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    Modern toothpaste is truly a miraculous creation.

    It combines fluoride and other oral hygiene ingredients to create a cleansing paste that can help fight off the bacteria that cause bad breath and prevent cavity formation.

    But despite all the regular toothpaste’s advantages, it doesn’t quite guarantee a perfectly white smile.

    The truth is that regular toothpaste does little to nothing to ensure that your teeth stay white, particularly if you enjoy drinking coffee, tea, or other colored beverages and foods.

    That’s where charcoal toothpaste comes in.

    Charcoal toothpaste is made of different ingredients than regular paste, utilizing the natural ingredient “activated charcoal” to provide your mouth with several, extra health benefits.

    Adding the best activated charcoal toothpaste to your oral care routine is a great way to improve the color of your teeth and get rid of plaque even more efficiently than before.

    If you don’t know where to start, look no further; this guide is all you need.

    We’ll take you through the best charcoal toothpaste products online, plus give you some tips when it comes to using the stuff.

    Let’s get started!

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    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Charcoal Toothpastes

    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 1
    FineVine 100% Natural Charcoal Toothpaste
    • Whitens well
    • Has soothing essential oils
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 2
    Cali White Activated Charcoal and Organic Coconut Oil Toothpaste
    • Not super irritating to sensitive teeth
    • Tastes fine
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 3
    Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    • Good grain consistency for removing plaque
    • Doesn’t blech teeth or wear enamel as fast
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 4
    Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    • Doesn’t unduly irritate teeth
    • Different flavor from most pastes
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 5
    ECCO PURE Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    • Comes with bamboo toothbrush
    • Not a lot of ingredients
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 6
    Active Wow Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
    • Excellent grain texture
    • Soothing to gums and teeth
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 7
    My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
    • Whitens well
    • Can be purchased in multiple packs
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 8
    Colgate Essentials Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    • Contains fluoride
    • Two bottles in purchase
    9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of [year] (Clean & Whiten Naturally & Safely) 9
    Crest Charcoal 3D White Toothpaste
    • Contains fluoride
    • Comes with three bottles

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Charcoal Toothpaste

      Things to Consider When Buying Charcoal Toothpaste

      Before we get into our favorites, let’s look at how you can determine the best charcoal toothpaste from lesser stuff.

      1. Ingredients

      Ingredients of Charcoal Toothpaste

      Activated Charcoal/Carbon

      Activated Charcoal - Carbon

      Of course, this ingredient will be in every one of the best activated charcoal toothpaste pics we have for you in this guide.

      You may sometimes hear it referred to as activated carbon instead of charcoal, but they both mean the same thing when it comes to toothpaste.

      What is Charcoal (activated charcoal)?

      This compound is usually made from wood or coconut shells, or other natural substances and ingredients, that are oxidized.

      Once exposed to extreme heat, the material transforms to activated charcoal that is then mixed into the toothpaste for dental use.

      What does activated charcoal do/How does activated charcoal work?

      Activated charcoal is the primary anti-cavity and tooth whitening ingredient found in all these pastes.

      Generally, Charcoal toothpaste has been adopted as the best natural tooth whitener or the best toothpaste for whitening teeth – this may not entirely be true.

      Activated charcoal is a slightly rough ingredient, and thus most activated charcoal toothpaste products will be excellent choices if you have sensitive teeth.

      Some exceptions will be toothpaste products that have soothing oils or other ingredients which can alleviate the rough effect of charcoal grains.

      Activated charcoal can easily rub against the enamel of your teeth and wear it down over time.

      This is the root of most tooth sensitivity, so men with sensitive teeth may find their problem exacerbated with the best activated charcoal toothpaste.



      You may find activated charcoal toothpaste products with this ingredient included as a replacement for regular sugar.

      Xylitol is an alcohol sugar that comes from birch trees and other plants.

      It tastes sweet and improves your dental health, but it doesn’t turn into an acid as your mouth’s saliva decomposes the compound.

      This prevents xylitol from having the decaying tooth effect that regular sugar has on teeth.

      Because of these effects, you can often find xylitol in mints and chewing gum instead of regular sugar.

      You can expect toothpaste products with xylitol to be sweeter than their counterparts but not so sweet as to make the paste undesirable.

      Xylitol is generally considered to be safe for consumption and use in dental healthcare products.

