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    Bad breath happens to everyone.

    Rich or poor, male or female, American or Chinese.

    But although everyone knows what it’s like to experience bad breath on the receiving end, too many men act like they’re immune to halitosis.

    No one wants to be the guy making people flinch away or wrinkle their noses.

    Bad breath can quickly signal the end of a date or leave a wrong first impression on a job interview.

    When left alone, bad breath can cause more problems than you might imagine!

    That’s why oral care is so critical and why you need the best toothpaste for bad breath.

    While any toothpaste is technically good enough to help you scrub your teeth and gums, only excellent tubes of toothpaste are worth your time and money.

    This guide can show you which is the best toothpaste for bad breath to pay attention to and provide some helpful oral care tips along the way.

    Let’s get started!

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    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath

    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 1
    Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste with Breath Strips
    • Excellent properties
    • Affordable
    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 2
    Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    • Whitens well
    • Comes with toothbrush
    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 3
    FineVine Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    • Very good for sensitive teeth
    • Excellent whitening properties
    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 4
    CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste
    • Simple and effective
    • Affordable and lots in the tube
    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 5
    Listerine Essential Care Original Gel Toothpaste
    • Comes with six tubes
    • Protects teeth well from bacteria
    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 6
    ECCO PURE Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    • Comes with bamboo toothbrush
    • Good for sensitive teeth
    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 7
    Oxyfresh Maximum Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste
    • Original flavor
    • Made of natural ingredients
    8 Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath of [year] (Get Fresh Breath All Day!) 8
    Philips Sonicare Breathrx Whitening Toothpaste
    • Excellent anti-cavity properties
    • Neutralizes bad breath quickly

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Toothpaste for bad breath

      Things to Consider When Buying Toothpaste

      Before you pick up a package of toothpaste for bad breath and start brushing, read through these major factors, so you know what to look for in the perfect paste for your pearly whites.

      1. Ingredients

      Ingredients of toothpaste

      Your best toothpastes ingredients matter a great deal.

      By far, the most essential ingredient you should look for is sodium fluoride.

      Sodium fluoride is one of the best antibacterial agents that you can put into space.

      Plaque is caused by bacteria hardening and developing on the surface of your teeth.

      So, getting rid of these bacteria before they have a chance to become plaque is one of the primary goals of any good toothpaste product.

      Sodium fluoride also isn’t a synthetic ingredient.

      You can find sodium fluoride in many natural components and some natural toothpaste.

      Products that use things like Dead Sea salt, essential oils, or zinc are likely to have reasonable amounts of sodium fluoride as well.

      Sodium fluoride is also quite excellent for helping to whiten your teeth.

      Regular sodium is okay, too, but the fluoride version is much better.

      Stannous is another sodium like ingredient that you might see on certain budget brands of toothpaste.

      Once again, sodium fluoride is the preferred ingredient by far.

      However, you should know that sodium fluoride can be a little rough on sensitive teeth.

      For men with sensitive teeth, activated charcoal toothpaste (best toothpaste for bad teeth) is a great replacement that provides excellent antibacterial assistance without irritating your teeth and gums as badly.

      Another vital ingredient to check out is triclosan.

      This agent is very effective at killing germs and can help your gums remain healthy if you’re particularly vulnerable to gum disease.

      However, triclosan can also lead to germs and bacteria developing more robust, resistant versions of themselves.

      Besides, too much triclosan can alter the hormone levels in some people.

      Overall, triclosan is useful but not necessary unless you’re prone to suffering from gingivitis.

      Therefore the best toothpaste for gingivitis should contain a healthy amount of triclosan.

      Sodium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate are both great ingredients for tackling bad breath.

      These are effective deodorizers that can help eliminate any stink that comes from your mouth.

      Since getting rid of bad breath relies on both removing bacteria as a whole and deodorizing directly, toothpaste that has either of these two ingredients (or both) is going to be particularly effective at ensuring that your breath is as fresh as possible.

      Overall, bad breath toothpaste should excel at getting rid of as much bacteria and plaque as possible.

