Shavette vs Safety Razor 2024 – Battle of the Replaceables


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    Shavette vs safety razor - Two great wet shaving tools!

    If you’re just getting into wet shaving there are a wide variety of tools that have different functions and shave quite differently.

    In this article, I will be going over two popular types of razors that you can use to get started on your journey.

    Let’s go over the differences between a shavette razor and a safety razor in this Shavette vs Safety razor battle.

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      Shavette vs Safety Razor
      Left: Parker sr1 shavette with replaceable half DE blade.
      Right: Edwin Jagger de89lbl safety razor with DE blade.

      Let’s Talk About Shavette vs Safety Razor

      Another name for shavette is disposable blade straight razor.

      Most shavettes come in a similar shape, form, and function as a traditional straight razor.

      This means that it contains a handle into which the blade folds.

      The main difference between a shavette vs safety razor is that the shavette uses disposable blades instead of one blade that needs to be sharpened over time, you have to learn how to sharpen a straight razor (shavette vs straight razor).

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      Because the shavette is very similar to a straight razor, it shaves like one also.

      This means that there is no protection from getting cut besides your own precision and skill using the tool.

      It is essentially a knife with an extremely sharp edge!

      Compared to a safety razor this makes it a lot harder to shave with.

      A secondary name that is used for straight razors and shavettes is cut-throat razor!

      Some Pros and Cons of Using a Shavette


      Shavettes are extremely fun to use because you just look badass while you are doing it.

      This is how men shaved for hundreds of years before traditional modern razors came along.

      It takes a lot of practice but once you get used to it, it is hard going back to modern cartridge razors.

      It is also great that you do not have to sharpen the razor.

      Once the disposable blade gets dull from too many uses, it is incredibly easy to replace it.

      Another benefit is that these replaceable blades are incredibly cheap, especially when compared to new razors such as the Mach 3 or Gillette fusion.

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      Shavette’s have a steep learning curve especially if you’re coming from a modern disposable razor.

      There is no protection from getting cut besides being very careful and taking it slow. Compared to safety razors, it is hard to get a proper angle while shaving.

      It is also more difficult to hold a shavette straight razor compared to a safety razor not only because of how it is shaped but also because of the grip that most of them provide.

      blade comparison
      Left: Half DE blade used in the majority of shavette’s.
      Right: Classic DE blade used in all safety razors.

      Let’s Switch Over to Safety Razors: Shavette vs Safety Razor

      Safety razors came along around the year 1880.

      They were created so that barbers and wet shavers could have a safer way to shave.

      The skill needed to get a close shave with a safety razor is much less compared to straight razors and shavettes.

      The reason for this comes down to the design of the safety razor.

      The head of the safety razor is designed so that the safety bar as well as the top piece of the head sandwich the double-edged safety blade.

      While you’re shaving the majority of the contact on the skin is taken by this safety bar and the top of the razor head.

      This results in less pressure being applied to the edge of the blade.

      While it is not impossible to cut yourself with a safety razor, it significantly reduces the risk.

      Here Are Some Pros and Cons of Using a Safety Razor


      The largest benefit of using a safety razor is that it requires much less skill and practice to get a baby butt smooth shave when compared to a straight razor or shavette.

      There are a wide variety of safety razors to choose from making it a collector’s dream.

      There are also multiple different types of double-edged safety blades that you can try out to find which ones are right for you.

      Safety razors typically come with excellent grip, they have great balance in your hand and they are a lot of fun to shave with.

      Compared to modern cartridge razors, shaving with a safety razor is infinitely cheaper.

      The razor blades that they use typically cost less than five cents and last for approximately 5 shaves.

      We have tested and researched an endless amount of safety razors and have developed a list of the best.

      Check it out!

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      Using a safety razor still takes a good amount of practice compared to modern cartridge razors.

      You also run the risk of cutting yourself off by replacing the blades.

      You also need to perform upkeep on your safety razors.

      Compared to straight razors and shavette razors, you just don’t look as badass doing it.

      There’s nothing like holding a knife to your face and scraping off facial hair!

      Conclusion – Shavette vs Safety Razor

      Well, I hope everyone has learned something from my article on the Shavette vs Safety Razor!

      Using a Shavette is definitely more old school than using a safety razor but requires much more practice and precision in order to get the same quality shave.

      Both instruments use replaceable blades which is extremely helpful and cheap as well.

      Overall both tools are incredibly fun to use while wet shaving and I highly suggest you try both of them out.

      I use both safety razors and Shavette’s depending on how I am feeling and I love having both weapons in my arsenal.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Shavette vs Safety Razor

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