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    There’s this myth that many people have about men and body odor.

    It’s a presumption that women smell great and men must be stuck with smelling terrible, particularly as soon as they start to sweat.

    But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Men don’t have to stink, and in fact, they should take steps to reduce their body odor and smell great.

    Confidence is derived from how you look, sound, and smell.

    If you smell great, you’ll feel great, and men and women alike will think you’re more attractive as well.

    While tons of guys use deodorant to fight body odor, many men just grab the first deodorant stick or deodorant spray they find on the shelf and are less than enthused by the result.

    Like with any hygiene product, there are good deodorants and bad deodorants and separating the two takes a little more time than most people want to spend.

    That’s why we put this best deodorants for men guide together.

    Our testers have figured out the top deodorants for men and compiled them together for your perusal.

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    Down below, you’ll find detailed explanations on each product and a guide to any other body odor related questions you might have.

    Let’s dive in!

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Deodorants for Men

      The Difference Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant

      If you’ve read our guide to the best antiperspirants for men, you’re already aware of this answer.

      But as a refresher, let’s go over it one more time.

      Deodorant is a product that eliminates or reduces bad odor from sweat or natural processes.

      Deodorants usually have a strong fragrance of their own to cover up any unfavorable odors, although most also have odor neutralizing aspects as a part of their formula.

      Either way, the best way to think of deodorant is as a bad-smell-killing product.

      This is distinct from antiperspirant.

      You see, the best men’s antiperspirants reduce the amount that you sweat, usually by blocking your sweat glands from emitting sweat in the first place.

      While sweat and bad odor are linked for most men, this is not always the case.

      In fact, most men choose antiperspirants if they sweat excessively.

      This is because sweat can stain your clothes and leave you with an embarrassing wet spot depending on where exactly you sweat the most.

      Excessive sweat can contribute to bad body odor, but that’s not the main reason to use the strongest antiperspirant product.

      While both deodorant and antiperspirant are essential products when considering holistic body health and hygiene, they perform separate jobs for the most part.

      However, there are many deodorant and antiperspirant products that combine both aspects for the convenience of the user.

      For instance, you might find the best antiperspirant for men that also has deodorizing elements so that you only need to use one deodorant stick to achieve both ends.

      But you can also find products that only do one or the other.

      Sometimes, the best deodorant does have antiperspirant aspects and vice versa, although this is not always the case.

      It really depends on each individual product.

      Things to Consider When Buying Deodorant

      Before you make a final decision, be sure that you understand these key aspects when it comes to deodorant selection.

      Making some early decisions about these factors can help you narrow down the best Deodorant for your needs before you even see our list.

      1. Antiperspirant Qualities

      Antiperspirant Qualities

      First and foremost, you should check to see whether any given deodorant product also has antiperspirant properties.

      While some of the best deodorants will forgo antiperspirant effects in favor of heavier fragrances, there are plenty of excellent deodorant brands that can also help you reduce the amount that you sweat.

      Basically, a deodorant product that also has antiperspirant qualities can be considered as a two-in-one in many cases.

      This is often a great deal and shows the fantastic value for money.

      Plus, many guys will like the fact that they only must have one deodorant stick taking up space on their shelf instead of two.

      However, you should also be aware that many antiperspirant products use harsh chemicals or compounds like aluminum to block your sweat glands physically.

      Check the ingredients list on your choice best deodorant for men thoroughly before purchasing so that you’re not surprised.

      2. Type

      Type of Acne Treatment

      The type of deodorant is the next most vital factor to keep in mind as you shop.

      Deodorant comes in three basic types.


      Stick or “roll-on” deodorant is by far the most common.

      It’s a kind that everyone can recognize from its iconic stick shape and easy portability.

      Stick deodorant is usually quite robust and is smeared under your arms to apply it thoroughly across the surface of your skin.

      Because of this application method, stick deodorant is an excellent choice if you must apply it on the go or if you need to take it with you on a business trip.

      Stick deodorant is also usually quite discrete; you can apply in just seconds without drawing any attention to yourself.

      For this reason, it can be a great choice if you’ve forgotten to apply deodorant and don’t want anyone to know!

      Stick deodorant generally dries very quickly and it’s the best deodorant for sweaty persons.