      Baking Soda

      Baking Soda

      Some charcoal toothpaste products also have baking soda as an additional cleaning ingredient.

      Baking soda is a compound often found in the best whitening toothpaste; thus, any charcoal toothpaste including baking soda in its formula will be better prepared to lighten the shade of your teeth than other charcoal toothpaste.

      Baking soda also helps eliminate some germs as a result of its bleaching effect making it an important ingredient in making the best teeth whitening toothpaste.

      However, baking soda is usually not recommended for those with sensitive teeth.

      Its bleaching effect can get rid of your teeth enamel over time, particularly if you brush frequently.

      Tooth sensitivity is commonly caused by cavities or thin enamel layers.

      The enamel of your teeth can’t be rebuilt; once it’s worn down, it won’t come back.

      Therefore, it’s critical to avoid toothpaste with baking soda and other bleaching elements if you have sensitive teeth from low enamel levels on their surfaces.

      Bentonite Clay

      Bentonite Clay

      This rough ingredient is sometimes included in the best activated charcoal toothpaste to provide some extra sandiness to the formula.

      Not only does this help get rid of physical plaque and eliminate bacterial colonies, but it also helps to rub away the stains on the surfaces of your teeth.

      In this way, bentonite clay is a light whitening agent.

      However, it’s often a little too much for sensitive teeth for the same reasons that baking soda should be avoided.

      The clay tends to wear down enamel if it’s used frequently.

      Natural/Essential Oils

      Natural - Essential Oils

      These Essential oils are key ingredients if you have sensitive teeth and still want to use activated charcoal toothpaste.

      These oils can help reduce inflammation of the gums and alleviate the discomfort that you may experience when you first start to use charcoal toothpaste products.

      At the same time, it can help neutralize the sandpaper effect that most charcoal toothpaste has on the surfaces of your teeth.

      This can limit the enamel damage that they do and make them appropriate products if you already have sensitive teeth.

      Look for things like tea tree oil or peppermint oil, the latter of which can often add a refreshing flavor to the paste.

      2. Flavor


      Speaking of flavor…

      Your toothpaste’s taste is another crucial aspect you should think about before making a purchase.

      Most charcoal toothpaste products will have peppermint as their standard flavor.

      But you can also find essential toothpaste that has more interesting flavor combinations as a result of their ingredients.

      Since the best activated charcoal toothpaste is usually made with natural products, you won’t often find sugary charcoal toothpaste.

      Instead, you’ll find flavors granted from essential oils or ingredients like citric acid.

      Take care if you have sensitive teeth since citric acid and other flavorful compounds can make your teeth feel uncomfortable if the enamel layers are thin.

      Many charcoal toothpastes will only have xylitol as their sweetening ingredient; this will provide the paste with a light sugary flavor that’s a bit generic but serviceable.

      3. Does It Whiten Your Teeth?

      Does Charcoal Toothpaste Whiten Your Teeth

      Some of the best activated charcoal toothpaste will have whitening ingredients.

      These ingredients are typically things like baking soda or bentonite clay, both of which can rub away at the surface level stains that have sunk into your teeth’s enamel layers.

      Technically speaking, whitening activated charcoal toothpaste has some light tooth whitening effects by itself since it’s very nature causes it to rub away plaque and diminished bacteria.

      However, charcoal is not a bleaching ingredient like baking soda.

      Therefore, it’s not particularly adept at cleaning the stains that are worn deeper into your teeth.

      You shouldn’t expect every charcoal toothpaste to have magical whitening powers; you’ll have to purchase a product specifically designed for that task to see real results.

      While it is possible to find a charcoal toothpaste that can whiten your teeth without wearing down enamel, it’s challenging and is only possible with the best ingredient mixtures.

      But don’t worry! We have done the research for you and found the best whitening charcoal toothpastes with the right ingredients that are safe and effective.

      4. Amount

      Cost of charcoal toothpaste

      Finally, don’t forget to consider the amount of toothpaste you get with your purchase.

      Some charcoal toothpaste can be purchased in bulk and for very cheap.

      These products are great for students or for young men who are just starting to build a bathroom product collection.

      The plus side to these products is that you won’t have to refresh your supply of toothpaste very soon or often.

      On the downside, cheaper toothpaste products (like cheap charcoal/black charcoal toothpaste) are sometimes made with subpar ingredients and may not taste as good.

