Should Guys Shave Their Legs? Reviewed


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      Like so many men, you are wondering should guys shave their legs or what does it mean if a guy shaves his legs?

      Now one answer does not fit all.

      Obviously, many athletes shave legs for performance/comfort purposes including bikers and swimmers.

      Bodybuilders also shave their legs as this will give the appearance of larger more defined muscular development and definition.

      For the average man though the decision to shave one’s legs should be made carefully.

      We are here to answer your queries, should guys shave their legs or do men shave their legs?

      You should consider the following points when determining whether should guys shave their legs or not!

      Should Guys Shave Their Legs

      1. The Majority of Women Think it is Weird for a Man to Shave His Legs

      Should you shave your legs before or after a shower?

      I have spoken to many women personally regarding the subject as well as performed research online by scouring through women’s forums and blogs and it seems to be fairly unanimous that women do not like a man’s legs smoother than their own.

      This is not to say that there are no women out there that really do like the look and feel of a man with shaved legs.

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      So if you have a significant other, feel free to ask them what they prefer and you may follow suit.

      2. Significant Maintenance Required

      Once you shave your legs in the shower, there is consistent upkeep required to get them looking good and feeling smooth.

      All women no matter if they prefer to shave legs before or after showering, unanimously agree little prickly hairs that form during the initial regrowth are not comfortable to rub up against and are not aesthetically pleasing either.

      So whether you decide to shave, wax, or use any other hair removal product you must remain consistent or you will be worse off than where you started.

      3. Consider which hair removal method is best for you

      • Shave with a razor

      Having to shave legs in a shower with a razor is one of the cheapest and least painful methods for hair removal.

      But the amount of maintenance is more extensive as one will have to shave every couple of days to maintain smooth hairless legs.

      If you decide to use this method, you must consider whether one stopped shaving legs with some form of a double edge razor such as a safety razor, a traditional cartridge razor, or an electric razor.

      The manscape razor is easy to use but does not provide as close a shave (Check out the best body hair trimmers here).

      • Dipilatory ( e.g. Nair or Bikini Bare):

      This method is fairly pain-free (definitely less so than waxing)!

      The costs are significantly cheaper as the product costs between $4 – $12.

      For the men who shave their legs, their hair will begin to grow back within a day or two so consistent maintenance is still required, but the process only takes a couple of minutes.

      Be sure to check out the best hair removal for men article for the complete guide on the best products out there including depilatories.

      • Laser treatment:

      Laser hair removal is a viable option, but as you probably already know, it is not an inexpensive procedure.

      On average, each session costs $235 and multiple sessions are required to obtain significant hair reduction.

      You will definitely want to do your homework if you’re considering this method or rather be guys with shaved legs. 

      4. Exceptions Should be Made for Extremely Hairy Legs

      As a general rule, women don’t mind hair on men’s legs but there is a limit.

      If you are a man with extremely dark, thick, hairy legs you definitely may want to consider how to shave legs men and take some form of action.

      This sort of hair growth is not necessarily a dealbreaker for most women but it is not preferred.

      If your in this category, be pick up an electric shaver vs razor for legs to keep it tamed.

      5. Trimming of the Hair is a Viable alternative Option

      Should I shave my legs as a guy? 

      Especially for those men who have extremely hairy legs who may not want to go to the extreme of shaving one’s legs and commit to such maintenance, you can consider trimming leg hair to a more manageable length and thickness.

      But how to trim leg hair? This will require the use of electric clippers.

      Simply attach one of the longer combs to the trimmer and simply run the trimmer up your legs against the grain.

      I have found men trimming leg hair, the length of around a half-inch sufficiently thins the hair to a respectable appearance but is not too short that the hair will feel rough or prickly.

      This process can be completed in a matter of a couple of minutes and only needs to be performed every week or two for most cases.

      Many men shaving legs have found this is a great alternative to the shaved guy legs due to the lack of judgment from women and the minimal maintenance required.

      Check out this guide on the top body hair trimmers to get started.

      Final Thoughts on Should Guys Shave Their Legs

      As you can see the answer to: “should guys shave their legs?” is not so clear-cut.

      I hope this article was helpful in laying out the applicable considerations, options, and exceptions that one should contemplate when determining if shaving your legs is the right choice for you.

      Be sure to check out Should Guys Shave Their Armpits, Arm Hair, Chest Hair, and/or Back Hair article as well as the best nose hair trimmer article if you’ve got some pesky nose and ear hair you need to tame as well.

      Please let me know your thoughts, comments, or questions in the comment box below.

      I’m happy to help answer any follow-up questions regarding do guys shave their legs? and always appreciate additional insights and perspectives on this topic.

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      14 thoughts on “Should Guys Shave Their Legs? Reviewed”

      1. I like to know why men cant shave their legs.Some men do not like hair on their legs.I used to shave mine.I had gotten my hair removed from my legs with electrolysis.Ive had women smile hat me when I show off my legs with shorts on. I like the idea of not having hair on them.It makes me feel cooler and they look better without the hair.I AM NOT gay,but why do people think a man is gay shaving their legs.I see nothing wrong in doing it.I find that A LOT OF WOMEN DO LIKE THE LOOK OF MEN,mine in particular,of not having no hair on mine.My legs look really great and I don’t care what people think

        1. Life is too short to worry about what others think about your appearance. I hear all sorts of stupid reasons why one shouldn’t shave. The biggest one being its manly to have hair or its natural. So if it’s natural then why do women shave theirs? Actually there’s plenty of places around the world that women don’t. I trim mine especially in the summer. Usually with a #1 or #1.5 clipper guard. I like my shorts short also. If I wanted capris I would buy some. What’s the point of shorts that dangle down below your knees? And I am not gay and am happily married to a woman. Do what you want phil

        2. Hairy legs turn me on very sexy grrrrrr. Fondle hair make me erection so quick you see different result with out hair feel nothing unsexy

        3. I’m a straight man to , I shave my legs and wear shorts and sandals , it feels great and more comfortable , I never had complaints from any woman at all. .

