Best Male Eyebrow Cut Styles in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]


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    Many men are woefully unprepared for taking care of their eyebrows.  Here is a completed guide on how to make male eyebrow cut styles.

    It’s not something customarily talked about to men as boys, especially since our eyebrows are supposed to be thicker and more extensive than our feminine counterparts.

    So why should you invest time in learning how to make your eyebrows less bushy?

    Well, many men actually let their eyebrow hair grow wild, and it ends up looking silly or unattractive. 

    Other men might be unfortunate enough to have eyebrow hair grow between their eyes. 

    The unlucky among us already know that they’re liable to get a unibrow if they’re not careful.

    Basically, knowing how to trim your eyebrows successfully is a crucial part of having a mature grooming routine. 

    That’s why we put this educational guide together: so even men who know nothing about trimming their eyebrows can get started and look more attractive than ever.

    Down below, you’ll read about the three significant types of eyebrow trimming and which might be best for you. 

    Let’s get started.

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    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      How to trim mens eyebrows

      Why Eyebrow Hair Matters – Male Eyebrow Cut Styles

      Why Eyebrow hair matters

      Already, we can hear some of you asking why any of these matters. 

      After all, eyebrow hair isn’t like the hair on top of your head or the hair you might grow for a beard. 

      Both of those areas have a drastic impact on your overall aesthetic and can impact how people look at you, right? 

      What do eyebrows do? Actually, eyebrows do impact how people look at you. 

      They play a significant role in the shape of your face and the intensity of your expression. 

      Many men look more masculine than their peers if they have a heavy brow and dark eyebrows that accentuate that look. 

      Even men who don’t naturally have a heavy brow can simulate the same masculine effect just by having eyebrows that look real manly.

      Others use their eyebrow shape to give their face a certain appeal. 

      For instance, you might shape or thin your eyebrows to make them more angular or sharper towards the end. 

      This can give you a thoughtful or brooding appearance, which might go perfectly with your wardrobe or your beard.

      Men and women pay attention to the shape and thickness of eyebrows on other people, even if they don’t consciously recognize it. 

      A lot of our social cues are based on unconscious signals and things that our brain picks up even if we don’t presently pay attention to them.

      By the same token, eyebrows that aren’t tended to or which have an ugly shape will contribute to a lazy appearance.

      Men and women might look at you more poorly if your eyebrows are taken care of. 

      This is especially true if you’re a man that’s prone to getting a unibrow. 

      Sorry, guys; unibrows just aren’t in style!

      Avoiding these problems and more requires that you spend a little extra time in front of the mirror every few days or weeks, depending on how fast your facial hair grows.

      You might be misinformed and think that trimming your eyebrows is a painful procedure and that’s why you’ve been avoiding it. 

      But the truth is that there are methods to painlessly (or near-painlessly) take care of your eyebrows, and it won’t take much time, either.

      Basically, there’s no real reason to avoid trimming your eyebrows. 

      Let’s get into some details. 

      When trimming, what are the kinds of things you should think about?

      1. Shape

      Shape of Eyebrows

      Eyebrow shape can play a huge role in how people perceive you, especially in how they see your emotions. 

      We naturally furrow our brow and move our eyebrows around as we converse and experience different emotions. 

      Therefore, the shape of our eyebrows dictates how some people will see our reactions to things.

      There isn’t a single guide that you can browse to determine the correct shape for your face. 

      Odds are that your eyebrows already have a natural shape that is suited for your facial structure. 

      The key is in making the shape a little more defined without going overboard.

      Shaping eyebrows refers to plucking or trimming errant eyebrow hairs to shore up the overall shape of the brow and make it less “messy.” 

      Think of a well-tended garden. 

      A messy garden will have plants and flowers spilling out of the fence and will look unsightly and like the owner is a lazy guy. 

      But a garden that has all of its plants with a clearly defined borders looks organized and well-kept. 

      The same basic principle applies to your eyebrows. 

      By shaping your eyebrows, you’ll enhance their natural shape and make it seem like you care about your appearance. 

      This is a sign of maturity and will make men and women both think of you differently.

      However, you also want to avoid the “Drawn-on” look. 

      This is usually seen with women. 

      This fashion trend can be seen with women who shave off their eyebrows entirely and replace them with drawn-on shapes. 

      This may be attractive to some guys, but most people can tell that this is entirely artificial and it’s not something you want to emulate.