      However, many stick deodorants leave behind a residue that can look strange if someone sees beneath your arms.

      Or, stick deodorants might leave a stain or streak on your clothes.

      Besides, most men have hair in their armpits and stick deodorant can sometimes leave little clumps of the product hanging from your underarm hair.

      While it’s true that higher-quality stick deodorants don’t suffer as much from these negatives, you should always be aware that these downsides can occur.


      Spray deodorant is the second most common choice for both men and women.

      It uses an aerosol can to spray deodorant right onto your armpit skin, and it dries in just seconds.

      This can also make spray deodorant an excellent choice for men in a hurry, although it’s a little less portable than stick deodorant since the aerosol can is usually a bit larger.

      Also, spray deodorant is more noticeable by far.

      It makes the trademark hissing sound, and you can’t get around the fact that spray deodorant leaves a little bit in your immediate area no matter how accurate you are.

      However, spray deodorant does have the benefit of not leaving any streak marks on your skin or underarm hair.

      It’s so thin and fast acting that it virtually disappears as soon as it’s applied.

      Therefore, spray deodorant might be an excellent choice for you if you frequently wear shirts that expose your armpits, like jerseys.

      Besides that, you will also want to check if you have sensitive skin by applying it on a small area of your skin before you apply for a day out.

      In terms of the amount of time that both types last, they’re about the same.

      In a head-to-head competition, stick deodorant might last just a little bit longer than spray deodorant on average, but the difference is usually so minimal that it’s not worth comparing in most cases.


      Gel deodorant is the newest type and isn’t yet as common as the other two types.

      However, it does have several significant aspects to make it worth considering.

      For one, like spray deodorant, it doesn’t leave a residue behind.

      This is because gel deodorant is generally transparent or totally clear, so there’s no remaining color to linger behind on your armpit hair.

      Gel deodorant is the least detectable out of all three types since spray deodorant is a bit loud and leaves a small cloud behind whatever you spray.

      Gel deodorant is also much lighter than stick formulas.

      Whenever you sweat, you might feel a little bit of the stick deodorant formula as it tries to stifle your odor.

      With gel deodorants, this is not the case.

      Gel deodorant also feels cool or refreshing compared to many stick or spray types.

      However, gel deodorant is often the weakest of all three types in terms of its overall odor-covering capabilities.

      This makes gel deodorant potentially a bad choice if you have a particularly strong bad body odor.

      Plus, gel deodorant can sometimes turn slimy or sticky if you sweat a lot.

      Obviously, this is quite uncomfortable for most men, so we’d really recommend gel deodorant for those who only sweat a little bit.

      Overall, there isn’t a single deodorant type that’s clearly better than the others.

      Each has their pluses and minuses, and it’s up to you to determine which one is your favorite.

      In some cases, this means trying each out over a short period or for a trial period.

      If you don’t want to spend the effort doing that, here’s a basic guide from our testers to you:

      Stick Deodorant: heavy body odor, heavy sweat
      Spray Deodorant: heavy/moderate body odor, moderate/light sweat
      Gel Deodorant: moderate/light body odor, light sweat

      Remember that this is just a baseline, and your ideal deodorant might differ from it depending on your unique body odor and sweat level.

      3. How Long Does the Deodorant Last?

      How Long Does It Last

      Next up, remember to consider how long any individual deodorant product will last.

      Most people will want a strong deodorant that can last for the duration of their workday at the very least, or around eight hours in total.

      However, advances in deodorant technology and formula composition have made it so that it’s not uncommon to find deodorant products that can last for 24 hours or more.

      These are great in theory, but you run into a slight issue.

      Most men, if they take their hygiene seriously, will shower once a day as well.

      Most deodorants aren’t waterproof and certainly won’t stand up to a vigorous scrubbing from soap or body wash.

      Speaking of which, check out our guide to the best body washes for men for even more body hygiene pointers!

      Because of this, a deodorant that lasts for longer than 24 hours is a little wasted.

      Therefore, the ideal deodorant length is around 24 hours since it guarantees odor protection for far longer than your standard workday and keeps you from smelling bad even when you’re home relaxing.

      This can be particularly important if you hang out around other people after work or if you want to go on a date.

      It’s still a good idea to refresh your best deodorant for body odor before such an important event, of course.