        4. Right on Phil, I feel exactly the same way. I’m not gay or overly manly I suppose, but I do like my legs and the rest of the body clean of any hair. In the Native American Indian world we might be considered a “Two Spirit” man, one who shares both male and female qualities and spirit, I’m OK with that.

        5. Yes I am 18 and for the majority of my teenage years I’ve had black thick long leg hairs. I decided recently that I wanted to just trim them and finally clean up a bit. It felt really good, I then decided to fully shave the legs with a razor cause why not. I’m not gonna now down to the stereotypes that only females are supposed to have shaven legs, and obviously as friends noticed I was called “gay” and “weird” . Me personally I feel so much cleaner and since going back to the gym and playing sports post lockdown, I feel so much more comfortable wearing shorts.
          Every persons body is different and hair growth is determined through Genetics, a man should not feel embarrassed about shaving their legs. Everyone has different opinions about leg hair/body hair, one girl may think it’s very strange while another finds it extremely attractive.

      2. Hi. I don’t agree so many women don’t tolerate shaved legs on men. Many men also don’t tolerate body hair on women, but that should’t stop them from quit shaving, to filter men who are not worth it. Same for me, a woman with a strong preference on me having hair or no hair is not worth it. What’s she gonna say when I paint my fingernails black, for instance? 😀
        “So whether you decide to shave, wax, or use any other hair removal product you must remain consistent or you will be worse off than where you started.” I’d understand for shaving, but why for waxing?
        You think shaved hair grows actually thicker? Isn’t it a myth. No rudeness, just curious genuninely.

        1. It is a myth that shaved hair grows back thicker, it doesn’t. After shaving growth does cause hair to split and there will be two hairs from one. Shaving also makes your hair grow back way faster then waxing kinda like you trim your hair to help it grow.

      3. I shave my legs mainly during summer and fall because I live in a tick invested area. I have had many problems with Lyme disease in my life. I feel I have a better chance of finding ticks if I don’t have hair on my legs.

      4. I have been thinking about getting a rid of my body hair from about my 18, about 1995. But it was difficult to do it and to be seen by my brother and parents and not considered weird and gay and future sissy etc. So I waited another 20 years and then arranged a laser treatment and finally got rid of the hair like forever. My body looks clean and sexy to me. Just pity of the tattooed areas, that areas couldn’t be treated. I try electrolysis, hair by hair, but it is a bit painful and you have to repeat it again and again sometimes. So, don’t care about the others, just do it! Many girls struggle with their hairy armpits and their hedgehoggy legs (I had 2 such girlfriends) and hairy nipples, that’s worse thing I guess:-)).

      5. I shave my legs and pubic hair I’m not gay I’m married I feel the difference when running and cycling as I wear lycra running and cycling tights and shorts my wife is all for me shaving now the fake tan is getting applied now . Don’t knock it until you try it .
        Don’t judge a book by its cover 😇

      6. Started shaving my legs a year ago and never felt better,even purchased a home lazer and am almost completly hairless on my legs after a feeling is when my wife and i are freshly shaven,dont think i will ever let my hair grow again

      7. If I shave my upper body hair, is shaving my legs required to balance it out? Or can I just trim my leg hair instead?

        1. Hi Mohammed,

          I guess it all depends on how significant the contrast is. If you have very hairy legs, I think trimming your leg hair is a good way to go. Shaving is not necessary.

      8. I shave my legs in the winter months, since I won’t be wearing shorts. I have always wanted to do it and a few years ago I went through Chemo of course my hair came out and I went ahead and shaved what remained. since then I shave them every winter and my wife just puts up with it. She does not like it but I love it. Nothing is better than having silky smooth legs. I also enjoy some crossdressing which adds to having shaved legs. I have only went out a couple of times with shorts on and to my surprise nobody said anything. This winter when I shave I plan on doing that more as I have gotten more bold over the years.

      9. I also shave my legs once in a while though its kind of embarrassing so I do it in winter when I’ll be wearing pants. My legs tend to get dry but putting lotion on shaved legs is way easier than hairy legs.

      10. I shaved my legs last week. I have shaved them several times over the years. I love having shaved legs as it feels so much cleaner and I think it looks better. I go out in shorts and no one really bothers. My wife isn’t keen so will let it grow back at some point. Apart from my back and arms, everything else is shaved.

        1. I’ve shaved my legs for 10 years. Had very hairy legs and very little hair above the waist, looked like an extra pair of pants under my shorts! Now, shaved nose to toes! Wife likes the look and so do ladies at the coffeeshop!

      11. I tried shaving my legs one summer. It was ok, I got a good tan and many looks. It felt nice under the sheets, but it got to be a lot of maintenance. I quit shaving them, and now I’m back to having hairy legs. I just hoped none of my co workers noticed, but I’m sure they did. Going from hairy legs to hairless legs, then back to hairy legs should’ve been obvious.

      12. Why should we men worry about what women ( or men ) think about it in the first place ? I shave my legs, my arms, armpits, chest, pubes you name it. It feels clean, looks better and most important, it is my choice. If people don’t like it, lump it. Their problem. If you want hairy legs, be my guest but not my cup of tea. It’s about time we men stop being afraid for other peoples opionion concerning these issues. Why can’t we be or do what we want ? Want smooth legs ? Get rid of the jungle and to h*ll what others think of it.

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