      While we’re not talking about shaving your eyebrows off, it’s easy to make your eyebrow borders just a little too clean and crisp and make your eyebrows look like they’re drawn on.

      To avoid this issue, we’d recommend “fading” your eyebrow hairs around the border. 

      Basically, you’ll thin out some of the eyebrow hairs more towards the middle of your brow and leave a few at the border. 

      This makes your eyebrow shape look natural but also lets you sculpt it to some extent.

      The border will look just a little bit less hairy than the core. 

      This is precisely what you should go for as a man if you want the best brows, and most guys will notice that their eyebrows do this naturally already. 

      You’ll be emulating an eyebrow’s natural appearance and only be altering it slightly.

      When it comes to your eyebrow tips, you also don’t want to make these too sharp or angular. 

      If they are too pointy, they’ll look fake or drawn-on. Instead, you can make the edges pointy but let them be a little rounded at the same time. 

      This looks more natural and still brings about a focused, masculine look, especially when you narrow your eyes. 

      2. Fullness

      Fullness of Eyebrows

      Eyebrow maintenance must also consider how full or thick an eyebrow is. 

      Some eyebrows are incredibly bushy by nature, and this can make them look hairy or unsightly if there’s just too many strands to deal with.

      Like with shaping, it’s easy to go overboard and pluck so many eyebrow hairs that your brows look sparse and feminine. 

      Male eyebrows are usually a good deal thicker than female eyebrows since men are hairier on average anyway. 

      Because of this, thinning out your eyebrows too much can have the opposite intended effect of making you look mature and masculine.

      To thin correctly, you’ll want to only remove a few hairs sparingly at a time. 

      This is best accomplished with a trimmer if it has a guard or some tweezers since these tools give you the most precise control and allow you to dictate how much hair you remove with each motion.

      The key to thinning your eyebrows properly is to go slowly and take your time. 

      You can always pull more eyebrow hair once you remove your hand from the mirror and take a good look. 

      But it’s impossible to put more hair back once it’s been pulled. 

      Caution and care are the main ingredients of an excellent eyebrow-thinning session.

      3. Thinning vs. Shaping

      Thinning vs shaping eyebrows

      So, which should you be doing?

      That depends on your eyebrow shape and the aesthetic appearance you’re going for. 

      If you already have a hairy, masculine look, you don’t want to thin your eyebrows out since they’ll stand in opposition to your beard and your full head of hair. 

      On the flipside, you might thin your eyebrows out if you have trouble growing a beard and want your eyebrows to appear more in tune with the rest of your aesthetic. 

      This sort of appearance usually works well with a short haircut, too.

      Some men are totally bald, but they have thick eyebrows and thick beard, too. 

      In this case, their appeal is in the contrast between the areas of their head. 

      Their beard and eyebrows look even more impressive when compared to the smoothness of their bald skull.

      As you can see, there’s no right answer for every man, and it’s something that you must consider carefully as an individual.

      Sculpting or shaping is the exact same way. 

      Not all faces are well-suited for blocky, bushy eyebrows. Some men do a lot better with arched or angular eyebrows that have more tapered points. 

      This is totally fine, but it’s not something we can judge for you.

      Many men would do well to consider a little bit of both processes when grooming their eyebrows. 

      This doesn’t take long, and it’s not usually something that has to be done each day. 

      We’d recommend setting aside about a half hour each week to consider your eyebrows and take care of them.

      Men with eyebrows of standard hairiness might want to thin just a little bit and shape the edges of their eyebrows to help them maintain their ideal aesthetic.

      4. Unibrows


      We’ve already made a joke about unibrows, but let’s discuss them a bit further. 

      Most men have a little bit of eyebrow hair in between their eyes already. 

      This isn’t much of a problem, and it’s totally natural, but it’s probably a good idea to get rid of most of these hairs if they’re dark and are starting to “blend” your brows together.

      However, you’re a man! 

      You don’t have to have a totally hairless middle like women do. 

      It’s okay to leave a few hairs between your brows to get a “fading” look like we discussed with the borders of your eyebrows. 

      This can accentuate your appearance and go well with the rest of your face if you already have a surplus of facial hair.

      But if you don’t have much facial hair, it’s probably a good idea to get rid of all the unibrow hair you can and check daily to keep this clean.

      We sound like a broken record, but the fact remains: this aspect varies from man to man. 