      But the idea of being covered all day is a good one, and one that we recommend you try to follow.

      4. Fragrance

      Fragrance of body spray

      Of course, the scent of a given deodorant is just as crucial as its type and how long it lasts.

      The best smelling deodorant for men that doesn’t gel well with your aesthetic or preferences won’t be precious at all.

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      Thankfully, telling the fragrance of the deodorant product is easy before making a purchase.

      Although deodorants online will list their fragrance if they’re worth your time.

      If you end up going to a physical store, you can always remove the cap and take a sniff yourself.

      When it comes to fragrance, there isn’t anyone ideal solution that fits all men.

      The truth is that some scents go better with some guys than others.

      However, many male deodorants will follow a standard fragrance formula that relies on smells like cedar, sandalwood, or sea breeze to evoke classic masculinity while eliminating negative body odor.

      Some of the more adventurous deodorants will use flowers or other exotic scents to mask your nasty musk.

      The choice is totally up to you, but we’d recommend sticking with the classics like sandalwood until you’re sure that a more exciting fragrance will go well with your cologne, hair smell, and overall look.

      Speaking of cologne, it’s essential to make sure that you match your deodorant fragrance with that of any other scent-altering product you wear.

      For instance, you still need to wear deodorant even if you put on some cologne to impress your date for the night.

      Cologne covers smells quite effectively but doesn’t really neutralize unfavorable odors the way deodorant does.

      Because of this, you may want to find a deodorant that lacks a serious fragrance entirely or which is more of a generic “fresh” scent.

      This prevents your deodorant smell from compromising the intended effect of your chosen cologne.

      It’s more challenging to find deodorants that don’t have a fragrance at all, but it’s not impossible.

      5. Amount

      Amount and cost of deodorant

      Finally, the amount of deodorant you get with your purchase is valuable to consider as well.

      This is because the amount of deodorant you get directly translates to the value of each dollar you spend.

      For instance, some deodorants give you plenty of product for a reasonable asking price.

      Others will only give you an ounce or two for an exorbitant price.

      The idea is that pricier deodorants must be so much better, right?

      The truth is, this is not always the case.

      While there are some great deodorants are a little more expensive than others, most will be affordable and quite effective on their own.

      Pay attention to how much deodorant you get for your purchase to know if you’ll need to buy more soon as well.

      This is most important for gel deodorant since it’s easy to over-apply compared to stick deodorant.

      We’d recommend deodorant products that have a lot in their containers if you’re purchasing an everyday item that you’ll apply each morning.

      On the other hand, if you’re looking for a strong deodorant to only apply before a serious sporting event (when you’ll presumably smell the worst), you can get away with purchasing something that has a less overall product in the container.

      Best Deodorants for Men of 2021

      1. Degree Men UltraClear Antiperspirant Deodorant

      Degree Men UltraClear Antiperspirant Deodorant

      This degree men’s deodorant is a giant budget pack, each stick of which is solid at deodorizing and reducing sweat.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Stick
      Time: 48 hours
      Fragrance: Cedarwood, orange, pineapple
      Amount: 12 sticks of 2.7 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is perfect for men who want an all-in-one product, and a lot of it.

      Key Features

      This is a huge pack that has 12 separate sticks.

      Combined together, purchasing this pack is enough to last you for the better part of a year at the very least.

      This is doubly true since it has a generous 48-hour active window of effect upon application.

      This is a little extra since most guys will take a shower each day and must reapply the deodorant anyway, but it can be effective if you ever go camping or have to travel over a couple of days.

      In terms of fragrance, this deodorant has a refreshing scent of cedarwood, orange, and pineapple.

      This keeps the overall fragrance masculine while making it a little more interesting than generically woody.

      Our testers really liked it since it boosted the “freshness” of the product overall.

      It’s clearly one of the best smelling deodorants for men.

      The formula uses a MotionSense composition.

      This prevents the deodorant from staining or streaking even if you move a lot, so it’s an ideal choice for athletes or guys who wear light clothing.

      Besides this, the deodorant is totally clear, so it’s not prone to clumping up in white strings or chunks anyway.

      Overall, the asking price is high only because you’re getting 12 sticks at once.