      2. Effects

      Effects of toothpaste

      Of course, the impact of your toothpaste also matters a great deal.

      These are really easy to find for any particular product since they are usually advertised right on the box.

      For starters, all toothpaste cleans your teeth by removing bacteria and food particles from in between crevices and at the bottom of your teeth and gums.

      However, other kinds of toothpaste have ingredients or formulas that allow them to advertise properties like “whitening” or “good for sensitive teeth.”

      Just how realistic are these extra effects?

      The truth is that many great toothpaste products can and do perform as advertised.

      But each effect is not necessarily as noticeable as the others.

      For instance, toothpaste that can supposedly whiten your teeth may indeed have a whitening effect over time.

      But you shouldn’t expect a few days of brushing with a new toothpaste to totally change the shade of your teeth.

      In most cases, whitening toothpaste only helps with reducing tooth darkening that comes from coffee stains or coloration taken on as a result of your diet.

      Toothpaste that is advertised for sensitive teeth can, on the other hand, have excellent effects.

      Sensitive teeth are usually noticed right away as soon as hot or cold food or liquid comes into contact with their surfaces.

      Note that this is distinct from tooth sensitivity as a result of eating sweet food.

      If you experience this sensation, you need to visit a dentist right away see you can take care of that cavity!

      Toothpaste that fights sensitivity only helps to numb the nerves in your teeth against temperature-based pain.

      Unlike sensitivity from a cavity, any sensitivity you experience from hot or cold contact isn’t necessarily a cavity.

      It might just be a property of your unique tooth structures.

      Therefore, using toothpaste that can alleviate pain is a great way to deal with this issue daily.

      The ingredients contained in toothpaste that fights sensitivity don’t deviate too far from the standard formula and will still be excellent for fighting plaque and getting rid of excess bacteria in your mouth.

      3. Amount

      Amount and cost of toothpaste

      The amount of toothpaste you get for your purchase affects your value for money above all else.

      Many toothpaste products are sold in packages where you can get several tubes for one low price.

      This is often a great idea if you’ve already discovered an ideal toothpaste and just want to purchase a lot of it, so you’re set for the foreseeable future.

      But don’t ever buy extra toothpaste because you’re afraid that you’ll run out at an inopportune moment.

      Many people use way too much toothpaste than what is actually necessary.

      Advertisements and commercials often depict a person brushing their teeth and gums, squirting a large amount of toothpaste along the entire length of their brush head.

      In truth, all you need to do is squeeze about a pea’s worth of paste onto the brush head, and you’ll be good to go.

      Using this measured method, you should be able to make any chosen toothpaste products last for a lot longer than advertising companies anticipate.

      4. Taste

      Flavor of toothpaste

      Don’t neglect the flavor of your toothpaste, either.

      After all, you’ll be putting the stuff in your mouth twice a day every day if you’re following recommended dental advice.

      You must get a toothpaste with a flavor that you can appreciate, or at least tolerate.

      Most toothpastes come in a standard mint flavor while others might have no flavor at all or have some exotic taste fashioned after a fruit.

      When it comes to a toothpaste without a flavor at all, take care.

      Depending on the ingredients, the paste might end up tasting poor towards the end of your brushing session.

      You should also avoid toothpaste that has an extraordinarily fruity or sweet flavor.

      These kinds of toothpaste often have ingredients that simply aren’t necessary for a good tooth care product and may even exacerbate tooth sensitivity issues, particularly if you are already suffering from a cavity or two.

      However, our list below contains some of the world’s best toothpaste for cavities and natural bad breath cures.

      Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath of 2021 Reviewed

      1. Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste with Breath Strips

      Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste with Breath Strips

      This toothpaste is a fairly well-known type that comes with some extra breath-freshening strips to improve its value for money.


      Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride
      Effects: Whitens, Cleans, Freshens
      Amount: 3 tubes of 7.6 oz each
      Taste: Mint

      Who Is It Best For?

      It’s great for men on a budget or guys who are looking for a lot of toothpaste for the foreseeable future.

      Key Features

      This pack of three tubes is a killer deal.

