingredients at all


      Doesn’t help with sweat
      Just a little expensive

      2. Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

      Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

      This unscented deodorant is a fast-drying stick variety and lacks a distinct fragrance, making it ideal for combining with other scented products.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Stick
      Fragrance: None
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 2.7 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an ideal choice for men who wear cologne or body spray frequently.

      Key Features

      This is a stick deodorant, but it dries much more quickly than many competing products.

      This is due to the Australian-made formula that uses a low number of natural ingredients and healthy magnesium to remove body odor and generate a soothing experience for anyone who applies the deodorant.

      Natural magnesium is even commonly used for muscle relaxation and other body functions, so it’s great to see such a large amount of the compound in this deodorant.

      It lacks any aluminum or paraben ingredients and has been individually tested for sensitive skin.

      It also lacks baking soda, which is a common ingredient even in all-natural deodorant products.

      This deodorant doesn’t have a fragrance at all so we’d recommend that you combine this with a good cologne or body spray for maximum effect.

      You don’t have to worry at all about the deodorant changing how you smell since it just kills body odor-producing bacteria and suits your sensitive skin at the same time.

      Like with the previous pick, it’s a little expensive given that you only get 2.7 ounces for the purchase.

      But it’s so effective that we think it should be a top pick for any man with sensitive skin who also doesn’t want to smell like deodorant after application.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      No fragrance at all
      Excellent for killing bacteria and removing bad odor
      Dries quickly
      Soothes skin


      A bit expensive

      3. Vanicream Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

      Vanicream Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

      This alcohol-free deodorant is a combo antiperspirant/deodorant gel that can be used with body spray or cologne.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Gel
      Fragrance: None
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 2.25 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s perfect for guys who want to avoid the streaking potential of stick deodorant and still want to use cologne or body spray.

      Key Features

      This gel deodorant also lacks any fragrance at all, so it’s perfect for combining with other body odor products.

      Also, it’s the first deodorant for men with sensitive skin that we’ve looked at that also has antiperspirant properties.

      Although many antiperspirants use pore blocking compounds to achieve their results, this particular product reduces underarm wetness and leaves your skin feeling soft after application.

      Its unique ingredients list doesn’t use any preservatives or ethanol, so it’s a much better choice for overall skin health than many other commercial antiperspirant products.

      The deodorant uses a unique gel formula that alcohol and baking soda free.

      It cites odor effectively using only five ingredients and dries relatively quickly despite being a gel product.

      The odor-reducing capabilities of this product are clinical strength, so it’s an excellent choice for men with, particularly bad body odor.

      It’s even affordable for most men.

      The only real downside is that it can feel a little slimy or sticky if you apply it after you’ve already sweated a little.

      But overall this clinical-strength deodorant is a fantastic choice for many men.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Feels soothing on the skin
      Dries quickly
      Excellent at reducing sweat production
      No fragrance


      Can sometimes feel sticky or slimy

      4. MARLOWE Natural Deodorant for Men

      MARLOWE Natural Deodorant for Men

      This deodorant has a classic masculine scent and has some of the best natural ingredients around.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Stick
      Fragrance: Fresh/Woody
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 2.5 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a perfect choice for guys who enjoy tried-and-true fragrances above all else.

      Key Features

      This all-natural deodorant is another stick variety that uses a wide range of ingredients to produce a smooth formula that feels fantastic when applied.

      Our testers rated as one of the most buttery-smooth products they never experienced.

      It combines high-quality ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, probiotics, and jojoba esters.

      All of these have excellent odor-reducing qualities and help with the overall fragrance of the deodorant: fresh and woody.

      These two scents are typically masculine and will help you appear more mature to both men and women.

      It’s a great fragrance to have, and its presence marks this product as another of the best smelling deodorants for men.

      The deodorant lasts for about 24 hours before needing refreshing, so it’s at that ideal range we’d recommend for all deodorant use

      Also, arrowroot is included in the formula.

      This reduces excess moisture from collecting on your skin so even though this isn’t an actual antiperspirant, it can still help you if you have a lot of sweat production naturally.

      The stick is relatively affordable but is also colored, so be careful that it doesn’t streak or stain your clothes.