      If you can swing that price and are in the market for a deodorant to last, we can’t recommend this product pack enough.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Isn’t likely to streak much
      Affordable per stick
      Excellent fragrance
      Long-lasting protection


      Pricey if you only need one stick

      2. Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

      Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

      This pack has a more traditional deodorant fragrance and is a little better at keeping skin soothed rather than irritated.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Stick
      Time: 48 hours
      Fragrance: Clean/crisp
      Amount: 4 sticks of 2.7 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is a good pick for men who have dry skin beneath their arms but who still need to fight bad body odor.

      Key Features

      This is another excellent bulk deodorant purchase without being quite as expensive as the pack above.

      You get four sticks with the purchase which is enough to last most men for several months at least.

      It has the same 48-hour protection as our previous pick, which is still a little over the top but is not a downside in the slightest.

      Its fragrance is best described as clean crisp; our testers referred to it as a fresh laundry kind of scent.

      But this deodorant pack as a formula that’s a little more advanced than the previous.

      It uses one fourth moisturizer technology to prevent it from drying out your skin or causing skin irritation even if you sweat a lot.

      Combined with its antiperspirant aspects, this deodorant is one of the best deodorants for men who sweat a lot.

      If you smell badly as a result of that sweat, then it serves a double function.

      The lack of irritation is particularly significant since it means that men with sensitive skin shouldn’t have much issue when applying this deodorant.

      However, there is a slight downside.

      This deodorant has a white or cream-colored formula, so it’s liable to be visible in chunks if it’s not spread correctly or evenly across your skin.

      Hairy armpits are likely to make it catch or streak a little you’re not careful.

      All in all, though, this is a great deodorant choice with an innovative, comfortable formula.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Comfortable to use
      Long-lasting protection
      Moisturizes skin some extent


      May color/streak a little

      3. Old Spice Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men

      Old Spice Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men

      This deodorant has a classic fragrance and a little more in each stick than many competitors.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Stick
      Time: 24 hours
      Fragrance: Palm trees, slightly fruity, sea fresh
      Amount: 3 sticks of 3 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This “type A deodorant” is a perfect choice for men who want to smell like vacation and who don’t need to worry about sweating too much.

      Key Features

      This 3-pack from Old Spice is also quite affordable, and each state is a little larger than the typical size of 27 ounces.

      That means that each stick will last slightly longer than a competitor’s stick, all other things being equal.

      The formula was made with fresh, real ingredients which help lend it an authentic smell that our testers really enjoyed.

      It’s best described as a fruity fragrance, containing coconut and lavender notes, that has hints of palm trees and the sea breeze.

      People who like to wear colorful shirts or hang out on the beach will be right at home with this deodorant hanging around them all day.

      Speaking of all day, this men’s deodorant for sensitive skin lasts for about a 24-hour period, which is perfect for daily deodorant use.

      The formula is also free of aluminum, so it’s not liable to cause any sensitive skin inflammation or irritation, we can safely call it a natural deodorant.

      Like many stick deodorants, this product carries an inherent risk of streaking or clumping up if it’s not spread around effectively.

      It may very easily stain a light-colored shirt if you aren’t careful.

      We’d recommend taking your time when applying to make sure that no excess formula is left behind when you put your shirt on for the day.

      It also doesn’t have any antiperspirant qualities, so be sure to have a good antiperspirant product if fighting off sweat is a daily battle for you as well.

      Overall, though, it’s still one of the best smelling deodorants and an excellent product that’s ideal for guys who like to smell like a tropical vacation all the time.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Great scent
      Lasts for an ideal amount of time
      Natural ingredients used in fragrance
      Fine for sensitive skin


      No antiperspirant qualities
      Chance of staining/streaking

      4. Speed Stick Deodorant for Men

      Speed Stick Deodorant for Men

      This stick deodorant isn’t the more creative in the fragrance department, but it’s perfect for tackling really nasty body odor.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Stick
      Time: 24 hours
      Fragrance: Fresh
      Amount: 4 sticks of 3 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent choice for men who are more focused on removing bad body odor than wearing a creative scent to attract others.

      Key Features

      While the fragrance is a rather generic “Fresh” smell, we have to say that this deodorant pack is particularly effective at canceling out negative body odor.

      The formula neutralizes negative odor very efficiently, so we’d easily recommend it if body stink is a common complaint your significant other has.