      This top-rated toothpaste is super affordable, for starters, and each tube comes with so much paste that you’ll likely not need to buy any more for quite some time.

      Each tube has a paste formula that does three critical things: cleans, whitens, and freshens, all at once.

      This is one of the best Colgate toothpaste for teeth whitening.

      The cleaning is achieved thanks to each paste’s inclusion of sodium fluoride, which we mentioned was excellent for fighting bacteria and preventing cavity formation.

      The paste is also pretty good at whitening your teeth by preventing coffee or tea residue from solidifying on your teeth’s surface.

      While it won’t eliminate stains that are already there, this added benefit is still useful.

      The tubes also come with breath strips.

      They dissolve in your mouth after just seconds.

      These strips cover up bad breath with a heavy fragrance of their own, replacing nasty breath with minty freshness.

      That’s a bit generic, but we can’t really complain when it’s a novel solution for a widespread problem.

      Of course, there’s plenty of people that won’t use the breath strips, and that adds a little cost to the pack.

      Given how cheap it already is, though, this isn’t a major flaw.

      The flavor isn’t super sharp mint, either.

      Instead, it’s a rather tasty peppermint that doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds or leave your mouth feeling full or “tacky.”

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Good flavor
      Excellent properties


      Strips aren’t essential

      2. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      This toothpaste uses activated charcoal as its main ingredient, giving it excellent anti-cavity properties without being rough on teeth.


      Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Coconut Oil
      Effects: Cleans, Whitens, Freshens
      Amount: 4 oz
      Taste: Mint

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent choice for men with sensitive teeth.

      Definitely one of the best charcoal toothpaste in the market.

      Key Features

      This toothpaste uses activated charcoal for its primary ingredient, rather than sodium fluoride.

      This change allows the toothpaste to be still effective at getting rid of germs and bacteria without being quite as rough on your teeth as fluoride.

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      You see, fluoride is a great antibacterial ingredient, but it can be a little uncomfortable for men that have sensitive teeth.

      Activated charcoal toothpaste is a lot gentler and can even strengthen your enamel over time.

      In addition to these benefits, the activated charcoal will help your teeth become whiter over time and freshen your breath.

      In fact, the teeth whitening effect granted by the activated charcoal is better than many other commercial toothpastes which use traditional fluoride as their main ingredient.

      The coconut oil included keeps the toothpaste smooth and easy to swish around your mouth.

      It can get in between the crevices of your teeth and the tops of your gums without a problem.

      There’s also some mint extract to provide a fresh flavor to the toothpaste.

      To make things even better, this activated charcoal toothpaste also comes with a fresh toothbrush.

      It’s great as a backup tool or perfect for guys who are moving out for the first time and need to get a collection of staple bathroom products together.

      However, there is a significant downside to this toothpaste.

      The activated charcoal is a lot grainier in feel than many other kinds of toothpaste.

      You’ll have to spend a few minutes after brushing just rinsing your mouth out to get all the activated charcoal particles.

      You should also pay more attention during your flossing routine to ensure that everything is adequately rinsed.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Good for sensitive teeth
      Whitens well
      Comes with toothbrush


      Grainy mouthfeel
      Have to rinse longer

      3. FineVine Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      FineVine Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      This toothpaste uses charcoal and other natural ingredients to whiten your teeth while cleaning them capably.


      Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil
      Effects: Whitens, Cleans, Freshens
      Amount: 5 oz
      Taste: Peppermint

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent choice for men with sensitive teeth, which are also at risk of coffee or tea staining.

      Key Features

      This toothpaste also uses activated charcoal as a key ingredient, but it also combines some other active substances to be an even more thorough toothpaste product.

      It uses coconut oil, which provides better teeth whitening properties that we’ve seen in practically any other toothpaste, and which also acts as an antiseptic agent.

      Peppermint oil gives it a fresh flavor each time you brush.

      Meanwhile, the toothpaste is loaded with baking soda, which changes the pH of your mouth to make it a terrible environment for bacteria.

      When all of these ingredients combine, you have an excellent antibacterial paste that can freshen your breath and clean your teeth far more effectively than other brands.

      The pace is also great for men with sensitive teeth.