      We’d recommend applying it a little bit at a time to avoid overapplication.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Fantastic feel
      Great fragrance
      Excellent time
      Slightly reduces excess moisture


      Has potential to streak or stain

      5. Almay Sensitive Skin Clear Gel

      Almay Sensitive Skin Clear Gel

      This hypoallergenic gel deodorant has plenty in the purchase and is ideal for combining with body spray or cologne.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Gel
      Fragrance: None
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 6 sticks of 2.25 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This pack is a perfect budget choice for guys who need a lot of deodorant for the near future.

      Key Features

      This deodorant lacks a fragrance entirely and is a crystal clear gel.

      That means that there’s no chance of it streaking or staining on your clothes and it should feel great upon application so long as you haven’t sweated already.

      Feel free to combine this gel deodorant with any cologne or body spray you may have.

      It dries super quickly so you can throw some on right before you walk out the door and be all set for the rest of the day.

      The formula is rated explicitly as hypoallergenic by various dermatologists and confirmed by our testers.

      This means that most guys shouldn’t have any allergic or irritable reactions once the deodorant is applied to their skin.

      Besides, the asking price is even more reasonable than it already seems when you consider that you get six of the sticks for one low price.

      That’s phenomenal value for money and ensures that you have great deodorant for the foreseeable future.

      It does have a little bit of aluminum, so even though it’s been rated for sensitive skin, those who have aluminum allergies or who are particularly susceptible to skin inflammation may still have a few issues.

      That being said, men with partially sensitive skin should still be able to take advantage of all that this deodorant has to offer.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Platinum & Chrome Coated
      Provides a Very Smooth Shave
      Not As Aggressive as Some Truly Aggressive Blades


      Short Life Span Per Blade

      6. Super Natural Goods Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick (That Works!)

      Super Natural Goods Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick (That Works!)

      This deodorant has a rare fragrance for men but is very effective at covering bad body odor.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Stick
      Fragrance: Lavender
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 2.6 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is great for men with supremely sensitive skin or men that don’t mind the relatively-unique lavender scent.

      Key Features

      This stick deodorant is also made with totally organic ingredients and no synthetic compounds whatsoever.

      It’s been developed over two years with various tests and formulations to provide you with a real natural deodorant that never has a chance of causing an allergic reaction or irritating the skin.

      It’s even been pH-balanced to work with sensitive skin above all other types.

      The natural pH level of skin is around 5.5-6 on a scale of 1 to 14.

      This deodorant fits neatly within that range.

      As a bonus for this aspect, the deodorant will help your underarm skin maintain proper hydration and overall health; it won’t wrinkle or crack as easily as it might otherwise.

      Better still, the container is recyclable.

      Once the deodorant has been spent, you can toss it into a blue been to prevent it from being thrown into a landfill.

      The deodorant uses a lavender scent.

      This is a bit unique for men’s deodorant, but there are definitely some guys that can make it work.

      We’d recommend using this deodorant if you already experimented with less traditionally masculine fragrances before and know what will work best for you.

      The essential oils to bring out the fragrance are therapeutic grade.

      This means that applying the deodorant has a noticeable soothing effect that will relax you and prepare you for your day.

      Also, many of the ingredients in the formula will naturally detoxify your body and nourish your skin at the same time.

      It’s almost like a miniature skin lotion combined with deodorant.

      The biggest downside to this deodorant is its asking price, which is just a tad high since you only get 2.6 ounces with the purchase.

      Still, the overall quality very much makes it worthwhile in our eyes.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Feels soothing and therapeutic to the skin
      Subtle but effective fragrance
      Rebalances pH of the skin
      Recyclable container


      A bit expensive

      7. O’Deo Natural Deodorant Spray for Men

      O’Deo Natural Deodorant Spray for Men

      This deodorizing spray is superior for eliminating bacteria and is even safe for men with diabetes.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Spray
      Fragrance: None
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 4 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      For men that want to tackle body odor through bacteria extermination, this is one of the best bets.

      Key Features

      This deodorant has an exciting formula that lends it excellent antibacterial properties.

      It doesn’t have any fragrance to cover up bad body odor; instead, its creators are so confident in its ability to eliminate the bad odor that they believe no further fragrances are necessary.

      The formula uses organic minerals, such as copper and zinc, and combines them with citric acid and water.

      This doesn’t cause skin irritation or inflammation but has an excellent result of making your skin and inhospitable environment for many types of odor-causing bacteria.

      It’s genuinely organic under every definition.

      The citric acid and minerals also have some mild soothing effects, so it feels great to apply after shaving or removing hair from beneath your arms.