      Besides, you can get all four sticks in this value pack for a super affordable price.

      It’s hard not to recommend this pack for guys who need a quality, consistent deodorant for the long term.

      College guys will be able to take advantage of this since the deodorant is so cheap that practically anyone can afford it.

      The deodorant lasts for the ideal 24-hour period we described above.

       It’s also a clear formula, so the odds of staining are lower than with colored stick deodorants.

      It still possesses a little risk for clumping together or streaking, but overall the chances should be lower than with thicker deodorants.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Super affordable
      Good protection window
      Excellent at neutralizing bad odors


      Relatively boring scent
      Chance for streaking

      5. Right Guard Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel

      Right Guard Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel

      This gel deodorant lasts for a long time and is excellent for making sure that your clothes don’t have deodorant streaks on them after application.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Gel
      Time: 72 hours
      Fragrance: Fresh
      Amount: 4 sticks of 4 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is the right choice for men who hate ruining their clothes via their deodorant choices.

      Key Features

      This gel-type deodorant possesses no risk of streaking or staining your clothes.

      If you frequently wear light clothing that suffers from stains due to stick deodorant, you might want to go with a gel-type such as this one.

      The deodorant has a fresh generic formula, but its primary benefit comes from its antiperspirant qualities and odor neutralizing abilities.

      It mostly gets rid of any bad odor that might try to make its way out of your armpit and lowers the amount that you sweat the same time.

      This combines with the fact that gel typically feels cool to the touch to make a perfect product for refreshing you after a long workout.

      The gel lasts for about 72 hours before needing to be refreshed, although chances are, you’ll take a shower before that time.

      Therefore, this super long window is a bit of waste even though it’s nice to have.

      Our testers did discover that excessive sweating before applying the gel could make the formula turn slimy and sticky.

      The best time to use this is after you wash your body and remove any sweat currently on top of your skin.

      It’s not a good solution for middle-of-the-day odor neutralizing, either.

      It’s not quite as strong as regular stick deodorant at removing unfavorable odors, although it’s still effective enough to handle most body odor incidents.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Feels great when applied
      Lots purchase
      Lasts for a very long time
      No chance of streaking or staining


      Can feel slimy when applied to sweaty skin

      6. Mitchum Men Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant Twin Pack

      Mitchum Men Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant Twin Pack

      This gel Mitchum deodorant doesn’t have a fragrance at all, making it somewhat unique among all the others.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Gel
      Time: 48 hours
      Fragrance: Unscented
      Amount: 2 sticks of 3.4 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This should be the choice for men like to wear body spray or cologne frequently.

      Key Features

      This gel deodorant is relatively unique among all the others.

      It possesses no fragrance at all even though it’s still destroys terrible odors emanating from your skin.

      This makes it a perfect product for use with your favorite cologne or body spray since there’s no chance that its fragrance will interfere and ruin your chosen aesthetic.

      Speaking of which, check out our guide to the best body sprays for men if you’re interested.

      The gel lasts for about 48 hours and can protect you from odor and limit the amount that you sweat.

      It can even withstand disturbance from heat, motion, and stress equally well.

      It’s an ideal gel deodorant for active men or guys that are going to be moving around a lot while under its protection.

      It dries quickly, especially compared to other gel deodorants.

      However, like with most gel products, it can feel slimy if you throw it on the skin that’s already sweaty.

      Use it at the beginning of the day for maximum effect.

      This is one of the best unscented deodorants and is also incredibly affordable, even though it’s a two-pack.

      We’d recommend it for any man who wants an unscented deodorant more than an artificial fragrance, particularly if they already have that aspect covered with a separate product.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      No fragrance allows for combination with body spray or cologne
      Incredibly affordable
      Dries quickly
      No chance for streaking or staining


      Can become slimy at times

      7. Art of Sport Men’s Deodorant Clear Stick

      Art of Sport Men’s Deodorant Clear Stick

      This clear stick is made with natural ingredients and has a lower risk of streaking or staining your clothes and other stick deodorants.


      Antiperspirant?: No
      Type: Stick
      Time: 24 hours
      Fragrance: Citrus, green pear
      Amount: 2.7 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is perfect for men who don’t want to put a bunch of artificial stuff into their skin.

      Key Features

      This natural deodorant is one of the most creative we’ve ever seen.