      More expensive charcoal toothpaste will often have premium ingredients and may taste better, but they’ll usually come in smaller containers.

      Whatever your goal, make sure that you’re purchasing the amount of toothpaste you need for the near future.

      One trick we can offer is not to overuse your toothpaste.

      Toothpaste commercials and other marketing programs frequently depict men filling the top of their toothpaste brush with their paste.

      But the truth is that you only need a pea-sized amount of paste every time you brush your teeth.

      Following this recommendation will help you stretch out your supply longer and save you money over time.

      9 Best Charcoal Toothpastes of 2021 Reviewed

      1. FineVine 100% Natural Charcoal Toothpaste

      FineVine 100% Natural Charcoal Toothpaste

      This toothpaste is made with totally natural ingredients and has plenty of essential oils to keep your teeth from being irritated upon application.


      Ingredients: Coconut oil, xylitol, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, baking soda
      Flavor: Peppermint/Coconut
      Whitening?: Yes
      Amount: 4 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a product for men who want coconut oil whitening toothpaste and some protection against tooth sensitivity all in the same bottle.

      Key Features

      This toothpaste is combined with several essential oils and other natural ingredients, in addition to the activated charcoal.

      Interestingly, the activated charcoal here is derived from coconut rather than other substances, so the coconut aftertaste is especially strong.

      The flavor of coconut combines with peppermint oil to give you a soothing experience once the paste is applied.

      The essential oils, along with the peppermint oil, also ensure that this is one of the best charcoal toothpastes for sensitive teeth, although our standard warnings about charcoal paste and tooth sensitivity still apply.

      This coconut oil whitening toothpaste also has baking soda.

      This ingredient will bleach your teeth to an extent and provides some great whitening results if you use it consistently.

      The essential oils help reduce its abrasiveness on your teeth and your gums.

      There are only four ounces of paste with the purchase, which is the standard amount for most charcoal toothpaste bottles.

      One other minor negative is that this paste’s consistency is slightly runny.

      There’s a lot of potential for messes if you’re not careful or not used to using charcoal paste products.

      You’ll probably want to avoid using this paste anywhere but your kitchen sink.

      The consistency of the paste is also something of an advantage, however.

      The thin nature of the paste makes it easier for the charcoal to reach the crevices between your teeth and get rid of plaque.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.

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      Tastes good
      Whitens well
      Has soothing essential oils
      Consistency helps spread the charcoal


      Very runny

      2. Cali White Activated Charcoal and Organic Coconut Oil Toothpaste

      Cali White Activated Charcoal and Organic Coconut Oil Toothpaste

      Like the last choice, this Cali White toothpaste has a complicated formula made of all-natural ingredients and plenty of soothing essential oils.


      Ingredients: Coconut oil, baking soda, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, xylitol
      Flavor: Pacific mint
      Whitening?: Yes
      Amount: 4 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      This “enamel toothpaste” is an even better choice if you have sensitive teeth and still want to be able to whiten your enamel with charcoal and baking soda.

      Key Features

      This is a similar paste to our last pick, although it does a slightly better job at maintaining comfort even with the presence of baking soda.

      The soda allows for the charcoal to work even better than before when it comes to whitening your teeth; consistent use should let you see at least a few shades of improvement.

      It feels gentler on your teeth, probably due to the source of its charcoal.

      The activated charcoal here is food-grade, so it’s already been worn down to such a fine size that it’s not likely to wear your enamel away quite as harshly as some other charcoal toothpaste.

      However, even with the presence of essential oils, it can still cause tooth sensitivity if you have thin enamel already.

      The pacific mint flavor is an offshoot of regular spearmint.

      It’s not too special, but it does help to separate this toothpaste from the rest of the pack.

      One big difference between this paste and the others is that its activated charcoal particles have a tendency to get stick in your gums and in your teeth.

      You’ll have to rinse very well since these particles are a bit thinner than the particles of competing pastes. 

      This can be either an advantage or disadvantage depending on how good your rinsing ability it.

      We’d recommend using only a small amount of this paste if you choose it to avoid filling your gums with too many charcoal bits.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Bleaches teeth well
      Not super irritating to sensitive teeth
      Tastes fine


      Particles are so thin they might be hard to rinse out

      3. Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      This charcoal toothpaste has a slightly simpler formula, and it comes with a free toothbrush to sweeten the deal.