      The activated charcoal and baking soda aren’t tough enough to cause any significant discomfort, although you run into the same issue here as we explained with the last charcoal toothpaste.

      The grains of the charcoal can quickly become trapped between your teeth or remain after a quick rinse.

      You’ll have to rinse thoroughly and floss well to make sure that you clean everything up correctly.

      That being said, this toothpaste does provide plenty of excellent benefits and is one of the best teeth whitening charcoal toothpaste.

      We think it’s well worth an extra couple of minutes rinsing.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon


      Very good for sensitive teeth
      Excellent whitening properties
      Tastes good


      Grainy texture from charcoal

      4. CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste

      CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste

      This toothpaste doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, but it is very effective regardless.


      Ingredients: Fluoride
      Effects: Whitens, Cleans
      Amount: 7 oz
      Taste: Gentle Mint

      Who Is It Best For?

      This might be an ideal choice for men who want to a toothpaste that can get the main cleaning job done without a lot of bells and whistles.

      Key Features

      This is a simple toothpaste that uses fluoride as its active ingredient.

      It’s also been pH balanced, which can help make your mouth more or less acidic depending on its current pH level.

      This paste lacks any unnatural ingredients and is free from any of the more questionable compounds found in many store-brand toothpaste products, like alcohol, triclosan, and sulfates.

      Despite using sodium fluoride, our testers found that it was reasonably acceptable when it came to brushing with sensitive teeth.

      It’s not quite as gentle as activated charcoal or coconut oil, but it was far from the worst experience they’d had so far.

      In fact, this toothpaste felt particularly gentle on the gums which makes it one of the best toothpaste for gums.

      It also had some good success when it came to whitening teeth that were starting to become stained from coffee, soda, or tea.

      Odds are that you won’t need to use whitening strips if you use this toothpaste exclusively.

      The flavor on display is a generic gentle mint.

      Overall, it’s a decent paste that provides a lot of the stuff for your purchase.

      The only thing we’d add is a better flavor since the one it comes tastes somewhat artificial.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Sensitive despite fluoride
      Simple and effective
      Affordable and lots in the tube


      The flavor is average/boring

      5. Listerine Essential Care Original Gel Toothpaste

      Listerine Essential Care Original Gel Toothpaste

      This toothpaste is easily the most intense of the pack.


      Ingredients: Fluoride
      Effects: Cleans, Freshens
      Amount: 6 tubes of 4.2 oz each
      Taste: Mint

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent toothpaste for men who need serious help fighting their bad breath with a heavy mint smell.

      Key Features

      This toothpaste pack has a high cost initially, but you get six tubes.

      Each has a relatively substantial amount of paste inside.

      It’s a great budget pick for this reason, particularly if you need to stock up on the best toothpaste for bad breath for the foreseeable future.

      The toothpaste is made of fluoride and a few other typical ingredients, so there’s not much to see there that we haven’t seen elsewhere.

      But this toothpaste is one of the best when it comes to brushing your breath thanks to its dominant mint flavor.

      The mint flavor is a double-edged sword.

      It’s excellent for covering up bad breath and making you smell a lot fresher than you did before application, but it’s also incredibly overwhelming for some people.

      It leaves your mouth tingling and can make drinking water eating food downright unpleasant if you’ve used the toothpaste in the recent past.

      This is a trade-off, plain and simple.

      This toothpaste is one of the best when it comes to freshening breath, but it means that you have to withstand an intense mint blast.

      It definitely comes with one of the strongest breath mints which arguably makes it the best toothpaste for smokers.

      Aside from this factor, it’s excellent for cleaning your teeth and strengthening their enamel over time.

      It can help tackle coffee or tea stains, although it’s not the most whitening product we’ve seen.

      Overall, we’d recommend this pack if you need a lot of toothpaste for an affordable overall price or if you want to overwhelm bad breath with brute fragrance force.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Great at covering bad breath
      Comes with six tubes
      Protects teeth well from bacteria


      Mint flavor is super strong

      6. ECCO PURE Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      ECCO PURE Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

      This charcoal toothpaste is another natural product that costs a bit more than average per ounce.