      It uses a unique formula comprised of modular, arrowroot, and other botanicals to create an all-natural product that will keep you fresh and smelling great all day.

      It’s one of the best men’s deodorants without aluminum.

      The arrowroot helps to wick moisture away and prevent excess sweating, although it doesn’t exactly qualify as a true antiperspirant.

      Still, this helps limit bad body odor and combines well with the other ingredients.

      The odor-blocking compounds are motion activated, so they only take action as soon as you’re moving around or start playing a sport, preserving their effectiveness when they’re needed the most.

      It’s an ideal deodorant for athletic or guys who need to limit their body odor on the sports field.

      The fragrance that comes instead of bad body odor smells like citrus and green pear.

      These fit in nicely with athletic environments, and our testers thought they were great without being overwhelming.

      What’s better is that this hypoallergenic deodorant is also excellent for men with sensitive skin.

      The formula is not made with any harsh chemicals or aluminum compounds so even guys who are worried about the potential health risks can use this deodorant without an issue.

      It’s not even colored, so this clear, alcohol-free deodorant only has a low chance of potentially clumping or streaking.

      All in all, the only downside is that it’s not a real antiperspirant.

      But that’s hardly a reason not to pick up a stick of this stuff and give it a try for yourself.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Great formula
      Great fragrance
      No harsh ingredients


      Not an antiperspirant as well

      8. Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men

      Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men

      This spray deodorant is fast and easy to apply, and there’s plenty of the stuff in this purchase.


      Antiperspirant?: Yes
      Type: Spray
      Time: 24 hours
      Fragrance: Lemon Lime
      Amount: 3 cans of 6 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent pick for guys who don’t like the way stick gel deodorants typically feel beneath their arms.

      Key Features

      This spray deodorant is one of the best packs you can find, and for an affordable price, to boot.

      It comes with three cans that each has 6 ounces of the formula contained within.

      Once applied, the spray dries almost immediately so you can feel free to grab it while on the go and not have to worry about your armpits feeling moist or gross for a long while.

      The fragrance is a flat lemon-lime.

      Our testers thought this was a little strong, but it’s not too overwhelming, and it’s preferable to bad body odor anyway.

      It lasts for about 24 hours and acts immediately.

      The odor-neutralizing effect is full-bodied and combines well with the antiperspirant compounds, which stop you from sweating as much.

      Since it’s a spray deodorant, clothing is under no risk of streaking or staining.

      It’s not the most portable product out there, and you won’t be able to apply it discreetly, but overall, it’s a great deodorant that doesn’t stain clothes.

      It’s also fantastic if you don’t like the way that stick, or gel deodorants feel and would prefer something that doesn’t have to settle beneath your arms to do its job.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Feels great
      Decent fragrance


      Not discreet
      Not super portable

      Some other really nice deodorants that didn’t make our list are:

      • Helmm men deodorant
      • Method men deodorant
      • Target deodorant

      Frequently Asked Questions About Deodorant

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now that you’ve seen the best deodorants available, let’s go through any further potential questions you might have surrounding the subject.

      There’s a lot of Internet buzz about the potential health risks of deodorants and their ingredients.

      This goes together with harmful antiperspirant ingredients since both types of products often used similar or the same components to reduce sweating and body odor.

      The truth is that there are certainly some ingredients which are connected to certain health risks like the development of cancer.

      However, none of the cancer theories have been definitively proven by researchers.

      This sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but we’re not suggesting that the research is totally unfounded.

      It’s just important to know that deodorant as a concept is not detrimental to your health.

      To adequately protect yourself, you should always try to find deodorants that have more natural ingredients such as baking soda.

      This means finding deodorants that use compounds other than aluminum chloride, for instance.

      In fact, we’ve done a great guide on the best natural deodorants for men that you should check out to learn more about this very issue.

      The deodorants we described above have a mix of natural ingredients and synthetic compounds.

      None of the top choices our researchers tested had any significant health risks, as well.

      Overall, while it’s true that some harmful ingredients exist in deodorant products, and they may have adverse health side effects, simply choosing the correct deodorants can help you avoid this problem entirely.

      For most men, the optimal time for application is in the morning after you’ve taken a shower.