      Ingredients: Peppermint oil, sorbitol, clove oil
      Flavor: Mint
      Whitening?: No
      Amount: 4 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s a good charcoal toothpaste choice if you prioritize tooth sensitivity over whitening power.

      Key Features

      This charcoal toothpaste doesn’t have any bleaching compounds in its formula.

      That makes it a little better for men with sensitive teeth, although it also doesn’t have a bunch of added ingredients.

      It does have clove oil to make things a bit better, and peppermint oil to add a nice flavor.

      Overall, though, this charcoal paste has fewer ingredients than many competing products.

      The charcoal here is derived from bamboo.

      Bamboo is a type of grass that’s renowned for its hardiness and sanitary nature.

      Suffice it to say that this is one of the best types of activated charcoal in terms of cleanliness.

      To make things even better, this toothpaste comes with a free toothbrush in the purchase.

      The asking price is comparable to other products, so you’ll essentially be getting this brush for no real extra cost.

      It’s not a special brush, but it’s a nice touch and can add some more value if you also happen to need a new one as you browse.

      The consistency of this paste is moderately-thick.

      The grains of charcoal are certainly noticeable, and our testers found that they spent some time picking out small bits even after a good rinsing.

      But the plus side to this consistency is that the plaque on their teeth was virtually gone, so it might be a good purchase if you suffer from excessive plaque problems.

      Overall, using this toothpaste with a good rinsing technique is likely to eliminate any real downsides.

      We’d easily recommend one of our best charcoal toothpaste for anyone who also happens to need a toothbrush.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Comes with a free toothbrush
      Good grain consistency for removing plaque
      Doesn’t blech teeth or wear enamel as fast


      Grain consistency can get stuck in teeth sometimes

      4. Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      This toothpaste is made with a special glycerin ingredient that’s one of the most affordable products you can find on the market.


      Ingredients: Coconut oil, xylitol, vegetable glycerin
      Flavor: Sweet
      Whitening?: No
      Amount: 4 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      Pick this “Hello charcoal toothpaste” up if you need a charcoal paste on a budget.

      Key Features

      This paste also doesn’t contain any significant whitening ingredients, despite what it may say on the box.

      Like all charcoal pastes, it technically whitens due to the presence of activated charcoal.

      But without a bleaching agent, it won’t actively get rid of stains that have already worked their way into the enamel of your teeth.

      The Hello Oral Care toothpaste has xylitol for added sweetness.

      This sweet flavor dominates the product, so it’s a little different from your standard mint-flavored paste.

      Instead of essential oil, there’s vegetable glycerin.

      Our testers had mixed results with the paste concerning sensitivity.

      On the one hand, the glycerin seemed to soothe the gums and prevent any undue sensitivity.

      But a few testers experienced a little sensitivity regardless, so it may be an item of personal preference.

      If in doubt, we’d recommend a different paste if you have sensitive teeth.

      The paste is extremely affordable, even compared to the relative cheapness of most toothpaste products.

      You also still get the standard four ounces of paste in the box, so this is a great deal all around if you’re really pinching pennies to get to the next paycheck.

      Overall, it’s a good budget charcoal toothpaste without much whitening capability and some moderate sensitivity soothing.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very affordable
      Doesn’t unduly irritate teeth
      Different flavor from most pastes


      Glycerin oil may not be the best for some users

      5. ECCO PURE Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      ECCO PURE Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      This toothpaste doesn’t have a very complex formula, but it still manages to clean away plaque effectively.


      Ingredients: Peppermint oil
      Flavor: Spearmint
      Whitening?: No
      Amount: 2.82 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is a good charcoal toothpaste if you don’t want to put a bunch of complex compounds in your mouth.

      Key Features

      This is one of the most straightforward charcoal toothpaste products you can find. It only has activated charcoal and some light peppermint oil as its primary ingredients.

      While there are other minor compounds to make the toothpaste into its “pastey” form and texture, these are ultimately minor and don’t convey any real health or beneficial effects.

      The activated charcoal is sourced from China.

      The texture of the charcoal is slightly gritty, which may take some getting used to.

      It feels a lot different than it looks once it’s spread onto the tip of your toothbrush.

      But the large size of the charcoal particles may help clean your mouth when it comes time to rinse.