      What might work for you may not work for your brother or neighbor. 

      It’s something you’ll have to consider before taking up your tweezers and getting to work.

      Should Your Eyebrows Look Full?

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      Should your eyebrows look full

      When we ask this question, we’re not talking about the same kind of fullness we discussed above. 

      Instead, we want to caution against accidentally making holes in your eyebrows or plucking too much in one area and giving your eyebrows a patchy appearance.

      Your eyebrows need to appear relatively uniform and whole to be aesthetically appealing. 

      Some men, especially when they are just starting out with eyebrow maintenance, will be a little too eager and will pluck too many brows in one section of their hairline. 

      This can make their eyebrows look like they are losing hair in chunks! It’s not a great look, trust us.

      Your eyebrows should always appear like there aren’t any “gaps” between hairs. 

      Like a full head of hair, a full set of eyebrows implies maturity but also health and enough youth to still be attractive. 

      While many men can make a bald head work using the best bald head shaver, there are no men that can make patchy eyebrows work.

      To avoid this, the advice we’ve recommended when thinning your eyebrows applies here more than ever. 

      Go slowly and take your time since you can always remove more eyebrow hair if you determine that your first pass wasn’t effective enough. 

      But it takes a long time for eyebrow hair to grow back (up to several weeks) and in that time, people will be staring at your spotty brows for all the wrong reasons.

      What About Color?

      Color of eyebrows

      Color is a little different. 

      This advice is mostly directed towards men who have graying hair, but if you have eyebrows with different colored hair strands, it might be valuable as well. 

      Your eyebrows should appear uniform in their thickness, however thick that may be. 

      But it’s okay to have eyebrows with mixed colors, particularly if you are starting to go gray.

      Many men already know from beard maintenance that a touch of gray is perfect for implying maturity and masculine experience. 

      The same is true for eyebrows as long as the various colors do not stand out too much from one another. 

      A touch of gray is excellent; half of an eyebrow being gray and half of its being black is not.

      In the latter case, we would recommend getting some hair coloring and making the color of your brows as uniform as possible. 

      But in the former case, it’s perfectly fine to have a few different-colored hairs that are separate from your primary color.

      This even works for hair colors like brown and red. 

      If the colors mingle successively and the alternative color is light when compared to the dominant color, it can give your eyebrows a blended shade that can be appealing and aesthetically attractive for fellow men and women.

      There’s no need to pluck out any gray hairs you see. 

      In fact, let them rest and lean into the fact that your eyebrows are starting to display your worldly wisdom.

      How Often Should You Trim Your Eyebrows?

      how often to trim eyebrows

      The exact time of eyebrow hair regrowth will obviously vary significantly from man-to-man. 

      But most guys can count on eyebrow hair coming back within about four weeks.

      However, we don’t recommend only checking your eyebrows once a month. 

      This is because you won’t get rid of all your eyebrow hair during your first training session.

      The ideal trimming schedule will have you examining your eyebrows for potential shaping and thinning about once a week. 

      You’ll have to check them after that first trimming experience and see if you missed any areas or if other spots have grown a little wilder in the absence of the first hairs you trimmed. 

      If this is the case, you’ll need to pluck for trim a few extra hairs, which will be one week behind in the regrowth schedule.

      This is why we recommend spending about 30 minutes a week examining and attending to your eyebrows. 

      It doesn’t take long, and you don’t have to add it to every single morning routine, but even a small amount of attention can drastically improve the appearance of your eyebrows and make them something to take pride in.

      Methods Not to Use

      Methods not to use to trim eyebrows

      We’re going to tell you all you need to know about the best ways to trim your eyebrows. 

      But before we get into that, let’s be perfectly clear about the methods you should avoid at all costs. 

      All of the methods below will end up causing you more issues or pain than this is worth.


      Shaving Back Hair

      Shaving your eyebrows is a bad idea, full stop. 

      Some women, as we mentioned, are starting to shave their eyebrows off entirely to draw them on. 

      This is not something that men should seek to emulate.

      Even if you’re just kind of lazy, you shouldn’t take a razor to your eyebrows since the typical razor blade isn’t precise enough to allow the type of shaving that we discussed above. 

      And razors are terrible when it comes to thinning out your eyebrows. 

      There’s no way to let the razor blade distinguish between deep eyebrow hairs and surface eyebrow hairs, so it’s totally useless for this type of eyebrow maintenance.