      This is because the shower will rinse off most deodorants no matter their type and no matter how well they withstand water or sweat.

      Body washes and soaps are particularly effective at scraping away deodorant no matter its resistance.

      So, any man taking a thorough shower will waste time applying deodorant beforehand.

      Take a shower and apply the deodorant immediately after to give it time to settle and perform its work.

      The deodorant should settle into your pores and prevent your skin from him eating bad odors for the rest of the day or its advertised length of time.

      Also, you should always feel free to apply extra deodorant if you want to really make sure that you don’t smell bad before an event.

      For instance, before going on a date, any smart guy will throw on an extra layer of deodorant just in case.

      Chances are, he’ll be sweating up a storm due to nervousness, and no one wants to scare their date off due to a bad smell.

      It’s certainly possible to apply too much deodorant and clog your pores, but you would have to use a genuinely crazy amount for this to really matter.

      In general, it’s fine to apply deodorant once in the morning and then as needed or as you desire.

      Firstly, remember that body odor is a totally normal phenomenon, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you start to stink after you’ve sweated or been working for a while.

      Most men and women understand that body odor is something we all must deal with.

      However, there are plenty of guys that can’t stand how much they stink personally, and they might think that they smell much more than their fellow men in comparison.

      Body odor is usually caused by bacteria that reproduce when you sweat, using the compounds contained within the sweat as fuel.

      As bacteria break down keratin proteins on your skin, they cause an unfavorable body odor which everyone associates with working hard without deodorant.

      If you find yourself smelling abnormally bad and must apply antibacterial deodorant very frequently to fight this, there are a couple of steps you can take.

      Step One

      A good idea is always to keep your clothes thoroughly washed and dried.

      This can include throwing a shirt into the laundry after becomes even a little dirty.

      Bacteria from your skin can easily collect on the shirt and latch onto any surface moisture that you may have transferred from skin to fabric.

      Besides, be sure to wash your workout clothes all the time.

      Many men will go a couple of times in the same workout outfit and smelled terrible as a result.

      Wash that stuff every time for maximum results, since bacteria can breed on the clothes themselves using leftover sweat residue as a breeding ground.

      Step Two

      Use hydrogen peroxide and water to eliminate excess bacteria on your skin, hydrogen peroxide in itself is a natural deodorant.

      Combine about 1 teaspoon of the hydrogen peroxide to about 1 cup of regular water for the best solution.

      This will potentially help you smell less even if you sweat excessively.

      You can then dunk a paper towel or cloth into the solution and wipe it on your underarm, groin, or feet areas to eliminate a lot of bacteria.

      It will take time for the bacteria to build back up into an annoying level.

      Step Three

      Your diet can actually have a drastic effect on your body odor.

      Foods that smell particularly strong like onions, curry, or garlic, can change the way that your sweat smells.

      As your sweat combines with the bacteria described above, the resulting stink can be truly terrible.

      If you eat a lot of fresh food and vegetables regularly, you will experience this effect a lot less frequently.

      Avoid overly oily or fatty foods as well, since these foods cause you to sweat more in general.

      Step Four

      Finally, one last tip is to shave your underarm hair.

      While it may or may not be in fashion depending on your location or culture, underarm hair is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

      Getting rid of the hair will limit the spaces it can thrive and, as a result, drive down your body odor.

      While advertisers would have you think otherwise, the most significant difference between male and female-oriented deodorant is the listed fragrances and scented ingredients that each type uses.

      Most masculine deodorants will use sandalwood and similar “masculine” fragrances to attract its preferred customer base.

      Meanwhile, feminine deodorants will use many flowery scents or fruity smells to attract women.

      Both sexes like to be opposite to each other often, which is what drives a lot of this dichotomy.

      Other than that, the box art for both types of deodorant tends to differ quite drastically as well, but this doesn’t amount to anything significant.

      There’s no evidence that male or female deodorant really lasts much longer than the other or is more effective at tackling bad smells.

      The truth is that women smell just as bad as men if you give them the time to sweat!

      So, they need strong deodorant just as much as men do.

      Therefore, it’s fine to use feminine deodorant in a pinch if you don’t have any of your own on hand.

      However, you’ll more than likely want to go back to a masculine scent as soon as possible.

      Very few feminine deodorants have scents that are acceptable by most masculine standards.

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