      The peppermint oil makes the flavor familiar. But there is a bamboo toothbrush included with this purchase.

      The inclusion of the toothbrush helps elevate its value for money somewhat.

      The toothbrush is simple but well-made, and it has short black bristles that are ideally situated to scrub away hard plaque and rub the charcoal bits into the crevices of your teeth.

      Overall, the biggest downside facing this charcoal toothpaste is the fact that you only get 2.82 ounces for your purchase.

      That’s a little bit lower than the standard amount of toothpaste in most bottles, and the asking price is on the higher range of what you can get most other charcoal toothpaste for.

      But this is still a good option if you want a charcoal toothpaste that is a simple and ingredient light as possible, either due to health or moral reasons.

      Keep in mind that the lack of a bunch of essential oils means that this charcoal toothpaste isn’t going to be an excellent choice for sensitive teeth even if it lacks a bleaching agent like baking soda.

      Besides, this paste is great for whitening your teeth beyond the minor effects that all charcoal products already provide.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Comes with bamboo toothbrush
      Not a lot of ingredients


      Not much in the bottle

      6. Active Wow Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

      Active Wow Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

      This charcoal toothpaste has an excellent mouthfeel and can soothe your gums, preventing them from experiencing irritation.


      Ingredients: Coconut oil, xylitol
      Flavor: Natural mint
      Whitening?: No
      Amount: 4 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      Pick this toothpaste if you suffer from gingivitis or have sensitive gums for another reason.

      Key Features

      Here’s an excellent charcoal toothpaste that has one of the most comforting textures that our testers experienced as they were trying all the toothpaste products.

      The charcoal used here is relatively thin and fine.

      This prevents it from being as irritating to your tongue and teeth as you scrub it in with your toothbrush.

      This does mean that rinsing it be particularly thorough on your part to ensure that you get rid of all the remaining charcoal particles.

      Coconut oil and xylitol both combine to imbue the toothpaste with a lightly sweet flavor and the coconut oil helps soothe your gums and the surfaces of your teeth if they have been enameled.

      The lack of a bleaching agent means that we can safely recommend this charcoal toothpaste for men with sensitive teeth provided that you only use the paste once or twice a week.

      Due to the fine size of the charcoal grains and the presence of coconut oil, our testers reported that they found their gums soothes and not irritated at all after using this toothpaste.

      Therefore, this might be a great charcoal toothpaste to use in conjunction with regular fluorite paste if you are currently suffering from gingivitis or are prone to gum infections fairly regularly.

      Four ounces come with the purchase, and you can get it for a very affordable price.

      Altogether, it’s a fantastic choice for tooth sensitivity and light whitening power.

      The company also produces the “active wow teeth whitening charcoal powder natural” charcoal powder for teeth.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Excellent grain texture
      Soothing to gums and teeth


      Grains might get stuck easily, require extra rinsing

      7. My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

      My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

      This paste has an active whitening agent to combine with the natural effects of charcoal powder.


      Ingredients: Coconut oil, bentonite clay
      Flavor: Wintergreen
      Whitening?: Yes
      Amount: 4 oz

      Who Is It Best For?

      This “my magic mud toothpaste” is one of the best choices you can make if you want to whiten your teeth and prevent the formation of coffee stains.

      Key Features

      This charcoal toothpaste was developed in Europe after manufacturers decided to make a vegan and ethically sourced toothpaste product that they could believe in.

      The result is My Magic Mud, and it’s fantastic.

      For starters, it uses an ethically sourced charcoal powder as its base ingredient and combines it with coconut oil and bentonite clay.

      The clay provides excellent whitening effects and can usually scrub away surface-level stains on your teeth (black teeth/black tartar) or prevent coffee and tea stains from arising in the first place.

      This does mean that the paste is a little rough on the gums and the enamel of your teeth so you should avoid this product if you have any kind of tooth sensitivity.

      The coconut oil does help somewhat and should make the paste palatable for men with regular teeth.

      This toothpaste has a delightful Wintergreen flavor that seems to be a variant of “cool mint” found in many other toothpaste products.

      It’s not a huge difference, but it does set the paste apart from its competitors.

      You can also purchase packs of this paste, up to three bottles at once.