      Shaving might be quick, but it’s poorly suited for the type of delicate work that eyebrow trimming requires. 

      It’s also particularly easy to accidentally cut yourself with a razor blade since your eyebrows are positioned right at the orbital bone above your eyes. 

      Like women shaving their knees, men shaving their eyebrows are likely to discover that dragging a razor blade over a piece of curved bone is often fraught with the possibility of a nasty nick.

      Say no to shaving your eyebrows.

      We have done a guide on the best safety razors for men if you want to know more. 


      Waxing Back Hair

      Waxing works great for getting rid of hair over the long term, right?

      This is true, but you should not wax your eyebrows under any circumstances. 

      Plucking your eyebrows accomplishes the exact same thing since both methods involve pulling the hair out from the root to lengthen the amount of regrowth time. 

      But waxing is not precise when compared to plucking, and you’re liable to pull out a bigger chunk than you intended accidentally.

      If you accidentally wax too much of your eyebrow and pull out a massive chunk, you’ll end up miss-shaping the entire brow and give yourself a major headache. 

      Plus, waxing is generally uncomfortable for most men and downright painful for others. 

      Plucking can be annoying and a little uncomfortable, but it’s nothing compared to the sharp pain of waxing.

      If you want long-term results, stick with plucking. 

      We’ll explain more about this method down further, and we’ve done a guide on the best waxing products for men, too.

      Dilapidator Creams

      Another bad idea is dilapidator creams. 

      These might be a decent option when it comes to removing large swaths of body hair, but they’re a poor choice when it comes to your eyebrows. 

      It’s for a similar reason as the first two bad options.

      Dilapidator creams require you to rub the cream into your hair and let it dissolve the hair particles over a couple of minutes. 

      This is incredibly imprecise, and you can quickly end up disintegrating more eyebrow hair than you intended, causing shaping and fullness problems.

      Besides, these creams can easily accidentally get into your eyes. 

      They are technically toxic chemicals that shouldn’t ever be ingested or placed into your eyes since they might cause serious injury.

      Overall, these creams might be quick, but they’re far from practical for our purposes. 

      Stick with using these just for body hair, if at all.

      Anything with Lasers

      Laser Back Hair Removal

      Finally, you might see occasional advertisements for laser hair removal operations for your eyebrow hair. 

      These will advertise that they permanently remove hair and a release you from the need to perform hair maintenance for the rest of your life. 

      While this might sound like a dream if you’re a man that has an excess of eyebrow hair, it’s still not a good idea.

      Why is that?

      For one, you might end up changing your mind and want to change your appearance later down the road. 

      Laser removal processes take that option away permanently.

      Also, laser removal surgeries are usually for other body hair types, like arm or chest hair, or occasionally for nasal hair if the patient has a serious health risk due to an overabundance of nose hair. 

      They are not intended for use with eyebrow hair due to the proximity of the eye (which opens up your eyes to damage) and since most men can get rid of eyebrow hair relatively quickly with other methods.

      If you’re tempted, talk yourself out of it. 

      Laser removal processes are expensive and aren’t meant for your eyebrows. 

      There are painless and quick ways to handle this type of facial hair that are far superior, and which will cost you far less money. 

      Best Eyebrow Trimming Methods of 2024 Reviewed

      Enough about what not to do. 

      Let’s go over the best ways to trim your eyebrows.

      Universal Prep

      Before we explain the best techniques individually, there’s something that you should do before every eyebrow maintenance session, no matter what kind of tool you’ll be using. 

      What is that something?

      Brush your eyebrows.

      This helps make all of the individual hairs of your eyebrows bend in the same direction, which will allow you to trim or shake them much more easily.

      Eyebrow hairs become messed up generally during the day, or while you sleep, so it’s important to straighten out these flaws before you get to work.

      You can do this with a small comb if you don’t have a dedicated eyebrow brush, but brushes specifically for straightening out your eyebrows do exist and are generally cheap.

      If you’re a man that’s going to be working on his eyebrows frequently, you would do well to pick up a cheap eyebrow brush.

      Tweezing Your Eyebrows

      Tweezing your eyebrows

      Tweezing your eyebrows is a tried-and-true method and is the best when it comes to plucking individual hairs. 

      Tweezing your brows can be done with medical or sewing tweezers and everyone probably already knows how best to use them. 

      But we’ll still go over the most optimal tweezing technique so you can get your eyebrows plucked accurately and with a minimum of discomfort.


