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    Getting the Most Out of Your Shave: Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

    There is a certain group of guys for whom the fact that they shave their face with a straight razor is something like a badge of honor.

    Still, other than making you feel like a total badass (which it definitely will do), there are many other benefits to shaving with a straight razor as well.

    But you must be certain that you know how to shave with a straight razor to avoid the accidents that come with straight razor shaving.

    Although we’ve previously touched on this a bit when discussing how to shave with a straight razor, the benefits of doing so can be so great that we felt it needed repeating.

    Of course, the only way to actually achieve the benefits of shaving with a straight razor is by using a high-quality razor and learning how to do it properly.

    Still, once you’ve got the tools you need and you get the hang of how to do it, you’ll probably start to wonder why you ever wasted your time on any other method.

    While it’s definitely not for every man, we’ve found that many men are more willing to try straight razors after learning about all of the benefits of shaving with a straight razor.

    So, without further ado, here are the top…

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      shaving with a straight razor

      Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

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      • Gives the Closest Possible Shave

      For those of you that are avid readers of this site or shaving enthusiasts, you should already know that using a single blade is far and away from the best method for getting a super close shave while avoiding irritation, razor burn, and other common shaving complaints.

      Still, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we again have to emphasize the fact that your choice of the razor is likely to blame for any of these problems you experience with straight blade razors.

      No matter what Gillette tries to tell you, more blades do not necessarily equal a closer shave.

      In fact, the only real benefit of multiple blade cartridge razors is that they lessen the time it takes to shave.

      On the other hand, while you’ll definitely have to spend a bit more time when shaving with a straight razor, no other method can compare when it comes to closeness.

      The only other method that comes close is the safety razor (Benefits of shaving with a safety razor).

      • Less Irritation

      The same as above.

      Using a single shaving blade will cut down on the amount of irritation you experience post-shave.

      Basically, the fewer times a razor blade goes over the skin, the less irritation you’ll feel afterward (infographic: science of shaving).

      The reason a Mach 3 or other cartridge razor saves you time is that you’re taking the equivalent of three or more strokes with every pass you make.

      Therefore, it only makes sense that you’ll also experience three times the irritation compared to using a straight razor, which can provide a close shave in many fewer strokes.

      • An Investment That Lasts a Lifetime

      One of the biggest reasons many men decide not to use a straight razor is that this method requires quite a high initial investment.

      The best straight razors are definitely not cheap, plus you’ll need to invest in a strop, hone, quality shaving bowl, a top-grade shaving brush, and various other accessories, all of which can seem quite expensive at first.

      However, the key here is to consider it all as an investment in your future, as virtually all of the products you’ll need will last for years, while the straight razor itself should easily last for the rest of your life with proper care.

      So, while it may seem like you’ve got to fork out an arm and a leg to get started, shaving with a straight razor should actually end up saving you some money in the long run.

      For me, a straight razor shave is still the best way to shave if you’re looking at how to get a closer shave.

      • Most Environmentally Friendly Method of Shaving

      As humans, we already create an unsustainable amount of trash and most methods of shaving do nothing to lessen this problem.

      While you may not think so, the amount of plastic and metal you’re tossing when using disposable or cartridge razors really adds up over time.

      Not to mention all those cans of shaving cream you’re throwing away as well.

      However, when you start shaving with a straight razor, you can virtually eliminate any and all trash associated with shaving.

      Not only will you no longer be throwing away razors or cartridges, but if you use the classic wet shaving method (how to get a close shave) with a top-quality shaving soap, you can ensure that your facial grooming routine creates virtually no trash whatsoever.

      • The Manliness Factor

      While this really shouldn’t factor into your decision as much as any of the other things we’ve mentioned, many men nonetheless feel that one of the biggest benefits of shaving with a straight razor is how incredibly manly it makes them feel.

      After all, there’s nothing like staring down death every time you need to shave, which is exactly what using a straight razor is (they didn’t earn the nickname “cutthroat razor” for nothing).

      Bar none, no other method of shaving even comes close to making you feel like as much of a badass as using a straight razor – it is definitely the proper way to shave.

      Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor: The Final Word

      As you can probably tell, we’re huge fans of straight razor shaving here at Prim & Prep—even if some of us don’t do it all that often.

      From a bigger picture perspective, we are advocates of traditional wet shaving, using a single blade razor, whether that be with a straight razor, shavette straight razors, or a top of the line safety razor.

      Knowing how to use a straight razor or shaving knife (as many refer to it) comes with practice and patience.

      While there are obviously better methods of shaving for those times you’re in a hurry (unless you want to end up a bloody disaster), even including using a quality electric shaver, there is also no other method that compares in terms of the quality of your shave.

      So, if you’ve got a somewhat steady hand and a bit of time to learn, we highly recommend you give straight razors a shot.

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