      It’s a great choice if you need to purchase bulk toothpaste for the foreseeable future.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Interesting flavor
      Whitens well
      Can be purchased in multiple packs


      Rough on sensitive teeth

      8. Colgate Essentials Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      Colgate Essentials Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      This toothpaste combines charcoal and fluorite it to reduce the wear and tear it enacts on your enamel.


      Ingredients: Sodium monofluorophosphate, sorbitol, xanthan gum, fluoride
      Flavor: Mint
      Whitening?: No
      Amount: 2 bottles of 4.6 oz each

      Who Is It Best For?

      Pick this up if you’re concerned about tooth sensitivity growing worse as you use charcoal toothpaste.

      Key Features

      This black toothpaste is one of the best charcoal toothpaste you can make if you need a lot of the stuff for an affordable price.

      With this set, you can get two bottles for the asking price that most other brands demand just one bottle of charcoal toothpaste.

      That’s a lot of value packed into each tube, especially considering that each tube has a little more paste than the typical 4 ounces you’d expect.

      The paste is made with charcoal powder and a few other ingredients, most of which aren’t naturally sourced or made with natural ingredients.

      This isn’t the best charcoal toothpaste you can pick if you want to be putting the best natural ingredients on your teeth, but there’s no doubting its effectiveness at fighting counties and strengthening tooth enamel.

      Fluoride is a crucial compound in this charcoal paste.

      That does mean that you can effectively use this paste more frequently than other charcoal toothpaste.

      The fluoride can help counteract the natural enamel-wearing effect that charcoal causes.

      While we still wouldn’t recommend that you use this paste every day, you could get away with using it three or four times a week instead of once or twice.

      The flavor is a typical mint type and nothing special.

      Overall, you might pick this paste if you have tooth sensitivity but also want the whitening effects of a charcoal product.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Lots in the bottles
      Contains fluoride
      Two bottles in purchase


      Doesn’t have natural ingredients

      9. Crest Charcoal 3D White Toothpaste

      Crest Charcoal 3D White Toothpaste

      This pick is a toothpaste with charcoal and fluoride, and you can get three bottles of the stuff for a really low price.


      Ingredients: Fluoride, sorbitol
      Flavor: Mint
      Whitening?: No
      Amount: 3 bottles of 4.1 ounces each

      Who Is It Best For?

      You can also purchase this paste if you don’t want to make your thin enamel worse, but still, want to enjoy charcoal toothpaste use.

      Key Features

      Like the last toothpaste we examined, these Crest 3d white toothpaste bottles come with fluoride as a crucial part of their formulas.

      The fluoride combines well with the charcoal powder and prevents the enamel of your teeth from being worn down.

      This allows men with sensitive teeth to still get the whitening advantages of charcoal toothpaste without suffering too much irritation or causing damage.

      That being said, this charcoal paste also doesn’t use natural ingredients.

      It uses a lot of synthetic compounds or typical toothpaste chemicals, and the mint flavor contained in each bottle is noticeably artificial.

      It’s a standard mint flavor but isn’t as tasty or appealing as mint toothpaste that uses peppermint oil.

      One other plus side to this pick is the fact that three bottles come with the purchase.

      The overall asking price is quite reasonable so you could theoretically get enough charcoal toothpaste to last the rest of the year with a single buy.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Contains fluoride
      Comes with three bottles


      No natural ingredients

      Other very good teeth whitening toothpaste that didn’t make our list are:

      • Native toothpaste
      • Moon toothpaste
      • Muddy mouth teeth whitening
      • Coconut oil toothpaste
      • Schmidt’s toothpaste
      • Bamboo charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste all natural

      Frequently Asked Questions About Charcoal Toothpaste

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now that you’ve got a new charcoal toothpaste in hand let’s tackle any lingering questions you may have about its use or benefits.

      Charcoal toothpaste is used for the same reason as regular toothpaste, although its ingredient composition causes it to have different effects and benefits.

      Charcoal toothpaste is typically not made with fluoride.

      This key dental health ingredient is used in most other types of toothpaste, and this lack of fluoride is a net negative in most cases.

      Fluoride helps keep the enamel of your teeth healthy; this directly lowers the chances of you obtaining cavities or experiencing tooth decay of many varieties.

      Charcoal toothpaste uses the natural ingredients in its formula to rub away hard plaque and get rid of bacteria.

      However, it’s not meant to be used as a daily toothpaste to protect the overall health of your teeth.

