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    If you guys have read my article on how to clean a safety razor, you will recognize that this is a very similar process.

    In the video, I actually was cleaning a shavette razor to show you guys the process of how to clean a straight razor.

    The only reason I used a shavette was that they are basically the same except the shavette has more moving parts so it is slightly more difficult to clean.

    Let’s go over everything you will need in order to get your straight razor glimmering and if you’re on the lookout for a new straight razor, be sure to first check out our list of the best straight razors on the market today.

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      how to clean a straight razor - it's a simple process

      What you will need!

      What you will need

      You will most likely have all of these products around your house:

      Step #1

      How to Clean a straight Razor (Step 1)

      The first thing you need to do is fill a bowl or cup up with 4 ounces of warm water.

      Preferably this water will be filtered or boiled so that it will not leave behind any water residue when it dries.

      The next thing you need to do is add a few squirts of dish detergent.

      Make sure you’re not using dishwasher detergent as the razor blade cleaner.

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      Grab an old toothbrush that you will not be using and stir this mixture around.

      You should open your shavette hinges up so that all the areas can be cleaned thoroughly.

      Use the bristles to scrub off any soap scum on the razor and the handle.

      Make a minimum of three passes on your straight razor with the soapy water.

      The reason I use dish detergent is that it is a very light razor cleaner and it is particularly good on metals such as silverware.

      Step #2

      Clean with Qtip

      You should use a toothpick to get into any tight crevices where soap scum has built up.

      This is more applicable to shavette razors because there are more moving parts.

      If the soap scum is not loose enough to scrape off you can let your straight razor sit in the water for a few minutes and then try again.

      Step #3

      Step 3

      You should pour out the soapy water and clean the cup or bowl as thoroughly as you can.

      You should then add 4 ounces of isopropyl alcohol to the cup.

      The higher percentage of isopropyl alcohol that you have the better.

      The standard percentage of isopropyl alcohol is 91%.

      Also, make sure to clean out your toothbrush bristles so that there is no more soapy water.

      You will be doing the same process as in step one.

      Stir the toothbrush bristles in the isopropyl alcohol and then try to scrub out any remaining soap scum off your straight razor.

      You should make three passes with the alcohol as well.

      You will notice that the shine is starting to come through.

      This is how to disinfect a razor.

      Isopropyl alcohol is great because it acts as a disinfectant and also does a great job at polishing the metal.

      As you shave you will create a buildup of dead skin and even blood.

      It is a great idea to disinfect the razor once in a while.

      After you are done with the alcohol just let it dry as is.

      Isopropyl alcohol does not leave behind any residue and evaporates quickly.

      You may also use hydrogen peroxide after shaving to clean your razor.


      I hope you guys got some good tips on how to clean your straight razor.

      This article focused mainly on the best way to clean a razor after shaving than how to clean a razor blade for cutting (before shaving).

      An additional tip I can give you for proper straight razor maintenance is to dip your straight razor into a mason jar filled with isopropyl alcohol after every shave.

      Not only will it keep your razor sharpened, but it will also provide daily maintenance to keep your straight razor blade sterile (this is how to keep your razors sharp and how to sterilize a razor blade in a single process).

      Get out there and try this process and let me know how it works for you guys in the comments below!

      Additionally, you may also be interested in checking out how to clean a shaving brush as well as our infographic on the difference between safety razors vs straight razors.

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