      Experience Required: Minimal
      Cost: $
      Best Used For: Shaping or Thinning

      Step One

      Before tweezing, it’s a good idea to take a shower or rub a warm washcloth over the flesh of your brow to open up your pores. 

      By doing this, your skin will release individual hairs with less friction. 

      This will cause the actual plucking to be much less painful.

      Step Two

      Brush your eyebrows, as we discussed above. 

      By doing this, you’ll be able to more easily identify any stray eyebrow hairs that aren’t in the optimal shape or which are throwing off a brow’s overall appearance.

      It’s more difficult to tell which individual hairs you need to pluck if your eyebrows are messy and hairs are lying all over the place. 

      Step Three

      Take the tweezers and hold them like you would hold a pencil. 

      Your thumb and forefinger should be the two digits used to apply pressure and squeeze the tweezers. 

      These two fingers will also allow you to pluck most accurately.

      Step Four

      Pluck your eyebrow hairs. 

      To do this, simply place the tweezers close to the root of each individual hair and give a sharp tug. 

      It doesn’t take much strength to pull the hair out. 

      You’ll probably only need to flick your wrist, and that should be enough force.

      You want to pull the hair out close to the root whenever possible since this will cause you less pain. 

      Also, the faster you do the plucking, the quicker it’s over; don’t hesitate and pull slowly. 

      If you do this, you’ll just be causing yourself unnecessary discomfort.

      Tweezing your eyebrows is the slowest method of eyebrow trimming, but it’s also the most accurate. 

      You can go as slow as you want and you run virtually no risk of accidentally plucking the wrong hair or too many hairs and messing up with your eyebrow shape.

      Tweezing is also super cheap since you only need to buy one pair of tweezers. 

      These should last you for your whole life, or at least for several years until you lose them! 

      You can also use tweezers for other body care efforts, like removing splinters or helping tug out ingrown nails. 

      Every man who pays attention to his face and body grooming should have a pair of tweezers already.

      Tweezing can be used for both shaping and thinning your eyebrows out equally effectively. 

      It’s most often used for shaping since you can easily target eyebrow hairs on the border and get rid of any stragglers one hair at a time. 

      But it’s also excellent for thinning out really bushy eyebrows since its slow speed requires you to take an extra second to check on your progress every time you pull out a hair.

      Tweezers are among the most versatile eyebrow trimming tools.


      Easy to use
      Very accurate
      Hard to pull too many


      A bit painful
      Requires careful examination before plucking

      Slant Tweezers for Eyebrows

      Slant Tweezers for Eyebrows

      These tweezers are a great example of the kind you should use for plucking your eyebrows. 

      They have slanted tips to make gripping curved eyebrow hairs all the easier, and they are made of stainless steel

      This hypoallergenic material is strong enough to last for a long time and has no chance of rusting even if they get wet on your bathroom counter.


      Scissors to trim eyebrows

      Scissors are another effective way to trim your eyebrows, although they have different uses than tweezers or electric trimmers. 

      Scissors should be used for shaping only and should never be used to thin your eyebrows out. 

      It’s simply too easy to accidentally cut to match eyebrow hair off to be worth the trouble. 

      You usually don’t want to cut off a ton of eyebrow hair when thinning them out, anyway.

      It’s also relatively easy to mess up when using scissors since they can easily cut a whole batch of eyebrow hair off with one slice if you’re not careful. 

      Because of this, it’s even more important to go slowly with scissors than it is for tweezers. 

      Let’s go over the optimal scissor trimming technique, so you don’t make those mistakes.


      Experience Required: Moderate
      Cost: $
      Best Used For: Shaping Only

      Step One

      Same as above. 

      You need to open up your pores with warm water either by taking a shower or applying a warm washcloth to your brow before you start to trim. 

      Slightly wetting your eyebrow hair will also make it stand out a little more clearly and it might help you identify which hairs you’re aiming to cut beforehand.

      You’ll also want to brush your eyebrow hair and make sure that everything is going in the same direction. 

      This is even more critical for scissors since you’ll rely on hair direction being uniform when the time comes to cut.

      Step Two

      Next, you’ll want to carefully take your hand scissors and slant them against your brow. 

      Do not point the scissors towards your eye. 

      Instead, keep the scissor blades at an angle and observe through the mirror as individual eyebrow hairs are lifted up over the blades.