      Instead, charcoal toothpaste is best thought of as an accessory toothpaste to be utilized along with the normal stuff.

      What does activated charcoal do?

      Activated charcoal has several great benefits that warrant its growing spot as the number one ingredient in many healthcare products, not just toothpaste.

      For instance, charcoal can help balance the pH level inside your mouth.

      But why does this matter for you?

      In fact, an unbalanced pH level in your mouth can lead to an excellent opportunity for bacterial growth.

      Did you know that bad breath is primarily caused by an overload of bacteria colonies that grow on the surfaces of your teeth or the surface of your tongue?

      Halitosis (the medical term for bad breath) can only be effectively eliminated through a variety of efforts, number one of which is the elimination of excessive sulfur-emitting bacteria.

      Bacteria only love specific environments, and an unbalanced pH level is one of those environments.

      Therefore, using charcoal in your toothpaste can quickly bring your mouth’s overall pH level back to its natural state.

      Unbalanced pH levels might be one reason why you might experience halitosis when you wake up in the morning.

      After you’ve been sleeping for several hours, your mouth is typically dry, and the lack of saliva causes the pH balance of your mouth to become unsettled.

      Drinking water and brushing your teeth quickly restores the natural pH level and eliminate a lot of bacteria, curing you of your “morning breath.”

      Back to charcoal toothpaste: here are some charcoal toothpaste benefits – it’s excellent for eliminating plaque that builds upon the surface of your teeth and gums.

      Plaque is simply bacteria that is collected and grown to the point where it can harden into a rough, off-white substance that can lead to cavity formation and overall tooth decay.

      Plaque that is left unchecked for long enough can lead to tartar.

      This advanced form of plaque is much harder to clean off of your teeth than the regular stuff; you’ll often need a trip to the dentist’s office to get rid of a tartar infestation effectively.

      But plaque can usually be removed with regular brushing and charcoal is especially excellent for getting rid of physical contaminants like it.

      In fact, charcoal naturally absorbs plaque, so it’s a lot easier to get rid of a lot of it with only a little charcoal toothpaste as opposed to a lot of regular paste.

      You should really use charcoal toothpaste over traditional toothpaste if you suffer from excessive plaque as a result of your diet or natural mouth environment.

      Like we said above, charcoal toothpaste should never be considered a total replacement for regular toothpaste since it lacks fluoride: a critical ingredient for overall dental health.

      But you should definitely use charcoal toothpaste you suffer from minor tooth stains and want to get rid of lots of chunks of food or bacteria between your teeth.

      Men who don’t have wide gaps between their teeth may find charcoal toothpaste particularly useful since the grains of charcoal can fit in between the crevices of your teeth and gums much more easily than the bristles of your brush.

      In a way, charcoal can act as a pre-flossing instrument, although once again, it should not replace flossing in your daily dental routine.

      There are a lot of misconceptions and false advertisements surrounding the whitening powers of activated charcoal (activated charcoal teeth whitener).

      While it’s true that charcoal does have some whitening capabilities, it’s only truly effective at getting rid of service-level stains that have not burrowed fully into your teeth’s enamel layers.

      Charcoal is not a bleaching agent by itself.

      You may find charcoal toothpaste products that contain bleaching ingredients, such as baking soda, and these will be perfectly effective at slowly whitening your teeth over time.

      The bleaching agents can dig deeper into your teeth and eliminate the bacteria and food particles that cause tooth stains.

      However, these toothpastes can be rough on your teeth and are not generally recommended if you experience abnormal tooth sensitivity.

      Charcoal by itself is an excellent deterrent for developing tooth stains, however.

      Tooth stains only come about after plenty of time and repeated exposure to the staining product.

      For instance, coffee drinkers or tea drinkers will need to check their teeth regularly for the development of stains since both beverages are naturally dark and can lead to coloration changes on their teeth.

      But these hypothetical coffee and tea drinkers could use charcoal toothpaste in conjunction with regular paste and prevent stains from occurring in the first place.

      So, while charcoal toothpaste won’t get rid of deep stains that you already have, it can still be valuable if the coloration of your teeth is something you pay a lot of attention to.

      Any man seeking a pearly white smile should at least consider adding charcoal toothpaste to his repertoire.

      If you are suffering from deep tooth stains, you should contact the dentist to get professional whitening work done.