      Ingredients: Activated Charcoal
      Effects: Whitens, Cleans, Freshens
      Amount: 2.8 oz
      Taste: Spearmint

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is an excellent choice for men with sensitive teeth who don’t mind spending a little extra for the best ingredients.

      Key Features

      This toothpaste uses activated charcoal as its primary ingredient.

      In fact, it has one of the smallest ingredients lists we’ve seen on a toothpaste thus far.

      It’s a lot like brushing your teeth with your activated charcoal and little else.

      This comes with a standard warning about grainy texture and having to rinse your mouth thoroughly once you’re finished brushing.

      But it also comes with the excellent benefits seen with other charcoal tubes of toothpaste: namely that it helps with sensitive teeth while cleaning and whitening them to great effect.

      It’s also pretty good for freshening your breath as a whole since it’s flavored with mild spearmint.

      It’s not a strong enough flavor to overwhelm you.

      The brush also comes with a bamboo toothbrush.

      This stylish accessory will look great on your bathroom counter and has a nicely shaped handle for easy gripping while you work.

      However, there is a significant downside to this if your charcoal toothpaste.

      It’s a little pricey considering that you get less than 3 ounces for the purchase.

      While the presence of the toothbrush offsets this somewhat, this remains a toothpaste better bought as a curiosity or novelty than a regular, frequent-use paste.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Cleans whitens and freshens well
      Comes with bamboo toothbrush
      Good for sensitive teeth


      Not much in the tube
      Grainy texture

      7. Oxyfresh Maximum Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste

      Oxyfresh Maximum Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste

      This toothpaste uses a unique ingredient combination to excellent and a cavity and breath-freshening effect.


      Ingredients: Citrus oils, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Zinc
      Effects: Cleans, Freshens
      Amount: 3 oz
      Taste: Lemon and spearmint

      Who Is It Best For?

      This oxyfresh toothpaste is an excellent choice for men who prefer natural products and who might appreciate a lesser-known taste.

      Key Features

      This toothpaste as one of the more unique formulas we’ve seen.

      A patented Oxygene formula combines unique ingredients like various citrus and other fruit oils and natural compounds to create a gentle and light toothpaste that’s fantastic with sensitive teeth.

      Since it doesn’t use fluoride or any other harsh ingredient, sensitive teeth have nothing to fear from this toothpaste.

      The various fruit oils are combined with a light spearmint flavor.

      This makes an original taste that you won’t find replicated in many other toothpaste products.

      Even though it uses a unique formula, it still great for cleaning away germs and bacteria from in between your teeth.

      This has a subtle breath freshening effect, which is only bolstered by the presence of the fruit oils and spearmint.

      The real downside to this toothpaste is its high asking price.

      It’s one of the best natural products out there, but you’ll have to shell out a few more bucks for only a few ounces of paste each time.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Very good for sensitive teeth
      Original flavor
      Made of natural ingredients



      8. Philips Sonicare Breathrx Whitening Toothpaste

      Philips Sonicare Breathrx Whitening Toothpaste

      This toothpaste is simple but more active than usual when it comes to getting rid of coffee or tea stains.


      Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride
      Effects: Whitens, Cleans, Freshens
      Amount: 4 oz
      Taste: Mint

      Who Is It Best For?

      This toothpaste is particularly suitable for men who need some assistance whitening their teeth.

      Key Features

      This simple toothpaste uses sodium fluoride as its active staple ingredient.

      This automatically provides it with excellent anti-cavity and antibacterial properties, but this particular formula also has unique whitening capabilities.

      Our testers found that it was one of the best toothpaste when it comes to removing coffee or tea stains from their teeth.

      Although it won’t entirely change the shade of your teeth from yellow to white, it’ll help stave off the gradual discoloration if you’re a frequent coffee drinker, for instance.

      The sodium fluoride and other ingredients kill enough bacteria to grant this toothpaste some excellent freshening capabilities as well.

