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      Should I Shave My Balls

      To shave or not to shave your balls?

      That is the first question that must be answered before we dig into the details and instructions on how to do so.

      How to shave your balls?

      The decision to shave your balls is solely up to you.

      People generally ask questions such as Is it important to shave the balls?, should I shave my balls?, how to shave testicles? and the best way to manscape.

      It’s a matter of personal preference and I respect everyone’s decision on whether to or not to shave their balls.

      I will simply lay out the facts from what I have learned from personal experience as well those that I’ve talked to and the many forums/blogs I have read:

      • The majority of women like a man with smooth shaved balls or at least well groomed/trimmed. If you are looking for more attention down there, a smooth clean scrotum may be the answer to your prayers as most women are unlikely to want to play with your bits if they think they’ll be coughing up a hairball the next day. Some women do prefer a hairy scrotum, so if you have a significant other, I would recommend you check in with her/him to see what they prefer, but you should always keep in mind that in the end it is your decision to make.
      • Having less hair around your junk will make it look bigger. This is no myth, give it a try and you will see the difference.
      • Just like a new shirt or a new haircut, having nicely shaved balls will put that extra skip on your step, give you that extra ounce of mojo juice, that extra boost of confidence that will shine through and have women magnetize towards you even more.
      • Less pubic hair will results in a better smelling pubic region as hairs pickup odor.
      • The hairless scrotum also increases sensitivity. Many men have found this heightened sensitivity to be very rewarding.
      • Probably not really much of a worry for most of you, but I thought I would include the fact that it also reduces your chances of contracting crabs.

      As I am attempting to remain non-biased, it is only fair to also include the potential cons of shaving one’s balls which include potential nicks and cuts, skin irritation, ingrown hairs, pimples, itchiness, and higher chance of STD transmittal, but with the instructions I provide below, all of these issues can be avoided.

      Whether you decide to shave your balls or not, general maintenance of the entire pubic region I believe is essential. Be sure to check out the How to Shave Your Pubes article for instruction on how to maintain the rest of the pubic region.

      Best Way to Shave Your Balls

      How To Shave Your Balls

      First off, before I go into detail in terms of the best ways to shave your balls,  I want to warn you that other methods such as depilatories (e.g. Nair) or waxing is not a viable alternative solution.

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      These methods will most likely cause serious irritation, as well as other symptoms including razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and/or pimples.

      Also, I would like to provide you the most important piece of advice up front in case you don’t finish reading this article in full before you set out on your quest to achieve smoothly shaved balls by manscaping.

      Golden Rule: Always have your skin pulled tight in the area in which you are shaving.

      If you stick to that rule you are already 80% there.

      Not adhering to this rule can result in serious harm.

      Okay, now that we’ve gotten those aspects out of the way let’s start from the top and work your way through all the steps necessary to achieve nice smoothly shaved balls in a safe and painless manner.

      1. Get The Necessary Supplies

      1. Electric trimmer or hand scissors (Find out which are the best body hair trimmers here)
      2. Pre-shave oil and shaving cream (Check out which are the best pre-shave oils and best shaving creams for sensitive skin)
      3. New, clean, quality cartridge razor with three or four blades. (Recommend Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion)
      4. Antiseptic
      5. Body powder

      2. Get Into A Good Position

      Not getting into a good position to remove hair from balls is like trying to throw a football without securely placing your fingers over the laces.

      I prefer sitting inside a bathtub as it puts you into a very stable position with the scrotum easily accessible, as well as provides for easy clean up as you can simply wash the remnants down the drain when you are finished.

      If you don’t have a bathtub, sitting down on the floor against the wall or on top of the toilet seat is also sufficient.

      In this case, I recommend placing newspaper around you as this will make cleanup far easier.

      3. Trim The Hair First

      Be sure to sufficiently trim your ball hair with an electric trimmer.

      This will allow you to have a much smoother shave as long hairs will not clog the razor.

      Trimming the hair down to a 1/4” or so should do the trick.

      If you do not have an electric trimmer you can simply use a pair of hand scissors.

      This will make it a much longer process but will get the job done.

      This step is especially important when shaving your balls if this is your first time or you have not shaved in a long while as the hairs will be especially long and thick.

      4. Warm Up The Scrotum

      Take a hot bath or dip your scrotum into warm water in some other fashion for at least a few minutes.

      This will soften up your skin and make it easier for you to stretch your skin taut when it is time to manscape.

      5. Apply Pre-shave Oil And Shaving Cream

      I recommend you apply a pre-shave oil as well as lather up your sac with a quality shaving cream before you start shaving away.

      The pre-shave oil and shaving cream will help loosen up your skin and ensure a smooth shave.

      This is no time to take shortcuts or skimp on purchasing products as you’re taking a razor to your manhood!

      The cost/benefit analysis is a no brainer.

      6. Shave

      Be sure to clean and disinfect the razor before starting as well as continue to clean the razor throughout the process ensuring there is no clogging of the blades by pubic hair.

      Like I said above, the golden rule is to be sure to pull your skin tight in the area in which the razor will be going over the skin.

      I prefer using short light strokes and really taking my time.

      This is not a job to be performed under time constraints!

      Now shaving against the grain will get you the closest shave but I would recommend shaving with the grain when you first start out to see how your skin reacts and allow yourself to gain more experience before making that next leap to shaving against the grain.

      7. Apply Antiseptic and Body Powder

      When you have finished shaving the balls,  the job is not quite over.

      Wash your scrotum thoroughly with warm water, then apply the antiseptic.

      This will help prevent any infections, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or any other form of irritation.

      Then apply the body powder.

      Your hair actually helps prevent chafing and soaks up excess moisture that builds up in your groin area so in the absence of such hair you must apply body powder to prevent your scrotum from getting clammy or itchy.

      8. Maintenance

      I recommend you apply the antiseptic once a day for the next couple of days which will further detour irritation.

      Also applying some kind of exfoliating product over the next couple days will help prevent ingrown hairs as well.

      The pubic hair of the scrotum usually does not grow too quickly so hopefully, you will not have to shave more than once every couple of weeks and I would definitely recommend not shaving more than once a week as anymore often will likely cause irritation.

      Additional Notes:

      Before we wrap it up there a couple other notes I would like to provide you:

      Helping Hand

      Consider recruiting a helping hand from your significant other.

      I have personally talked to many people who do just this.

      It can be a very enjoyable and intimate experience and women definitely do know their way around the razor so as much as it may seem crazy to put their man balls in the hands of another, it may likely be the better and safer option.

      Many women are experts on how to shave pubic hair for men

      Trimming As An Alternative

      A viable alternative option to simply shaving your balls clean is to trim your ball hair to a very reasonable length.

      If you’re not ready to take the plunge and get that razor right up against that skin, performing a simple trimming is the next best thing.

      Instruction on how to trim your balls is fairly simple.

      Just hold the skin tight and run the trimmer against the grain.

      I would not go any shorter than a 1/4”.

      Conclusion on How to Shave Your Balls

      Well, there you have it!

      Now you know all the ins and outs of how to shave your balls.

      If you follow these steps and pieces of advice you should have no issues obtaining those oh-so-desirable silky smooth balls.

      Avoid shaving your balls with a straight razor if you own one as these are quite aggressive and tricky to handle as opposed to safety razors or cartridge razors.

      Be sure to check out the other manscaping articles for more tips and instructions including should guys shave their armpits and more.

      As always, I appreciate any insights or comments you may have and I am happy to answer any additional questions as well.

      Please submit such comments and questions in the comment box below.

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