      Charcoal toothpaste is safe overall if used correctly and in the right amounts.

      For starters, charcoal toothpaste should never be used every day.

      Charcoal grains are simply too abrasive for typical use.

      Even men with really tough enamel as a result of genetics or good dental hygiene throughout their lives will experience tooth sensitivity if they use charcoal toothpaste every single day.

      Your gums may also develop extra sensitivity or start to become raw if you use charcoal toothpaste every day.

      The grains of charcoal cause microscopic damage when they are rubbed around your gums and teeth; if used sparingly, your mouth will have a chance to heal between each use, and there won’t be any adverse side effects.

      However, using charcoal toothpaste once every few days or once per week can lead to health side effects and prevent your teeth from developing stains.

      While you should never intentionally swallowed charcoal toothpaste, there’s nothing inherently wrong for you if some does go down your throat.

      Activated charcoal is found in all kinds of medical and hygienic products already, and it can also be found in many modern water filters.

      You may have been drinking charcoal this entire time and just not been aware.

      As a side note, charcoal is a natural antioxidant.

      This provides it with several excellent side effects that can boost your overall health, although you should never intentionally swallow the stuff anyway.

      Charcoal isn’t bad for your teeth unless you overuse it or you already have weak enamel.

      We wouldn’t recommend that men who already suffer from extraordinarily sensitive teeth use charcoal toothpaste.

      While there are charcoal toothpaste products out there that have stabilizing elements for essential oils to help lessen the sensitivity effect, you’ll still be causing more of a net negative than positive for your mouth.

      The enamel of your teeth, if they are already sensitive, is too thin to risk using charcoal toothpaste.

      Instead, we’d recommend using other whitening products or visiting the dentist if you’d like to lighten the shade of your teeth.

      We’ve done a guide on the best toothpaste for men with sensitive teeth; check it out if you have more questions.

      One other thing: if you have fillings or other dental equipment on or inside your teeth, you should avoid using charcoal toothpaste until you consult with a dentist.

      The long-term side effects of charcoal toothpaste products on things like silver fillings or crowns are not yet fully known.

      The small grains of charcoal may be able to get into places where they shouldn’t and cause pain or other problems for your teeth.

      It’s better to be safe than sorry; only use charcoal toothpaste if your teeth don’t have crowns, fillings, or similar implants.

      Using charcoal toothpaste is identical to the way you would use regular fluoride toothpaste.

      Squeeze a pea-sized dot on to the end of your toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly for approximately two minutes in the morning and the evening, followed by flossing both times.

      You should thoroughly rinse your mouth after using charcoal toothpaste and spend a little more time than you would with regular toothpaste due to the presence of minute particles of charcoal.

      These particles will likely remain in the crevices of your teeth much more easily than other toothpaste ingredients.

      If you use a mouthwash, you can easily use that product and accomplish two tasks at once, cleaning your mouth of charcoal remnants while using the mouthwash solution to eliminate bacteria even more thoroughly.

      Speaking of mouthwash, check out our guide on the best mouthwashes to eliminate halitosis even more effectively.

      You should only ever use charcoal toothpaste once or twice a week at most.

      The exact frequency that is right for you will depend on your tooth sensitivity and your personal comfort level.

      Are your teeth more sensitive than not?

      Only use charcoal toothpaste once per week and try to find a charcoal product that has essential oils or other ingredients to offset the increasing tooth sensitivity.

      If you have teeth with healthy enamel and use regular toothpaste with plenty of fluoride to strengthen the enamel, you can probably use charcoal toothpaste twice a week without any lasting negative effects.

      In any case, you should be brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste to boost the strength of your existing enamel and protect your teeth against the harsher effects of charcoal toothpaste products.

      You might also see charcoal powder being advertised as a dental care product.

      While this charcoal teeth whitening powder has similar effects as Charcoal toothpaste, it is slightly different.

      For one, charcoal powder often has fewer ingredients then paste since it doesn’t need to combine with other elements to achieve a paste form.

      Charcoal powder is also often much messier when it is applied since it’s not all contained in a small drop of paste.

      The charcoal powder works between your teeth rather quickly, even faster than charcoal toothpaste.

      But overall, you can expect the same benefits and possible adverse side effects from charcoal powder as you can from toothpaste.

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