      Also, one of the more unique aspects of this deodorant is that people with diabetes can use it without worry.

      Many of the micronutrients inherent in the formula stimulate the breathing of the skin and relieve swelling and inflammation.

      All of these stimulate natural metabolic processes.

      Plus, the deodorant spray dries quickly and doesn’t have any risk of staining your clothes.

      It’s truly an extremely versatile skincare product.

      The asking price is a little high, but we can’t argue with the results.

      If a spray deodorant is at all on your radar, our testers can’t recommend this particular product enough.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Fantastic antibacterial properties
      Soothes skin
      Safe for people with diabetes
      Dries very quickly
      No fragrance


      A little pricey

      8. Mitchum Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant and Deodorant

      Mitchum Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant and Deodorant

      This deodorant is both affordable and versatile.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Stick
      Fragrance: None
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 2.7 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a great all-in-one product that’s great for men who enjoy a soothing, calming deodorant option.

      Key Features

      This Mitchum deodorant comes in a small stick that you can get for a reasonable asking price.

      Its formula is extremely smooth and has a calming effect on the skin.

      The product is totally clear, so there isn’t a risk of leaving streak marks on your skin after application.

      You still have to watch out for mild staining, however.

      Aloe and Vitamin E are both included in the formula.

      The aloe is a mild moisturizer and the primary soothing compound that helps make your skin feel great.

      Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps your skin maintain its use and overall health over time.

      Both of these are phenomenal additional ingredients to include

      The deodorant is combined with antiperspirant compounds made from ingredients that are formulated for sensitive skin.

      You can reduce the amount that you sweat and lower your overall bad body odor at the same time with this combo product.

      It’s fantastic for use after shaving due to the calming effect it has on most skin.

      As one of the gentler deodorant products we found, we’d recommend it for men that frequently shave their underarms as a further step to eliminate or reduce their body odor.

      However, it does use a bit of aluminum zirconium.

      Even though it’s rated for sensitive skin, men who are allergic to aluminum or who have skin that is particularly susceptible to inflammation as a result of aluminum should stay clear.

      The aluminum is also how it performs its antiperspirant work.

      Overall, use this product if your skin is only mildly sensitive and avoid it if you need the real, all-natural stuff as we described above.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Great ingredients for the most part
      Feels good on the skin
      Great antiperspirant properties


      Does have some aluminum zirconium for blocking sweat glands

      9. Art of Sport Men’s Rise Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

      Art of Sport Men’s Rise Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

      This deodorant manages to reduce sweat and body odor without any harsh ingredients at all.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Stick
      Fragrance: Cedar, vanilla
      Time: 24 hrs
      Amount: 2.7 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s an ideal choice for athletic, active men who need to control their sweat levels without the use of aluminum.

      Key Features

      This deodorant stick provides all-day freshness with a relatively unique formula.

      It combines several organic ingredients with matcha and arrowroot powder.

      The arrowroot powder helps with the antiperspirant contained in the stick.

      It wicks moisture away and allows it to help control your sweat level without having to use aluminum.

      This makes it an excellent pick for men with sensitive skin.

      The matcha in the formula sinks into your skin and gives you a slight energy boost as a result of its caffeine content.

      It’s great for guys that are always on the move; imagine applying deodorant that gives you a little boost of energy.

      The fragrance provided by the deodorant is clean and masculine, combining cedar and vanilla.

      The fragrance lasts all day long, and the stick product is clear; this eliminates the chance of streaking and makes it unlikely that it will stain your clothes.

      It’s not the most soothing deodorant we tested when compared to many of the other competing products, but that’s hardly a real flaw when you take all of the other great stuff together.

      All in all, this is one of the best deodorants for men with sensitive skin who also likes to keep moving or who are frequently athletic.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      No aluminum despite helping control sweat
      Clear product, no streaking
      pH balancing
      Great fragrance
      Matcha energizes body


      Not the most soothing deodorant

      Frequently Asked Questions About Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now that you’ve seen the best deodorants for sensitive skin, you might have a few lingering questions about deodorant and body odor in general.

      Let’s tackle those now.

      If you frequently suffer from dry skin, which may exacerbate your skin sensitivity issues, you might be able to solve this problem by applying a skin moisturizer or lotion before you use deodorant.

      The reason you want to apply the moisturizer before the deodorant is because the moisturizer has to be absorbed into your skin’s pores to be effective.

      Deodorant can often clog or block your pores, and this is doubly true for any products that have antiperspirant properties.

