Taconic Shaving Cream Review – Key Lime Pie Goodness!


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    Taconic Shave Lime Shaving Cream
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    • Taconic Shave Lime Shaving Cream
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    • Last modified: February 23, 2021
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    Review Summary:

    The tequila lime shaving cream is one of my all-time favorites. And although it is more difficult to build a perfect lather, the performance and hydration factor of this shaving cream is well worth it.


    • It smells like amazing key lime pie
    • It provides a very slick shave that is hydrating


    • It takes a little bit longer to build up the perfect lather
    • It does not last as long as other shaving soaps and creams

    Taconic Shaving Cream Review – Key Lime Pie Goodness!

    Hey guys and welcome to PNP.com!

    In today’s article I will be doing a Taconic shaving cream review.

    This company has three primary shaving creams that I have tried and are quite popular.

    They have Eucalyptus mint, Bay Rum, and tequila lime scents.

    I decided to focus on the tequila lime shaving cream for this review because it is my favorite one of the three and I have done too many Bay rum reviews to count.

    This is a very unique shaving cream that comes in a 4-ounce tub.

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    Currently, it is running for approximately $16 on Amazon which makes it a premium cream in terms of dollars per ounce.

    Let’s get right into my Taconic shave cream review so that you could see if it is worth the premium price.

    Also, be sure to check out how it compares to our list of the best shaving creams.

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      The Scent

      As I mentioned in the introduction paragraph, I am focusing on the tequila lime scent.

      In my opinion, it is not overwhelming like most creams on the market.

      And in all honesty, I love key lime pie so this cream tickles my fancy.

      When I first opened the tub I had a slight urge to take some of the creams out and taste it because it smelled so good just like any natural shaving cream would.

      Definitely smells a lot more like lime than it does tequila, but I do smell a hint of the tequila.

      If you are a fan of key lime pie, you will love the smell!

      The Latherability

      The lathering factor is probably the only negative thing I have to say about this shaving cream.

      It does take a lot more work compared to other shaving creams such as Proraso.

      I feel that I need to use a little bit more cream in order to get the right amount and the right consistency of lather that I prefer.

      It is recommended that you use a warm shaving bowl as well as a warm brush.

      Some soaps and creams you can get away with using cold water, but I highly recommend using warm water with Taconic products in order to build up a quality lather in less time.

      Because for this shaving cream brand, you have to use slightly more of the product, you will end up going through the tub a little bit faster than I would like.

      Once you do build the lather up it is extremely high-quality.

      The tequila lime scent definitely comes out with the lather which I find incredible.

      Be sure to check out who we have found to make the best shaving brushes that whip up a great lather.

      Taconic Shaving Cream on brush

      The Performance

      I definitely find the performance of this shaving cream better than most creams and soaps that I own.

      Even if you already know how to use shaving creams, it does take more work to build the lather but once you get it going it is very slick and dense.

      It does a fantastic job of hydrating your hairs.

      The passes that I make feel cool on my skin and I have no trouble getting through the hairs.

      Since it is difficult to build the lather, I have noticed that the product dissipates faster than I would like it if you do not spend enough time building the lather.

      It does take more practice to build the right consistency lather, but when you do there’s not too much trouble with dissipation.

      Unlike a lot of soaps and creams that I own, Taconic left my skin completely hydrated after the shave with no noticeable drying.

      If you feel any form of skin irritation (which I doubt you’ll), you can check for other shaving cream alternatives like shaving lotions or shaving gels (some believe these are less irritating to the skin).

      This is one of the most important factors when it comes to shaving creams for me.

      I was also very impressed with how slick the lather was.

      After a shaving pass, I am able to go back and make touchups because there is a slick film on my face remaining.

      The Longevity

      Because it requires a little bit more cream to build the proper lather, I end up going through the entire tub faster than I would like.

      If you are a daily shaver it should last you approximately 6 months at the very most.

      I wish they came in a 5-ounce tub but overall I think that the price is worth this unique scent and shave that you receive from the Taconic tequila lime shaving cream.

      Taconic Shaving Cream Review Conclusion

      If you are looking for a truly unique shaving cream with a particularly unique scent, Look no further!

      The tequila lime shaving cream is one of my all-time favorites.

      Definitely, one of my best shave creams ever! and I’ll classify it among one of the best men’s shaving creams.

      And although it is more difficult to build a perfect lather, the performance and hydration factor of this shaving cream is well worth it.

      Most shaving creams leave my skin slightly dry because I have sensitive skin.

      Taconic products actually hydrate my skin to the point that I don’t need to use aftershave lotion while using this product.

      This makes it my recommended best shaving cream for sensitive skin (not many shaving creams can soothe my skin’s sensitivity).

      I think this counterbalances the price point due to the fact that I don’t need to use aftershave lotion products.

      For a fantastic smooth shave, check out our list of best straight razors as well as our safety razor vs straight razor infographic.

      Be sure to also check out our article on the best shaving soaps and our guide on the best safety razors.

      Let me know what you guys thought of my Taconic shaving cream review!

      Also if this was helpful please share it with your friends and family using one of the social media buttons on the side!

      Now get out there and start shaving!

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      1. I use the taconic products. I personally find the creams very concentrated and use very little. I typically face lather with a brush.. Try the Taconic preshave oil with the cream.. you will be as slick as a seal!

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