      When you captured a few hairs with the scissor blades, go ahead and cut them very slowly and carefully. 

      After this first cut, take a step back and look at the results of the mirror before matching the exact same cut on the other eyebrow. 

      Obviously, it doesn’t look good on anyone to have eyebrows that are distinct from one another or that are different shapes. 

      Even if you cut a little too deep, you need to match the other eyebrow to the first for uniformity.

      Step Three

      If your first cut was a success, keep the same length of cut around the rest of the eyebrow. 

      Follow the natural border of your eyebrow shape, making tiny cuts along the way and going slowly. 

      In this manner, it’s easy to trim the overall shape of your eyebrows relatively quickly so long as you have a steady hand and don’t cut too deeply in your brows’ main masses of hair.

      Step Four

      After you’ve done the majority of the shaping work with your scissors, it’s still a good idea to take some hand tweezers and grab any stragglers rather than risk a clumsy cut that takes up too much.

      There you have it. 

      Scissors can be practical, but they aren’t without risk. 

      We also recommend that you use hair care scissors specifically, or even purchase a pair of eyebrow trimming scissors. 

      Eyebrow trimming scissors are the best choice overall since they usually have slanted services that make them ideal for shaping eyebrows.

      But regular hairdressing scissors are okay as well. 

      You just don’t want to take a pair of large kitchen scissors and try to get good results. 

      Hint: you’ll end up cutting too much, and it won’t look good!


      Can be quick for shaping
      Less painful than tweezing


      Carries risk for cutting too far
      Requires steady hand for effectiveness

      Eyebrow Scissors and Brush

      Eyebrow Scissors and Brush

      This pair of scissors and brush is perfect.

      The scissor blades are curved to rest against your brow surface and the brush is something you need for prep, anyway.

      Electric Trimmers

      Electric Eyebrow trimmers

      Electric trimmers are, in many ways, the absolute best choice for trimming your eyebrows. 

      That’s because they can combine the speed of scissors with the precision of tweezers to a certain extent. 

      While it’s harder to target individual hairs with electric trimmers than it is with tweezers, it’s much easier to get small patches of hair using electric trimmers than it is for scissors to accomplish the same effect.

      They are an excellent middle choice and are ideal for men who want trimmed eyebrows but who don’t worry too much about keeping their eyebrows within super-defined lines. 

      They’re also great since they make eyebrow trimming a reasonably speedy affair.

      You can use eyebrow trimmers for thinning or shaping, although we would caution against using them for thinning if you don’t have a steady hand. 

      Like with scissors, it’s straightforward to accidentally plunge the trimmer cutting blades deep into your eyebrow hair and cut away a big chunk all at once.


      Experience Required: Minimal
      Cost: $$
      Best Used For: Shaping, Some Thinning

      Step One

      As above, you should start by washing your face with a warm washcloth. 

      This opens up your pores and will make your eyebrow hairs stand up more noticeably. 

      This makes them easier to cut and is particularly crucial for electric trimmers.

      You see, electric trimmers work by having a very short blade or cutting wire housed within a small apparatus at the tooltip. 

      The apparatus is designed to trap eyebrow hairs within its space, bringing them close to the blade for cutting. 

      In this way, you can’t cut your finger with an eyebrow trimmer, but it can still be very effective at cutting small hairs like those on your eyebrow, or those in your nose and ears.

      If your hair is slightly wetted and it stands up more, it’ll become trapped for the blade to cut much more quickly.

      Step Two

      Next, brush your eyebrows to make sure that all the hairs are going in the same direction. 

      It’s for the same reasons that we already detailed for the first two methods.

      Step Three

      Now comes the time to trim. 

      You’ll turn your electric trimmer on and start carefully from the edge of your eyebrow and begin to shape. 

      Like you’re drawing with a marker, press the eyebrow trimmer along the edge of your eyebrow in the desired shape you want your hair to be. 

      Go slowly and carefully and stop every few seconds to check your progress. 

      This will prevent you from accidentally going too far and having to match a terrible result on your other eyebrow.

      Shaping with an eyebrow trimmer is super fast, and you can be as precise as you want. 

      For even more careful shaping, keep the tip of the eyebrow trimmer only half on the border of your eyebrow. 

      This stops the blade from cutting too far into the brow’s set shape. 

      Think of it as mowing the edge of a lawn, only on your face. 

      It’s a great way to test out a shape before going all the way.