      It uses a generic mint flavor that certainly tastes a little artificial, but this isn’t a huge deal overall.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Great for whitening
      Excellent anti-cavity properties
      Neutralizes bad breath quickly


      Generic, artificial taste

      Other very nice toothpaste include:

      • Therabreath toothpaste
      • Smartmouth toothpaste
      • Biotene – arguably the best toothpaste for dry mouth

      Frequently Asked Questions About Toothpaste and Bad Breath

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now you’ve got your toothpaste, but bad breath will go away with a single brushing. Let’s get into some people asked questions about tackling bad breath holistically.

      Bad breath is a prevalent condition that affects virtually everyone at some point in their life.

      Simply because of how widespread it is, you might have already guessed that there isn’t a single condition that can curse you with bad breath by itself.

      In reality, most bad breath is caused by a combination of factors. So, you’ll need to use toothpaste and adjust your hygiene and other aspects to really rid yourself of bad breath.

      Oral Health

      For starters, if you have bad oral health, you can expect bad breath to be following you wherever you eat.

      Excessive bacteria always cause bad odor both in your mouth and on your skin.

      In fact, bacteria are what causes bad body odor, as well.

      The reason it’s so easy to get affected by lots of bacteria is due to the shape and nature of your mouth.

      You’re always stuffing food and drink inside, and these compounds provide plenty of fuel for any bacteria that happen to be living in your mouth of the time.

      With fuel comes growth, and bacteria that get a chance to settle into your mouth will eventually form plaque and start to eat away at the surface of your teeth or gums.

      This is why brushing and flossing everything is so important.

      Bacteria are always trying to grow and spread inside them out, so constant maintenance is always required to keep things fresh and healthy.

      There are a million different spots where bacteria can grow that you don’t think about all the time: in between your teeth, by your gums, in the back of your mouth, or even on the surface of your tongue.

      The tongue is one of the most common places that people experience terrible bacteria growth because, so few people brush it.

      But it has a terribly uneven surface that’s perfect for bacteria of many different species.

      Essentially, taking care of your oral health and brushing and flossing frequently will help eliminate a lot of your bad breath issues.


      Your diet can also affect your breath, and a bad diet is known to contribute to gum disease, although this should come as no surprise to anyone.

      Your mouth leads straight into your esophagus, which leads to your stomach, where everything that you eat or drink is collected for digestion.

      However, while food might smell heavenly before you eat it, once it’s in your stomach, it’ll start to break down in your digestive juices.

      This process is not always the freshest and can lead to harmful odor rising from your stomach and back up through your mouth.

      In particular, flavorful but heavy scented foods like garlic, onions, and all kinds of spices will leave lasting remnants on your breath as they’re digested by your stomach.

      Even after you brush your teeth directly following such a meal, you should expect a little bit of the fragrance to remain on your breath just as a result of natural processes.

      This is why mints are a great addition to anyone trying to fight bad breath.

      They provide instant breath improvement and can easily cover up the remnant fragrances that might be a result of your diet or digestion.

      While mints don’t replace toothpaste and good oral hygiene by a long shot, they’re a nice boost when you need good breath in a hurry.

      Saliva Production

      Drinking coffee or alcohol can often have adverse effects on your breath.

      This is because both caffeine, which is in coffee, and alcohol reduce the amount of saliva that your mouth produces.

      Saliva serves a vital role in both moderating bacteria growth and keeping your mouth a healthy place.

      Less saliva means that more bacteria have free reign to grow and cause odor.

      This isn’t to say that a single cup of coffee or one beer will cause you to have bad breath.

      Decreased saliva production usually only occurs after a consistent consumption of either type of drink.

      Habitual drinkers of coffee or alcohol will experience dryer mouth’s in general and thus likely have more bacteria than someone who only drinks them sparingly.

      However, you don’t have to give up your coffee habit or social drinking just yet.

      Making sure that you brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day and keeping up with flossing is more than enough to combat the extra bacteria that might arise as a result.

      Still, it’s good to know that drinking either of these beverages can make your bad breath worse.

      These two drinks aren’t the only culprits when it comes to dry mouth.

      If you are suffering from a condition which makes your mouth dry, or if you’re being given medication that lowers saliva production, you can experience the same bad breath increase described above.

