Edwin Jagger de89bl Review – The Slick Twin

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor
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  • Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor
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  • Last modified: December 9, 2020
  • Weight
    Editor: 60%
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    Editor: 30%
  • Length-
    Editor: 70%
  • Aggressiveness
    Editor: 40%
  • Blade-Replacement
    Editor: 60%
  • Shave-Quality
    Editor: 90%
  • Affordability
    Editor: 70%

Review Summary:

Overall I think this is a fantastic safety razor that is in the top 10% of razors that are on the market today. That being said, I still do not think it is as good as the very similar DE89lbl.


  • Mild Razor that is good for beginners
  • Will last a life time
  • Looks amazing!


  • Very slippery razor

In this Edwin Jagger razor review article, I will be talking about the twin brother of one of my favorite safety razors of all time(the DE89lbl which made the definitive best safety razor list). In fact, these two safety razors are so close that I was considering not doing a review for both of them. They are both extremely popular products within the wet shaving community as well as on Amazon.com. The biggest difference between the two is the handle and the grip. Let’s jump right into my Edwin Jagger de89 review so you could see if it is the right safety razor for you!

Weight and Balance

The Edwin Jagger de89bl weighs in at 2.6 ounces which surprisingly is a decent amount more than its brother the de89lbl. The balance point on both of them is very close to the same. It is slightly head heavy, but it is okay because the balance point is right below the protruding grip towards the top of the handle. These two protruding circles that include the Edwin Jagger logo provide a very good point of reference for your fingers while you are shaving as well as provide extra grip and it is very handy to handle when shaving.

Edwin Jagger de89bl Review


The grip is probably the biggest downfall of the safety razor. Unlike the DE90lbl, the Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor does not have any sort of vertical or horizontal grooves along the handle area. I have to admit that it does make you look extremely fancy while using it. It is easier to clean, but I feel like the sacrificed grip is not completely worth it. It is not completely without grip though because the balance points out on the top of the handle and is where the protruding circles are that provide you something to hold onto while you are shaving with the Edwin Jagger 89. The bottom of the handle also has a knob with vertical grooves that let you know where the end of the handle is, as well as provides an extra grip.


The length is exactly the same as the DE87 with 3.75 inches. I think this is the perfect length for any safety razor no matter how large or small your hands are. I have heard very few complaints about the length of the Edwin Jagger safety razor from multiple people.


The reason why this Edwin Jagger de89 safety razor so popular with beginning wet shavers is because of how mild and easy it is on your skin. This is even the case for first timers who have never used a safety razor. Out of my aggressiveness scale of 10, I would rate this safety razor about a 4/10 which is the exact same as the other two Edwin Jagger safety razors that I have reviewed on PrimandPrep. This is a really good safety razor to get started with. If you have an extremely thick beard you might want to get sharper blades to go along with this razor. And if you have sensitive skin you should have no problem with this razor because it is quite mild and smooth on the skin.

Blade Replacement

Just like all of the other three-piece safety razors that I have reviewed on PrimandPrep, you should have no trouble getting new blades in while still minimizing the risk of getting cut. Obviously, it is not as easy as a two piece or twist to open a safety razor but I will sacrifice blade replacement use for long-term durability. Three-piece safety razors will last you, as well as your great-grandchildren multiple lifetimes. The craftsmanship and quality control of the Edwin Jagger razor is really good. I have never noticed blades getting loose or out of alignment while I have owned their de89 safety razors. Be sure to check out our article on the best safety razor blades.

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Edwin Jagger de89bl three piece DE razor

Edwin Jagger Razor de89bl Review Conclusion

Overall I think this is a fantastic safety razor that is in the top 10% of razors that are on the market today. That being said, I still do not think it is as good as the very similar DE89lbl.  The biggest reason is that it does not have as good of a grip. I still highly recommend Edwin Jagger and all of their products. If you are just getting started out with wet shaving this could be the razor to start with especially, if you have sensitive skin and need something a bit more mild. I hope you enjoyed my Edwin Jagger DE89bl review. Leave a comment down below if you have any other questions and please like this on social media using one of the buttons on the site if it was helpful. Also be sure to check out our definitive lists of the best shaving soapsshaving creams for men, best shaving brushes, and even shaving bowls so you can have the ultimate kit. Thanks!

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