      Step Four

      For thinning, you want to keep the eyebrow trimmer elevated and never place it directly on your skin.

      If the trimmer tip touches your skin, you’ve drilled through all the hair in that spot and likely are giving yourself a bald patch.

      To avoid this, cover the tip of the eyebrow trimmer over your central eyebrow hair and move it forward carefully until you hear some hair starting to get clipped. 

      It will be very noticeable, so don’t worry about missing it. 

      Move the trimmer into the left or right depending on your direction and take it away after every couple of seconds to check your progress.

      It should be easy to see your eyebrows becoming thinned out as a result of the blade’s work. 

      Don’t forget that eyebrow trimmers are very quick and the type of spinning you want should only take a couple of seconds per brow. 

      If you spend more than this, you’ve likely messed something up.

      Step Five

      Eyebrow trimmers have an extra step after you’re done that the other two tools lack. 

      You need to clean your trimmer since eyebrow debris and small hair particles have probably collected in the cutting tip and need to be rinsed away.

      Most eyebrow trimmers have a removable blade that can be placed beneath a faucet and rinsed out easily. 

      This allows even trimmers that aren’t waterproof to be cleaned with water. 

      Let the cap dry after you’ve rinsed it out before replacing it on the trimmer body once again.

      Due to their versatility, eyebrow trimmers are the best pick for most men who want regular eyebrow maintenance without going into the ultra-precision that tweezers allow. 

      Even though there are more expensive than tweezers or scissors, they are not exactly expensive, and even men on a budget can easily afford a great model.

      Most eyebrow trimmers are also very affordable, either being battery-powered or having a battery that can be recharged at a regular outlet. 

      We’d recommend eyebrow trimmers for the average man, whereas scissors or trimmers are better for guys who were going for a precise eyebrow look and who have a high amount of confidence in their steady hands.


      Easy to use
      Fast like scissors
      Potential to be fairly precise
      No pain


      Some risk of going too far
      A little more expensive than other choices

      ROZIA Professional 3-in-1 Facial Hair Trimmer

      ROZIA Professional 3-in-1 Facial Hair Trimmer

      This hair trimmer is ideal for eyebrows and even other facial hair types like that in your nose or ears. It has a rechargeable battery and plenty of switchable heads. 

      In terms of versatility and ease of use, there’s not much better.

      If you want to see even more options, check out our guide on the best nose, ear and eyebrow trimmers for men!

      Frequently Asked Questions about Brow Hair Removal

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Let’s go over some final questions that many men have about trimming their eyebrows.

      1. Will my Eyebrow Hair Come Back?

      If you do make a mistake and accidentally shave off your entire eyebrow, fret not.
      It’ll grow back within about a month, and you’ll start to see small hairs long before them.
      In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to deal with some light teasing from your friends and maybe even where some fake eyebrows in the meantime.

      But the point is that you don’t need to worry if you make a mistake since the hair will always come back and it won’t take that long.
      It’ll be a story to laugh about later!

      2. Are There Ways to Grow More Eyebrow Hair?

      There are certain hair growth products for men that advertise the ability to make your eyebrows grow back quickly.
      These formulas work a lot like traditional hair growth products that men with balding spots often purchase.
      But eyebrow hair grows back so quickly that these products are probably not worth the time investment or the money.

      Eyebrow hair isn’t like head hair.

      Unless you have a major genetic problem, your eyebrows will stay full and expressive for the duration of your life. 

      They may start to thin as you enter old age, but this is akin to the natural thinning that happens to men who have a full head of hair in younger years. 

      3. Are There Certain Types of Eyebrows that Go Better with Beards or Clean Shaven Faces?

      Eyebrow shape is more dependent on the structure of your skull and the heaviness of your brow as opposed to whether you have facial hair. 

      However, it can look odd to have a totally clean-shaven face with big, bushy eyebrows.

      A standard pairing is to have thicker eyebrows with big beards, and more narrow eyebrows with clean-shaven faces.
      This is incredibly variable depending on your preference, however.


      As you can see, trimming your eyebrows isn’t a big deal. 

      It’s not nearly as hard as some men think, and it can yield tremendous benefits for your overall appearance and personal satisfaction. 

      Whatever your preferred method, be sure to stick to a once-a-week schedule and in no time at all, you’ll have the best-looking eyebrows at the office or at the gym. 

      Happy trimming!

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