      In these cases, brushing and flossing very well are still your best bets for success.


      If you’re suffering from a common cold or another illness, this may have adverse effects on your breath.

      Colds are particularly nasty when it comes to halitosis since they usually involve a lot of snot running down the back of your throat into your stomach.

      This stuff can waft back up to your mouth, giving you a signature “sickly” smell.


      While excessive sugar is bad for you in many ways, it also provides lots of extra fuel for bacteria living in your mouth.

      Eating fewer sweets is a great way to start bacteria and make your mouth a much more unwelcome place for those microscopic enemies.


      Smoking can also make your breath much worse than average.

      For one, smoking doesn’t smell right to anyone, anyway, and putting that stuff in your mouth over and over is likely to make it linger long after you’ve put the cigarette out.

      For another, smoking damages your gum tissue and makes your mouth more vulnerable to gum disease and bacteria production in general.

      Like in all aspects of bodily health, smoking is terrible.

      If you can, you should try to quit if you want to have better breath consistently, and avoid gum disease.

      Most biological processes or conditions have a medical term that sounds a lot scarier than it actually is.

      Halitosis is just another name for bad breath.

      Its definition spans the breadth of all possible causes, so there isn’t a term for bad breath, specifically from lack of brushing versus bad breath only from your diet.

      Halitosis is a catch-all term for all kinds of bad breath.

      If your dentist diagnoses you with the condition, there’s no need to worry.

      Halitosis is conquerable with the right know-how and dedication.

      Morning breath is commonly thought of as a separate phenomenon, but it’s really just regular bad breath caused from dry mouth.

      Your mouth naturally doesn’t produce as much saliva while you sleep, so when you wake up in the morning, you’ll usually be treated to stinky breath.

      In most cases, you don’t need to worry about this.

      Drink a glass of water to kickstart your saliva production, and you should be fine.

      Cures for halitosis come in several types.

      Of course, improving your oral hygiene is the best method to enhance your breath overall, and you’ll start to see results immediately in most cases.

      While bad breath caused by your digestion won’t go away quite as fast, getting rid of the excess of bacteria and germs in your mouth will kill all of the odor production there and leave you with fresh breath sooner than you think.

      Changing your diet is also useful for long-term breath correction.

      This doesn’t mean that you can only enjoy bland foods and should avoid adding spices to all of your meals.

      ut limiting the amount of garlic that you eat, for instance, can quickly help your breath start to normalize toward a fresher standard.

      As we mentioned before, quitting smoking is always a good idea.

      There are more reasons than just bad breath reduction to stop the habit.

      Finally, visiting the dentist regularly is the number one way to get rid of bad breath when used in conjunction with twice-daily brushing and flossing.

      A standard dentist cleaning uses specialized tools to get rid of plaque and bacteria deeper in between your teeth and on their surfaces then you can usually achieve with the tools you have at home.

      Over time, bacteria in these places build up more and more and will eventually persist despite excellent brushing.

      Even the best brushers in the world still benefit from checking in the dentist about every six months.

      In addition to the cleaning, dentists will wax your teeth and make them look and feel a lot better.

      The cure for halitosis is best described as “persistence with your tooth care.”

      There’s no one pill or toothpaste you can use to get rid of bad breath; it takes effort and attention for as long as you live.

      Although none of these remedies should replace brushing entirely, they might be useful accessories to help you remove bad breath more quickly or tide you over until your next dentist appointment.

      Home remedies for bad breath can also be used similarly to mints.

      Basically, you can use these remedies to give your breath a quick pick me up before a date or an important social event.


      This herb has been a remedy for bad breath for centuries.

      It smells fresh by itself and has a lot of chlorophyll.

      This compound is what causes most plants to be green, and it has potent deodorizing effects.

      Chewing on a little bit of parsley after you’ve eaten a meal, particularly one with a lot of heavy tastes or fragrances, might be advantageous.


      Eating yogurt is both healthy for your body and helpful for your breath.

      Yogurt is filled with healthy bacteria that can overwhelm and crowd out the harmful bacteria that cause nasty odors.