      If you try to use a moisturizer after you’ve used the deodorant, you’ll basically just be smearing lotion on the surface of your skin to little effect.

      Using a moisturizer is a great way to help your skin trap existing water and prevent your pores from leaking further water out during the day.

      At the same time, you might exacerbate your sweat levels if your skin is suddenly very well hydrated.

      If you want to tackle dry skin your armpits and deodorize at the same time, we’d recommend using a deodorant that also has antiperspirant qualities to reduce this side effect.

      Body odor is caused by a combination of things.

      While it’s totally natural to have somebody odor, we have collectively decided as a society that we don’t need to stink all the time.

      Deodorant is a great place to start, but tons of men suffer from abnormally unwelcoming body odor that overwhelms all but the absolute most potent deodorant products.

      As we described closer to the beginning of our men care guide, most body odor is the result of bacteria reproducing in the food-rich environment of your sweaty skin.

      However, although body odor is entirely natural, there are some methods to combat unfavorable odor beyond merely using deodorant.

      Method One

      Eat better!

      Tons of guys don’t have the diets that they should, and it may be affecting their body odor.

      Your sweat contains the properties of your diet more than you may think.

      In particular, foods with strong smells like onions or garlic can eventually leak those smells into your bodily fluids, including your sweat.

      Imagine how much fun the bacteria will have when they get their microscopic mouths on those food remnants. Gross.

      A good idea to fight body odor is to eat better.

      Fresh food and vegetables are the ultimate antitheses to bad body odor.

      You should also avoid food that’s overly oily or fatty since both of these change the actual chemical composition of your sweat and make it a better place for bacteria to dine.

      Also, men who eat poorly and are, as a result, a little overweight will sweat more in general since their body has to work harder to regulate temperature.

      Method Two

      You can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to flush out and eliminate excess bacteria that might be living in your armpits.

      The formula is simple: add 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to 1 cup of regular water and mix well.

      Take a sponge or washcloth soaked in the solution and scrub your armpits thoroughly before applying your daily deodorant.

      This should have the effect of eliminating any bacteria that had settled in.

      Your deodorant will prevent them from returning anytime soon.

      Method Three

      Wash your clothes!

      Tons of men don’t wash their regular workout or sports clothes as frequently as they should.

      Here’s a pro tip: if it smells bad, bacteria love it.

      Clean clothes are the key to maintaining a good skin environment that isn’t welcoming to tons of extra bacteria.

      Doing your laundry regularly will go a long way to eliminating overall, lingering body odor.

      Method Four

      Finally, shave your underarm hair if you aren’t worried about some other guys occasionally teasing you about it.

      The truth is that underarm hair is a great spot for bacteria to latch on and breed.

      It keeps excess sweat trapped within its fibers and prevents you from cleaning the skin beneath as thoroughly as you might otherwise.

      Eliminating the cover of your underarm hair will make it easier to clean your armpits and get rid of bacteria thoroughly.

      Deodorant should be applied directly after your shower.

      Even water-resistant, long-lasting deodorant products can’t withstand the cleansing effects of most soaps or body washes, either of which you should be using for your daily showering routine.

      Check out the guide we put together on the best body washes for men if you want to learn more.

      After you’ve showered and cleaned yourself, your deodorant should be applied since, in theory, nothing more will touch your underarm skin until you go back into the shower the next day.

      The only exception to this is heading into the pool or ocean for a swim.

      Depending on the deodorant you’ve chosen, it may be a smart idea to reapply for the remainder of the day.

      Like we explained above, most deodorant is designed to last for a full 24 hours, or more so you shouldn’t normally need to reapply deodorant throughout the day.

      However, there’s nothing wrong with adding another layer if you can still smell yourself or if you’ve worked up a particularly vigorous sweat.

      While there’s definitely an idea floating around that women’s deodorant is “gentler,” this isn’t the case.

      In fact, there’s no noticeable difference between many men and women’s deodorant products aside from their fragrances.

      Both men and women’s sensitive skin deodorants will use the same kinds of essential oils and natural ingredients to avoid irritating or inflaming the skin.

      You can certainly use women’s deodorant if you so choose, but be aware that women’s deodorants don’t have any comfort advantage over the masculine varieties.

      Since we’ve already shown that there are plenty of great masculine-scented deodorants that won’t irritate your skin, there’s no need to go to the other side of the aisle.

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