Tabac Shaving Soap Review – 4 Best Features


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    Tabac Original Shaving Soap
    • Editor Rating

    • Rated 4.5 stars
    • Outstanding

    • Tabac Original Shaving Soap
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    • Last modified: April 8, 2022
    • Scent
      Editor: 70%
    • Latherability
      Editor: 90%
    • Performance
      Editor: 80%
    • Longevity
      Editor: 100%

    Review Summary:

    Overall I think Tabac shaving soap is fantastic. There is no wonder why it is such a classic soap in the wet shaving industry.


    • Classic and elegant packaging
    • Lasts an incredibly long time
    • Produces an abundant amount of lather


    • Not the slickest lather
    • Some people might be overwhelmed by the smell

    Hey guys and welcome to!

    Today I will be doing my second shaving soap review on PNP.

    The article for today is my Tabac shaving soap review.

    This is a very popular shaving soap within the wet shaving community so I felt it was rightly deserving of my second shaving soap review.

    This Tabac original shaving soap comes very well packaged in a very simple but elegant manner.

    The shaving cake/puck is located in a ceramic bowl with a brownish-red lid.

    I really like how the product comes in a perfectly shaped bowl for loading the Tabac soap onto my shaving brush.

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    It actually made our list of the best shaving soaps!  

    Let’s get started with my Tabac shaving soap review so you could see what is all about!

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      There are a number of factors that make the Tabac Shaving Soap stand out and make them highly recommended.

      These include but are not limited to the following:

      • Scent
      • Latherability
      • Performance
      • Longevity

      The Scent

      It definitely has one of the most unique scents compared to a lot of my other shaving soaps.

      It is such a unique scent that it is difficult for me to describe it.

      If I was to try to describe the scent, I would say it has a strong floral smell.

      The smell is not for everybody though because it is pretty potent. 

      The only reason I like it is that I have been using it for such a long time and it has grown on me over time.

      The Latherability

      This is definitely where Tabac shaving soap excels.

      It is extremely easy to load my brush from the shaving puck inside the bowl that it comes with.

      In approximately 15 seconds you will have plenty of soap on your bristles.

      This is quite surprising to me because it is actually one of the hardest pucks of soap that I have ever come across.

      Not only does it lather extremely well, but the lather it produces has a fantastic volume that has a very unique shine to it.

      I’m not sure if it is the soap to water ratio within the lather that makes it shine like this, but it looks amazing and is extremely thick!

      Tabac Shaving Soap

      The Performance

      I am going to be very critical of the performance of Tabac because of the fact that it costs more than three dollars per ounce for this shaving soap, which is a relatively premium price.

      After leaving the shaving soap on my face for approximately one or 2 minutes, it did a great job of softening up my hair.

      Passes with my safety razor were very smooth and had no trouble cutting through my facial hair.

      One thing that I do like is that the lather is so thick that it does not dissipate very much as it is sitting around on my face.

      As I am shaving one side of my face, the other side does not dissipate too much and there is plenty of lather left by the time I get to the other side.

      One thing I’m critical about is that there is not too much slickness left after my first pass.

      If you want to go back and retouch areas that you missed, I highly recommend re-lathering.

      The Longevity

      One of the best features of Tabac shaving soap is that it will last you an extremely long time.

      This Tabac shave soap is not a shaving soap bar.

      The 4.4-ounce puck that you receive with your purchase is extremely hard.

      Even after 10 or 20 shaves, you will realize that you are barely making a dent into it.

      This thing can definitely last you a whole year even if you are a daily shaver.

      So although it is a premium shaving soap per ounce, it definitely lasts a long time which adds a great value.

      Also, you can readily refill (at a reduced cost) by buying the Tabac shaving soap refill when the tub is empty.

      Tabac Shaving Soap Review – Conclusion

      Overall I think Tabac shaving soap is fantastic.

      There is no wonder why it is such a classic soap in the wet shaving industry.

      The 4.4 ounces that come with it will last you an extremely long time.

      The Tabac scent is also excellent for me (I absolutely love it personally).

      Some people might be overwhelmed by the strong scent that it gives off, but I personally like it, and it may grow on you as well.

      It definitely loads very well and produces one of the most stunningly shiny and thick lathers on the market today.

      I do wish that it was a little bit slicker so that I can do additional passes without re-lathering.

      Possibly if I combine Tabac with a quality pre-shave oil, I could get the slickness that I am looking for.

      I also love how they come with a fantastic loading bowl.

      Once your puck runs out, you can buy a refill puck and slap it right into the original bowl that it came with.

      Don’t forget to get yourself a quality safety razor or top-notch straight razor and a shaving brush to complete your kit.

      Let me know what you guys thought of my Tabac shaving soap review.

      If this was helpful to you, I would appreciate it if you like it on social media using one of the buttons on the side of this page.

      Have a shavetastic day!

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      1. I just got my Tabac order from Amazon for $16 bucks. It ships from the UK in about 10 days. Good product review I’m in agreement mostly. I don’t have any cons with Tabac, give me 10 to 15 shaves and I’ll give a real review.

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