      If you do decide to add some yogurt to your daily diet, remember only to eat 1 cup per day and use nonfat milk.

      Pineapple Juice

      This tasty beverage doesn’t really deodorize your mouth, but it has a strong enough fragrance of its own that it’s likely to cover up any bad breath that you might be experiencing at the moment.

      As such, it’s far from a long-term solution, but it can be a great temporary fix like a traditional mint.


      There are special zinc chewing gums that you can purchase to reduce bad breath. Zinc is useful since it lowers the number of sulfurous compounds found in your mouth.

      Since it has this property, zinc is usually found in mouthwashes, as well.

      Fennel Seeds

      These seeds can be consumed either roasted, coated with sugar, or simply plain.

      You can pop these into your mouth and chew them after eating a hearty meal to great results.

      Basically, these seeds have some aromatic essential oils in their shells that, when you chew, are released in which cover up any negative breath you might be experiencing.

      Green Tea

      The health benefits of green tea are numerous and well-studied.

      Of course, it’s great for your breath as well. Green tea has deodorizing effects and is a tasty beverage during the colder months.

      You can drink iced green tea during the summer for the same effect.

      Baking Soda Mouthwash

      Rather than heading to the store to purchase the latest big brand mouthwash, you can make your own at home for much less cost.

      Simply combine two teaspoons of baking soda to about one cup of warm water and mix well.

      Swish this mixture in your mouth for about 30 seconds and spit it out.

      Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a known antibacterial agent that we covered earlier in our guide.

      Making a simple wash with it is, therefore, an excellent way to kill excessive, odor-causing bacteria.

      Vinegar Mouthwash

      You can make a second homemade mouthwash using vinegar as the primary ingredient instead.

      Vinegar has acetic acid in its formula.

      Since bacteria can’t grow in acidic environments, swishing some of this acid around in your mouth can help reduce their growth.

      To make the mouthwash, combine one cup of water with two tablespoons of regular white or apple cider vinegar.

      After mixing, swishing in your mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting it out.

      Don’t forget these extra tips for tackling your halitosis problems.

      Brush and Floss Twice A Day

      We’ve mentioned it plenty of times in our guide already, but just to reiterate, brushing and flossing twice per day is the recommended frequency by dentists all around the world.

      In fact, brushing and flossing immediately after every meal is preferred if oral hygiene is your number one concern, but this frequency isn’t achievable by most people.

      Instead, brushing and flossing your teeth immediately after breakfast and shortly after dinner is ideal.

      This limits the amount of time that you have food sitting between your teeth and prevents bacteria from getting much of an opportunity to set up shop and harden into plaque.

      Use your new toothpaste frequently.

      After all, you bought it to do a job!

      Use Mouthwash

      Mouthwash can’t eliminate halitosis by itself, but it can be a great accessory when combined with frequent brushing and flossing.

      Using mouthwash once a day can help eliminate some bad breath, particularly that which comes from more rooted bacteria in your mouth or the back of your throat.

      We’ve done a guide on the best mouthwashes for men if you’d like to know more.

      Drink Plenty of Water

      Dry mouth, remember, is a significant cause of bad breath across the world.

      Everyone wakes up with morning breath is experiencing it!

      Therefore, keeping your mouth moist and your saliva production up is essential.

      Saliva production is very efficient.

      If you’re not using your mouth, your body will automatically stop producing as much saliva, possibly leading to dryness.

      Drinking a small glass of water every now and again will keep your mouth thinking saliva and keep it wet automatically, as well.

      Change Your Toothbrush Every Three Months

      Lots of guys and up keeping the same toothbrush for years on end.

      This is a mistake since toothbrush heads can become frayed and the bristles can become less effective over time.

      Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush head about every three months.

      If you have an electric toothbrush, purchasing refills usually allows you to grab a package of replacements with each purchase.

      Manual toothbrush users will usually need to purchase an entirely new tool each time.

      However, despite these lifetime costs, the benefits are worthwhile.

      A toothbrush that can’t effectively brush your teeth isn’t worth space in your bathroom, anyway.

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